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TODAY, 22 May 2006


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TODAY a, to I N share your free newspaper Monday May 22, 2006 MICA(P) 112/07/2005 TODAY /A=l>jaCorp share your free newspaper MICA(P) 112/07/2005 Monday May 22, 2006 I

100,000 rally against porn in Jakarta [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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100,000 rally against porn in Jakarta -AP JAKARTA Up to 100,000 people jammed streets in the Indonesian capital yesterday, shouting slogans and hoisting banners in support of a proposed anti-pornography law that critics fear will erode the mostly Muslim nation's secular traditions. The protesters, who arrived in buses organised by

Sentosa rises beyond Fantasy [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Sentosa rises beyond Fantasy VALCHUA There wasn't any discussion to hold off our development. If you don't believe in something, don't start it We stuck with it IMr Darrell Mezger, CEOofSLG After several false dawns, the isle is finally turning around ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR LUXURY yachts, Russian tourists, hip

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OUR IDOLS fIPE LAUGHABLY GOOD 4 S'pore singing contest kicks off with a chuckle

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77\~" DOES ROCK BEAT ROCK? x Band feuds work wonders for record sales

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THISYOUNG LION LOOKS TO ROAR 37 Fadhil eyes the No 1 jersey

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CREATIVE SENTENCING? THOMAS KOSHY Community Courts may seta marker for other courts to follow "EACH country must have a criminal justice system which meets its own needs. If the electorate deserves to have the politicians it elects, equally, a country deserves the criminal justice system it has," Chief Justice Chan

'Sex-for-asylum' scandal rocks UK [ARTICLE]

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'Sex-for-asylum' scandal rocks UK THE OBSERVER Immigration official offers favours in exchange for sex LONDON A "sex-for-asylum" scandal at Britain's largest immigration processing centre has been uncovered, piling more pressure on the Blair government Evidence obtained by the London-based Observer newspaper reveals how a chief immigration officer at Lunar House

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The public face of security [ARTICLE]

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The public face of security LOHCHEEKONG Eight 'ambassadors' will front campaign to re-enforce resilience, social harmony sg INSPIRED by an anti-terrorism media campaign in Australia some four years ago, the Government is looking for eight public ambassadors to front a campaign here. This campaign would complement Singapore's counter-terror-ism efforts

Our Idol hopefuls are laughably good [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Our Idol hopefuls are laughably good JEANINETAN jea IF LAUGHTER is the best medicine, then TV viewers who watched last night's debut episode of Singapore Idol should have a spring in their steps this morning. Well, those who aren't still cringing at what some pretended was talent As expected,

Mosque's multi-racial project feeds, soothes [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Mosque's multi-racial project feeds, soothes JASMINE YIN ONCE a month, one kitchen will offer the needy food for the body and for the soul. Yesterday, the Al-Iman mosque launched its Blessed Kitchen project, which will provide a free lunch and motivational talk on the last Sunday of every month,

No plans to ban dogs: Sentosa [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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No plans to ban dogs: Sentosa LINYANQIN Irresponsible owners only a handful;'dog zone' not a good idea ya IN THE wake of public opinion on the issue of unleashed dogs in public places, Sentosa is emphasising that there are no plans to ban dogs from the island. Following a

A 'refresher' boost [ARTICLE]

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A 'refresher' boost VALERIE LAW Training programme proposed for foreign domestic workers valeri NEW foreign domestic workers can look forward to a skills training programme within six months of their employment, said Yeo Guat Kwang, chairman of the Migrant Workers' Forum of NTUC. Speaking at yesterday's May Day 2006

When grandparents take dad's place ... [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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When grandparents take dad's place SAMPOORNA DASGUPTA CHANNEL NEWSASIA MOTHERS think their husbands are not involved enough in their childrens' upbringing, according to a survey of 300 mothers conducted by the Singapore Paediatric Society. Only 9 per cent of mothers consult their spouse on their child's nutrition, education and other

Delving into the metaphors of MM and SM [ARTICLE]

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Delving into the metaphors of MM and SM DERRICK A PAULO WILLIAM Shakespeare, Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong. Many might recall or sooner forget studying the English playwright's use of metaphors in his plays and sonnets. But what of the metaphors employed by the two senior Cabinet

