The Straits Times, 3 August 2014

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  • 23 1 the sunday time S(Sl A SINGAPORE PRESS HOLDINGS PUBLICATION 90cents AUGUST 3, 2014 I 86 PAGES IN FOUR PARTS I MCI (P) 072/02/2014
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  • 119 1 Chances are, you don’t know Teo Shun Xie (right). You don’t recall she won Singapore’s first gold medal at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games on July 25. And you don’t know she got home three days later and went to work the very next day. No
  • 502 1  -  Working group will also look at how to help abused maids get compensation FOREIGN WORKER ABUSE Radha Basu Senior Correspondent The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) is looking at ways to speed up court cases involving abused foreign workers, including maids, as some wait
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  • 123 1 Singapore’s men’s badminton players managed to grab the spotlight from the dominant table tennis contingent at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow yesterday. Derek Wong (above) became the first Singapore medallist in the men’s singles event, after beating India’s R.V. Gurusaidutt to reach the final. Shortly
    ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG  -  123 words
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    • 423 2 / 3 CHINA Reuters AFP Kunshan China suffered its worst industrial accident in a year yesterday when an explosion killed at least 68 people and injured more than 180 at a factory in China that makes wheels for US carmakers including General Motors. The blast
      Reuters; AFP; PHOTO: REUTERS; ST GRAPHICS; PHOTOS: AFP; PHOTO: AFP  -  423 words
    • 546 2 / 3 TAIWAN AFP Kaohsiung Taiwan’s President has promised a swift investigation into the cause of deadly gas explosions that rocked the island’s densely populated second largest city, as residents accused the local authorities of failing to avert the tragedy. The blasts sparked
    • 238 2 / 3 NEPAL AFP Reuters Kathmandu A massive landslide in north-eastern Nepal left at least eight people dead and dozens missing yesterday, burying a hydropower plant and putting several villages at risk of flash floods due to debris blocking a major river, officials said. The
      AFP; Reuters; PHOTO: AFP; ST GRAPHICS  -  238 words
    • 597 4  -  journey to improve productivity and innovation gaining momentum: Swee Say Joanna Seow Singapore must stay the course on its restructuring journey, even though it may not be a painless or instant one, labour chief Lim Swee Say said yesterday. “I firmly believe
      597 words
    • 139 4 With the moon as a dramatic backdrop, the parachutists took the plunge. In a thrilling display of precision and skill, the Singapore Armed Forces Red Lions parachute team executed a free-fall jump during the National Day Parade (NDP) preview show yesterday. The nine parachutists landed in
      ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG  -  139 words
    • 1064 6  -  Business suffers in places frequented by S’poreans; Causeway traffic unusually light Yeo Sam Jo sg In Johor Baru Shops at a Johor mall popular with Singaporeans experienced a significant dip in business yesterday, a day after tolls went up on the
      ST PHOTOS: CHEW SENG KIM  -  1,064 words
    • 1448 8 / 9  -  Maids who complain of physical or sexual abuse face months sometimes years of uncertainty waiting in shelters as the police investigate cases and, where possible, take the accused to court. Often, they are in no shape to continue working as maids. With
      ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM  -  1,448 words
    • 624 8 / 9  - Beaten, bruised but not broken Radha Basu The way she tells it, Indonesian maid Khanifah, 34, duelled with depravity and lived to tell the tale. She claimed her female employer broke her two front teeth with a hammer, stabbed her on the shoulders with a pair of scissors and hit
    • 127 8 / 9 Asked why investigations of maid abuse sometimes take more than a year to be completed, a police spokesman told The Sunday Times that the role of the police is to uncover the facts without prejudicing the rights of any party involved. The length
      127 words
    • 127 8 / 9 Maids involved in abuse cases have alleged that they cannot leave Singapore while investigations are on, but the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) told The Sunday Times that a victim of crime cannot be forced to remain here against his or her will. However,
      127 words
    • 95 8 / 9 L Lilis Sriyatun, 29: The Indonesian maid was abused with a bamboo pole and hot spoon and poked with a sewing needle after being forced to strip in 2009. Her female employer was sentenced to 16 months’ jail in December 2012. She appealed. In June last year, the
      95 words
    • 50 8 / 9 L Juwarti, 25: The Indonesian accused her employer of punching and kicking her body and private parts repeatedly in December 2010. Her employer, a 32-year-old mother of two, also pushed Ms Juwarti’s head against a door frame. She was sentenced to 21 months’ jail last August.
      50 words
    • 93 8 / 9 L Nuryanti, 29: The Indonesian claimed she was so badly abused by her employer that it left her suffering from psychological problems. She was slapped, had her hair pulled and her head hit against a wall, was attacked with a metal bar and hit with a
      93 words
    • 80 8 / 9 L Analyn Rinonos (above), 30: The Filipino mother of two was hit with a cane and a plastic tub, and splashed with cooking oil. She also had a plastic chair thrown at her, had her hair cut forcibly and her shorts and panties pulled down by
      80 words
    • 107 8 / 9 1 YEAR, 9 MONTHS and counting L Moe Moe Than, 26: Her employers, an IT manager and a sales manager, face 42 charges of abusing and mistreating Ms Than, a Myanmar national, and Indonesian maid Fitriyah, who filed a police report in November 2012. The employers are accused of forcing
      107 words
    • 397 8 / 9 AFP Bangkok Outraged well-wishers have raised nearly US$100,000 (S$124,500) for a baby reportedly left with his surrogate Thai mother after his Australian parents discovered he had Down syndrome and returned home with his healthy twin sister. Ms Pattaramon Chanbua from Chonburi province, south-east of
    • special report: singaporeans in hong kong
      • 2261 10 / 11  -  Some high-profile names have joined the latest wave of Singaporeans who have moved to Hong Kong for various reasons. Li Xueying Hong Kong Correspondent When Mr Stanley Tee was fired as corporate sales director in Hong Kong five years ago, it fired him up.
