The Straits Times, 12 August 2012

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  • 23 1 the sunday times S(5l A SINGAPORE PRESS HOLDINGS PUBLICATION 90cents AUGUST 12, 2012 I 90 PAGES IN FOUR PARTS I MICA (P) 001/02/2012
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  • 603 1  -  Migrants are a temporary solution, in the long term, mindsets must change, former PM says MR LEE KUAN YEW’S NATIONAL DAY WISH FOR SINGAPOREANS Leonard Lim Singaporeans need to marry and have children if they do not want the country to fold up, Mr Lee
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  • 99 1 Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney has picked youthful lawmaker Paul Ryan to be his running mate, a move that is likely to change the tenor of the US election campaign in the coming weeks. Mr Ryan, 42, is popular with the conservative wing
  • 87 1 Hundreds of Singapore sports fans gathered across the island yesterday to catch a glimpse of the national women’s table tennis team as the trio embarked on an open-top bus parade with team-mates and supporters to mark their Olympic achievements. Feng Tianwei, Wang Yuegu and Li Jiawei
    ST PHOTO: NEO XIAOBIN  -  87 words
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    • 315 1 WONG KIM HOH Corina Zheng, a rare and wonderful newsmaker SINGAPORE’S THINKPAGE36 ONLY WOMAN MINISTER WARREN FERNANDEZ Time to remake the process of engagement Their National Day hit song TOPNEWSPAGE9 From boardroom to Cabinet, Grace Fu has come a long way THINKPAGE34 RETIRE? NOT IF YOU’RE JENNIE CHUA THINKPAGE35 THINK
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    • 531 2/3  -  Paddlers’ appearance on open-top buses draws fans celebrating their Olympic wins Chan U-Gene They may have brought home two bronzes from London, but the reception given to Singapore’s table tennis women at their Olympic victory parade yesterday was nothing short of gold. Hundreds of fans across
    • 461 2/3  -  Donations of cash, food and provisions add to efforts of Red Cross and Mercy Relief Maria Almenoar Additional information from AFP and AP The Filipino community in Singapore is collecting donations for victims of the massive floods in the Philippines. Ms Luz
      Additional information from AFP and AP; PHOTO: AP  -  461 words
    • 654 4  -  Pick of youthful Paul Ryan likely to shake up campaign; impact on poll outcome unclear Chua Chin Hon US Bureau Chief In Washington In a surprise move, Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney has picked youthful lawmaker Paul Ryan to be his running mate, a
      PHOTO: AFP  -  654 words
    • 317 4 Reuters, AP Washington Mr Paul Ryan is a rising star among the populist Tea Party movement and the fiscal conservatives who dominate the Republican Party. He has already served seven terms in Congress. He was elected in at the age of 28, making him the secondyoungest
      Reuters, AP  -  317 words
    • 535 4 AP AFP New York Times New York Time magazine edi-tor-at-large and CNN host Fareed Zakaria has been suspended by both the magazine and the network for lifting several paragraphs by another writer for his use in a recent Time column. Mr Zakaria apologised on
      AP; AFP; New York Times; PHOTO: AP  -  535 words
    • 228 4 New York Times L Mr Zakaria wrote: Adam Winkler, a professor of constitutional law at UCLA, documents the actual history in Gunfight: The Battle Over The Right To Bear Arms In America. Guns were regulated in the US from the earliest years of the republic. Laws that banned the
      New York Times  -  228 words
    • 792 6  -  ITE College Central in Ang Mo Kio will have impressive study and recreational facilities Kezia Toh The third of the mega campuses of the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) is taking shape in Ang Mo Kio, and is on track to open in January.
      ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE  -  792 words
    • 669 8  -  PM speaks of values that define S’poreans and strengthening nation’s heartware Goh Chin Lian More than just HDB flats, MRT lines and sound policies, what makes Singapore home are values like love of country and integrity, which Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong hopes can
      PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG  -  669 words
    • 98 8 Former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew waving to guests at the Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru National Day dinner celebrations at Zhangde Primary School yesterday. The 88-year-old was greeted warmly, with many guests taking photos and videos of him during the one hour or so that he
      ST PHOTO: RAJ NADARAJAN  -  98 words
    • 364 8  -  Matthias Chew Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has welcomed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s call for Singaporeans to build a consensus on the country’s future. Speaking at a National Day Dinner in his Marine Parade constituency yesterday, he hailed the
      364 words
    • 478 8  -  Kor Kian Beng China Correspondent In Beijing With her giving as good as a confession during her murder trial, the question now is not whether ousted Chongqing chief Bo Xilai’s wife will be convicted, but the sentence she will get. More importantly, can she
      PHOTOS: AP, REUTERS  -  478 words
    • 331 8  -  Maria Almenoar Making Singapore a country with a strong and inclusive society is not just the job of the Government. Citizens also have an important role to play in achieving this, especially by being active at the community level, said Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam
      331 words
    • 983 9  -  Video produced by Hwa Chong art teachers tugs at the heartstrings Eddino Abdul Hadi Music Correspondent A group of hobbyist film-makers, singers, composers and writers behind a popular National Daythemed music video has shown that one does not need the official stamp of
    • 862 10  -  Many employers still extract illegal ‘renewal fee’ from workers, says migrant group survey Radha Basu Senior Correspondent Many employers of foreign construction workers are still collecting illegal payments from those who want to continue working here, a migrant workers’ group has charged. Transient Workers Count
      862 words
    • 561 10 At least a fifth of all Bangladeshi construction workers who come here to work may be returning home before recovering their recruitment costs, according to a study by migrant workers group Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2). Inexperienced workers said that they paid an average of
      ST PHOTOS: DESMOND LIM  -  561 words
    • 323 10 Mr Shahin Alom Muminul Hoque, 28, says that during his first two years here, he worked from 6am to 10pm, seven days a week as a cleaner on Sentosa. He earned about $1,100 every month in total. When his contract came up for renewal
