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Walking pet dogs in Kampong Gelam during circuit breaker

"I am Benjamin Lam, I run my own business and work from home for the last 10 yrs. I live in Lavender area and walk twice daily around the area with my wife and 2 fur kids, usually around Jalan Besar, Beach Road and City Hall area. These photos that I am submitting are taken sometime 12 to 16 April , the early days of CB in the city area after office hours. I read many CB stories on Facebook by my friend in heartlands and thought it be nice to show the deserted city area during the CB period. You can see that it is awfully quiet. It was not late at all, around 6 to 7pm when the pictures were taken and the sun has not fully set. My 2 dogs can finally explore the city! You can really appreciate the colors and architecture of Kampong Glam. On normal days, it is packed and noisy with music from the many pubs and restaurants. I also notice many residential units in the iconic Duo Residence with the lights on. On normal days, they will be dark and you would think these units are unsold or unoccupied. There is hardly any vehicle on the road, almost like a scene out of a zombie apocalypse movie..."--Contributed by Benjamin Lam, as part of the "Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore" collection community call.

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All rights reserved. Benjamin Lam, 2020

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