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Dragonfly helicopter picking up the wounded, 1953 [1]

This photograph shows a wide view of a Dragonfly helicopter on a football field in what appears to be an evacuation demonstration. A group of officers are trying to move a casket supposedly to contain a wounded into the helicopter. A civilian photographer as well as air force staff are on the field to capture the scene. On the left edge of the field is a group of spectators watching from a goal post. In June 1953, a demonstration on the evacuation of the wounded was staged near the Kuala Lumpur airfield. Dragonflies were used by the RAF for casualty evacuation and extraction missions of Security Forces during the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960). By 1953, there were 18 Dragonfly helicopters in Malaya but they were withdrawn from service in 1956 when bigger helicopters were sent to Malaya. Title devised by Library staff. Date of creation estimated.

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