      323 words
    • 263 10 When Bangladeshi construction worker Asaduzzaman Dulal Amzad Hossain (below), 30, landed in Singapore in July last year, he hoped to strike it rich. It was his third try in three years. Twice before, he had paid hefty recruitment fees in Bangladesh, only to be
      263 words
    • 703 11  -  Athletes use therapy tape that’s said to provide pain relief and support for muscles and joints Desmond Lim If you have been watching the London Olympic Games, you must have noticed the strange lines of neon blue, pink and black running down the toned muscles of
    • 113 11  -  Desmond Lim Those who promote the kinesiology tape say it helps relieve swelling by gently lifting the skin from the muscles, allowing greater circulation of body fluids. The tape is also used for pain relief and supporting muscles and joints and improving the body’s range of motion. There
      113 words
    • 857 12  -  However, the rules here prohibit them from conducting consultations Want to look like K-pop singer IU? Huang Huifen People in Singapore eager to look like K-pop stars are such an en- ticing business prospect for South Korean plastic surgeons that
      PHOTO: AP  -  857 words
    • 442 12  -  Huang Huifen Housewife Maggie Sim, 54, was one of 100 patients who made an appointment to see Dr Kim Jin Sung at Item Plastic Surgery’s representative office in Orchard Plaza last Friday. “My face is showing signs of ageing and I need to
    • 559 12 Kuala Lumpur A debate is swirling in Malaysia over the country’s beauty queen Kimberley Leggett. Apparently, she is too “Caucasian” for her critics. The Penang girl of mixed parentage was crowned Miss Universe Malaysia last November, but has been accused of not being representative of
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  • home
    • 476 13  -  Jennani Durai City Harvest Church celebrated its 23rd anniversary yesterday, an occasion described by senior pastor Kong Hee to his congregation as “bittersweet”, in the light of his recent arrest and those of people close to him. “Couldthisbe my last anniversary with you?” he
      476 words
    • 563 13  -  Monument to be first to honour efforts of S-E Asian men, women in Sino-Japanese war Matthias Chew Sculptor Chern Lian Shan has had his fair share of high-profile projects over a 40-year career. Singaporeans would have come across the 59-year-old’s work, like the bronze
      PHOTO: CHERN LIAN SHAN  -  563 words
    • 452 14  -  Lim Yi Han Children used to play with marbles, catch fish in drains, climb fruit trees and hunt for spiders. Kids these days, however, are often glued to electronic devices, immersing themselves in the virtual world. This is one of the many examples of
      PHOTOS: SPH, CHEW SENG KIM  -  452 words
    • 401 14  -  Welfare group to study infidelity so that its counsellors can advise couples better Janice Tai Keeping a marriage going as any husband or wife will tell you is tough work; more so when someone cheats and gets caught. To help couples whose marriages have
      401 words
    • 587 15  -  Two recipients of Police Overseas Scholarships keen to serve the community Walter Sim There was nothing like a personal stint to convince both of this year’s recipients of the Singapore Police Force Overseas Scholarship that law enforcement was the place for them.
      ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE  -  587 words
    • 266 15  -  Stacey Chia, Lim Yi Han The security guard hurt in last Friday’s blaze at the National University of Singapore (NUS) has been discharged from hospital. The 51-year-old Chinese man was discharged yesterday evening, after being admitted to the National University Hospital (NUH) for smoke
      266 words
    • 229 16 The construction of the Common Services Tunnel (CST), a network of tunnels supporting the development of Marina Bay, hit a snag when rocks in an underground breakwater built in the 1900s were found to be difficult to remove conventionally. An innovative way using a flooded cofferdam
      GRAPHICS: MIKE M DIZON and TIEN CHUNG PING  -  229 words
    • 577 16  -  Innovative means used in six-year effort to remove breakwater that stood in the way Grace Chua While building the Common Services Tunnel, the mammoth infrastructure tube that funnels power lines, water pipes and telecoms wires to Marina Bay buildings, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) hit
      ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN  -  577 words
    • 354 17  -  Stacey Chia Even before he graduates as an oral health therapist, 19-year-old Glenn Lee is thinking about how he can help the community. The Nanyang Polytechnic student was one of 130 members and would-be members of the dental health profession who turned
      ST PHOTO: SEAH KWANG PENG  -  354 words
    • 628 17  -  Many backpacker inns listed online have no licence, some don’t undergo SCDF checks Goh Shi Ting At least half of the backpacker hostels in Singapore listed online operate without a licence a situation that raises questions about the fire safety standards of these places.
      628 words
    • 797 18  -  S’pore siblings have raised $1m, laid plans for plant; prototype slated for next year Christopher Tan Senior Correspondent Two Singaporean businessmen brothers plan to roll out a range of highly efficient performance cars to take on the Teslas and Toyotas of the
      ST PHOTO: CHRISTOPHER TAN  -  797 words
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  • world
    • 655 19  -  Zhou Yongkang was allegedly part of plot to block Xi Jinping from rising to power CHINA’S POLICE CHIEFS RESHUFFLE Ching Cheong Senior Writer In an unprecedented move, China has ordered a nationwide inter-pro-vincial swop of its security chiefs to loosen the grip of security czar
      PHOTO: CNS, XINHUA  -  655 words
    • 605 20  -  PM moves to mollify Sabahans with details of probe into illegal immigration problem Lester Kong Malaysia Correspondent In Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) Three years ago, housewife Christine John could happily let her four young children roam the neighbourhood playground with their maid. That was before
    • 248 20 Seoul The government has begun discharging water from dams and reservoirs upriver of the Han river that snakes through Seoul to dilute an abnormally extensive growth of green algae in the channel. The algae growth is also threatening a reservoir which provides
      PHOTO: REUTERS  -  248 words
    • 415 21 President Lee’s visit to disputed islets the last straw for Tokyo in long-running squabble Reuters AFP New York Times Tokyo Japan yesterday said it will take a long-running territorial row with South Korea to the International Court of Justice (ICJ),
      Reuters; AFP; New York Times; PHOTO: AFP  -  415 words
    • Will postal services be STAMPED OUT?
