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View of beach, Singapore, 1921

This postcard from the “Lim Shao Bin Collection” features a collage of three pictures of Singapore. The picture on the left shows a worker extracting latex from a rubber tree. The picture in the middle shows a crocodile, partially submerged in water. The picture on the right shows a scene of Singapore River, with the buildings at the bank and boats parked by the side of the river. The words “東宮殿下御渡歐紀念, 大正十年三月” are printed at the top right corner. The words "新架坡写真协和会谨制" are printed at the bottom left corner. Nothing is written on the back of the postcard. Title devised by Library staff.

Credit Line

The copyrights to the Lim Shao Bin Collection belong to various parties, as declared in the documents; images; letters; etc. kindly shared by Lim Shao Bin. Use and reproduction require written permission.


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