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  • Three men and villagers : group photograph

    Heritage and Culture
    This photograph shows three men dressed in Western style clothing posing with a group of villagers. Date of creation estimated. Title devised by Library staff.
    Reproduction Available
  • House in a village : side view

    Streets and Places
    This 1890s photograph shows the side view of a house in a village. There is a man in Western style attire posing in front of a coconut tree in the foreground. Next to the house is another man posing with a cart. Several other people in front of the house...
    Reproduction Available
  • Villagers in rural area : group photograph

    Personalities · Heritage and Culture
    This photograph shows a Caucasian man in a Western suit sitting with his dog on the abutment of a small bridge. A group of villagers in traditional costumes looks on from the opposite side of the road. Two cows and their attendant stand in the middle of the track. The...
    Reproduction Available
  • Traditional houses in a village : general view

    Streets and Places · Heritage and Culture
    This 1890s photograph shows several traditional houses in a village. There are some children, dressed in traditional ethnic attire, posing in front of these houses. On the right of the photograph, one of the boys is standing on a staircase that is leading to the second storey of a house...
    Reproduction Available