        PHOTO: AFP; PHOTO: ROBERT CHUA  -  2,261 words
      • 561 10 / 11  -  Li Xueying Hong Kong In the photograph accompanying his message as Law Dean on the Hong Kong University (HKU) website, Professor Michael Hor looks a veritable Hong Konger with his stylish rimmed glasses, bright blue shirt and deep-red bow tie. In person,
        PHOTO: THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG  -  561 words
      • 632 10 / 11  -  Fewer units sold, and it is taking longer to find buyers despite falling prices Janice Heng Sales of five-room and executive flats have been the worst hit by the shrinking Housing Board resale market. Not only are fewer of these large
        632 words
      • 409 10 / 11  -  Leong Weng Kam Senior Writer sg A Singapore family is donating a rare 800-year-old item from China’s ancient Dali Kingdom to the Yunnan Provincial Museum. The Woon Brothers Foundation’s gift of a silver cylindri-cal-shaped reliquary for keeping sutras dates from the Buddhist
        ST PHOTOS: NEO XIAOBIN  -  409 words
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  • home
    • 157 12  -  Grace Chua In Singapore’s post-war and post-inde-pendence days, education was a tough business. Teachers were posted to outlying islands, even as far as remote Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean, then administered by Singapore. Principals abolished class rankings to get rid of unnecessary
      157 words
    • 323 12 In the 1950s, some teachers were posted to schools in Pulau Tekong, a trip that required a bumboat ride from the mainland followed by a bumpy car ride or a sweltering 2km trek. Others, like Mr A.N. Balagopal, were sent even farther. In 1954,
      323 words
    • 283 12 Two years ago, the Ministry of Education decided to stop releasing the names of Primary School Leaving Examination top scorers to reduce stress and competition among pupils and their parents. The move had a little-known precedent. Nearly 40 years ago, then Haig Girls’
      283 words
    • 278 12 For years, Mr Jumaat Masdawood was teacher, badminton coach and volleyball coach at the schools where he taught. And for six intense months in 1968, he juggled those duties with training to get up to speed in basic electricity and woodworking. Mr Jumaat, now 68,
      ST PHOTOS: MARK CHEONG  -  278 words
    • 440 13  -  Hong Kah North launches $100,000 fund for pioneers Joanna Seow Besides the health-care subsidies that can be obtained with their new Pioneer Generation cards, seniors in Hong Kah North will be able to get help from a $100,000 community fund launched yesterday.
      PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO  -  440 words
    • 247 13  -  Lim Yan Liang, Linette Lim More than 23,000 people visited the Istana in yesterday’s Open House to mark both Singapore’s 49th birthday and the recent Hari Raya Puasa. President Tony Tan Keng Yam and his wife Mrs Mary Tan put their hopes for
    • 321 13  -  Joanna Seow Many states and nations have come and gone, and the little red dot that is Singapore faces the same risk, said veteran politician Wong Kan Seng yesterday. “No one owes us a living. We can become irrelevant,” the MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh
      321 words
    • 892 14  -  Hotelier and S’pore wife fight through it and inspire friend to run for cancer charity Melissa Lin sg It took just 10 days for their world to be turned upside down by cancer. First, local hotelier Noel Hawkes found out, by chance,
      PHOTOS: LAU FOOK KONG, NOEL HAWKES  -  892 words
    • 122 15 IT consultant Teo Zixiang (far left), seen here with Tan Chong Motor general manager Ron Lim, must have the luckiest feet in Singapore. After buying two pairs of Crocs shoes for $128, he won a chance to enter the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)
      PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO  -  122 words
    • 396 15  -  600 staff, students and alumni go on 16km heritage trail to visit old campuses Janice Heng sg As a part-time master’s student in systems engineering in the 1970s, Mr Low Wong Fook and his coursemates used to bed down
      396 words
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  • world
    • 947 16 Rising deaths among them shake morale and weaken efforts to control virus outbreak Reuters AFP Freetown Dr Sheikh Umar Khan always knew he was putting his life on the line in the grim battle against Ebola. “I am afraid for my life, I
      Reuters; AFP; PHOTO: REUTERS  -  947 words
    • 467 16 New York Times New York Even as federal health officials announced plans to speed up development of an Ebola vaccine, scientists who study the virus warned that the task would be arduous and that success was hardly guaranteed. The Ebola virus is “a survivor”, said
      New York Times; PHOTO: REUTERS  -  467 words
    • IN BRIEF
      • 162 16 Reuters Conakry (Guinea) West Africa’s Ebola-hit nations have agreed to impose a cross-border isolation zone at the epicentre of the world’s worst-ever outbreak, amid warnings that the deadly epidemic is spiralling out of control. The announcement came at an emergency summit in the Guinean
        Reuters  -  162 words
      • 103 16 Reuters Dubai Dubai’s Emirates said it had suspended flights to Guinea over Ebola, becoming the first major international airline to impose a ban in response to the outbreak of the deadly virus in West Africa. Flights would be suspended until further notice, the airline said
        Reuters  -  103 words
      • 105 16 Bloomberg Xinhua Washington The presidents of Liberia and Sierra Leone plan to skip US President Barack Obama’s US-Africa Leaders summit this week to deal with the deadly Ebola virus in their countries. Discussions on how to provide support in response to the Ebola
        Bloomberg; Xinhua  -  105 words
      • 90 16 Reuters Atlanta The first of two American aid workers infected with the deadly Ebola virus while in Liberia was set to arrive in the United States yesterday to begin treatment in isolation at an Atlanta hospital, officials said. A plane equipped to transport
        Reuters  -  90 words
    • 503 17 Many worry over online challenge attempted by young people, with reports of several cases of injuries Washington Post New York The gallon challenge. The cinnamon challenge. That crazy salt-and-ice challenge. Some are potentially more dangerous than others, but the latest the fire challenge has many people
      Washington Post; PHOTO: LIVELEAK/ABC  -  503 words
    • 266 17 AFP New Delhi Indian right-wing party Shiv Sena yesterday said filing sexual assault charges has “become a fashion”, in an article backing a police officer accused of rape. The hardline nationalist outfit a key ally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government based in
      AFP  -  266 words
    • 602 18 But it signals likely end of conflict with pullout of troops from parts of Gaza AFP Reuters Gaza City Israel bombarded Gaza yesterday after accusing Hamas of destroying a humanitarian ceasefire by capturing a soldier who the Islamists say was probably killed in Israeli shelling.
