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Buying takeaway drink from Toastbox café during COVID-19 pandemic

"Thank you for the chance to share a poem I wrote a few days into the Circuit Breaker of last year. This was my first attempt at writing poetry and I treasured the whole process. A bit of history. I have been a fan of Toastbox since 2012. And by that I mean Toastbox everyday, and especially dining-in. I find comfort dining at Toastbox. After a day in the office Toastbox is the place to be for me. A place for me to 'unwind' if you would, from the pressures of the workplace. And of course the tea and the butter-sugar toast are my favourites, comfort food even. (I have even roped in my mother and brother to become Toastbox friends. My wife worked in Toastbox from 2014 to last month!) Fast forward about eight years came the Circuit Breaker which was critical in our nation's fight against the pandemic. I ordered take-away, everyday. But I felt I have to do something about the situation and experience of it all. I can't let it come and go like that. And so I thought why not a poem. A poem that starts with my love for Toastbox, daily meet-ups, separation and finally longing for its return. 《土司工坊之歌》 土司工坊我甚爱 每每放工坐片刻 一口土司一口茶 再来报纸翻一翻 天下之事收眼帘 平淡简单乐无穷 无奈冠病来侵袭 政府忍痛阻断施 从此居家我呻吟 土司工坊何日见 阿强编" --Contributed by Tan Ngiap Keong, as part of the "Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore" collection community call.

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All rights reserved. Tan Ngiap Keong, 2021

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