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Collage of clippings documenting state of emergency declaration in Malaysia during Covid-19 pandemic

"Artist's note: 'A Moment in Time' is a visual journal project capturing a local artist's perspective on today's changing world and the challenging times we face today. Containing ephemera collected from different sources - newspaper clippings, photographs, cut-outs from brochures and magazines, this project juxtaposes newsmaking headlines with the artist's own thoughts and observations. Since January this year, Elisa has been collating and assembling pages and pages of collage and narrative, aiming to create one book of curated perspective a month. Each journal spread has been arranged aesthetically and thoughtfully - a visual treat for the viewer, and an invitation to contemplate the moments passed and the times ahead. The goal of this project is to create a documentation of life from today's perspective - in a genuine and aesthetic way. I first had to devise a systematic way of collecting and sorting the various ephemera, which was done through a series of L-shaped files. At the end of each month, I will batch the ephemera according to topic, and trim the elements that will go into the journal. During the creation of the collage, time is taken to plan and compose each spread. The collage is then assembled and embellished with details. The process is ongoing, and I hope to create 12 such journals (one for each month) by the end of the year."--Contributed by Elisa Liu, as part of the "Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore" collection community call. This photograph shows clippings on the state of emergency declared in Malaysia due to the increasing infection cases during the Covid-19 pandemic. Additional description by Library staff. Title devised by Library staff.

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All rights reserved. Elisa Liu, 2021


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