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Singapore : suburban, Police Station

This postcard from the “Lim Shao Bin Collection” features a photograph that shows a suburban scene of Singapore in the 1900s. It shows a road in the middle, and on both sides of the road there are single-storey buildings made mainly of wood. Further down, beyond the buildings, are trees lined along the road. In the foreground on the left, a man is leaning on the fence of a building, looking across the road. At the other side of the road, a woman and a girl are seated inside a rickshaw with a man standing beside them. Behind them is another rickshaw with a man pulling it. The words “Singapore. Suburban, police station” are printed at the bottom of the photograph. The back of the postcard contains a message dated 19 November 1909 to someone residing in Yokohama, Japan. A Straits Settlements postage stamp is affixed at the top right-hand corner.

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