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Preparing for temperature screening operations

"24 January 2020 was a half-day workday. And this was an important day for the Chinese because all the Chinese gathered around the dinner table to have reunion dinner with their extended families. But unfortunately, my company was activated to help with the temperature border screening for sea and land checkpoints. One day before (23 January 2020) at 3pm, the staff were gathered for a briefing to volunteer. MOH had activated the company and since it was Chinese New Year around the corner, it was hard to find manpower. We were encouraged to volunteer. We were taught how to wear the masks properly, the proper way to sanitise our hands with alcohol, and to dispose our used gloves and masks in biohazard bags. We were told the dress code to adhere, partly because we represented the company. I did not expect to get activated too. The HR called me at 10pm. I was told to report the next morning at Woodlands Checkpoint 745am. And for the first time in my life, I did not get to eat Chinese reunion dinner with my family because of work – volunteer fight against COVID-19! My batch did a 15-hour shift. We did temperature screening for the arrival buses from Malaysia, then we got rotated to do for the cars arriving from Malaysia. As we waited for the next shift to arrive and take over, the officer told us to hold on because they were doing clearance for them. My batch didn’t get to eat dinner. They held us until 2200 hours. It was not easy."--Contributed by Anonymous, as part of the "Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore" collection community call.

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