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fc?SMU SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY More than ever Our University of Choice ~^~<"~ T Rachel Urn Jason Gabriel Chiang Tai Xiao Fang Kendrick Winoto Kelly Chan MJC, School Sailor ACJC, President, Choir RJC, National Fencer International student, Indonesia ACJC, Music Composer and Web Designer Bachelor of Science (Economics) Bachelor of Social

world news

M'sia probes destruction of famed corals [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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M'sia probes destruction of famed corals -AFP KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia has ordered an investigation into an incident in which coral reefs off the dive haven of Pulau Sipadan were seriously damaged by a barge, leaving divers and environmentalists reeling. Chief Minister Musa Aman of the state of Sabah ordered the

Ruling coalition rattled in Sarawak [ARTICLE]

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Ruling coalition rattled in Sarawak AGENCIES Barisan Nasional retains oil-rich state in legislative elections but opposition parties make gains KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia's ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition has returned to power in the oil-rich Malaysian state of Sarawak in legislative elections, but not before the opposition recorded its strongest showing



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PRINCE WILLIAM A DIY DISASTER ■AFP Britain's Prince William admitted he is disastrous at DIY and lousy in the kitchen, in a rare interview with his father Prince Charles and brother Harry to be broadcast yesterday. The prince's do-it-yourself attempts to put up shelving or install a washing machine usually


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TOP THAI FILM-MAKER DIES Legendary Thai film-maker Cherd Songsri died on Saturday at the age of 75 after battling cancer, reported The Nation. Mr Cherd, is credited with popularising Thai cinema around the world. During his 40 year career, the multi-talented direc-tor/producer-cum-writer made 18 films, almost all of which were

India polarised by affirmative action issue [ARTICLE]

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India polarised by affirmative action issue —AGENCIES Doctors, students continue strike over disadvantaged student quotas NEW DELHI An affirmative action plan by New Delhi to force top universities to select half their students from disadvantaged groups has polarised Indian public opinion. The thousands of Indian doctors and medical students protesting



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DEADLY BABY KILLER... More than 300 babies may be dying each year in Britain after sharing a bed or sofa with their parents, according to a coroner quoted by the BBCyesterday. Mr Roger Whittaker, based in Yorkshire, told the channel that he had seen 12 accidental smothering cases in the


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GOT MILK? HAVE TWINS Milk drinkers were five times more likely to have twins than women who ate no animal products, said The Journal of Reproductive Medicine. In the study, the twinning rates of women who ate a diet including milkwere compared with women who followed a no-animal products diet.

A Cabinet without keys [ARTICLE]

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A Cabinet without keys -AGENCIES Iraq faces political stalemate as violence continues BAGHDAD Key portfolios for defence, security and the interior remained without permanent heads yesterday, even after Iraq's new cabinet won Parliamentary vote of confidence, casting a new question mark on the security situation in the country. Iraqis on

Nagin re-elected as New Orleans mayor [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Nagin re-elected as New Orleans mayor -AGENCIES NEW ORLEANS Embattled New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, who has faced criticism for the city's sluggish recovery from Hurricane Katrina, narrowly defeated a well-heeled challenger on Saturday. "We are ready to take off," Mr Nagin, who is black, told a crowd of cheering

Costliest art ever [ARTICLE]

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Costliest art ever AFP LONDON A skull cast in platinum and encased in diamonds will be the most expensive piece of artwork ever created, The Observer newspaper reported yesterday. Entitled "For the Love of God", the life-size human skull, covered in 8,500 diamonds, will cost between £8 million ($24 million)

Racist attacks threaten World Cup [ARTICLE]

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Racist attacks threaten World Cup -DPA DPA Spate of hate crimes sparks deb ate over whether Germany is safe for foreign football fans BERLIN With the World Cup less than three weeks away, a spate of racist attacks has led to a debate whether Germany can live up to the

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isay GOVTS CAN PREVENT PANIC SELLING CHIA HERN KENG LAST week, stock markets across Asia nose-dived on fears over the interest-rate hike in the United States. Even though analysts assured us that this was a temporary over-reaction of the markets, they also talked about the depreciating US dollar, the vast


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FOCUS ON THE FAMILY DR JAMES DOBSON BY TALKING TO A TEEN There are some teenagers who sail right through the adolescent experience with hardly any evidence of turbulence at all. They achieve wonderful grades in school, they are a delight to theirteachers, and a treasure to their parents. But

A match made this man [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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A match made this man RAJENDRAGOUR SUREKHAYADAV Arranged marriages are a better shot at happiness, says this matchmade man face .4 in the crowd 66, Freelance writer IT HAS been 35 years since he met his wife, and Rajendra Gour's smile is still at its brightest when he speaks

If non-unionised workers need help ... [LETTER]

