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TODAY - 2nd Edition, 21 July 2005


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL26350


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TODAY /\AediaCorp incorporating utFC^tS MICA (P) 112/07/2005 Thursday July 21,2005 TODAY /AediaCorp incorporating utTC&tS MICA (P) 112/07/2005 Thursday July 21,2005


Spanish police arrest 300 involved in $202m global scam [ARTICLE]

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Spanish police arrest 300 involved in $202m global scam -AP MADRID Spanish police said yesterday they had arrested 310 people, mostly Nigerians, suspected of conning thousands of people around the world with a series of scams including a false lottery. The arrests took place this week during 176 raids in

House tries to put NKF in order [ARTICLE]

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House tries to put NKF in order Derrick A Paulo MPs want tighter controls on big charities, more transparency and disclosure WHEN Mr Gerard Ec visited the National Kidney Foundation's (NKF) Kirn Keat headquarters, he said he took his swimming trunks along. He was searching for its rumoured swimming

Greenspan helps Wall Street rebound [ARTICLE]

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Greenspan helps Wall Street rebound AFP NEW YORK An upbeat assessment of the US economy by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan helped Wall Street finish higher yesterday as the market shrugged off early jitters over disappointing earnings reports. A late rebound helped the Dow Jones Industrial Average end with a

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NEWS£\yiEWS Green fuel Cure for high petrol prices has arrived/3 The wild life Step aside Croc Hunter, it's time to get extreme/22 Rohit Brijnath Where the friendship ends, the rivalry begins/59 8 "*****6"*****9" traveller SEDUCTIVE C 7 SHANGHAI JJ mmMmmMmmMmmMmmMmm

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hot news


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New NKF board named Jasmine Yin Members have proven worth in broad range of fields: Ee THE new board of directors for the beleaguered National Kidney Foundation (NKF) was assembled over a weekend. The task was given to new chairman Gerard Ec by Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan, and

Too much caffeine in energy drink? Bull, says spokesman [ARTICLE]

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Too much caffeine in energy drink? Bull, says spokesman Loh Chee Kong POPULAR energy drink Red Bull is "entirely safe" for consumption, a local spokesman said, reacting to news that one of Scotland's biggest chain stores had banned the drink. On Monday, One o One banned the sale of Red


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Fire in Lau Pa Sat Tor Ching Li DINERS at Lau Pa Sat had their meal interrupted yesterday evening as a fire broke out near two Thai food stalls, leaving a charred hole in the roof. Help from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDFj arrived within six minutes of the


Cheaper than petrol – and greener [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Cheaper than petrol and greener Charles Tan Both drivers' wallets and the environment would benefit from Govt-legislated LPG use WHENEVER I return to Singapore, the moment I step out of Changi Airport, the acrid smell of air pollu- tion hits my nostrils. Fortunately, the body is smart and quick

Pregnant? Sorry, you're out [ARTICLE]

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Pregnant? Sorry, you're out Channel News Asia MORE pregnant employees have filed complaints on unfair termination of employment. Yesterday, Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen told Parliament that to date this year, 36 women have filed complaints. This is above the 15 and 28 complaints received annually between 2001 and 2004.

Crackdown in Pakistan [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Crackdown in Pakistan Musharraf gets tough on suspected extremists, madrasahs LONDON Pakistan has detained more than 200 suspected Islamic militants in response to international pressure to crack down on extremists after the London bombings as Britain said it would rush out laws to beef up its anti-terrorism legislation. Security forces


MOH deals with scholarship defaulters [ARTICLE]

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MOH deals with scholarship defaulters Channel News Asia Of the 1,600 scholars that have been recruited under the Health Ministry's Scholarship Programme since 1 994, 26 have absconded without paying liquidated damages. Replying to a question in Parliament, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan said all but one of them were

Shuffle in public-service senior positions [ARTICLE]

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Shuffle in public-service senior positions 938 Live The Government has announced changes in several senior posts in the public-service sector. Current Permanent Secretary for the Law Ministry Liew Heng San will step down in September and take over as CEO of the CPF Board. Replacing Mr Liew in the Law

Chronic care extended [ARTICLE]

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Chronic care extended Tan Hui Leng DESPITE suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, the leading killers in Singapore, many people do not monitor their conditions. Although a chronic-disease management programme has been available at Sing Health polyclinics for the past two years, about 60

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singapore news

$10m boost for creative sphere [ARTICLE]

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$10m boost for creative sphere Tor Ching Li HERE'S yet another government fund looking for projects the $10-million Creative Community Singapore (CCS) fund, initiated by the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts (Mica) last year. But unlike other funds, it does not target a specific industry or segment of

Was Huang Na sexually attacked? [ARTICLE]

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Was Huang Na sexually attacked? Wong Fei Wan No evidence, but that does not rule it out, says pathologist THOUGH there is no physical evidence to show Huang Na had been sexually-assaulted, a doctor told the High Court that it did not mean penetration had not occurred. Dr Paul

Sickly once, she creates ripples [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

Sickly once, she creates ripples Lee U-Wen We'll make it to Cabinet one day, says SMU girl u-wen@newstoday. com, sg SHE spent the better part of her growing years at home instead of at the playground. Prone to frequent bouts of asthma and skin allergies, Lim Ke Kin fell sick

You can fly, says President Nathan [ARTICLE]