      • 697 22/23  -  The advent of e-mail and mobile texting has sent mail volumes plunging across the world, but has it sounded the death knell for our ever-familiar post offices? The Sunday Times looks at how postal operators remain relevant by offering new products and customised
      • 507 22/23  -  Julian Ryall For The Sunday Times In Tokyo Every month, in Tokyo’s Shinagawa ward, the postman delivers seasonal postcards to elderly residents living alone and makes sure the recipients are in good health. This is part of a scheme by Japan Post and
        PHOTO: AP  -  507 words
      • 708 22/23  -  Dorothy Ho For The Sunday Times In Seattle Mr Evan Kalish has criss-crossed the United States, visiting thousands of post offices more than 3,900 and counting. The University of Pennsylvania graduate in geospatial analytics is on a mission, he said, “to visit every single
        708 words
      • 414 22/23  -  Matthias Chew Mail volumes may be on terminal decline throughout the world, but Singapore has managed to buck the trend. More items went through the local post in recent years, from 870.9 million in the financial year 2008/9 to 959.7 million items in
        PHOTO: NASSIM HILL  -  414 words
    • 546 24 Arab foreign ministers will also hold urgent meeting today to discuss Syrian situation Reuters Bloomberg AFP Istanbul The United States and Turkey are considering imposing no-fly zones and other steps to help Syrian rebel forces as the conflict deepens, US Secretary of State
      Reuters; Bloomberg; AFP; PHOTO: REUTERS  -  546 words
    • 310 24 AP Bloomberg Washington Al-Qaeda has advanced beyond isolated pockets of activity in Syria and is building a network of well-organised cells, according to US intelligence officials. They fear the terrorists could be on the verge of establishing an Iraq-like foothold that would be
      AP; Bloomberg  -  310 words
    • 357 24 AP Denver The man suspected of fatally shooting 12 people in a Colorado movie theatre left a good impression on people he met in his pursuit of a neuroscience career, with a reference describing him as having a “great amount of intellectual
      AP; PHOTO: AFP  -  357 words
    • 478 25 They push for non-believers’ right to eat, drink in public during Ramadan AFP Rabat The seats outside cafes are empty and streets eerily quiet in the hour before sunset, as Moroccans wait to break the Ramadan fast. But one group is causing a stir
      AFP; PHOTO: AFP  -  478 words
    • 140 26 AP Columbus, Ohio The wife of former astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, says he is “amazingly resilient” and making progress towards recovering from heart surgery. Mrs Carol Armstrong told The Associated Press in an e-mail last Friday that in the
      AP  -  140 words
    • 504 26 Visitors from around the world attend funeral for the six killed by gunman AP New York Times Oak Creek, Wisconsin Thousands on Friday mourned the six victims gunned down at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, after members worked late the previous night to remove almost
      AP; New York Times; PHOTO: AP  -  504 words
    • IN BRIEF
      • 129 26 China Daily/Asia News Network Beijing Only about three million Chinese were lifted out of poverty every year since 2008 because of the global economic slowdown, as compared to the years 2004 and 2007 when about 11 million Chinese got out of destitution annually, said
        China Daily/Asia News Network  -  129 words
      • 107 26 AFP Shimla, Himachal Pradesh At least 52 people were killed and 45 injured when a heavily overloaded bus plunged into a gorge yesterday in northern India. It was one of the worst road accidents in the country in recent years. The
        AFP  -  107 words
      • 79 26 AP Caracas President Hugo Chavez said the Venezuelan authorities have detained an American man, on suspicions that he could be a “mercenary” plotting to destabilise the country if the opposition loses the upcoming presidential election. Mr Chavez said on Friday that the man had confessed to
        AP  -  79 words
      • 68 26 AFP Benghazi Gunmen have shot dead Libyan army general Mohamed Hadia in the eastern city of Benghazi, one of his sons said. Mr Hadia was one of the first officers to defect and join the opposition during last year’s revolution that ousted Muammar Gaddafi.