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If non-unionised workers need help CHAM HUI FONG Director, Industrial Relations Department National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) Letter from I REFER to Mr Yak Chin Hua's letter, "No wage increase for some workers" (May 19). The NTUC shares Mr Yak's concerns for workers whose companies have not implemented the Monthly

Look past rotten apples

Consider a pilot run with modified MC requirements [LETTER+ILLUSTRATION]

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Consider a pilot run with modified MC requirements DR LEE YUNG SENG Letter from I REFER to the replies to my letter from Ms Shamsudin (May 18), Mr Jeffery Law, Ms Ryu Tan, Ms Susan Goh and Ms Karen Ong (May 19) on the topic of medical leave without medical

Is it a fear of exploitation or that of losing control? [LETTER]

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Is it a fear of exploitation or that of losing control? DESMOND LIM Letter from I READ with interest the replies to Dr Lee Yung Seng's suggestion in "Doing away with the MC hassle". I don't disagree that there will be people who will exploit such a system, but withholding


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isay AND THE WINNER IS TORCHING LI sg THEY may have outwitted, outlasted and outplayed eight other contestants in a gruelling two year journey to reach the final pit stop. But the four survivors of the Marina Bay Integrated Resort race don't have a single clue on a $5

A Duty, but whose values do we take? [LETTER]

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A Duty, but whose values do we take? MR&MRSYEOCHORHOCK Letter from WE PURCHASED a landed property in May last year at 10 per cent below the valuation price. The valuation was conducted by a reputable valuer via our bank, the financier. In March, we were told by our lawyer that



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TRANSLATE PROFITS INTO DISCOUNTS FOR POLY STUDENTS MOHAMAD NOOR ABDULLAH In its reply on May 18, SBS Transit Ltd gave the same reply it always has to the queries on concessions for polytechnic students. It stated that "if further discounts were to be given to polytechnic students, commuters who pay


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LAMPPOSTS NOT HEALTH HAZARD NALEEZAEBRAHIM Deputy Director, Media Relations, Land Transport Authority (LTA) I refer to Mr Tony Lee Hup Seng's letter, "Repaint rusty lampposts" (May 18). LTA has in place a regular maintenance regime to inspect and upkeep our lampposts. Any found corroded will be replaced immediately. The lampposts

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CATHERINE LIM ...AMUSES For 'marriage' the student wrote 'mirage' And insisted that he was right Now the teacher is wondering Was it misspelling or insight? MUSES She scavenges dumps for cardboard And anything she can sell Alone, old, destitute and worn Her life is a living hell. 'I can take

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Overseas Americans to sing the tax blues ? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Overseas Americans to sing the tax blues BLOOMBERG Hardest hit may be those working in cities like S'pore, HK AMERICANS working in other countries may owe as much as tens of thousands of dollars in additional taxes under a law signed by President George W Bush on May 17, the

China to curb lending growth: Report [ARTICLE]

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China to curb lending growth: Report BLOOMBERG CHINA'S central bank said it would control the pace of lending growth and increase flexibility in the yuan this year, the official China Securities Journal said in its weekend edition, citing the bank's 2005 annual report The People's Bank of China will strengthen



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SINGLES SHOPPING NIGHT COMES TO CARREFOUR PLAZA SINGAPURA BE PART of Singapore's first-ever Singles Shopping Night at Carrefour Plaza Singapura tomorrow from Bpm to 10pm. "Love is in the Aisles" is a collaboration between Carrefour Singapore and the Social Development Unit. It provides a fun way for singles to meet


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YOUR CHANCE TO WIN WITH RICOLA AS SINGAPORE IDOL RETURNS RICOLA Herbs Candy is running "Ricola Idol Mania" in conjunction with Singapore Idol. Consumers who buy any promotional pack with the Singapore Idol icon on the scratch-and-win card stand to get instant prizes and discounts. They also can send in


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AIA HELPS RAISE $500,000 IN BATTLE AGAINST CANCER MORE than $500,000 was raised for the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) last Tuesday at the AIA-SCS Charity Golf 2006 Tournament, which brought in the highest donation amount to date for the SCS through a charity golf event. After a day of intense


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DA VINCI JEWELLERY TREATS SPECIAL GUESTS TO THE DA VINCI CODE ON MAY 17, Da Vinci Jewellery presented the Singapore premiere of The Da Vinci Code at The Cathay Cineplex at Handy Road. About 1,700 celebrities and guests had the privilege of watching the much-antici-pated movie, even before the premiere

business news

Mapletree buys Paya Lebar property [ARTICLE]