Page 8

You can fly, says President Nathan Shobha Tsering Bhalla IT IS not every day that a nation's President graces a book launch and it is not every book that has a foreword written by the highest office-bearer of the land. Property entrepreneur Mohamed Ismail can lay claim to both these

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world news

Online hall of shame for Malaysian traffic offenders [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Online hall of shame for Malaysian traffic offenders AP KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia has set up an online hall of shame where the public can post pictures of traffic offenders as part of a campaign to instil discipline and safety on roads. The website,, was launched on Tuesday and will


Rafidah's tears — and the can of worms [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

Rafidah's tears and the can of worms Oon Yeoh M'sian govt's openness praised, but there are still many questions that need to be answered THE Malaysian government's surprise decision to release a list of recipients of special permits to import cars into the country has received praise from various

'I cut wife in 9 parts,' says man [ARTICLE]

Page 12

'I cut wife in 9 parts,' says man LONDON Accused Paul Dalton admitted in courts that he cut up the body of his South Korea-born wife Tae Hui Kang into nine pieces with an electric saw after having endured years of bullying at her hands, reported The Times of London

Slippery road to UN seat [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 14

Slippery road to UN seat Shibu Ittv Kuttickal Despite Spores backing, Japan's Security Council bid faces hurdles THE failure of the Group of Four (G4) Brazil, Germany, India and Japan to narrow differences with African nations and overcome opposition from the United States, China and a Pakistan-led grouping could

Lone testimony at Corby's fresh trial [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Lone testimony at Corby's fresh trial AFP DENPASAR Schapelle Corby, the Australian jailed for 20 years for smuggling 4.lkg of marijuana in Bali, had her trial re-opened to hear new witnesses to support her claims that she was framed. One Indonesian law professor, Mr Indriyanto Seno Adjie, took the stand

Sleep with the boss and your colleagues get sexually harassed [ARTICLE]

Page 16

Sleep with the boss and your colleagues get sexually harassed LOS ANGELES The California Supreme Court has ruled that sleeping with the boss constitutes sexual harassment not only of the employee who submits to a supervisor's advances but also of the staff who do not, and fail to get ahead

Bush nominee may shake up top US court [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

Bush nominee may shake up top US court Agencies Democrats fear John Roberts will push Supreme Court to far right WASHINGTON United States Supreme Court nominee John Roberts began his confirmation campaign yesterday to nail down Republican Senate support and overcome Democrats' fears that he would push the nation's highest


Fires rage in southern Europe [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Fires rage in southern Europe AFP Southern Europe, in the grip of a heat wave, was on the alert late yesterday as fires raged on in parts of Spain, Portugal ana Italy, claiming 13 lives and destroying thousands of hectares of brush and forest. The most severe damage was wrought

Bush visit: Grenade suspect held [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Bush visit: Grenade suspect held AP Georgian police detained a man yesterday suspected of throwing a live grenade during a rally at which US President George W Bush spoke in May, the Interior Ministry said. The capture came after a shootout in which one police officer was killed and another

Star Trek's Scotty dies, 85 [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Star Trek's Scotty dies, 85 AFP Actor James Doohan, who transported the crew of the original Star Trek television series through space on the command "Beam me up, Scotty", died yesterday at the age of 85. Trie star's ashes will be sent into space by a private com- pany following

Israeli barrier: Council to meet [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Israeli barrier: Council to meet AFP The United Nations Security Council is to meet today at the request of the Arab League to discuss the West Bank separation barrier after Israel approved a revised route around East Jerusalem, according to the council president for the month. The council held consultations

China's nuclear threat [ARTICLE]

Page 18

China's nuclear threat Agencies Beijing fielding missiles which can hit US forces, says Pentagon WASHINGTON China is broadening its military reach and turning into a long-term threat not only to Taiwan, but also to the American forces in the Pacific and to regional powers such as India and Japan, the

23m lonely Chinese males [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 19

23m lonely Chinese males AFP TOURS (France) China is set to become the world's largest lonely hearts club. About 23 million men of marriageable age will not be able to find a female partner. Experts from the University of Texas told a conference that China will pay the price for

this QUIRKY world

Baker steals police car to get to work [ARTICLE]

Page 19

Baker steals police car to get to work get A Chicago man is in jail for stealing a marked police car to get to work. The 38-year-old man was caught after he stopped when a member of the public flagged him down for help, said He had noticed the

Couple too tall for own house [ARTICLE]

Page 19

Couple too tall for own house Couple A Scottish couple who are too tall for their house condemned councillors for refusing them permission to make it bigger, reported The Times of London. The husband, who is 2m tall, has to get down on his hands and knees to shave or

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Focus On The Family [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Focus On The Family Dr James Dobson TfriMrs by LOVING HANDS Human hands they perform marvellous labourrelated functions. But they also carry great meaning for us emotionally. With the thumb opposite the fingers to facilitate grasping and the concentration of sensory nerves in the pads for evaluating the texture and

Increased loan uncertainty [LETTER]

Page 20

Increased loan uncertainty LEONG SZE HIAN] Property policy should be reviewed Letter from I REFER to the article, "Early Xmas for property sector", by Shobha Tsering Bhalla (July 20). With the financing limit for housing loans being raised from 80 to 90 per cent of the property value, and the

Not even lawyers are that rich [LETTER]

