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Man wearing face mask walking by void deck

"I took a break starting late 2019 with the intention of traveling the world. However, Covid put a pause to it. Constrained to my own backyard, I started exploring neighbourhoods in Singapore. I spent hours walking through the void decks of HDB blocks and discovered great framing opportunities. It was late June 2020 when I took this shot. Then, Singapore flags were beginning to be displayed as National Day was approaching. And Singapore had just announced GE2020. I composed the image to utilise the split frames created by the tall pillars of this newer block of flats. I included the Singapore flag as a timestamp for the two events, and to add a pop of colour. And I waited for a passerby to add a subject to the image."--Contributed by Winston Wu, as part of the "Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore" collection community call.

Credit Line

All rights reserved. Winston Wu, 2020

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