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A Sycamore helicopter [1]

This photograph shows a side view of a Bristol Sycamore helicopter being inspected in an airfield. The Sycamore first entered Malaya in 1953 and replaced the older Dragonfly helicopters in casualty evacuation and extraction missions of ground troops during the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960). One of the Sycamore's drawback is its wooden rotor blades which rapidly deteriorate in Malayan tropical climate. Another, is the low rotor blades that are nearly flushed with the roof, which prove to be dangerous when coming into near contact with the aircraft. In the photograph, the Malay words, "Merbahya. Jangan Hampir Kipas. Kipas Ada Rendah", which means "Danger. Keep away. Beware of low blades", are painted on the side body. Title devised by Library staff. Date of creation estimated.

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