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  • Dr. Wu Lien-teh with Taheiho Hospital officials, 1914

    Personalities · Streets and Places · Economy
    Dr. Wu Lien-teh seated, left. This photograph shows Dr. Wu Lien-teh with Taheiho Hospital officials in 1914. In all there are four men and three women. Dr. Wu, a Penang-born physician, led the fight against plagues in China. Dressed in a suit Dr. Wu and another gentleman in changshan are...
  • Lay staff making antiplague masks, 1921

    Economy · Events
    This photograph shows five lay staff who were involved in making anti-plague masks. All five ladies work in the Harbin laboratory. The lady on the right appears to be cutting white fabric. The table they use is fully-covered with many layers of white fabric. This photograph was taken in 1921....