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Mapletree buys Paya Lebar property -AGENCIES To pay $38m for warehouse in sale and leasebackdeal MAPLETREE Logistics Trust, a local real estate investment trust (Reit) that owns warehouses and industrial buildings, said that it agreed to buy a warehouse property here for $38 million. It will lease the seven-storey property

BH Global makes significant foray into offshore oil and gas sector [ARTICLE]

Page 22

BH Global makes significant foray into offshore oil and gas sector BH GLOBAL Marine, a procurement specialist of marine products for shipyards and ship chandlers, has secured a $2.5-million contract from offshore oil and gas sector player Modec International USA. The contract is for the procurement of cables to provide

savvy investor

Correction or the start of a bear market? [ARTICLE]

Page 23

Correction or the start of a bear market? VASU MENON But until sentiment improves, further consolidation is likely ASIAN bourses have corrected sharply in recent days. The pullback is likely to be a correction and not the start of a bear market As such, it could present an opportunity

SUCCEED the business of learning

In search of a happy holiday [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

In search of a happy holiday BITTLESTON SUCCEED with Perfect tours are scarce but meaningful holidays must have purpose and reward TOURISM PART 3 WE ALL know a tourist when we see one. "Bent on Pleasure", "Having Fun" and "Enjoying Themselves", they sometimes present a rather pathetic picture of

Managing that mentoring role [ARTICLE]

Page 25

Managing that mentoring role GUARDIAN Overseeing interns can be a positive experience, even for your career WHEN you start work as a new graduate, you may assume that the days when you are in charge of a team who quake at the sound of your footfall and scurry to obey

Grooming staff to be world leaders [ARTICLE]

Page 25

Grooming staff to be world leaders GUARDIAN HOW do you inspire today's employees to become leaders of tomorrow? Global technology firm Satyam Computer Services has apian. The company's university The Satyam School of Leadership (SSL) has tied up with Harvard Business School Publishing and Universitas 21 Global to hone the

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I Healthy Participants Needed The Pfizer Clinical Research Unit (PCRU) needs healthy participants for a scientific study involving an investigational medicine. The purpose of this study is to investigate the safety, tolerability and amount of this medicine in the blood following administration of multiple daily doses. L^ KjiPif Prerequisites: Healthy

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1 life, live it. J- O^WWIXI A M S I \x^ A >^ I Find out how rV\^ toJ^'WJ y°u can redeem f, ©XCIUSIV© In Columbia Pictures'family-adventure comedy RV,an overworked Bob Munro (Robin Williams), his wife Jamie (Cheryl Hines), their 15--BWHEEIS l family no brakes year-old daughter Cassie (Joanna UoJoT

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DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER Zul Othman THE ROWING STONES VS THE BEATLES When rock bands throw fighting words at each other, chances are it's going to work wonders for album sales IF THERE is an unspoken rule in rock music, it is that controversy and selfpromotion go hand

Young artists shine at Compass Awards [ARTICLE]

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Young artists shine at Compass Awards SINGAPORE singer-composer Lin Junjie is on a roll. Besides fulfilling his dream to stage a concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium next month, he was named the Young Composer of the Year at last night's 11th Compass Awards. Held at the Raffles City Convention

Survivor Aras keeps it real [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Survivor Aras keeps it real JULIANA JUNE RASUL After winning his million, Baskauskas returns to his old car and teaching yoga Julia NEWLY-MINTED millionaire Aras Baskauskas is not going to be zipping around in a fancy car anytime soon. Instead, the 24-year-old yoga instructor, who emerged winner of the

Anugerah Skrin judge is just being honest [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Anugerah Skrin judge is just being honest —JULIANA JUNE RASUL WHAT'S a talent quest without a cranky judge a la Simon Cowell these days? Actor Rafaat Hamzah has filled the role quite comfortably on Anugerah Skrin, MediaCorp TV 12 Suria's search for its "next big thing" in acting and hosting.


