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Entry stickers issued to visitors and patients of Changi General Hospital during Covid-19 pandemic [1]

"These are the stickers of daily issuance to visitors/patients entering the Changi General Hospital (CGH). Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in early January 2020, my airport work has been affected. So I managed to get temporary work at CGH as a healthcare support staff - health screeners. Everyday we have to attend to patients/visitors coming into CGH & perform SafeEntry and health declaration. After that, we issue them with stickers. Sticker of the day at CGH has become a symbol to everyone. When patients/visitors/vendors enter the hospital, they have to pass through a station with 2-3 points - the entry point, the SafeEntry point & health declaration point (for patients only). When they arrive at the entry point, our healthcare support staff will check if they have been issued a sticker for the day (different colour). If they have the sticker, they are then allowed to enter (meaning they have undergone the necessary procedures). If not, they will be directed to an assigned lane to enter the SafeEntry point. At the SafeEntry point, they have their temperatures taken (via mobile temperature device) & do the SafeEntry by scanning either ICs or SafeEntry tokens, etc. If they are visitors, then they will be issued with the sticker & are allowed to enter. If they are patients coming in for medical appointment, then they have to complete the health declaration form (either physically fill up the form or declare via online app). After making the declaration, they will then be issued the sticker. Hence, issuance of sticker for the day denotes that they have done the necessary procedures set up by the hospital under the advice of MOH. I share my photo and story of these stickers so that they could be passed on to our next generations & show them how we stood together as one nation, one Singapore to overcome global challenges together."--Contributed by Boey Tien Cheong (Desmond), as part of the "Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore" collection community call. This photograph shows daily stickers issued to hospital visitors to Changi General Hospital (CGH) during the pandemic. Each differently coloured sticker represents a specific date. Additional description by Library staff.

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All rights reserved. Boey Tien Cheong (Desmond), 2020


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