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Loch Eck at Coylet, postcard : back

This image shows the back of the postcard "Loch Eck at Coylet, postcard". A faded message in black ink is handwritten on the left side of the divided back postcard. Dated "26.1.22", the postcard is written to "Miss Joyce Marcia Song" at "365, Orchard Rd., Singapore". The writer writes to request "Miss Humphries" address in London. The text “This is a real photo. Published by E. T. W. Dennis & Sons, Ltd., London & Scarborough” is printed on the left margin of the postcard, while the text "The Dainty Series" is printed along the divided back of the postcard in the middle. A green-coloured postage & revenue two-cents stamp (with an illustration of a tiger) issued by the Federated Malay States postage is pasted upside down at the top right corner of the postcard. Three postal marks are stamped on the postcard. Text on the black postal marks is partially visible and reads: "Tanglin 10 PM 28 JA 32 Singapore", " Visit British Industries", "F.M.S.", "Batu 845 AM 27 JA 1932". Date of creation estimated. Title devised by Library staff.

Credit Line

All rights reserved, Sir Song Ong Siang postcard collection © various, 1922, Singapore


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