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Self portrait

Portrait painting is another genre Chen was noted for. This self-portrait is a close-up, full-sized and hauntlngly-real likeness of herself. It shows a sense of cool detachment achieved through minimal lines which delineate the contours of the face and hair, meagre use of colours to differentiate shades of facial complexion and clear articulation of features such as the curly fringe above her ear and the starched Chinese collar of her dress. The serene and sensitive disposition of the artist is expressed in the choice of harmonious colours --subtle nuances of pink, beige and brown, and to add interest, a dash of vermilion on the lips. The sharp, piercing eyes reflect a steady determination and a keen sense of purpose that holds the viewer’s attention. Physical dimensions of original: 225 x 175 mm.

Credit Line

This digital copy © National Library Board Singapore 2008. The original work © Georgette Chen, 1946.


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