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  • Funeral of Wee Teck Seng at 32 Balmoral Road, 1931

    Heritage and Culture
    This is a group photograph of the family, relatives and household of Wee Teck Seng taken in front of the deceased's bungalow on his funeral. They are in their mourning clothes and gathering around a decorated Chinese funeral hearse, where a portrait of Wee Teck Seng is mounted at the...
  • Group portrait of Harry Lee Wee with the Federation of Boys' Club, late1940s - 1950s

    Personalities · Streets and Places
    This photograph shows a group portrait of Mr. Harry Lee Wee with the Federation of Boys' Clubs, taken between the late 1940s and 1950s. Lee is seated in the front row, eighth from right, with some papers in his hand, and rested on his lap. The back row consists of...
  • Wedding of Eu Tong Sen's niece, Rita, to lawyer, Isaac Hunter Hoahing, 1930s

    Heritage and Culture · Personalities · Arts
    This is a group wedding photograph of Rita and Isaac Hoahing, taken in the late 1930s at the exterior stairs of a house. In the front row from left to right are Eu Tong Sen (second, standing) and his wives (fifth and sixth, standing). On the second row from left...
  • A.J. Braga and Dr Martha Hunter Hoahing at an official dinner, 1920s

    Personalities · Heritage and Culture
    This photograph shows a group of formally dressed men and women seated at a long dinning table, taken in the 1920s. The table is decorated with a long row of flowers in the middle. Among the group are Dr. Martha Hoahing, who is seated first from right, and A. J....