        AFP  -  68 words
    • 478 27 Negotiations to settle probe into money laundering for Iranians at delicate stage, say insiders Reuters Bloomberg New York Standard Chartered is in talks withmultiple law enforcement officials, including New York’s banking regulator, to resolve a probe into improper Iranian money transactions by the British
      Reuters; Bloomberg; PHOTO: AFP  -  478 words
    • 477 27 New York Times Washington After deciding not to prosecute Goldman Sachs for its conduct during the financial crisis, the US Justice Department has made the rare move to publicly announce that the investigation is closed. By closing its case, the Justice Department
      New York Times  -  477 words
    • 508 28 Launch raises $292m in market wary after hype over Facebook AFP New York Manchester United shares barely treaded water in their New York debut, even after underwriters slashed the IPO price amid doubts about the legendary British football club’s financial promise. The shares
      AFP; PHOTO: BLOOMBERG  -  508 words
    • IN BRIEF
      • 121 28 AFP Mumbai Cash-strapped Kingfisher Airlines saw quarterly losses more than double from a year earlier, fuelling fresh doubts about the future of the private Indian carrier. Kingfisher’s net loss widened to 6.6 billion rupees (S$ 148 million) in the financial quarter to June from a loss of
        AFP  -  121 words
      • 123 28 Tokyo Troubled Japanese TV maker Sharp Corp is considering selling its overseas plants that make liquid crystal display modules to Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry, the Nikkei business daily reported without citing sources. The plants Sharp may sell are located in Mexico, Poland, China and
        123 words
      • 110 28 Reuters Toronto BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is looking to sell cloud services provider NewBay and some of the other minor assets it recently acquired, as part of a strategic review process, according to a source. RIM acquired NewBay, a provider of photo, video
        Reuters  -  110 words
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    • 20 22/23 If these events were in the Olympics S’pore would get gold every time GAME FOR A LAUGH the new paper
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    • 499 25 Weather Vane Cloudy Storms Adelaide Honolulu London Tokyo Showers Clear B.S. Begawan Melbourne New York Xiamen Singapore Today: Partly cloudy. Showers mainly over northern and western Singapore in the late morning and early afternoon. Outlook: Athens Phuket Manila Mexico City Jerusalem Karachi Manchester Rio de Janeiro Monday: Late morning and
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  • invest
    • 1206 29  -  Savings, endowment plans, investments and CPF Education Scheme are among the options Magdalen Ng You don’t need a Harvard degree to know that parents place enormous value on their children’s education and you also don’t need a degree to know that the costs
    • 193 30  -  Magdalen Ng Teacher Jasmine Sia has started saving for her child’s education even though he is only 11 months old. The 27-year-old first-time mother, who works part-time, is saving for Julian’s pre-school education. The private centre that she wants to send Julian to costs about
    • 727 30 Reuters New York Despite holding a full-time job as a mechanical engineer, Mr Sean Whitney is carving out hours to pursue the new Johns Hopkins MBA/MA in Design Leadership. He believes the programme, a collaboration of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and the Maryland
      Reuters  -  727 words
    • 803 31  -  Locking up an investment for years and enjoying life can result in big payoffs for patient investors SMALL CHANGE Goh Eng Yeow Senior Correspondent Visit any bookshop and you will find shelves crammed full of tomes offering tips on how to get
      PHOTO: ISTOCKPHOTO  -  803 words
    • 745 31  -  Aaron Low Brought to you by J.PMorgan Asset Management There is more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to investing for income streams. One way is simply to buy debt securities from governments or corporations, which give a fixed yield
      Brought to you by J.PMorgan Asset Management  -  745 words
    • 1625 32/33  -  Serisys Solutions’ general manager started out as a manic saver while working in London and believes in enjoying the fruits of her labour [ME MY MONEY] Joyce Teo Ms Carolyn Seet had always wanted to live abroad, and achieved her dream soon
      ST PHOTO: RAJ NADARAJAN  -  1,625 words
    • 399 32/33  -  Magdalen Ng The recent slew of high-profile initial public offerings (IPOs) such as Facebook and Manchester United, both in Singapore and overseas, has got investors all fired up. The latest kid on the block, though not, of course, quite in the same league
      ST FILE PHOTO  -  399 words
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    • 132 29 Neighbours first, bankers second since 1877 Protection i i r I will do all I can to secure our future <|POSB A i We understand you only want the best for your child. We're parents too. As your Neighbourhood Banking Specialists, we will always lend a listening ear and tailor
      132 words

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    • 232 32/33 SMU EMBA Singapore Management University Executive MBA Be empowered to deal with whatever the world of business puts on your plate. a Topic: SEMINAR AND INFORMATION SESSIONS Speaker: Venue: Date: Time: "Managing Asian Market Macro Trends" Professor Philip C. Zerrillo, Executive Director, Office of Postgraduate Professional Programme SMU Administration Building,
      232 words
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      81 words

  • think
    • 323 34 EDITORIAL Parents should talk to their adolescent children about sex and not leave it to schools or the Internet. A survey carried out between August 2008 and March 2009 and sponsored by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) found that the impact of sex education in schools
      323 words
    • 1810 34  -  From boardroom to Cabinet, from drinking with shipping bosses to sparring with opposition politicians in Parliament, Grace Fu, Singapore’s only female minister, has come a long way Rachel Chang Early this year, a day after recommendations to slash ministerial salaries by a third
      PHOTO: MIKE LEE FOR THE SUNDAY TIMES  -  1,810 words
    • 1324 35  -  Having more political engagement is good, but exactly how to do so is worth pondering Sunday with Warren Fernandez Editor At first glance, you see someone tying a knot. It soon becomes clear he is hanging up a flag. Once fastened, he hurls this
      ST ILLUSTRATION: ADAM LEE  -  1,324 words
    • 944 35  -  John Lui There was a time when it was my job to sift through job applications. I learnt a couple of things very quickly. One is that many people overestimate the importance of silver awards in secondary school military band competitions in how
      944 words
    • 806 35  -  Sherwin Loh Deputy Editor Digital Life Even as the ongoing courtroom battle between Apple and Samsung raged on in the United States last week, the most interesting aspect of the case did not come from any top-secret document. Instead, it arrived in a
      PHOTO: AFP  -  806 words
    • 1188 36  -  Unable to move her body due to a rare disease since birth, she still managed to inspire others Wong Kim Hoh Senior Writer I had just reached Hong Kong after a 15-hour flight from New York when I received an SMS telling me Corina
      ST FILE PHOTO  -  1,188 words
    • [ YOUR LETTERS ]
      • 256 36  -  Lim Teck Meng My daughter is one of the unlucky youngsters still without a primary school for next year after Phase 2C of Primary 1 registration. My wife and I are both Singaporeans who have been living in the Dover area for more
        256 words
      • 167 36  -  K. Sabehshan I refer to the articles on Mr Kelvin Ong, the private tutor who lied that he had been a pupil and teacher in the Gifted Education Programme (“Private tutor who charges high fees: ‘I was in gifted programme’ Education Ministry: ‘No, he
        167 words
      • 218 36  -  Yeo Chun Cheng Director (Broadcast, Animation, Film and Music) Media Development Authority of Singapore We thank Mr John Lui for his views on public service broadcast (PSB) funding (“Should public funds go to mainstream TV?”; July 29). We believe that the case
        218 words
      • 128 36  -  Jimmy Peh I have had my bicycles stolen four times in five years. The last one was stolen about two weeks ago. It seems that the number of bicycle thefts has been growing. Just take a look around MRT stations and busy bicycle parking
        TNP FILE PHOTO  -  128 words
      • 124 36  -  Liu Yi MadamSin Serey’s letter(“Cambodia acted in Asean’s best interests: Ambassador”; Aug 9) is a farrago of hypocrisy, denial and delusion. She claims that, as Asean chair, Cambodiatook a “positionof principle” for Asean not to take sides on bilateral matters as this would have put Asean in “jeopardy”.