      AFP; Reuters; PHOTO: AFP  -  602 words
    • 303 18 Reuters Warsaw With tongue-in-cheek messages like “an apple a day keeps Putin away!”, Poles have taken to social media with gusto to promote Polish fruit in defiance of President Vladimir Putin’s decision to ban imports into Russia. Using the hashtag #jedzjablka
      Reuters; PHOTO: AFP  -  303 words
    • 361 18 The Star/Asia News Network Petaling Jaya Malaysian opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has vowed to strengthen understanding between its component parties amid talks of a break-up due to the Selangor Menteri Besar crisis. Mr Anwar Ibrahim of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR),
      The Star/Asia News Network  -  361 words
    • 445 18 New York Times Jerusalem Israel entered its latest conflict with Hamas armed with a high-tech arsenal, real-time battlefield intelligence and strong domestic support for dealing a heavy blow to the militant Islamic group. But again last Friday, Israeli forces were taken
      New York Times  -  445 words
    • IN BRIEF
      • 111 18 Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs Masagos Zulkifli, Minister of State for National Development and Defence Mohamad Maliki Osman, and Minister of State for Education and Communications and Information Sim Ann, together with their spouses, were in Brunei for the annual
        111 words
      • 74 18 Xinhua Haikou A senior Chinese navy officer has hailed China’s first-time participation in the United States-led multinational Rim of the Pacific, or Rimpac, naval exercise as a step towards enhancing military transparency. “The Chinese Navy has shown... openness and confidence, and has deepened mutual
        Xinhua  -  74 words
      • 88 18 AFP Grabove (Ukraine) Shelling close to the vast crash site of Flight MH17 forced international investigators yesterday to cut short a visit to an area where some of the jet’s wreckage is lying, said an observer with the probe team. Mr Alexander Hug
        AFP  -  88 words
    • 604 19  -  Visit is the first by an Indian prime minister in 17 years Nirmala Ganapathy India Correspondent In New Delhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be looking to boost hydropower cooperation and reinvigorate ties when he lands in Nepal today in the first visit
      PHOTO: AFP  -  604 words
    • 269 19 AFP Colombo Sri Lanka has extended an “unqualified apology” to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over an article and uncomplimentary illustration of the leader and a regional Tamil politician published on a government website. The Sri Lankan Defence Ministry said last
      AFP  -  269 words
    • 884 20 To bring mothers back into the workforce, he must tackle shortage of childcare places first Washington Post Tokyo Ms Ayumi Ito considers herself one of the lucky ones. She works for a relatively open-minded company meaning she has to put her toddler,
      Washington Post; PHOTO: WASHINGTON POST  -  884 words
    • 395 20 AFP Seoul Two American citizens facing trial in North Korea called for help from the US government to secure their release from what they fear could be lengthy prison terms, a news report said. Mr Matthew Todd Miller and Mr Jeffrey
      AFP  -  395 words
    • 288 20 AFP Beijing A Chinese cable television service broadcast censored Tiananmen crackdown pictures and messages condemning the ruling Communist Party (CCP), locals said, in what appeared to be a rare hacking attack. Viewers in the eastern city of Wenzhou last Friday used social
      AFP  -  288 words
    • 784 21 Hitchhiking robot in Canada wins fans in experiment to see if it can rely on people for help AFP Ottawa A talking robot assembled from household odds and ends is hitchhiking thousands of kilometres across Canada this summer as part of a social experiment
      AFP; PHOTO: REUTERS  -  784 words
    • 775 22  -  Memories of homes destroyed by 2011 earthquake live on through mini replicas Jonathan Pearlman jonathanmpearlman For The Sunday Times In Sydney Not long after the devastating Christchurch earthquake in 2011, artist and local resident Richard Gardiner went to visit a friend whose ruined house
      PHOTOS: COURTESY OF JAN PARKIN  -  775 words
    • 332 22 AFP Sydney Some 157 asylum seekers who were detained at sea for weeks by Australia have been sent to the Pacific island of Nauru after rejecting a return to India, officials said yesterday. The group, thought to be mostly ethnic Tamils from Sri Lanka
      AFP  -  332 words
    • 488 23 But CIA agents who engaged in abuse post-9/11 ‘shouldn’t be judged harshly’ AFP Bloomberg Washington President Barack Obama has acknowledged that United States intelligence operatives had “tortured some folks” in the wake of the Sept 11, 2001 attacks, but urged they not be judged
      AFP; Bloomberg  -  488 words