Page 20

Not even lawyers are that rich TANHOWKENG] IEBHIiBBI WE HAVE been hearing the argument by various officials that a professional person would earn a lot more if he just persists in his profession. This includes the NKF case. Such an argument does not hold water. One's salary depends on one's

President, CJ should not retire due to age [LETTER]

Page 20

President, CJ should not retire due to age JASMINE SOH HUITSAN Letter from, THIS is in response to Winston Chew Choon Teck's letter "No offence Mr President but..." Guly 19). The President should not be discriminated against because of age, or disqualified from re-election. President S R Nathan is of


Page 20

singaporeseen The men in the mirror Just before he steps into the Adelphi Shopping Centre entrance, the reflection of this passer-by is caught on film by Today photographer Trevor Tan, 2 7. Tan waited for 10 minutes for someone to walk to the exact position he wanted in order to

Learning to talk the talk [LETTER]

Page 21

Learning to talk the talk HO PENG (MS) Students can pursue non-native mother tongues as a third language Letter from I Director, Curriculum Planning and Development Ministry of Education WE REFER to the letters by Sangeetha Bysheim ("Why keep Mandarin exclusive to Chinese", July 11), Heng Cho Choon ("Studying Chinese

No poll done, but Nathan candidacy is well-supported [LETTER]

Page 21

No poll done, but Nathan candidacy is well-supported PEERMAKBUR Letter from Press Secretary to Minister in Charge of Muslim Affairs WHILE personally supporting Mr S R Nathan's bid for a second term, Mr Haj Mohamed asked in his letter, "Nathan deserves a second term" (July 19), if a survey had


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Page 20 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 20

Correction and clarification IN THE sidebar for our Page 1 story yesterday, "Early Xmas for property sector", we said that the Available Housing Withdrawal Limit (AHWL) is now 80 per cent of the available Ordinary Account (OA) balance, instead of the OA and Special Account balance, after setting aside the

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Property boost to banks' earnings will be limited [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Property boost to banks' earnings will be limited Agencies Analysts warn against exuberance over relaxed financing EVEN as banks like DBS Group, United Overseas Bank (UOB) and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC) look set to increase mortgage lending after Tuesday's relaxation of property rules by the Government, analysts are warning against

Temasek buys 14.9% stake in India's Shringar Cinemas [ARTICLE]

Page 26

Temasek buys 14.9% stake in India's Shringar Cinemas Bloomberg SINGAPORE investment company Temasek Holdings has bought a 14.9-per-cent stake in Shringar Cinemas, an Indian owner of movie multiplexes, for about 294 million rupees ($11.4 million). Aranda Investments (Mauritius) and Dunearn Investments (Mauritius), both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Temasek, bought the stake


World markets [ARTICLE]

Page 26

World markets Index Value CI Pts .hange Nikkei 225 11,789.35 +24.51 +0.21 Hang Seng 14,602.70 +34.96 +0.24 All Ordinaries 4,263.30 +23.50 +0.55 Taiwan Wtd 6,423.81 +7.47 +0.12 Korea Comp 1,074.40 -1.08 -0.10 KLCI 924.01 +7.23 +0.79 SET Index 650.04 +1.37 +0.21 Jakarta Comp 1,140.65 +8.63 +0.76 Phils Comp 1,944.71 +55.16

SGX most active [ARTICLE]

Page 26

SGX most active By volume Close Capitaland 2.750 Change +0.080 Pts '000 +3.0 82,401 CapilalmdeCW***** 0.305 +0.065 +27.1 46,396 CapilalmdeCW***** 0.310 SingTel 2.730 CapilalmdeCW***** 0.255 Wing Tai 1.210 UniFiber 0.400 BILIntl 1.210 Allgreen 1.240 DBS 15.900 +0.060 +0.070 +0.070 +0.030 +0.005 +0.010 -0.030 +0.500 +24.0 43,471 +2.6 42,105 +37.8 35,128

SGX top rises [ARTICLE]

Page 26

SGX top rises By Close Change BukilSem 15.100 +0.500 DBS 15.900 +0.500 Jardine C&C 12.700 +0.400 JSH500USS 10.800 +0.300 STIETF100 23.800 +0.250 HSIeCW*****1 0.690 +0.205 F&N 16.200 +0.200 GrealEast 14.900 +0.200 ShangAsia 2kHK$ 13.000 +0.200 SingamasC 2kHK$ 5.200 +0.200 By percentage Close Change DBSeCW*****0 0.155 +72.2 A-SonicW*****0 0.015 +50.0 SingTel

SGX top falls [ARTICLE]

Page 26

SGX top falls By Close Change Creative 50 12.500 -0.400 DBS M NCR 10 108.300 -0.200 SIA200 11.800 -0.200 SpLand 5.900 MleCW*****4 0.150 -0.200 -0.145 Hyflux 4.960 -0.140 DBSePW*****8 0.135 -0.120 JMH400USS 17.800 -0.100 SIA 11.800 -0.100 TAC200USS 3.100 -0.100 By percentage Close Ch MleCW*****4 0.150 hange -49.2 DBSePW*****8 0.135

Singapore [ARTICLE]

Page 26

Singapore Dow Jones BLUE chips closed higher yesterday as investors continued to buy property-related stocks after the Government eased restrictions on property financing and home ownership by foreigners on Tuesday. The ST Index rose 1 6.34 points, or 0.7 per cent, to a new five-and-a-half-year closing high of 2,309.26. The

