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  • Dr Wu Lien-teh conducting plague experiment with colleagues in the open field, 1921

    Personalities · Economy · Events
    Dr Wu Lien-teh, left. This photograph shows Dr. Wu Lien-teh, a Penang-born physician and another doctor conducting plague experiments in an open field. The experiments are conducted on animals which are kept in cages on the left. This photograph was taken in 1921, during the second epidemic of pneumonic plague...
  • Plague inhalation experiments in Harbin laboratory, 1921

    Events · Economy
    This photograph shows two men in laboratory coats and face masks. Both are medical staff and they are also wearing gloves and facing one another. They are conducting an inhalation experiment on tarabagans which caused plagues in North Manchuria and East Manchuria in 1910-11 and 1920-21. This was taken in...