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  • Chua Ek Kay : half-length portrait

    Personalities · Foo, Eric Chee Meng
    This is a photograph of Chua Ek Kay (b. 1947, China - d. 2008, Singapore), an artist who has been hailed as the bridge between Asian and Western art. He is the first Chinese ink painter to win the United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Award (1991). He received...
  • City vista

    Arts · Yeo, Thomas, 1936-
    City Vista represents the development of collage and the exploration of the potential of materials Yeo found around him. He regards collage as a way of freeing himself from the tyranny of the brush. This painting presents the idea of an abstract land/cityscape, commenting on the architecture of his environment. This...
  • Reflections : lotus pond in a moment of silence

    Arts · Chua, Ek Kay, 1947-2008
    The Reflections series emerged from the Lotus Pond series. While the latter presents the composites of plant life from the pond’s surface, the concept of the Reflections series delves more holistically on surface and submerged phenomena, thus conceptually strengthening the symbolic references to the macro-cosmic order of Taoist philosophy. Physical dimensions...
  • Archipelago

    Arts · Chua, Ek Kay
    The Archipelago series invokes the landscape of island-forms. The series returns Chua to the ink tradition of landscape painting, but Chua’s intentions are to cast the subject matter as symbolically localised landscapes to accommodate social and historical journeys of inter-regional migratory seafarers. Physical dimensions of original: 960 x 1420 mm.
  • A junction on Rochor Road

    Arts · Chua, Ek Kay, 1947-2008
    A Junction on Rochor Road is made after Chua’s return from post-graduate studies in Australia. Here, with the use of the technique of expressive ink and calligraphic strokes, Chua distorts the subject such that the image is at threat of dissolving into fragmentary chaos of patchy stains. The painting balances...
  • The last tango on the sea : no. 1

    Arts · Chng, Seok Tin
    Even as she contemplates the beauty of nature in her works, Chng is also an artist with a conscience, often reflecting on the issues of the day, decrying the destructive actions of man. Chng was moved to create this work after reading about the plight and tragedy of the “boat...
  • A wall of history

    Arts · Chua, Ek Kay, 1947-2008
    A Wall of History is a mature development of Chua’s Singapore Street Scenes series. Here, Chua clearly articulates his relationship with the series: the façade is now a symbol inscribed by and with history in bearing the residual stains of time and neglect. Physical dimensions of original: 1930 x 2520 mm.
  • Ng Eng Teng : half-length portrait

    Personalities · Foo, Eric Chee Meng
    This is a photograph of Ng Eng Teng, one of the most renowned artists in Singapore. He is remembered for his large-scale sculptures gracing many a public space, and his introspective and whimsical interpretations of humanist themes in the three-dimensional. He was awarded the Cultural Medallion in 1981. Title devised...
  • Thomas Yeo : half-length portrait

    Personalities · Foo, Eric Chee Meng
    This ia a photograph of Thomas Yeo, who represents one of the Singapore’s “second generation artists” who studied in the West. Yeo mixed media collages in which he used recycled ideas from his landscape paintings, and incorporating a multitude of available materials. In 1984, he was awarded the Singapore Cultural...
  • Lim Tze Peng : half-length portrait

    This is a headshot photograph of Lim Tze Peng, recipient of the Cultural Medallion in 2003. He first established his art practice in the early 1950s with a series of oil painting on Chinese junks. He is best known for the significant number of Chinese ink drawings and paintings of...
  • Wee Beng Chong : half-length portrait

    Personalities · Foo, Eric Chee Meng
    This is a half-length portrait of Wee Beng Chong, who studied at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) from 1955 to 1958 and furthered his studies at the L’ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France from 1964 to 1969. He was the first recipient of the Cultural Medallion...
  • Chng Seok Tin : headshot

    Personalities · Foo, Eric Chee Meng
    This is a headshot of Chng Seok Tin, print maker, artists and writer. She was born on 6 October 1946 in Singapore. She did her studies in art in Singapore, UK, France and USA, from 1971 to 1985. She obtained two master degrees in art and majored in printmaking from...
  • Anthony Poon : headshot

    Personalities · Foo, Eric Chee Meng
    This is a photograph of widely cited “second-generation artist”, Anthony Poon Kin Soon. He is probably the most commissioned Singaporean artist of his generation, with innumerable works in both private and public collections. In 1990, he was awarded the Singapore Cultural Medallion. Title devised by Library staff.
  • Love

    Arts · Wee, Beng-Chong, 1938-
    Semi-representational, the work shows two figures locked in embrace in an upright position. Wee has produced numerous works expressing emotional and psychological conditions through abstract compositions. In this particular work, the figures are fused and suspended in an amorphous context, drawing greater attention to the materiality of their emotional state...
  • Teo Eng Seng : half-length portrait

    Personalities · Foo, Eric Chee Meng
    This is a photograph of Teo Eng Seng, one of Singapore's "Second Generation" artists who continue the legacy of the Nanyang School in capturing Southeast Asia on canvas. Teo was among a group of artists, including Thomas Yeo, Ng Eng Teng, Gen Beng Kwan and Anthony Poon, who went to...
  • Tay Chee Toh : half-length portrait

    Personalities · Foo, Eric Chee Meng
    This is a photograph of Tay Chee Toh, a painter and sculptor whose practice is associated with batik painting, figurative and abstract art. Tay was conferred the Cultural Medallion Award in 1985 for his contribution to the visual arts development in Singapore. Title devised by Library staff.
  • Song of cicada

    Arts · Chua, Ek Kay
    Song of Cicada is Chua’s most complex work on the use of symbolic space. The patches of ink represent drifting leaves in an expanse of empty space which serves as a space of imagination where the viewer is invited to imagine and envision experience from within the painting. Physical dimensions of...
  • Fishing raft on Likiang River

    Arts · Wee, Beng-Chong, 1938-
    The work depicts the practice of cormorant fishing taking place along the Li River in Guangxi, China. Showing fishermen framed by distinctive green hills seemingly rising to the sky, the painting exudes both dynamism and repose. It captures in its essence a scene where nature and human activities co-exist in...
  • Flowing

    Arts · Chng, Seok Tin
    Water has been a source of inspiration to Chng – the River Thames while she studied in London, and the Humber River when she was in Hull. Encouraged by renowned printmaker M Lasansky, her professor at the University of Iowa, the Iowa River became Chng’s exclusive subject during her stay...