        124 words
    • 1071 37  -  A brand’s heritage is tied to its country of origin but ownership may lie elsewhere Lee Su Shyan Money Editor The tussle over who should own Asia Pacific Breweries and, by that extension, who controls Tiger Beer, is one of the more complicated corporate
    • 1294 37  -  Nirmala Ganapathy India Correspondent In New Delhi Ms Priyanka Gandhi, star campaigner for the Congress party during election time, recently compared herself to a rain frog which comes out only when it pours. This was her tongue-in-cheek response to complaints during the Uttar
      ST GRAPHICS; PHOTO: AFP  -  1,294 words
    • 899 38  -  Taiwan on a mission to revitalise heritage buildings and promote cultural creativity LETTER FROM TAIPEI Lee Seok Hwai Taiwan Correspondent It used to ferment booze, now it celebrates art. As far as makeovers go, the Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei has been pretty
    • 806 38  -  Wong Kim Hoh Senior Writer He is skinny, almost bald at the crown, moves slowly and speaks lethargically. Mr Timothy Brown may come across as a wan and sickly 45-year-old but in the HIV/Aids community, he is quite the rock star. You see,
      PHOTO: JOVE FRANCISCO  -  806 words
    • 2440 39 Despite tumultuous childhood, poverty, hotelier worked her way to the top Wong Kim Hoh meets... Jennie Chua Jennie Chua remembers the day when she was unceremoniously booted out of her bed by a couple of strange men. “I was just 10 years old. I
      ST PHOTO: RAJ NADARAJAN  -  2,440 words

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    • 59 36 Send your letters to the Forum Editor via e-mail to or fax at 6319-8289. Please include your full name, address, telephone number and, for women, your preferred honorific such as Miss, Mrs, Mdm or Ms. The Forum Editor reserves the right to edit a letter. Have something to share?
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      121 words
    • 39 40 Memory wanders as shadows fail Bade to the days of h appiness, Days beyond recall. A vision comes before us, So calm, so dear, so sweet, of her lips now silent And whose lids are closed in sleep, A
      39 words
    • 62 40 St <j 'iJLCrUit, (lXj3~nHjeL oJKL eLa- Ruyt eUjL, (Lu.t (UsJLjs njJXnJ. C CKMjcL nxLoenjA- CKJZ^CKAM-. Ralph Waldo Emerson Man may be a mere mortal, but his legacy lives on forever. Pay tribute to the life of a loved one through the memories he has left behind. Honour him in an
      62 words
  • 1359 40 OBITUARIES SONG JOOTUAN DOMINICTAN SONG JOO 74 years old was called home to be with the Lord on 11 August 2012. Dearly missed and forever cherished by loved ones Brothers Sisters: AnnaTan HuangTzeYen (deceased) KayTan (deceased) LeeTeow Keng (deceased) LaleyTan (deceased) Ang Gek Khoon (deceased) Tan Song Peck (deceased) Mary
    1,359 words

  • Page 41 Miscellaneous
    • 150 41 TV times FOOTBALL FA Community Shield Chelsea v Manchester City (Live, mio TV HD Ch102, 8.30pm). Dutch Eredivisie Utrecht v Feyenoord (6.15pm), Ajax v AZ (10.15pm) Live, mio TV Ch113. Pre-season friendlies Liverpool v Leverkusen (Live, StarHub Ch222, 9.55pm), Cologne v Arsenal (Live, StarHub Ch202, 11 pm). German Super Cup
      150 words
  • sport
    • 597 41 Woods battles wind and pushes himself into contention in year’s final Major PGA CHAMPIONSHIP AP NYT Kiawah Island (South Carolina) On the toughest scoring day in the PGA Championship since it switched to stroke play in 1958, Tiger Woods shot a one-under 71 to take
      AP; NYT; PHOTO: AP  -  597 words
    • IN BRIEF
      • 60 41 Darren Lim, 13, broke two national Under-14 records in the 50m butterfly and 100m freestyle at the Singapore National Swimming Championships yesterday at the Singapore Sports School. He clocked 25.75sec to erase Joseph Schooling’s 2009 mark of 26.94, before clocking 52.87 in the
        60 words
      • 62 41 AFP London Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers returned to his former club Swansea to sign Wales midfielder Joe Allen on Friday. The 22-year-old moved for a reported fee of around £15 million (S$30 million). Meanwhile, Liverpool forward Craig Bellamy completed an emotional return to his
        AFP  -  62 words
      • 48 41 AFP Los Angeles The Los Angeles Lakers have finalised a deal to acquire All-Star centre Dwight Howard in a 12-player, four-team deal, the National Basketball Association team announced on Friday. The deal also sees Lakers centre Andrew Bynum go to the Philadelphia 76ers.
