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Division of Infectious Diseases (ID), National University Hospital, during COVID-19 pandemic

"THANK YOU NUHEROES. The Division of Infectious Diseases (ID) at the National University Hospital goes head to head with the virus by caring for confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients in the isolation wards. Working as a team with the nurses, the doctors come up with holistic evaluations and management plans for patients. They are used to seeing patients with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and measles, so working in an isolation ward and donning personal protective equipment are not out of the ordinary. The difference this time is that COVID-19 is novel, and the situation is constantly evolving. The ID team keeps abreast of the latest developments, so that they may better devise care plans that aid in the recovery of COVID-19 patients."--Contributed by National University Hospital, as part of the "Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore" collection community call.

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