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  • A Chinese funerary burner

    Heritage and Culture · Streets and Places
    This photograph shows the front view of a Chinese funerary burner in a cemetery. A pile of firewood is seen next to it. A partial rear view of a man crouching inside the bottom of the burner can also be seen. Title devised by Library staff. Date of creation estimated.
  • View of airbase camp from Chinese cemetery

    Streets and Places · Nature and Environment
    This photograph shows a wide view of a British airbase camp from a Chinese cemetery. The cemetery is partly hidden by overgrown grasses. There is a dirt road next to the cemetery leading to the camp. The mountain ranges beyond the army camp is visible in the background. Title devised...
  • A large Chinese grave

    Heritage and Culture
    This photograph shows a close-up front view of a large Chinese grave. Gated with concrete walls, the grave has a three-tier tombstone with Chinese characters written on their walls. At the back of the grave are tall trees with thick foliage. Banana trees also also found outside the grave compound....