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  • Sandbox : close-up

    Heritage and Culture · Tay, Lionel
    This photograph is a close-up of a sandbox for placing lighted candles, in the Armenian Church. Title devised by Library staff.
  • Bible verses on blackboard, 1971 : close-up

    Heritage and Culture
    This is a photograph of Bible verses in Chinese, written on a blackboard by Secondary 3 form teacher Mr Ye Fa Zhuan. The verses are from the thirteenth chapter of the first book of the Corinthians in the New Testament. It is on the subject of love, principally the love...
  • St. Paul's Church, nativity scene, 2004 : general view

    Streets and Places · Heritage and Culture · Arts · Tan, Bonny
    This is a top view of the Nativity scene set up in St. Paul's Church during the Christmas season. A star and a suspended angel are part of the scene. Title devised by Library staff.
  • Christmas decorations, 1973 : close-up

    Heritage and Culture · Arts
    This is a 1973 photograph of fake candles being used as Christmas decoration at Shangri-La Hotel. Candles are lighted everywhere during Christmas and in the modern world, replaced with fairy lights. The Christian community uses the lighted candle as a concrete symbol of Jesus as the light of the world....
  • Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, plaque : close-up

    Arts · Streets and Places · Tay, Lionel
    This is a picture of the plaque commemorating the blessing of the corner stone, the Church and its Consecration. Title devised by Library staff.
  • Armenian Church, built in 1835 : interior [2]

    Streets and Places · Arts · Tay, Lionel
    This 2007 photograph shows a part of the Armenian Church, where a painting of the Jesus and his disciples is displayed. Title devised by Library staff.
  • The Right Rev. C.J. Ferguson-Davie

    Personalities · Streets and Places · Edwin A. Brown Collection
    This is a photograph from E. A. Brown's collection. It shows the Right Rev. C. J. Ferguson-Davie (on the left), with another clergyman (on the right). The Right Rev. C. J. Ferguson-Davie was appointed the first Anglican Bishop of Singapore in 1909 and remained in this post until 1927. Date...
  • Virgin Mary and Cross : exterior

    Arts · Tay, Lionel
    This photograph captures a statue of the Virgin Mary, with a large Cross set against the backdrop of the Westin Stamford building from the compound of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. Title devised by Library staff.