    • 544 24 Years after landmark deal with the Swiss, Britain gets only $2b of the $10b expected New York Times London When the British tax authorities struck a landmark deal with the Swiss to crack down on tax evasion, they sat back and waited for the
      New York Times  -  544 words
    • 501 24 New York Times New York Judging by some of the heavy action in the world of biotechnology, one could easily conclude that the industry is going to the dogs. Or cats, maybe. There are start-ups named Nexvet and VetDC, CanFel Therapeutics (as
      New York Times; PHOTO: AFP  -  501 words
    • 352 24 Procter Gamble plans to shed up to 100 brands New York Times New York After years of expansion into areas such as pet food and beauty products, Procter Gamble (P&G) has announced it will cut as many as 100 brands from its arsenal to focus on others, like Tide, that
      New York Times  -  352 words
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    • 497 23 Weather Vane Cloudy Storms Kuala Lumpur Toronto London Sydney Showers Clear New Delhi Los Angeles Casablanca Istanbul Hong Kong New York Amsterdam Auckland Mexico Dubai Johannesburg Paris Singapore Today: Thundery showers mainly over northern, eastern and western Singapore in the morning. Monday and Tuesday: Late morning and early afternoon thundery
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  • invest
    • 1462 25  -  Experts give tips on what to look out for should you take a shine to gold buyback and other schemes Rachael Boon Investments offering exceptionally high rates of returns can look very tempting. Faced with the prospect of quick gains, it is very easy
      1,462 words
    • 447 26  -  Rachael Boon Plenty of schemes and scams promising tantalisingly high returns have been paraded over the years. Perhaps Singapore’s biggest Ponzi scheme was multilevel-marketing company Sunshine Empire. (In a Ponzi scheme, the operator does not make real profits but pays returns using funds from new investors.)
      447 words
    • 309 26  -  Rachael Boon When many people think of their golden years, the No. 1 concern is the nest egg: Have I done enough? This was a key finding in the replies of 300 respondents in the latest survey that The Sunday
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    • young & savvy
      • 1153 28  -  What my job does for me in terms of personal growth is more important than what it can pay Cheryl Ong About two years ago, I quit my well-paying job in a bank to become a journalist. I can still
        1,153 words
    • me & my money
      • 1238 30  -  TV star Allan Wu is thrifty and relishes making bargain buys Rachael Boon Singapore-based television star Allan Wu can usually get his hands on the latest gadgets or fashion items as a perk of being a celebrity but he never shies away from a good bargain.
    • 858 32  -  In our monthly series featuring fund managers and leading market experts, Mr Jan Vormoor, head of investment specialists for externally managed strategies at Amundi, explains how the asset manager is a true value investor. Rachael Boon Wearing your heart on
      ST FILE PHOTO  -  858 words
    • small change
      • 1105 33  -  Contribute to SRS and consider working past retirement age, in order not to outlive savings Goh Eng Yeow Senior Correspondent One of the worst nightmares confronting mid-dle-aged people, as they face the final leg of their working lives, is the spectre of
        PHOTO: ISTOCKPHOTO  -  1,105 words
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    • 537 28 the mathematics of how money grows,, rule of 72-the doubling effect 'Rule of 72' is a simplified way to determine how long an investment will take to double, given a fixed annual rate of interest. By dividing 72 by the annual rate of return, investors can get a rough estimate
      537 words

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    • 165 32 THE STRAITS TIMES CLASSIFIED BUY IT SELL IT FIND IT «r wm wr n rf, VW 1 r* celebrate r t TJioo City 1 3 AUGUST 2014 10AM-9.30PM VIVOCITY, CENTRAL COURT, LEVEL 1 LOVE IN MOTION A fashion and music performance by Singapore acapella boy band JuzB and 6 finalists
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    • 645 33 /> NS'/ S>> Invest in SGDor USD Get a Guaranteed Payout** l a* Cash in on higher annual payouts with Maybank Saver Series 6 Structured Deposit > 5-Year 100% Principal Minimum Investment Amount Structured Deposit* Guaranteed A at Maturity of S$30,000 and/or US$10,000 From 4 August to 8 September 2014,
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  • think
    • 308 34 EDITORIAL Changi Airport’s new incentive package, to encourage airlines to use it as a transfer hub, is an important part of its overall efforts to boost traffic. Rewarding airlines for bringing stopover passengers is a bold new step that reflects the importance of this segment, which accounts for
      308 words