Your S$l buys [ARTICLE]

Page 26

Your S$l buys US$ 0.5925 UK£ 0.3409 Yen 67.005 HK$ 4.6095 RM 2.2525 Euro 0.4911 Rupiah 5,834.4 Baht 24.934 Peso 33.068 A$ 0.7863 Indian Rs 25.792 Won 617.81 C$ 0.7209 Yuan 4.9051 NZ$ 0.8762 NTS 18.938

Commodities [ARTICLE]

Page 26

Commodities I SGX, Kim Eng, Dow Jones Bloomberg Gold uss/oz 421.00 Silver uss/oz 6.995 Platinum uss/oi 870.20 Rubber a»ts/k 9 298.25 Palm Oil RM/tonne 1,409.00 Brent crude uss/iami 57.73 Information courtesy of and

business news

Oei to pump $11.8m into SC Global [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 29

Oei to pump $11.8m into SC Global Val Chua His intended investment seen as a boost for Vantage takeover bid DEALMAKER Simon Cheong appears to have pulled out a trump card for his takeover bid for Vantage Corp just one day before shareholders of the former publisher gather for

Developers applaud new property rules [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Developers applaud new property rules Shobha Tsering Bhalla ONE day after the Government unveiled a surprise package of changes to the housing market here, property developers were coy about how they would respond. While they said that it was too early to reveal plans, industry players such as Capita Land

Haier drops offer for Maytag as Whirlpool, Ripplewood vie to buy [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

Haier drops offer for Maytag as Whirlpool, Ripplewood vie to buy Bloomberg CHINA'S Haier Group has dropped out of the contest for Maytag Corp to avoid the costs of international expansion, leaving Whirlpool Corp and Ripplewood Holdings to contend for the No 3 home appliances maker in the United States.

Unocal accepts Chevron's $29-billion offer [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

Unocal accepts Chevron's $29-billion offer Agencies Firm hesitant in embracing higher bid by CNOOC amid protest from Congress LOS ANGELES United States oil company Unocal has accepted a revised buyout offer from rival US oil giant Chevron of US$l7.l billion ($29 billion), both companies announced yesterday. The price, which is

China's economy expands 9.5 per cent in first half, but growth rate seen slowing [ARTICLE]

Page 35

China's economy expands 9.5 per cent in first half, but growth rate seen slowing Dow Jones SHANGHAI China's economy grew 9.5 per cent in the first half of this year from the same period last year to 6.74 trillion yuan ($1.37 trillion), the National Bureau of Statistics said yesterday. Gross

Link Reft gets green light [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

Link Reft gets green light AFP Elderly woman's court appeal to halt the sale falls at final hurdle HONG KONG The highest court in Hong Kong yesterday dismissed an appeal against the government's sale of publicly-owned buildings, shopping centres and thousands of parking spaces, paving the way for the world's

More S'pore SMBs teaming up overseas [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

More S'pore SMBs teaming up overseas Christie Loh But the professional services sector is yet to fully heed the call to globalise GEESE do it. Fighter pilots do it And Singapore's small and medium businesses (SMB) are catching on too. Local companies are getting into the "V-formation" to clinch

Young law firm leads tech push [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

Young law firm leads tech push Christie Loh WHAT does a lawyer throw into his bag while rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital? His mobile phone, Blackberry, laptop and two boxes of court documents. Litigation lawyer Eddee Ng is used to working anytime anywhere because of technology: "Honestly speaking,

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Wholesale I-P-P W> Centre V Satay VV Wing /j l-STOP BBQSHOP_J HHsb%i l^tSWffWfffiffWilll Discount*_ "Present this advertisement for discount on selected item of the month against a purchase of $120 nett or more. Limited to 1 packet of discount item per order.

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CLARITY. PURITY. BEAUTY HYDRATING HEEL PATCH The simple and convenient way to smooth, healthy heels! First product of its kind in Singapore! Available at: Carrefour, Unity, 1... VJ Watsons, Cold Storage, Essentials Pharmacy, British Essential, x Alchemy Pharmacy, Mustafa, Nice Distributed by: (^> Tan Heng Lee Co. (Pte) Ltd T:

Page 26 Miscellaneous

Page 26 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 26

Developers applaud new property rules: Page 29

Page 26 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 26


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I ~Tm lrniir -&kS2» Stamp £t Redeem I <Ol\ O|\ Simply spend a mm. of $10 at any of the restaurant, fast-food outlets or $5 at any gk. I l\/| >>*!? of the 12 food kiosks to receive a stamp. Collect the stamps to redeem the following I I I

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Page 28

HcALIH C^rlcC^K. Advertisement Oh No! Sweat B.O.! MffESS Underarm perspiration can be avoided £i™, 6K Pro «em til/! |j[ In severe cases of excessive sweating, sweat This way the hydrochloric or irritation is minimised WnCTI me O\l\>,\AAJ SWeuT CJlunuS Unucr K^-Fj aL^L glands are sometimes removed by surgery. Another while

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v Si m y Br Jo^l iMQg B vCw^B^" Sm

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■A Jil^BlHPli Enjoy A FREE Holiday When You Charge Your Next Trip To Your EHf /Australia New Zealand Europe Flexi t- America self Drive drt* 1 Special Kr Holidays atyßrea ssmrgsrfxss. Audd-..^™..^.*™*. A sp? c'! l >ro B t! lo B tl<? n T« ma n ia Cairns Adelaide o^r>

