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  • Red Cross Land Rover at Cheroh village, Raub, Pahang

    Transportation · Organisations · Marshall, Jean Mary, Mrs
    A photograph taken during the relief work after a fire in Cheroh village, 2 May 1954, showing a parked Red Cross Land Rover with a Red Cross officer and a few women gathering at the back of it. A girl in the foreground is looking at the vehicle. Cheroh is...
  • Jean Marshall and Betty Crossfield sitting on Red Cross Land Rover

    Organisations · Transportation
    A photograph taken in March 1954. Jean Marshall (right) and Betty Crossfield, Jean Marshall's colleague, in Red Cross uniform, seated on the back of Red Cross Land Rover in Raub, Pahang. Raub is one of the oldest towns in Pahang, Malaysia. This photograph is part of Mrs Jean Marshall collection...