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  • Workers repairing a road in Changi

    Economy · Streets and Places
    This photograph shows Indian workers operating a steamroller to level a road in Changi. On the right side of the photograph, a pavement separates the road from a grass slope, while on the left, an attap-roof structure is partially visible. Title devised by Library staff. Date of creation estimated.
  • View of British airbase camp from billet, Changi

    Politics and Government · Economy · Streets and Places
    This photograph shows a general view of the British airbase from a serviceman's billet. It shows a well-trimmed open field, low buildings and a partly hidden hangar where a plane is parked. Several grass-cutters clutching trimmed grasses can be seen walking across the field. In the background can be seen...
  • Factory : interior

    Economy · Organisations · Streets and Places · Kouo, Shang-Wei, 1924-1988 · Kouo Shang-Wei Collection 郭尚慰珍藏 {44860}
    This photograph shows workers in blue uniforms at a factory manufacturing some goods. Title devised by Library staff.
  • Labourer carrying sugar canes

    Economy · Edwin A. Brown Collection
    This is a pre-1914 photograph from E. A. Brown's collection. It shows a labourer walking barefoot on the road, with a carrying pole placed on one shoulder. He is carrying two bundles of sugar canes suspended from the pole. Crossing the path of the labourer is a bullock-drawn water cart...
  • Victuals for the voyage : top view

    Sports and Recreation · Economy · Tyers, R. K. (Ray K.), 1919-
    This is a 1950s photograph showing two Malayan workers in the midst of loading a woven basket, filled with goods, from the boat to the back of the lorry as another worker looks on. Part of a compiled album, with a label : "PHOTOGRAPHS BY : R.K. TYERS. Staff STRAITS...
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