    • 595 34  -  Charissa Yong As a layman when it comes to law, I welcome the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) move to simplify the language and presentation of 6,000 of Singapore’s statutes. It seeks to make it easier for laymen to understand the laws, and
      595 words
    • 1328 34  -  Insights from behaviour science, psychology can result in better policymaking, says US expert Chia Yan Min His work has helped launch a behavioural economics revolution now reshaping policymaking worldwide. Yet law professor Cass Sunstein’s message to governments is a simple one:
    • 197 34  -  Chia Yan Min Top policymaker Cass Sunstein, 59, formerly a prolific legal scholar, is among the pioneers and leading advocates of applying behavioural insights to public policy. He is a close friend of United States President Barack Obama, whom he met on the faculty of the
      197 words
    • 1127 35  -  People’s narratives of triumph in the past bear telling and retelling in celebration Sunday with Chua Mui Hoong Opinion Editor It’s that time of year when red and white are in the air and you’re faced with a choice of whether to hunt
      ST ILLUSTRATION: ADAM LEE  -  1,127 words
    • 1122 35  -  Fiona Chan f Until midnight on July 17, the troubles in Ukraine seemed like just another footnote in the foreign news pages. Even as a journalist, I had only the faintest understanding of the crisis. All I knew was that prime
      PHOTO: REUTERS  -  1,122 words
    • 1127 36  -  Tweaks over the years got in the way of original aim of providing for old age Han Fook Kwang Editor At Large What is it about the Central Provident Fund (CPF) that has attracted so much public discussion lately? You would have thought that
      ST ILLUSTRATION: ADAM LEE  -  1,127 words
    • 988 36  -  Chong Zi Liang One of my most vivid memories from Basic Military Training a decade ago is of meal times. Or more specifically, about 20 minutes before lunch and dinner. Our whole platoon would line up at the chin-up bars,
      ST FILE PHOTO  -  988 words
    • 2079 37  -  Self-confessed geek is going places, thanks to his passion for cars and all things mechanical IT CHANGED MY LIFE Wong Kim Hoh Senior Writer A poster of the movie Iron Man hangs on a wall in the Hope Technik office, a
      PHOTOS: MARK CHEONG, PETER HO  -  2,079 words
    • 1107 38  -  Balik Pulau exhibition offers rare glimpse into nation’s past and ways of life long lost Ho Ai Li Kusu, Sudong and Lazarus. Even if you have never set foot on these outlying islands of Singapore, chances are you would have heard of them. More so Ubin,
      ST FILE PHOTO  -  1,107 words
      • 378 38  -  Han Soon Juan Ms Nur Asyiqin Mohamad Salleh is absolutely right (“Real interaction is key to racial harmony”; last Sunday) all we have done has been to showcase our diversity in “food, fashion and festivities”, as if this is all it takes to achieve
        378 words
      • 184 38  -  Wong Hui Xian (Miss) Both bosses and employees are responsible for ensuring work-life balance (“5 things bosses and staff don’t see eye to eye on”; July 20). Communication plays a crucial role, while social norms and the local work culture may explain why work-life
        184 words
      • 288 38  -  Raymond Anthony Fernando Senior health correspondent Salma Khalik’s commentary (“Doc, could you speak slower, more simply”; last Sunday) highlights an issue facing both doctors and senior citizens. It is never easy managing chronic illnesses, especially in the elderly. If their conditions are poorly
        288 words
      • 346 38  -  Darius Lee Pre-abortion counselling is mandatory for most women seeking abortions in Singapore. It currently involves watching a video and reading two pamphlets produced by the Health Promotion Board. These materials inform the pregnant women about the nature and risks of abortion, as well as
        346 words
    • science
      • 1119 39  -  Unlocking potential of protein cages is one fascinating aspect of bioengineer’s job [I AM A SCIENTIST] Grace Chua Q: You were born in Jakarta to parents in the faucet distribution business; how did your upbringing influence your career choice? My mum was
        ST PHOTO: LAU FOOK KONG  -  1,119 words
      • 111 39 Behold the Golden coffin, an insect trapped for eternity in amber dug out near the north-east Chinese city of Fushun. Apart from India, Fushun is the only significant site in Asia where amber the fossilised resin from ancient forests has been found. Chinese palaeontologist Wang Bo, who is
        PHOTO: WANG BO/BONN UNIVERSITY  -  111 words
      • IN BRIEF
        • 254 39 Researchers have developed a new display technology that automatically corrects for vision defects no glasses or contact lenses required. The technique could lead to dashboard-mounted GPS displays that long-sighted drivers can consult without putting on their glasses, or electronic readers that eliminate the need for
          254 words