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Citibank Credit Card Citibank jiWJK!fl?l?T!Bii!fl!ffl!CT3l .^V .^B l^r I a^B Bi^^Ta^L^^R r^^y'^tl^l^a^X 3 Ri^/^^ir^lM a^B L* J \iX vv'^l^li a^B .^1 mW .^l^k r m^ mmmmw*^^^ mZ IH RTmT^^Tw^'^BT^TTT^^B l^B BBa^Bflß.l.^BH.Bfl l^B /-> 'Jm\^Mm^mW —w A//7DJapanscenkDeiight/ jfti //6DSp^" d'l a -#fe KS B B/ Universal Studios feve up to ISUiCa

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YSmsAb B R A N D W FAC I A L TI S S U E B^ Leave your mess here. M

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#^i Wm n- VwbMe, BurdiuuO// -ZOO 6 "-"£■■''■■'■'^■'l ■■i--1":"' fflrjE^ i i Schroder European Equity Alpha Fund There's a growing region within the world economy, a place where Cm^^nricm^ aJ^^.^^^ Ev^t^^aßCt companies focus on turning around and achieving better returns for Shareholders. Schroder ISF European Equity Alpha TR +92.9% f^^\~~'

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The Great Singapore Sale See visible results in just one trial! Now enjoy a Special Treat From Us Get a Customised Skin A iP Trecitment Session and a facial M mask for only f\ Using an all-natural herbal extract formula, rm i New York Skin Solutions provides custom UML blends

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.^H y li Lt Mek. m^ I I J 9 11 I At PSB Academy, learning goes beyond books. As a understands the market better. From diplomas and student, you are encouraged to apply fresh and degrees to post-graduate studies, we offer full-time original thinking in solving problems. All our

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SMB TODAY interface made possible by HP

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I^N I /A=DIACORP Seminar Series Get more expertise, technology and support with HP's Smart Office solutions

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Trade in* your current printers, trade up to these featured HP LaserJet printers and get up to $1,290* off. Simply come down to our roadshows happening at a venue near you and purchase any of these HP printers. HP Smart Office I j ne |-|p ran geof printers with easy-to-use


Page 38

friP^l *iik^NlkSAil *&&.7 M 19 BW Today/ Sit %ikm^29% &mk.MR4o% m n%±±wnm.wwM, \x% w a, -w&®&n&wkm r!J:% 11^3 (Competency) K^:HM (Connections) (Capital) nShm, Sit, A2n 1^ fl* ik »US Bt 7A vtl U > w&mmm a. 2004« |Hj®a 30,000 >**-l vsJ^tt*^ i» au, &sms^^ 34 -Mus tmfailM^ 28 iLAn^%° WK


Page 39

hrthrtusy-fc* --frl? M i Partners Wif£JT&im^ mmm&mT£.Mx& (sbic), a 14 -t^Mm^ii^, HP^^ £#-^ifc«^«#7i£ 525 m&s&wmmm&&. urns slk#A±^?^jtkS*fftft*f*b. s^^ffliitfe^3i@4hac *ig (voip) mmm^ixm,

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EH invent Seminar Series HP recommends Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional. To handle tomorrow's challenging I HPCom P a q dxsiso business pc I business demands, you need -AMDA^^—Mode, sodomy, I -Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition l tomorrows technology. I.^*l P*^ PS/2 Standard Keyboard Boost performance and productivity with the HP



Page 40

HEART OF THE ARTS David Chew Bras Basah.Bugis could be Singapore's version of Paris' swinging, avant garde Left Bank david. sg PARIS' Left Bank, in the first half of the 20th Century, was the heart of intellectual and artistic life in Paris. Artists of every hue from Pablo Picasso

Shaking up the news [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Shaking up the news TV TEDIACORP radio station \\L93BLive may not be the obvious place to listen out for television celebrities, but since its revamp last month, Joanne Peh, Tay Ping Hui and Melody Chen among others have been heard on the airwaves. On the new show For and Against


Page 44

Potty theories? Lorraine Lim Potter fans try to root out the final book's secrets SO, YOU have finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and are wondering what Rowling has in store for our intrepid hero and his best friends? The Internet is the place to get all


Who's reading what [ARTICLE]

Page 45

Who's reading what ARTS Fission choreographer Angela Liong, right, tells Today about her research for the company's latest production, Scarlet's Room, which is about living at home and wondering about the previous occupants. Scarlet's Room plays at the Esplanade until Saturday and tickets are available through Sistic. "I'm still holding

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 45

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince J X Rowling Lorraine Lim BOOK REVIEWS FANS will not be disappointed with the latest instalment in the Harry Potter series. All the elements that have made this series so popular are present and accounted for. Characters' pasts are revealed and fleshed out. The


Page 46

LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD In this column series, Dr Theresa Chew, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of Expressions International, answers TODAY readers' beauty, spa and wellness questions. She is also the president of the Spa and Wellness Association (Singapore). Expressions International is a leading beauty, spa, wellness and slimming

3-step frizz therapy [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 46

3-step frizz therapy Pearlyn Tham Get sleek hair in a minute with this leave-on hair moisturiser SQUEEZE, spread and style is the mantra of Pantene's new Leave-On Hair Moisturiser. Follow these three steps and in less than a minute, you can have sleek and shiny hair, minus the frizz.