Eat as the Romans do at Il Gladiatore [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Eat as the Romans do at Il Gladiatore AMY VAN Go medievally Mediterranean with hearty Italian cuisine served by toga-clad waiters WHEN chef-owner Fabio lannone decided to replace Fuenti with a brand new restaurant called II Gladiatore, some sceptics felt a little apprehensive about this new outlet featuring Roman

Cheers to this pairing of East and West [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Cheers to this pairing of East and West LAUREEN TOH Like the yin-yang symbol, pairing Chinese food with wine is about harmony la CHINESE food is an apparent minefield for wine pairing for me, at least. For starters, the dishes in themselves are sometimes a heady combination of sweet,



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WILD FOR WHITE ASPARAGUS LEE HUI SHAN Until June 4, Equinox Restaurant at Swissotel The Stamford presents Taste Asparagus! the place to appreciate the exquisite white asparagus. Unlike the common green asparagus, the white variety is traditionally grown in Europe, without sunlight to give it its distinctive colour. Prized for


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A LOCAL, ECLECTIC BUFFET TWIST BERNADETTE CHONG Tantalise your taste buds with not one, but two buffets at the Melting Pot Cafe at the Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore. On weekdays excluding public holidays from 12pm to 2.30pm, the Local Buffet Lunch will fill you with its blend of tasty flavours

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I llOcmH I -i it I Wooden Easel L AE7BS fi am] fin ~~h i~ whiteboard 1 r*rmrn S2B-DD iPY-- -fl (Double^ded) 'jz 'l tl ■CJiJ 1 $99 Rn Jll\ ICEW 60cmx90cm J m£h' du J 1 l^gE§J 'Custom Mode Is Available lOOcmx f -/Jp| SSSI m It i SS-wT

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_-J 1I! LAral i^L -yJjjE I l"^J £1 YOUR MUST-HAVE frppi^ «J FAMILY FUN GUIDE i-Ktt.^^^g FOR THE JUNE HOLS!

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Page 28 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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I I9| II I I I hr~i 9 6 i 9~ "2 3 7 1 6 5~~8~1! 9 2 3"T 7 yjfflflpffli Wf|Piß m "MjjylßjMa'jiiaHap i --------^MHSiIiBHI hiiiiiiiHHlßßS&t ***** 9 4 1 el 6 3 18 3 4 5 2 TH)(f||nM^M|n||M|fiM^H HI S 4 2 5 7 1 963 ■ULLl|Jil|ii£li!il|ji&|!lli£^^l

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I^, A ©i9°°*****34 S| THE DA VINCI COD!" THE DA VINCI COD!" THE DA VINCI COD!" TH! DA VINCI COD!" THE DA VINCI COD!" 10.20ara 11.4011.501.20 2.50 11.20ara 12.20 2.40 330 6.00 11.00am 11.50 2.10 3.00 5.20 11.30am 12.20 2.30 3.30 5.40 1040am 1220 210 330 520 3.00 4.40 6.00

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II IV tmi |f western $480 $480 B7T?^Tm $050 50

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I Wholesale Centre i i _jpjf___bbqsho_p: More than a hundred of barbeque food accessories are available.

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House Of Thai Restaurant f 13, Purvis St Te1:6333 1198 I Daily business hours:ll.3oam-3pm/6pm-10.30pm J Tunghoon Crab 1 I except festive seasons for one plate only J ifiaj. Oij. Sfi'Jjit ciidil exnd in aji/su/ JOy o di-jciiiutl tiff Clla-Sa-iL: UJLtikii Recommended Specialities Fish Prawn Cake $2.soeach Pineapple Olive Rice $8

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E5 PHIIM i 11 I^l YOSHINOYA'S 2.30PM-^B lAILY CiVi Afternoon sets come with coffee, tea or Japanese tea Add $0.30 for hot milo, hot horlicks, fresh soya milk, Coke (reg) or Sprite (reg) Add $0.80 for juice lOON $3 50 ,**~*£m W 3° RAMEN /^gr"! F^T?!7Th:^| vsA9o $350 MARINA SQUARE

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1 Roxy International Buffet 50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square One Shopping Centre #01-01 (facing East Coast Road.near bus stop 10,12,14, 32, 40, 608) Present this advertisement to enjoy >f REE l child free with 2 full paying adults (promotion valid till 31 May 2006) Over 80 items, one Price

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Z^ Buffet Lunch Dinner K& From 1 March 2006 Tease your tastebuds with Thai delicacies like Olak Otak, Beef Salad, Seafood Tom Yam Soup, Prawns in Pineapple Curry, Baked Salmon with Herbs, Fried Fish with Lime Chilli, Pork Chop with Green Peppercorn, Stirfried Chicken with Basil Leaves and Baby Squid

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SOYOUTHINKYOU CAN DANCE DESPARATE THAT'S IT FIFA WORLD CUP 2006 Channel 4, Bpm HOUSEWIVES II Channel News Asia, 8.30pm Host Cities Stadium Hanover ißejsMßeeeeMeme? A a Silly People Jefaf^^^Hefefefefefefei Channel News Asia, 9.32pm rsmainino A"»/4 '-i""^ "fc'-^7TW^ world soccsr dancss liks dod i !^b^b^b '■^^f .^49 'flvefl r\ aO^m piaysrs.

