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1962年陶融儒乐社为柔佛潮州八邑会馆筹募奖学金义演与新山苏丹纪念堂演出汉剧《血掌印》: 演出剧照

这是陶融儒乐社为柔佛潮州八邑会馆筹募奖学金, 演出汉剧《血掌印》的剧照 This is a photograph from the Thau Yong Collection. It depicts a scene from the Chinese opera "Xue zhang yin", performed by Thau Yong Amateur Musical Association, as part of their fund-raising effort for the Teochew Eight Districts Association in Johor.

Credit Line

From the Thau Yong Amateur Musical Association Collection. All rights reserved. Thau Yong Amateur Musical Association and National Library Board, Singapore 2008.


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