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  • Mrs Wu Lien-teh (Huang Shu-chiung)

    Geography and Travels
    This photograph shows Dr. Wu Lien-teh's first wife, Ruth Huang Shu-chiung (1883-1937) seated and reading a book. In the photograph Ruth is seated at a table on which a marble statuette of a lion is placed. This was taken around 1920 in Ruth's Peking home. Title devised by Library staff.
  • Dr. Wu Lien-teh with Mrs Wu (Huang Shu-chiung) and their two sons, circa 1920

    Personalities · Heritage and Culture
    Photograph was taken outside the Quarantine Hospital, Newchwang. This photograph shows Dr. Wu Lien-teh, a Penang-born physician, with his first wife, Ruth Huang Shu-chiung and their two sons, Daven Chang-keng and Tommy Chang-fu. Both the boys are in traditional Chinese robes while Ruth is in a cheongsam. Dr. Wu is...
  • Mrs Wu Lien-teh (Huang Shu-chiung) in Chinese opera costume, Peking

    Heritage and Culture
    This photograph shows Mrs. Wu Lien-teh (Huang Shu-chiung) as a young lady in Chinese opera costume. Her hair is parted in the centre. Posing for the camera she stands with her left hand on her rear. Her right hand is on a partially-drawn curtain behind which are wooden doors with...