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fiTTMW— 1800-CLASSAD (1800-252 7723) Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm (excludes Public Holidays) GO ONLINE 24 hrs every day Registered advertisers get to know first about our latest promotions via our FREE email alert service! DEADLINES LINE ADS: 6pm the day before forTues to Sat publication; 6pm Friday for

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PROPERTY WANTED HDB RENTAL SPECIALIST! *****141 needs whole HDB/PTE Apts urgently, all Areas. 100% commitment, transcations in 7days. HOME NEEDS Home removal SEM ONE TRANSPORT Removal 14' rental $25 per hr. Free quotation carton box. Reasonable price. *****-371 HOME NEEDS Plumbing REPAIR ALL KINDS of Fridge, Toilet-bowl Chokage Leakage, Renovation

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PERSONAL NEEDS Bridal service PROMOTION BRIDAL MAKE-UP day or nightBs22o&free body scrubs or facial. Ladies 0n1y.*****432 PERSONAL NEEDS Handphone/ accessories BUY/ SELL/ DEPOSIT or Used/ New/ Faulty HP, Games Sets, MP3 players. Laptops, PDAs, Dig^Viewcams, LCD TVs, Computers etc. Call 9101 6789

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P PERSONAL NEEDS Handphone/ accessories NEED CASH Sign up for Handphone newline or upgrade. $600 $2200. Call 916-***** IT PRODUCTS SERVICES COMPUDOC COMPUTER DOCTOR cure all PC Mac problems provide all IT services. 9452-8858 John

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IT PRODUCTS SERVICES Ante-solutions Onsite PC Virus /1 ntemet Service Tel:-*****195 (24 his) BUSINESS NEEDS Business opportunities JAMIS LIZ REALTY FREE Jt BEGINEERS program for new/ part time real estate agents! $0 joining fees. HDB Hub. Call 8125 6355 DISTRIBUTORS WANTED. US nutrition company Global biz. Send CV to fax

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TRAVEL/TOURS TRAVEL/TOURS Tour packages Tour packages 13D Mabuhay Manila IMyOv frs449 3D Taipei Express D»i»DvW569 II 3D Mabuhay Cebu MM* «459 40 Taipei Shoplng Da%Dv t5669 3D Mabuhay Boracay M»fti>M6s9 "«< Spring 4/5/6D Dive Packages MyDv frs679 SDYilan Shangri-la Bohol Moaboal Putaro Galara Leisure Farm 4DManila&fagayta y Highlands D"1:""»2! H»

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Page 34 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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HH~HH YOUR TODAY by Eugenia Last ARIES (March 21 -April 19) LIBRA (Sept 23 Oct 22) H Don't get frustrated and angry when you Have everything worked out in your own can put your energy to much better use. You Wt^ head before you engage in conversations will learn something

Page 34 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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HELPLINE EMERGENCY LINES City Gas (to report gas supply 1800-752-1800 interruption, low pressure and leakage) Civil Defence (Fire Emergency Ambulance) 995 Non-emergency ambulance 1777 Police 999 Police hotline 1800-255-0000 SPPowerGrid 1800-778-8888/ (to report power failure) 6778-8888 Traffic Police 6547-1818 Water Supply 1800-284-6600 HELPLINES —GENERAL Samaritans of Singapore 1800-221-4444 Society for



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Bonds equals Babe -AP Slugger smashes 714th home run to tie Yankees legend BASEBALL San Francisco v Oakland OAKLAND, California The agonising wait is over for San Francisco Giants' Barry Bonds. He and Babe Ruth are even at 714. Bonds tied the Yankees legend for second place on the career

Base-brawl, Chicago style [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

Base-brawl, Chicago style -AFP CHICAGO A benches-clearing brawl started by a scuffle after a home-plate collision added spice and sparks to a 7-0 victory by the World Series champions Chicago White Sox over the Chicago Cubs on Saturday {yesterday morning, Singapore time). Japan's Tadahito Iguchi hit a pair of home

Albirex eye leaders' scalp [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

Albirex eye leaders' scalp LI ZAI SHI Japanese outfit hope to be the first team to beat Fandi's Young Lions this season NTUC INCOME-YEO'S S-LEAGUE Young Lions v Albirex THE only team in the S-League to have taken a point off the Young Lions is aiming to go two

