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Tunku Abdul Rahman, Wu Lien-teh and guests, photograph : front

This photograph shows Tunku Abdul Rahman (wearing a songkok), Dr. Wu Lien-teh and guests seated at long tables, partaking a meal. Dr. Wu (in bow tie) is seated in the centre, with the Tunku on Dr. Wu's left and Tun Dato' Sir Cheng Lock Tan on Dr. Wu's right. The Tunku and Dr. Wu appear to be in conversation. Guests at two tables on the left and right of the Tunku's table frame the picture. The image bears handwritten notes in blue ink, "11" at the top left corner, "PTO" at the bottom right corner and "1957" at the bottom. Notes on the back of the photograph also indicate that the picture is of a 1956 political meeting in Ipoh, when the Tunku is the Chief Minister. The meeting is possibly held at the Ipoh Station Hotel which often hosts dignitaries and other leaders. Date of creation estimated. Title devised by Library staff.

Credit Line

All rights reserved. Wu Lien-teh, 1956


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