        • 172 39 Bacteria in the Gulf of Mexico have consumed many of the toxic components of the oil released during the Deepwater Horizon spill four years ago, but not the most toxic contaminants. A Florida State University researcher found that a species of bacteria called Colwellia likely
          172 words
        • 204 39  -  Compiled by Chang Ai-Lien Technology could one day make actual kidneys, livers, hearts and other organs for patients who desperately need them, and scientists are reporting new understanding about the dynamics of 3-D bioprinting that takes them a step closer to realising their goal
          204 words
      • 112 39 “Birds evolved through a unique phase of sustained miniaturisation in dinosaurs. Being smaller and lighter in the land of giants, with rapidly evolving anatomical adaptations, provided these bird ancestors with new ecological opportunities, such as the ability to climb trees, glide and fly. Ultimately, this evolutionary flexibility helped
        112 words

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  • 1161 40 Cl M.. W v > TAN POH KEE Age: 80 Passed away peacefully on 1 August 2014. Dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones. Wife: Koh Giok Kiow Sons: Daughters-in-law: Tan Soon Peng Sri Wahyuni Tan Soon Bcng Eric Charlyn Goh Tan Soon Lee Benny Janice Seng Grandchildren: Ryan
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    • 101 41 TV times BASKETBALL ABL Singapore Slingers v Saigon Heat (StarHub Ch201 76.25MHz, 4pm). BOXING Main event, welterweight Brandon Rios v Diego Chaves (StarHub CH202, 9am). COMMONWEALTH GAMES Badminton Men’s/Women’s singles doubles, mixed doubles finals (MediaCorp okto, 5pm). Closing ceremony (okto, tomorrow, 4am). FOOTBALL Emirates Cup Day 2: Benfica v Valencia
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    • 171 43 LW*; Telecast not available at Livewire(Singapore Pools) LOTTERY Draw No. 2975/2014 fl VI J Friday, 1 August 2014 Group 1 Prize: $2,504,965 each 2 Winning Share(s) Sold at: 1) 7-Eleven Store, Blk 689B Choa Chu Kang Drive #01-306 (One QuickPick System Roll Entry) 2) Singapore Pools Branch, 3 Temasek Boulevard,
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  • sport
    • 738 46  -  Derek Wong, men’s doubles duo make history by reaching the badminton finals “He was leading comfortably but I saw his face he was looking really tired. I told myself: ‘Okay Derek, give it one final push.’ No guts, no glory, right?” DEREK WONG, on rescuing
      ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG  -  738 words
    • 607 46  -  Wang Meng Meng In Glasgow On a fruitful day for Singapore table tennis at the Commonwealth Games, Gao Ning proved to be the country’s “Most Valuable Player”. While female paddlers Feng Tianwei, Yu Mengyu and Lin Ye completed a 1-2-3
      ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG  -  607 words
    • 26 46 Badminton Finals Men’s singles: Derek Wong v Parupalli Kashyap (Ind). Men’s doubles: Danny Chrisnanta/Chayut Triyachart v Tan Wee Kiong/Goh Wei Shem (Mas)
      26 words
    • 85 46 Badminton Men’s singles s-finals: Derek Wong bt R.V. Gurusaidutt (Ind) 16-21 21-19 21-15. Men’s doubles semi-finals: Danny Chrisnanta/Chayut Triyachart bt Peter Mills/ Chris Langridge (Eng) 16-21 21-16 21-19 Table tennis Men’s singles s-finals: Gao Ning bt Liam Pitchford (Eng) 11-8 11-13 14-12 6-11 10-12 11-7 11-6. Zhanjian
      85 words
    • 502 41 Concern now for his recovery rather than picking US team for Basketball World Cup AFP Las Vegas Indiana Pacers star Paul George suffered a grisly lower right leg injury on Friday in a United States intra-squad scrimmage in preparation for the Basketball World Cup. The
      AFP; PHOTO: REUTERS  -  502 words
    • Article, Illustration
      279 41  -  Text and pictures by Caroline Chia Alexandre Ferreira da Rocha, 33 Medical imaging IT consultant Height: 1.73m Weight: 68.5kg Exercise regimen: I exercise four times a week. Part of my workouts involve high intensity interval training and CrossFit. I enjoy doing double unders, which is a skipping rope
      279 words
    • 258 41  -  HOT BODS SPECIAL Felicia Choo Kenneth Koh may be 49 but he is still keen on pushing himself to his physical limit. The former pilot and adventure athlete’s eyesight and strength have deteriorated since he was first featured in the Hot Bods column in
    • 429 41 playGOLFBallantine’s Taiwan Championship In Kaohsiung, 3rd rd: 199 Lin Wen-tang (Tpe) 68 64 67. 205 Peter Richardson (Eng) 67 70 68, Chan Shih-chang (Tpe) 68 68 69, Sattaya Supupramai (Tha) 66 70 69, Grant Jackson (Eng) 67 68 70. Singaporeans: 212 Choo Tze Huang 71 69 72. 219 Lam
      429 words
    • 32 41 BASKETBALL ABL Singapore Slingers v Saigon Heat (OCBC Arena, Singapore Sports Hub, 4pm). FOOTBALL S-League Young Lions v Harimau Muda (Jalan Besar, 7.30pm), Brunei DPMM v Hougang (Bandar Seri Begawan, 8.15pm).
