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  • Development Bank of Singapore building construction [70 of 95] : set "5" [4 of 7]

    Streets and Places · Transportation
    This photograph is part of the Datuk Seri Lim Chong Keat Collection. It shows a fenced-up, empty plot of land located beside a three-storey building, at the corner of a busy traffic road junction. Date of creation estimated. Title devised by Library staff.
  • Singapore waterfront, 1953

    Transportation · Streets and Places
    This photograph shows small vessels plying the edge of Singapore waters next to the city centre. Commercial buildings and a busy vehicle traffic are separated from the waters by a sea wall. A few sampans including one carrying three passengers can also be seen. This photograph was taken with a...
  • Collyer Quay waterfront, 1953

    Streets and Places
    This photograph shows a panoramic view of the Collyer Quay waterfront. Sampans and boats ply the waters behind the seawall, while on ground, commercial buildings such as the Ocean Building and the Alkaff Arcade stand in front of busy roads. This photograph was taken with a Roflex in February 1953....
  • Ocean Building at Collyer Quay in Singapore, 1970s [9]

    Streets and Places
    This photographs shows a street and side view of the Ocean Building which is under construction along Collyer Quay, Taken from a building across the street at an elevated angle, it gives an aerial view of the city traffic around a triangle junction along Collyer Quay. The photograph captures the...