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Johore Hotel, postcard : back

This image shows the back of the postcard, with the text “郵便はがき” printed on it. A note in Japanese is handwritten vertically on the divided back postcard. The postcard was posted by a Japanese officer 伊澤誠次 working in the "Syonan-to Trading Resources Control Co-op" (昭南交易物資統制組合) to his girlfriend in Osaka on 5th September 1944, describing his lifestyle here and inviting her to visit Synonan-to. A postage stamp from the then-Imperial Japanese Post in occupied Malaya is seen on the top left corner, while the seal in the middle “昭南局 檢閱濟" indicates that the postcard has been cleared by the relevant Syonan-to authorities. Date of creation estimated. Title devised by Library staff.

Credit Line

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