      32 words
    • 476 42  -  Fabius Chen Two bananas that was all it took to knock Eric Aubry out of his stride. But as he struggled with a stitch with a quarter of the 8km route to go, he found an extra gear thanks to the encouragement
      ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE  -  476 words
    • 520 42 Rose and McIlroy lurk behind but struggling Woods is already 10 shots off the pace Reuters Akron (Ohio) Spaniard Sergio Garcia birdied the final seven holes to match the course record and storm to a three-stroke lead after the second round of golf’s WGC-Bridgestone
      Reuters; PHOTO: AFP  -  520 words
    • 308 42 American mixed martial arts fighter Miguel “Angel” Torres edged out Japan’s Takahiro Ashida in the main event of Rebel FC’s Battle Royale show at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday night. Their bout was the pick of three quarter-finals in
    • 67 42 The SingPost team (in black) scoring a goal in a 5-1 win over Deloitte Singapore in the final of the futsal competition of the Corporate Community Games at Kovan Sports Centre yesterday. This year, 414 teams from 61 companies took part in sports competitions over
      ST PHOTO: LAU FOOK KONG  -  67 words
    • IN BRIEF
      • 61 42 Singapore swimmer Pang Sheng Jun rewrote the national men’s 400m freestyle record at the National Short Course Championships yesterday, clocking 3min 51.89sec to eclipse Clement Lim’s 2010 mark of 3:51.92. Freestyle sprint queen Amanda Lim smashed the women’s 50m freestyle record, finishing
        61 words
      • 71 42 AFP London England’s James Anderson and India’s Ravindra Jadeja were both found not guilty on Friday of breaching the International Cricket Council’s code of conduct. Paceman Anderson, who had been at risk of being banned from the remainder of the England-India series, is now free
        AFP  -  71 words
      • 45 42 Reuters New York All-Star point guard Tony Parker, who won his fourth NBA championship ring this past season with San Antonio, has signed a multi-year extension to remain with the Spurs. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
        Reuters  -  45 words
    • 484 43 Wenger bolstered by financial fair play and bigger Arsenal kitty to compete for talents The Times, London London Arsene Wenger predicted a tighter title race this season after claiming that financial fair play was having an effect on the big football clubs. The Frenchman has
      The Times, London  -  484 words
    • 1130 43  -  HEART OF FOOTBALL Rob Hughes Rarely does Arsene Wenger poke his nose into the affairs of other clubs, or say anything quite so silly as he did this weekend about Southampton. “I respect the quality of the work they have done,” he said.
      PHOTO: ACTION IMAGES  -  1,130 words
    • 329 43 The Times, London London The criminal trial against Bernie Ecclestone could be over by next week as a multi-million-pound settlement looks near. Witnesses and Ecclestone’s personal lawyer have been told not to attend when the court in Munich, Germany, reconvenes on Tuesday. It is thought
      The Times, London  -  329 words
    • 187 43 The Times, London London Jonny Evans has emerged as a serious contender for the Manchester United captaincy. Louis van Gaal has been hugely impressed since taking over as the English football club’s manager and is mulling over the Northern Ireland centre-half as a rival
      The Times, London  -  187 words
      • 87 43 AFP New York Frank Lampard, who spent 13 seasons with English Premier League side Chelsea, could face his former club in September under a loan deal from his new Major League Soccer team to Manchester City. The New York Daily News reported
        AFP  -  87 words
      • 68 43 The Hague Guus Hiddink officially took over as coach of the Netherlands on Friday and promised to build on the good work done by predecessor Louis van Gaal, who took the Oranje to third place at the World Cup. The 67-year-old’s contract runs
        68 words
      • 49 44 Reuters Nigeria teenager Chika Amalaha was stripped of her Commonwealth Games weightlifting gold medal on Friday after failing a doping test. The 16-year-old, who won in the women’s 53kg competition, provided positive “A” and “B” samples that contained prohibited diuretics and masking agents.
        Reuters  -  49 words
      • 65 44 AFP Pint-sized gymnast Claudia Fragapane became England’s best performer at a Commonwealth Games in 84 years. The 16-year-old, 1.37m-tall Fragapane made history on Friday by adding the floor gold to her wins in the vault, individual all-around and team events. The last Englishwoman to win
        AFP  -  65 words
      • 86 44 The Times, London Christine Ohuruogu was one Olympic champion who almost went under the radar as she made her first appearance at the Commonwealth Games on Friday. The defending world and 2008 Olympic 400 metres champion ran the anchor leg for England in the heats for
        The Times, London  -  86 words
      • 49 44 AFP World No. 1 Australia will face India today for their fifth consecutive men’s hockey gold after they comfortably saw off England 4-1 yesterday. India beat New Zealand 3-2 in the other semi-final. Malaysia edged out Scotland 2-1 on Friday to finish seventh.
        AFP  -  49 words
    • 927 44  -  With ex-Man United manager’s support for his home town, it may yet see better days Sanjay Nair In Glasgow The Commonwealth Games Festival had come to the edge of Govan, a historic town 4km west of Glasgow, once renowned for its shipyards that fed Britain’s
      ST PHOTOS: KUA CHEE SIONG  -  927 words
    • 134 44  -  Wang Meng Meng WITH a name like Ho Tin-Tin, it begs the question if the English table tennis teenage sensation is named after the comic character. But as her father Charles revealed to the BBC, this was not the reason. In
      ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG  -  134 words
    • 1027 45  -  Triumph in Glasgow justifies Teo Shun Xie’s no-frills commitment to shooting perfection Rohit Brijnath On July 28, at 3pm, when Teo Shun Xie walked out of Changi Airport, having single-handedly registered Singapore on the medal table in Glasgow with a first
    • 475 45 The Times, London Reuters London If Usain Bolt had any fears that some indiscreet comments might turn the crowd against him, he need not have worried. The Jamaican finally strolled onto the Hampden Park track on Friday for the heats of the 4x100m
      The Times, London; Reuters; PHOTOS: REUTERS, AFP  -  475 words
    • 378 45 Reuters Glasgow After a week of controversy surrounding a feud with her coach, Australia’s Sally Pearson felt the weight of the world lifted from her shoulders as she raced to 100 metres hurdles gold at the Commonwealth Games on Friday. The 27-year-old was criticised by Eric
      Reuters; PHOTO: REUTERS  -  378 words
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    • 36 46 four-digit draw Aug 02 2014 First E 7452 Second E 6373 Third E 0657 STARTERS 0209 0525 4209 5475 5653 5975 6495 6664 9137 9686 CONSOLATIONS 0739 1390 1755 3327 3806 5489 6163 7384 8147 9615
      36 words

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    • 822 1 JEREMY LEE Menace in malls: Monster prams page12 For the start of a new travel series, Active Holidays, LEE SIEW HUA goes snowshoeing in Nagano, Japan. PAGES8&9 DESIGN: LEE CHEE CHEW PHOTO: TAKUYA UGAJIN ADVERTORIAL THE EUROPEAN HOLIDAY SURVIVAL U I D E Tips to Make the Most out of
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  • sunday life!