Alam Shah saves Tampines' blushes [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

Alam Shah saves Tampines' blushes JOSE RAYMOND NTUC INCOME-YEO'S S-LEAGUE2OO6 Tampines Rovers 3 Balestier Khalsa 2 NATIONAL striker Noh Alam Shah's (picture) in-jury-time winner gave Tampines Rovers a 3-2 victory over Balestier Khalsa in a tempestuous encounter at the Tampines Stadium last night. The Tigers drew first blood in

Fadhil eyes breakthrough [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Fadhil eyes breakthrough LI ZAI SHI Young Lions keeper seeks to be Singapore's No 1 A PLACE in Radojko Avramovic's squad for the two-legged friendly internationals against Malaysia in June is just reward for a fine series of performances from Young Lions goalkeeper Fadhil Salim. The 23-year-old has played

Singapore's first kiddy league launched [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Singapore's first kiddy league launched DARREN LAI da While S-League clubs and Football Association of Singapore have been running Centres of Excellence (COE) for elite young footballers for some time now, there are very few avenues for kids below the age of 14 to participate in the sport on


Page 37

WORLD CUP PROMOTION EXTENDED Hyundai is sending one lucky winner on a four-day, three-night all-expenses paid trip to experience the atmosphere of the World Cup live in Germany. The winner will watch the quarterfinal game on June 30 at Berlin's Olympic Stadium. Originally scheduled to run till May 31, the

Bodybuilding targets two golds in Doha [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

Bodybuilding targets two golds in Doha DARREN LAI da AFTER winning two golds at the Bth South-East Asian and First Singapore Invitational Open Bodybuilding Fitness Championships yesterday, Singapore Bodybuilding Federation (SBBF) president Paul Chua is confident Singapore will repeat the performance at the Doha Asian Games in December. Only


Page 38

What's up Bucs? JOSE RAYMOND After AFC Cup and S'pore Cup exits, Home have only S-League title to fight for SINCE Robert Alberts led them to their maiden S-League title in 1999, Home United have been synonymous with success. The Protectors added Singapore Cup titles to their burgeoning trophy


Page 38

SPORTSMAILBAG SAA were not left in the lurch TANGWENGFEI Letter from President, S'pore Athletic Assn I REFER to your article "A rematch is possible" dated May 17. While it is true that Loh Lin Kok was not aware that I made an announcement last week about not standing for re-election

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ready buyers, ready sellers. ClassAd I I NO AND NOT Using no with comparatives would be correct as: no better, worse, higher, further, more than... Examples: 1. He is no more interested in the report than I am. 2. You can go no further than that in your planning. However,

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EDUCATION Tuition MOE APPROVED THUS! Tuition. Experienced, Reliable Verified tutors. All levels/ subjs/ areas. Ms Ong 9172 8211 1-1 HOME TUITION. All Subjs/ Areas/ Levels. Pl-6/ Sec 1-V JC. Exp Tutors/ Teachers. Call 9026 1511 HOME TUITION FOR Pn to JC levels. All Areas. Parents may call 9455 8116 or

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JOBS Sales/business development z- :':y u-":-ORASTTATBS) to find out more. CaU963 78 369 Fin&nd&l Services uid Insurßnc6-r6lat6d PropNex I 1 Gary Go k 9101 0405 OUR MILUON AWARD ACHIEVER have Personally coach many AGENT successful*/ earn > 180k p.a. CALL NOW. JOBS Teaching/lecturing EXPERIENCED CHILDCARE TEACHER (CRT/ DPT prefer) required

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VEATHERTOD/ Amsterdam 12/16C rainy Los Angeles 16/21C rainy c Auckland 11/17C showers Manila 2932C thunderstorm OlflgapOre Bali 23/31C cloudy Melbourne ***** showers 25/33C BS Begawan 24/33C thunderstorm New Delhi 28/42C thunderstorm Bangkok 25/32C thunderstorm New York 8/20C showers Bangalore 20/34C thunderstorm Paris 10/17C showers Beijing 14/30C partly cloudy Perth 13/27C

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CHANCE TO CLOSE THE GAP! Albirex win will move them up! S.League Young Lions Albirex Mon, 22/05/06 7.30pm International Football Korea Republic Senegal Tue, 23/05/06 7.00pm S.League Home United SAF FC Tue, 23/05/06 7.30pm Euro Champ U2l Serb Mont U2l Germany U2l Wed, 24/05/06 12.15am International Football Austria Croatia Wed,

