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  • Mini Music Fest, 1991 [1]

    Events · Substation (Organization)
    This photograph shows a pianist and a violinist performing at Mini Music Fest, organised by The Substation in 1991. The violinist is dressed in a black tailcoat, while the pianist wears a floral print dress. Mini Music Fest I was held in March 1991 and Mini Music Fest II in...
  • A man playing the violin at Strange Fruits by Lee Wen, 2003

    Events · Personalities · Substation (Organization)
    This photograph shows a man playing the violin during rehearsals at the art show, "Strange Fruits" by Lee Wen. There is a man on the left side of the photograph who is talking to the violinist. Date of creation estimated. Title devised by Library staff.
  • Kam Kee Yong : half-length portrait

    Personalities · Foo, Eric Chee Meng
    This is a photograph of Kam Kee Yong, known to many as a composer, violinist, conductor, artist, and, not least, as the father of violinist Kam Ning. Kam is also a prolific artist who paints on a variety of themes. He was awarded the Cultural Medallion Award in 1984 for...