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ji mI. D63UT.Y Slc€u rrrpN/-p Essence a delicate laundry detergent with a refreshing L"_XJ L yrfagrajjre. Its pH-balanced formulation protects your hands f££r«*V nrffiN^P' P(TPN^"F c wWe-cleans your laundry effectively. Specially formulated with sV^|f^ 1-0 IM l-^J l^-l Polymer-A that stops dirt from redepositing on fabric, together |g> t™*"/ with

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©COMPLETE™ A^" 'ADVANCED MEDICAL OPTICS Hal iJjLI J_lJ.mii v----"-* ""'k* *»^B»^^ t_-bnE7l__i s v J&t^ EEmmW __l _l >__■ L^F^" a--^ a-H B.__A v A E__^.__H L r- 7 -*LT \m w j TAURINE > Complete, —_^f~\jL- trie picture of ~~f U Ocular Health Bfci M A Experience the Complete

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NEC LCD Monitor promotion ACECOM jj§l WL-3-Year Onsite Warranty '^jßrnlfnUWMJityflMM^^' IJTOfftMi 1\ y— Jtm -"I Max Res: 1280x1024 iSmart Vr -J Stt ss4^i ocd/m2 v f^jk B|uet°°th slim two-tone silver cabinet design bezel USB/Wall Charger JiT^i^V J LCD 52V LCD 72V LCD 92V 4J3^^"^ *Vi $349 (Ivory) $419 (Ivory) $599

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_^F ■W A quick and easy way _^r to looking good! m No pills! No injections! No starvation M s —Sn° 1 or strenuous exercises! After Slimming MM P^^\ 42kq m 1 Losing weight has never been easier with m 1 I the Quick and Easy Slimming j J I

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ISLAND(DIGITAL) ISLAND(DIGITAL) ISLAND K-'n'JIVS'S IVnVnn 014 5' (PG) E(cs)A 10.40, 11.15, 1.15, 1.50, (pg) E(cs)A 10.40, 11.1 5, 1.15, 3.50, 4.25, 6.25, 7.00, 9.00, 9.35 350 425 625 9m g35 3>50 4 6 RED CANDY (pg) jap (soli 9.00, 9.35 100 3 10 5 15 7 20 RED CANDY (pg)

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Embark On The Journey Of live With The 6irl Who Interacts With Bugs!!! WF'™^ in 9 i Leung -Chen Po Lin Guest starring -Gillian Chung Charlene Choi "WL-' IN THEATRES 21 JULV\ 9\ UDOItINffI£HIB[[S,SMHHJSt UK) B QNEPIEt IHE 5, SHAW HOUSE SHAWTOWEt. 100BEKH RO4D UHI SDRST ill, te Ik

Page 44 Miscellaneous

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Page 44

FRUITY FISH Grapes and orange juice add a refreshing sweetness to the sauce PAGE 49

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r©**********4 f] S^^^^^£^Hl Q THE ISLAND* 10.00 am, THE ISLAND* 10.00 am, THE ISLAND* 12.00,12.45, THE ISLAND" 10.15 am, THE ISLAND* 10.00 am, 10.50,12.15,12.50,1.45, 12.55,3.50,6.30,6.55, 320 345 620 645 920 12.30,1.05,3.20,3.55, 10.25,12.50,1.15,3.10, 3.10,3.40,4.40,6.15,6.35, 9.35,10.00pm „V m 6.15,6.50,9.10,9.45pm 3.40,4.10,6.05,6.35,7.05, 7.00,7.35,9.10,9.30,9.55, FANTASTIC 4-11 30am FANTASTIC 4-12.05,2.30, 9.00,9.30,10.00pm 10.30pm 2.00,4.35,7.10,9.45pm' FANTASTIC 4-11.20

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Tdy: 11.00 am, 3.00, 5.00, I Tdy ■*****0730 9 30 Dm 9.00 pm [SUNSETAFTER IDARirffifiaitI 11EngNshW^ I R(A) Tdy: 11.00 am, 3.00, 7.00 pm DREAM EVIL9K Japanese With Eng/Chin Subtitles R(A) Tdy: 1.00,5.00,9.00 pm BODY DOUBLE S!#JS% English With Eng/Chin Subtitles R2l Tdy: 1.00,7.00 pm KILLING ME SOFTLY ffllEJftSfS English

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Body beautiful, the natural way [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 47

Body beautiful, the natural way Pearlyn Tham You don't have to eat fruit and vegetables to get their goodness CAPSICUM, ginger, ginseng and orange may sound like ingredients of a salad recipe. But they can also be the recipe for a firmer and slimmer body. Bio-essence the brand known


Page 47

FACE THE FACTS Also formulated with Bio Mineral Essence and Bio Energy Fluid is the best-selling Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream. Besides these ingredients that promote skin-cell growth and enhance blood and oxygen circulation to your face, Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream contains nourishing herbal ingredients. Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream helps to


Page 48

GOLD RUSH Pearlyn Tham The versatility of this collection will excite you THINK wedding jewellery and classic diamond solitaires or traditional yellow gold come to mind. But if you want something extraordinary it's your special day, after all say "I do" to Lee Hwa Jewellery's Romance 2005 wedding collection.