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Kickers II nonday uesday Wednesday thursday friday I MOTO THE RUGBY TEE OFF! LOVE ALL! US SPORTS I MONDAY SHOW NIGHT


Just like what Ramsey said [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

Just like what Ramsey said -AGENCIES t Eriksson predicts England win, but Gerrard may hold key to Swede's ambition I LONDON Alf Ramsey said it before 1966 and was proven right. Now Sven-Goran Eriksson, a man not prone to rash utterances, has dared make the same bold prediction: England will

Watford demolish Leeds to gain promotion [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

Watford demolish Leeds to gain promotion AGENCIES CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF FINAL Leeds 0 Watford 3 CARDIFF Watford beat Leeds 3-0 to reach English soccer's Premiership for the first time in six years, a promotion that may give the club as much as £40 million ($ll9 million) in extra income. Jay DeMerit

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Singapore has voted, and your NIVEA For Men EPL Team of the Season is: MANCHESTER UNITED!! Congratulations to the 10 lucky winners of a $150 NFM product hamper! Nasron Bin Naslr SXXXX296H Sonia Khoo Meng SXXXX232D i^, Darren Tay SXXXX39SE y Jane SXXXXS4BB UvEi h»« Lw|l TonyLeong SXXXX372H y m

Chelsea is last stop for Ballack [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 41

Chelsea is last stop for Ballack —AFP Blues' latest star pledges future, but first the World Cup LONDON Chelsea's new addition Michael Ballack says he wants to end his career at the Stamford Bridge club. The Germany international has signed a three-year deal with the back-to-back Premiership champions reported to



Page 41

VIDUKA GAINS HIDDINK'S TRUST MIDDLESBROUGH striker Mark Viduka will lead Australia in their first World Cup finals campaign in 32 years in Germany next month, coach Guus Hiddink said. Viduka, who captained Australia in their World Cup play-off win over Uruguay last November, was given the job ahead of former


Page 41

INJURY FORCES YOUNG TO STAND DOWN CHARLTON defender Luke Young has pulled out of England's standby World Cup squad with an ankle injury. The centre back was part of the England party which have been at a training camp in Portugal this week. He joined in full training for the


Page 41

NOWOTNY MUST PASS ON EXPERIENCE VETERAN German defender Jens Nowotny will be key to how the younger German players perform at the World Cup finals, claimed national coach Jurgen Klinsmann. The 32-year-old was a surprise selection in Klinsmann's squad, having not played for the national side since Euro 2004. A

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DAYS TO GO W\ ■wrwi'nii'iii HSbI Ifd i™ IP ADVERTISEMENT BOOKINGS FOR EATOUT, PLEASE CALL: John Tan at 9106 2227 or your Advertising Agency. ADVERTISEMENT SPECIFICATIONS FOR EATOUT: AD MATERIAL SUBMISSION: Publication :TODAY File format in EPS, PDF Publication Date Every Monday Saturday All fonts must be embedded Booking Deadline

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Page 41 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 41

SPORT TV TODAY 9pm Cricket Preview of West Indies v India ODI, Ch9s 10.30pm Cricket West Indies v India, 3rd ODI, Ch9s

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THE D*LL" DIFFERENCE I ItfJSflii'fllllllil^iliij B "it- ,in--. .|n ,in. I^H ixMMWiiimrttMßMlrfll ID^LF j ipTD v^^MM f J'K JM DPP RPPa #-1 Si T'^h tea M .iM KM L BE—' I e IS I l FREEUpgradetoiGBDDRTsDRAM^ pßEEUpgradetosl2MßDD^^^^W y^H/ff^ Superior Perfomiance with H^!^ =S^^HnM Dual-Core Processing Ultra Rack Dense Server Multivisual

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PACIFIC SHIPPING TRUST PACIFIC SHIPPING TRUST The Business You Can Trust 9/W T^Y-frPP ViVirl FORECAST AND PROJECTED O/ idA 11CC VICIU. DISTRIBUTION YIELD /0 for all investors >jj| iESzsSS yir,'', and the payment of any distributions, or any GET YOUR COPY OF THE PROSPECTUS FROM ANY BRANCH OF parted ret*™,

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I File Edit view Favorites Took Help I Address http ://www .yourtravel .com QGo Linfa »I -I 1-1 il Select a category _J PMMjMH Looking for «n oiclutivo gift this toiton') Chock out our 100 now 41 x I mm z ■eai h fSt f M Bl Dme Internet^" Jk