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Mother and son making ondeh-ondeh at home during circuit breaker

"Photo of thing we did at home .. making ondeh ondeh that we didn’t do before.. not easy to occupy him at home as asd [autism spectrum disorder] adult. Thks to his boss (the animal project) assuring him full pay during cb period n the purple symphony occupy him with French horn practice.. we not forget this time n we also sing home at home with the others to show support to the frontline people .. jia you to all ❤️ He is store assistant at the animal project. The company produces souvenirs, like cups etc using the art pieces drew by people with autism.. his work includes packing n delivery to stores for sales. During CB, his store is inessential service so it’s closed. And he hv to stay at home. Beginning of the CB, we quite worry as the virus spread n he took mrt to work fr bedok to red hill. We worry he not use to wearing mask n may get himself into trouble. When CB start, his boss n staff message to confirm that he is ok, the boss also asked whether he need to transfer advance pay to let him use during this CB time. We thanks him n told him we hv saving so it’s ok .. During his work time, he would wake up ard 8, going to library or supermarket to buy banana for us. Or he will go jogging or exercises. Then go to work By mrt at ard 12.30 pm. Eat lunch at Redhill n working at enabling village. The routine disturb but as I am not working too (my playgroup stop due to CB) so I try to make dough in morning n let him play n bake at home .. we hv difficulty adjusting but we learned to accommodate n enjoy each other company ? daddy work fr home, so we hv breakfast, lunch n dinner together." --Contributed by Yvonne Tai, as part of the "Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore" collection community call.

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All rights reserved. Yvonne Tai, 2020

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