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  • Photograph of Tan Yuen Chuen's mother : close-up

    Geography and Travels · Arts · Heritage and Culture
    This is a close-up photograph of Tan Yuen Chuen's mother sporting a combed-back hairstyle that shows the forehead. Hairdos of the period typically featured hair that was teased into a bouffant to give an overall puffed-out appearance. Hair clips were also used to complete the look. Photograph donated by Tan...
  • Chinese old lady : headshot

    Geography and Travels · Heritage and Culture · Kouo, Shang-Wei, 1924-1988 · Kouo Shang-Wei Collection 郭尚慰珍藏 {44860}
    This photograph shows an elderly lady with a common dress style, typically worn by older Chinese women. Her hair is traditionally tied up in a bun, at the back of the head. The bun of hair is covered with a fine net and secured with a long pin. She is...