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  • Sights reminiscent of the middle ages

    The burning continues for three days until February 1911. This photograph shows the cremation site of the victims of the plague in Harbin. The corpses were cremated at an outdoor site. Dense smoke is seen on the left side in the background. Workers are on the right side. A typewritten...
  • Scene plague stricken Fuchiatien, 1911

    Transportation · Streets and Places · Events
    Use of horse carts to collect the dead. This photograph shows horse carts at an outdoor cremation area. The dead were transported to the cremation area by horse carts during the plague in Fuchiatien, Harbin, in 1911. Workers are also seen in the photograph. Title devised by Library staff.
  • Collection of cremated remains, 1911

    This photograph shows the remains of the victims of the plague in Harbin after a mass outdoor cremation. This was taken in 1911. Title devised by Library staff.