Keep body odour away [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48

Keep body odour away Idealfor those with an active lifestyle, the new Dettol Active Deodorant personal wash range is formulated to help control body odour. Its active ingredients eliminate body odour and keep you fresh all day. Available in shower gel or bar form, the Dettol Active Deodorant personal wash


Page 48

Jazz it up Inspired by the Jazz genre of music, Hamilton's Jazzmaster watch collection is characterised by silver and black colour combinations, brown leather straps or metal bracelets, and rhombus-shaped date displays. The Jazzmaster ViewMatic model (left) pays tribute to the appeal of live entertainment. It flaunts an opening at

A pop-ular collection [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48

A pop-ular collection Vibrant colours and pop art meet in Lacoste's Pop Edition fragrances. This range of four comes in limited edition packaging and each unique scent is marked by a colour. The Lacoste Pop Edition fragrances retail at Lacoste fragrance counters at Takashimaya, Isetan Orchard, Robinsons Raffles City, Seiyu


Page 48

WIN A MAKEOVER TODAY! Let the make-up experts show you how you can enhance your features. If you're selected, you'll appear in TODAY and receive a token of appreciation. Email with your name, IC number, age, occupation and contact number. Include a photo of yourself and tell us why

Even real women could do with the occasional compliment [ARTICLE]

Page 48

Even real women could do with the occasional compliment Eveline Gan WHILE a recent study revealed that the majority of women across Asia are wallowing in low self-esteem, local actress Selena Tan is brimming with confidence and radiance despite knowing that she does not embody the stereotypically beautiful woman. The

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Page 47

Simply fill out the attached coupon and 'wiiaa z present it at Watsons Ngee Ann City to Celebrity's Choice INCH LOSS seriesi receive your complimentary gift set! ____^-^S? ii^-,. Terms conditions: One set per customer per original coupon I Redemption on a first come first serve basis only I Address:

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Page 48

D extra-large? m j^Jr D extra-sexy? "v^^^C Can more curves actually make you more attractive? ,""""H| Wk Dove M w One of the thought-provoking visuals from Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty (left); Selena Tan believes a happy person is one who is in love with life.


Page 49

FRUITY fish Amy Van PH°TO SBY^ Grapes and orange juice add a refreshing sweetness to the sauce THE US Flame Seedless is a small- to medium-sized deepred grape. It is well liked for its sweet and slightly tart flavour, as well as its lovely crunch. These crunchy seedless grapes

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Page 49

K3 Fair Price Brought to you by Ami -~NTUC jingapore's very own



Page 50

LET' S PLAY WITH FOOD AT THIS year's Singapore Food Festival (SFF), kids can play with their food literally without getting yelled at by their mothers. From cooking workshops to a fantasy maze made up of vegetables, the SFF has a line up of interesting events aimed to capture the


Page 51

A PALATE FOR COLOURS SFF goes green, yellow, orange, red, brown, blue and white this weekend Colours are the order of the day at Parco Bugis Junction this weekend. In line with the current trend towards wellness and healthy eating in Singapore, "Vegetarian and Fruits Jamboree" will showcase the wide


Page 52

ALL IN THE FAMILY Food can bring your household together. By Eveline Gan ( WHILE other families bond over the dining table, veteran food columnist Luo Ziwei and his daughter, culinary consultant Pauline D Loh, bond in the kitchen: They cook together on festive occasions. This year's Singapore Food Festival

Making child's play of food [ARTICLE]

Page 52

Making child's play of food FOR the first time, underprivileged children from Club Rainbow Singapore (CRS) will get a taste of the Singapore Food Festival (SFF). Sponsored by NTUC FairPrice, 100 children and their families will participate in the fun activities at one of SFF's core events, Food Venture for

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Page 51

ll^B^BB^fl )3L_^^jP UOB Credit Cards FESTIVAL ~^T^^^ ANOTHER UNIQUELY JttingpCTJ-p EVINT MM 3m Bfl Presenter: Official Official Film Camera: Official Super Premium Official Town Jointly Organised By: Supermarket: Ice Cream: Gas Provider: W ctycasV fcH (&*<*<* MgmWLZML vir-^Zi mt-Mm Si„ s P^S v CTyo w n^ ,TUC konicaminolta ti i

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Page 52

H^B k LESS J^F Uarcr SUGAR Mi^^^^^ I ("hcsrnur Sugar ("an c Drink WMWII M%O Water Chestnut Sugar Cane Less Sugar 500 ml <^v)(A^ at Food World receive an attractive premium. p —(£'s>? H^BK^B ■■111 I One coupon par redemption per person. While stocks last! ai i c\a/CI I I


Something for everyone in Shanghai [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Something for everyone in Shanghai Agnes Tan Its seductive beauty will dazzle, while shoppers and food-lovers will find a paradise there YOU would not have seen the dazzling beauty of Shanghai if you had not been to The Bund waterfront district The best time to go there is after

Norway: Living in a picture postcard [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 54

Norway: Living in a picture postcard AP The Land of the Midnight Sun has more than one dazzling view WITH its long fjords, mountains, glaciers, tundra, prairie and forests, a tour of Norway is like travelling from one real-life picture postcard to the next "People come for the scenery, the


Page 54

QUICKtours Another Indian vista opens Jetstar Asia will fly to the Indian city of Kolkata from Aug 1 8. There will be three flights a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. To celebrate the launch, one-way fares between Kolkata and Singapore will start from $178 for bookings made before July