        AFP  -  48 words
    • 370 41  -  Brunei DPMM 2 Geylang United 0 Fabius Chen Mima asked, and her son Vjeran Simunic duly delivered. On the occasion of his mother’s 87th birthday, the Croat led Brunei DPMM to StarHub League Cup glory with a 2-0 win over Geylang United last night. “She called
      ST PHOTO: LIM SIN THAI  -  370 words
    • 422 41  -  V.K. Santosh Kumar India-Pakistan cricket clashes are always high-intensity affairs. But these are not happening now at the highest level of the sport owing to political reasons. At 9 this morning, though, an encounter on a smaller scale between representative
      422 words
    • Article, Illustration
      238 41  - HOT BODS Text and pictures by Nuria Ling If you or your friends fit into our Hot Bods Series, drop us a line and photo at Kelvin Tan, 34 Teacher Height: 1.79m Weight: 71.5kg Exercise regimen: I include core, strength, cardio and functional training in my weekly workout regimen.
      238 words
    • 167 41 FOOTBALL French Ligue 1 Montpellier 1 Toulouse 1. GOLF Thailand Open In Nakhon Pathom, 3rd rd (Tha unless stated): 198 Chris Wood (Eng) 67 64 67. 199 Chan Shih-chang (Tpe) 65 66 68. 201 Lee Dong Hwan (Kor) 67 67 67, David McKenzie (Aus) 65 66 70, Wisut Artjanawat
      167 words
    • 1091 42  -  Non-stop carousel of football can hurt the game; City boss says United are favourites HEART OF FOOTBALL Rob Hughes Professional football treats the Olympics like an irritant. There was a final between Brazil and Mexico yesterday? Don’t let that get in the way
      PHOTO: AP  -  1,091 words
    • 864 42  -  HORSE RACING Written by < Craig Brennan HE seems to have been around for more than the 18 months he has been racing in Singapore and to that extent older than he really is. The common kickoff point for horses racing in Singapore is
      864 words
    • 412 42 The Times, London London– Roy Hodgson has all but assured John Terry that his international career is safe even if the English Football Association (FA) rules that the Chelsea defender racially abused Anton Ferdinand. Terry was one of many senior players omitted
      The Times, London  -  412 words
    • London Olympics 2012 JULY 27-AUG 12
      • 695 44 Argentina blown away to leave Spain standing between favourites and gold NYT Reuters London They took turns on Friday night, four American superstars who passed the scoring torch as if competing in an Olympic basketball relay. The ball swung from Kobe Bryant to LeBron James
        NYT; Reuters; PHOTO: AP  -  695 words
      • 768 44  -  [PUNCHLINES] Julian Turner As the Olympics draw to a close, it has become apparent that we should take some of the bloated rump out of the competition and just let the succulent fat sizzle by itself. The event, as always, has
        768 words
      • 331 44 ATHLETICS Men’s 4x400m 1 Bahamas 2min 56.72sec. 2 USA 2:57.05. 3 Trinidad and Tobago 2:59.40. Pole vault 1 Renaud Lavillenie (Fra) 5.97m.2 BjornOtto (Ger)5.91.3 Raphael Holzdeppe (Ger) 5.91. Women’s 1,500m 1 Asli Cakir Alptekin (Tur) 4:10.23. 2 Gamze Bulut (Tur) 4:10.40. 3 Maryam Jamal (Brn) 4:10.74. 5,000m
        331 words
      • 415 44  -  [OFFSIDE] Tay Yek Keak The Olympic Games aren’t all about competition. Sometimes, they are about comedy. Here’s what we have spotted: Champions at sitting down! The joke was that if the sport involved sitting, then Britain stood a great chance of winning it.
        415 words
      • 529 45 US sprint relay women exorcise demons with superb race to crack 27-year-old mark Washington Post Reuters London It was about that time when the United States’ most decorated sprint stars got together and dropped batons. But not this time. The only things hitting the deck on
        Washington Post; Reuters; PHOTO: AFP; PHOTO: REUTERS  -  529 words
      • 323 45 Reuters AP London The United States’ 28-year domination of the men’s Olympic 4x400m relay ended in thrilling fashion on Friday when the Bahamas overhauled them to snatch gold in a pulsating final leg. Chris Brown, Demetrius Pinder, Michael Mathieu and Ramon Miller
        Reuters; AP  -  323 words
      • 214 45 Reuters London American broadcaster NBC was told to cease ringside commentary on Friday, after amateur boxing’s governing body complained to the Olympic organisers that its presence was disrupting officials at the arena. NBC was the only broadcaster allowed to commentate from the ringside floor
        Reuters  -  214 words
      • 194 45 Reuters London Former doper Tatyana Lysenko of Russia won the women’s hammer gold with an Olympic record throw of 78.18m on Friday, but officials were left red-faced after a measuring mistake that caused confusion over the bronze. Lysenko, who won the world title last year,
        Reuters  -  194 words
      • 167 45 AP London Tirunesh Dibaba was expected to become the first woman to be crowned as a double Olympic long-distance champion at successive Games. Instead, it was her Ethiopia teammate Meseret Defar with whom she has traded world titles and records and Olympic crowns who stepped
        AP  -  167 words
      • 372 45 AP London Women’s boxing was a big hit in its first Olympics. It could get even bigger in Rio. The debut tournament got rave reviews from fans, boxers and Olympic officials who loved the sold-out venue, evenly-matched bouts and the emergence of
        AP; PHOTO: AP  -  372 words
      • Article, Illustration
        151 45 A daily pick of athletes’ tweets and pics L Meet Taffy the Royal Welsh Regimental goat. A good luck charm of some sort Former South African swimmer and 2004 relay gold medallist Ryk Neethling, who was commentating at these Games L Shopped till we dropped today!! Literally.. I’m soo
      • 961 46  -  Usain Bolt gets the consolation of being my favourite Olympian. His track achievements aside, it is also what he does off it that makes him so special; he entertains just as he inspires But it is Michael Phelps who is the greater Olympian,
      • 546 46  -  Rohit Brijnath In London Every Olympic medal is a lively construction of sweat, sacrifice, spirit. Put together, they form a vertical arrangement of lifeless numbers called a medal table. Anyone who takes it too seriously should consider that “The Gold Rush”
        546 words
        • 92 46 AFP Russia’s Sergey Kirdyapkin won the 50km race walk yesterday, after an event which left several athletes collapsed in exhaustion at the finish. He timed an Olympic record of 3 hr 3 5 min 5 9 sec to beat Australia’s Jared Tallent by 54sec.
