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Using toys to teach children about wearing face masks during the pandemic

"Donning mask became compulsory when preschools resumed operation during Phase 1. Many parents including myself took much courage and trust to let my four years old daughter returned to nursery but worried if she will agree to wear mask in school. My sister who has been volunteering to sew reusable masks for the community was very creative to think of a fun way to teach my daughter to remember to keep her mask on during school. My sister sew masks for my daughter’s favourite toys and successfully taught my daughter how everyone needs to do their part to wear mask. Wearing mask is caring for your fellow Singaporean :-)"--Contributed by Poh Mee Kian, as part of the "Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore" collection community call.

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All rights reserved. Poh Mee Kian, 2020

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