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Page 53


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Page 54


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Page 54

Appointed Agent for Malaysia Visa Application x2D^Bintan W7l Visa application upon arrival* also available 2DBatam(fe2iK(*!*ffcsj frs7o Dally Dep from Orchard Road /iiv wft it a ¥T»mTT¥j\ 2DGenting frs69 SIN-XL Bam XL-SIN 2pm 31) KUALA LUMrUK\ 2D Malacca frs7B .^mVS^ m Tm- -^vS 4 i- /^A 2D Mines Resort frsloB WA~

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Charge Recharge SealfTe difference... There's no better way to unwind and be revitalised than with a cruise onboard SuperStar Virgo. Enjoy exclusive discounts when you pay for your cruise with VISA. It's that simple. Set sail today! VISA Cardmembers Special (Selected July September 2005 Departures) > wi A U discount

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Page 56

thegood, r**^j*^' <^ Qml/^^^jS au »< >i SUPERBLAH A. bMIHHk J I -t- \"^^^y( good-looker I lII i LU J^IW» '-£3^^ L^L Tt^ r+* *^S* lit (i A v&W- I jJE' WIN! BWH i *^3 ll I I''|lP Don't get left behind. E

Page 56 Miscellaneous

Page 56 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 56

M=diaCorp h /V\=diaCorp ZV rv/2 Mwf f3 6.00 Yellow Handkerchief CHANNEL 7.00 News jab® 7 mw,S s v r i a A 7.30 Love At Aegean Sea i Central j oon no ■o ChannelNfiwsAsiA 8.30 Project Superstar 6.00 AM Travel Asia Beyond II (Quarter Final 5) The Results j 9.00

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Page 58

p f3M ADVOCATES BflM SOLICITORS Family Law Debt Recovery I Probate Accident Claims Wills Tenancy Criminal Law I Corporate Matters Conveyancing We hear. We feel. We understand. We solve your problems. Dlylhil Free Album Piiolo V(),k 4R y Terms Conditions apply

Page 58 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 58

Rental of Flats j^For PR/EP/Selected^9 IF Work Permit Holders &II Student Pass Holders 6885 5315 6885 5325

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Page 59 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 59

$5,000,000 must be won this Thursday! You could be the next TOTO Millionaire! League Home Team Away Team (s ,^g^lg*°« rt USA 2005 USA Honduras Fri, 22/07/05 6.00 am USA 2005 Columbia Panama Fri, 22/07/05 9.00 am Singapore Cup Indonesia U23 SAF FC Fri, 22/07/05 7.30pm Check the current odds



Page 60

SRU's grand plan TAN YO-HINN They aim to lease site in Punggol and make it the 'home of rugby IT IS one of Singapore's fastest growing sports, with more than 7,000 students from 130 schools now playing rugby. Over the last three months, the Singapore Rugby Union (SRU) have

Notts County team-mates give Noh the thumbs up [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

Notts County team-mates give Noh the thumbs up ERIC DING TODAY FILE PHOTO NOH Alam Shah should make his firstteam debut for Notts County tomorrow night, with his team-mates insisting he has a bright future in the English Football League. The 24-year-old striker is expected to feature for the

Protectors finally end goal drought with win over Sinchi [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

Protectors finally end goal drought with win over Sinchi ERIC DING TODAY FILE PHOTO RHB SINGAPORE CUP 2005 Sinchi 1 Home United 3 HOME UNITED had been experiencing an abysmal run of form recently and it looked as if it was going to continue last night at the Jurong

Page 60 Miscellaneous

Page 60 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 60

7am Baseball Dodgers v Phillies, Ch23 9pm Golf Evian Masters, Ch24 Tomorrow Midnight Golf Senior Open C'ship, Ch23 Bam Baseball Red Sox v White Sox, Ch23

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Page 61

Dell"| Home Delightfully Easy, Reliable Fun FREE Upgrade to DVD* Burner and Ss6oo CASH OFF Worth Ss6BB When yOU Order Online. Available only on selected Dell" Inspiron" Notebooks. TECHNOLOGY Promotions valid till 22 July 2005. TECHNOLOGY /'o --> 7? Dell™ Inspiron™ 6000 Extreme Performance, Powerful, Connects Anywhere Intel*1 Centrino™ Mobile

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Page 62 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 62

EXPRESS lONS thi A perfect solution Whk k for women of all ages! '.JHL>^ Expressions' YIP 6-in-1 Ultra Slimming programme really delivers what it promises a great shape again and true wellness. It effectively rids your body of fatty deposits and impurities, and revitalizes your entire body and spirit. It

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Page 63

Advertising feature Don't Miss this Bewitching Prize: A Bewitching Win a Volkswagen New Beetle car Comedy lir Tl w THE big-screen version of the COURTESY of Daisy and Fruit Tree comes in 3 bewitching flavours: plain, te|evision serjes Bewitched stars Fresh, you could be one of 20 lucky chocolate and

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Page 64

Advertising feature Sink Your Teeth into \±sW/PT Fruit Tree Fresh t§^3oJlso Mango Soursop Juice rv^^ {^v^-^n/^^vo Now with Delicious Nata De Coco added! U M\\J f /l Cns\ IMAGINE the most sensory experience of your life V^ \^Z^ delivered in the form of a healthy, delicious thirstquenching drink. utmamitm F&N