          AFP  -  92 words
        • 44 46 Reuters Syria’s Ghfran Almouhamad, who competed in the women’s 400m hurdles, has tested positive for a banned substance, the International Olympic Committee said yesterday. She had placed eighth in the second heat of the first round last Sunday.
          Reuters  -  44 words
        • 48 46 AFP Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie (above) won the Olympic pole vault gold on Friday after Australia’s reigning champion Steve Hooker bombed out of the final without clearing a single height. Lavillenie claimed his first global outdoor title with a new Games record of 5.97m.
          AFP  -  48 words
        • 59 46 AFP Oussama Mellouli won the men’s 10km swimming marathon on Friday to become the first person to hold Olympic titles in both pool and open water races. The Tunisian, who won bronze in the 1,500m freestyle last Sunday, finished 3.4sec ahead of German Thomas Lurz in
          AFP  -  59 words
        • 36 46 AP Liu Xiang’s representative Jos Hermens says the Chinese hurdler, injured on Tuesday during the 110m hurdles heats, should fully recover after undergoing successful surgery on his right Achilles tendon.
          AP  -  36 words
        • 63 46 AP Evgeniya Kanaeva retained her Olympic gold medal in historic fashion. The Russian became the first rhythmic gymnast to win two individual all-around titles yesterday. It caps off a spectacular four-year run for Kanaeva, who has also won the last three world titles. She had
          AP  -  63 words
      • 425 47 Favourites fail, once again, to capture gold as Mexico win in front of 86,000 fans Brazil 1 Mexico 2 AFP AP London Oribe Peralta scored just 29 seconds into the Olympic football final yesterday and added another in the second half to help Mexico stun Brazil
        AFP; AP; PHOTO: AFP  -  425 words
      • 264 47 AP Cardiff South Korea’s footballers won Olympic bronzes on Friday, but many admitted they were also celebrating an even greater prize the chance to skip military service. Medal winners in South Korea are exempted from the 21 months of duty that their countrymen must do
        AP  -  264 words
      • 181 48 1 United States 41 26 28 95 3 Britain 26 15 18 59 4 Russia 18 22 28 68 5 South Korea 13 7 7 27 6 Germany 10 19 14 43 1 8 Hungary 8 4 4 16 9 Australia 7 16 11 34 26 28 95
        181 words
        • 20 48 at stake today on the final day of competition. And these are the events you should not miss...
          20 words
        • 42 48 10pm: Basketball, men’s final (Ch 5) The United States look set to increase their gold tally as their NBA pros look to take Spain apart. The LeBron James and Kobe Bryant-led Americans are overwhelming favourites against the 2008 silver medallists.
          42 words
        • 44 48 5.50pm: Athletics men’s marathon final (mio TV Ch134) Look for Wilson Kipsang, Abel Kirui and Emmanuel Mutai to dominate the gruelling race. The Kenyan trio are running in memory of Samuel Wanjiru, the 2008 champion, who died from a fall last year.
          44 words
        • Article, Illustration
          55 48 10.50pm: Water polo, men’s final (mio TV Ch138) World champions Italy take on Croatia, who are aiming for their first Olympic water polo title. The Croatians hold hold a slight psychological advantage over the Italians, having beaten them 11-6 during the group stage. For results of medal events
          55 words
      • 1104 48  -  Schooling equipment debacle was low point of London campaign, admits chef de mission Terrence Voon Sports Correspondent In London Additional reporting by Chan U-Gene Baker Street, the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes, was the perfect location for Team Singapore’s chef de mission Jessie Phua to
      • 606 48  -  COMMENTARY Rohit Brijnath In London Trey Hardee is an evangelist for toughness, a preacher of perserverance. Last year, after the US decathlete’s elbow is operated on, he prays. But his God can only do so much, the rest Hardee does. His face reflecting
        606 words

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    • 316 43 RELIVE ALL THE ACTION FROM THE LASTSEASON! wE g6ivt A 3 r.% a •5^ f\ /T i X 7/ a s HIELD AID’S 1 Chelsea vs Manchester City LIVE on 12 Aug, 8.30pm I CH 102 See what TV could be with the ultimate football experience. You asked for it,
      316 words

  • Page 45 Miscellaneous
    • 130 45 miu Sun, 12/08/12 E Premier Chelsea Manchester City 8.30pm No telecast International Football Liverpool Leverkusen 10.00pm International Football Cologne Arsenal 11.00pm Mon, 13/08/12 German League Bayern Munich Dortmund 2.00am LW US Soccer League Chivas USA LA Galaxy 11.00am No telecast SB*: Telecast not available at SportsBuzz(Kranji) For detailed match fixtures,
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    • 81 47 fMINI SINGAPORE MINI.COM.SG NEVER A PROUDER MOMENT. i k V w **IN MINI BE MINI. Races have been won. Records have been broken. It's time to celebrate. It's time to be MINI. Now more than ever. Eurokars Habitat Pte Ltd Eurokars Group of Companies Distributor of MINI Vehicles and Parts
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  • Page 48 Miscellaneous
    • 36 48 four-digit draw Aug 11 2012 First E 9147 Second E 4639 Third E 5334 STARTERS 0312 0632 0669 2040 2061 2539 2819 3817 3853 9050 CONSOLATIONS 1688 1907 1936 4002 4748 6123 7704 7947 7998 8793
      36 words

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    • 122 1 IGNATIUS LOW Three reasons I love Singapore page15 Singapore’s restaurant scene has never been so vibrant, but service is suffering because many restaurants cannot hire enough wait staff. REBECCA LYNNE TAN looks at how bad the problem is and what restaurateurs are doing to cope. Ms Elisabeth Julia, 38, owner
      122 words

  • sunday life!