    • live
      • 867 2  -  Activity trackers which count calorie intake and detect motion are the latest lifestyle accessory for health-conscious consumers Benson Ang Slept enough? Check. Walked enough? Check. Didn’t consume too many calories? Check. Activity trackers, which can detect motion, calculate calorie intake and monitor sleep patterns and are
        ST PHOTOS: ONG WEE JIN, BENSON ANG  -  867 words
      • 1200 4 / 5  -  Many creatives from major advertising agencies are striking out on their own and beating the giants for contracts and awards Bryna Singh sg Multi-award-winning local creative director Goh Wee Kim told himself that he would helm his own advertising agency by the age
      • 488 4 / 5 Up Up and away If one were to plot the growth of advertising agency Up Up using a line graph, several peaks will stand out. The agency, which marked its 11th birthday last month, won the award for Best Television Campaign in 2011 at the Singapore Advertising Hall of Fame
      • 580 4 / 5 Ask The Alchemy Partnership’s executive partner Alvin Wong what is one of the agency’s most exciting works and he immediately lists a 2011 Anchor Beer regional television commercial. “For that project, we worked with Rain and Chris Godfrey,” says Mr Wong, 40, referring to the
      • 661 4 / 5 The Secret Little Agency is perhaps best known here for its video publicity stunt involving a bear sighting which drew flak for alarming the public here in 2010. But its founder and CEO Nicholas Ye, 30, considers that campaign for Philips Electronics Singapore “a
    • connect
      • 584 6  -  Parents say D-I-Y projects teach children patience and perseverance and allow them to get to know their kids better too Paige Lim sg What do you call a miniature ferris wheel powered by solar energy? The Singapore Fryer. This toy is the
        584 words
      • 420 6 Growing up, Timothy Thian would watch his handyman father in fascination as daddy embarked on myriad building projects for their house from assembling wooden furniture such as shelves to constructing garden embellishments such as ponds and a treehouse in the front yard of
        ST PHOTO: DESMOND FOO  -  420 words
      • 304 6 SCIENCE BUSKERS FESTIVAL People from all walks of life show off their ability to communicate scientific knowledge in fun ways. Where: Nex Atrium, 23 Serangoon Central MRT: Serangoon When: Today, 11am 6pm Admission: Free Tel: 6425-2591 Info: GARDEN TRAIL: FOOD OF THE GODS Find out stories about
        304 words
      • 527 6 As a child, Mr Kelvin Bek recalls how he and his two sisters and one brother would make their own toys because their family could not afford to buy them. He says: “We were not very well-off. If we wanted fun, we had
        ST PHOTO: LAU FOOK KONG  -  527 words
      • 398 6 The educational toys blogger Angeline Ng used to make for her two children looked so interesting that readers of her Simply Mommie blog requested to buy them from her. These included counting and alphabet games, where she would print out words and pictures, glue velcro strips
        PHOTOS: SIMPLY MOMMIE  -  398 words
      • 1040 7  -  Relatively Speaking Paige Lim sg Ms Rachel Tan, 24, is like a third parent to her older brother Ryan, who is autistic. In fact, she admits to being his “discipline mistress” as Ryan, 26, tends to obey her more than their parents. The human resource executive
        ST PHOTO: NEO XIAOBIN  -  1,040 words
      • 801 7  -  Seriously Kidding Dennis Chan On most days, my copy of The Straits Times at home is little more than dog-eared. But on a good day which happens mostly on the weekends it ends up in a mess. That’s how I can tell if
        801 words
    • go
      • Article, Illustration
        2024 8 / 9  -  In snowshoes, I step into untouched realms of japan where hamlets and cedar forests lie under deep snow I HOLIDAYS Lee Siew Hua Travel Writer Immersed in an all-white world, I strap on a pair of chunky snowshoes to trek in the wintry Japanese countryside. I am
      • 665 8 / 9  -  Lee Siew Hua Our first snowshoe walk ends sumptuously when we shuffle right up to a tiny, thatched soba restaurant in Togakushi, a mountainside village in Nagano. Soba is the signature buckwheat noodle of Nagano prefecture and soba lovers have for centuries praised little Togakushi
        665 words
      • 722 10  -  The Philippine capital is full of memories for director of Iki Concepts Russell Yu who has family there Russell Yu’s TRAVEL BLACK BOOK Jennani Durai Who: Russell Yu, 27, director of restaurant group Iki Concepts which owns ramen restaurant Uma Uma Ramen and cocktail bar The Horse’s
        PHOTO: COURTESY OF RUSSELL YU  -  722 words
      • Article, Illustration
        603 10  -  Bryna Singh INSIGHT VACATIONS DISCOUNTS Insight Vacations is offering holiday discounts this month. The first is a “Pioneer Generation” promotion for travellers aged 65 and above. When they book an end-of-year holiday to Europe with Insight Vacations, they will receive complimentary return transfers in Singapore and Europe. This