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  • Istana Mahkota, Klang, postcard : front

    Streets and Places · Personalities
    The image shows a view of the Istana Mahkota (also known as Mahkota Puri Palace) in Klang. A group of children, dressed in traditional ethnic attire, stands in a row, in front of the palace. This was the official palace of DYMM Sultan Sir Allaeddin Sulaiman (or Sultan Alauddin Suleiman...
  • Istana Mahkota, Klang, postcard : back

    Streets and Places · Personalities
    This image shows the back of the postcard "Istana Mahkota, Klang, postcard". A message in black ink is handwritten on the left side of the divided back postcard. Dated "30.9.20", the postcard is written from Klang to "Mr Wee Beng Teck" in Singapore. The writer writes in Malay, to inform...