    • live
      • 944 2  -  Mr and Mrs Lai Kok Wah’s 70-year romance started with a bang and is far from fizzling out Olivia Ho Their marriage endured a war and produced three generations of offspring. Seventy years later, they still appear to observers to be very
      • 895 3  -  Office workers in the city have taken to running in the area during the work day and after work Cheryl Faith Wee Most office workers rush to get in line at crowded eateries in the Central Business District (CBD) during lunchtime. But Mr Lor Chun
      • Article, Illustration
        1851 4  -  British High Commissioners have been calling Eden Hall in Nassim Road home for more than half a century If Walls Could Talk Clarissa Oon Amid the luxury homes and embassies in the country’s poshest residential enclave stands a 108-year-old bungalow that is no ordinary diplomatic residence.
        PHOTOS: MIKE LEE FOR THE STRAITS TIMES  -  1,851 words
      • 771 5  -  With cheaper aircraft rentals across the Causeway, private pilots make the trip to indulge in their hobby Nicholas Yong Like most travellers, it takes less than an hour for Mr Anthony Khoo to fly from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. But unlike them, he pilots his
        PHOTO: COURTESY OF NG YEOW MENG  -  771 words
    • connect
      • 1640 6/7  -  Arranged marriages are rare but those who have been matchmade say they found love Eve Yap Engineer Augustine James was ready to start a family a few years ago. “I wanted to settle down but I hadn’t fallen in love,” says Mr James, who adds that
      • 848 6/7  -  Seriously Kidding Tee Hun Ching My son has a new stock phrase that never fails to irritate me. “Mama, I have nothing to do,” he would say, followed quickly by a hopeful: “Can I play with your phone?” We could be strolling in
        848 words
      • 314 6/7  -  Parenting 101 Dr Bernardine Woo Dr Bernardine Woo, who answered this question, is a senior consultant psychiatrist at Child Guidance Clinic (Health Promotion Board Building), Institute of MentalHealth. The clinic provides comprehensive services for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural problems. Go to
        314 words
      • 881 8  -  Relatively Speaking Eve Yap Children are allowed to talk back at their parents in maths whiz Lim Jeck’s family. The 17-year-old and his two sisters are free to disagree with their mother as if she were their friend and dad does not censure them. “If their
        ST PHOTO: MARIEL VICTORIA MOK  -  881 words
        • Article, Illustration
          119 9 For this week’s craft activity, you are going to create your own guide to swimming. Step 1: Match the following words to the pictures on the right. a. Backstroke b. Swimwear c. Freestyle d. Swimming cap e. Lane f. Breaststroke g. Goggles Step 2: Underneath the pictures is a
        • 189 9 This week’s article used the idiom “an old wives’ tale”, which means a traditional belief that many people think is wrong because there is no scientific evidence for it. Can you match these swimming-related idioms to their meanings below? Idiom 1. Out of their depth 2. To go off
          189 words
        • 358 9  -  Theme: Sports Alison De Souza Has anyone ever told you: “Never swim on a full stomach or you could drown”? It is something many people believe, thinking that eating will lead to a cramp your muscles tightening up painfully and that this could make
          PHOTO: ST FILE  -  358 words
        • 412 9  -  KIP LIT Marc Nair Marc Nair is a writer and photographer. He has published two books of poetry and is working on a book of children’s poems. Brought to you by stands like a giant at attention, listening to the lives of the people that live inside it,
          Brought to you by  -  412 words
        • 72 9 Swimming can be a lot of fun and a good way to stay healthy. Learning to swim can also save your life. With this in mind, can you answer these questions? 1. Whose responsibility is it to teach swimming? 2. Do you think that swimming should be taught in
          72 words
        • 204 9 FOLKTALES FROM SINGAPORE (SINGAPURA THE LION CITY) AND FRIENDSHIP BAND CRAFT Kids can discover the legend behind Singapura, the Lion City, and learn to make friendship bands. Where: The Little Bookshop, 687A East Coast Road MRT: Kembangan When: Today, 2 4pm (storytelling), 2.30 4.30pm (craft time) Admission: $5
          204 words
    • go
      • 1275 10  -  The Yaeyama Islands, which are closer to Taiwan than to Japan, offer clear waters, tranquility and a rustic vibe Priscilla Siew Priscilla Siew is a freelance travel writer. MentionJapantomostholiday-makers and they think of vibrant Tokyo city, the ancient shrines of Kyoto or the sparse, beautiful
        PHOTOS: PRISCILLA SIEW; ST GRAPHICS  -  1,275 words
      • 1671 11