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  • Men in colours : general view

    Arts · Chng, Seok Tin
    This is a photograph of an art installation by Chng Seok Tin. A theme that emerged in the 1990s is the human condition, where Chng questions the greed of man, the race for money, fame and power. This installation, of 100 figures in variously different poses, some climbing, resting, struggling,...
  • Singapore girl, sculpture, 1961 : general view

    Arts · Ng, Eng Teng, 1934-2001
    This photograph shows an example of Ng’s earliest attempts at the three-dimensional artwork. Singapore Girl shows him under the initial influence of classical European sculpture. Ng focuses here on the drapery and the contrapposto of the figure, prior to his subsequent stylised handling of the human figure. Physical dimensions of...