The Straits Times, 7 September 2007

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  • 708 1  -  Roger Maynard Beijing says greenhouse gas cuts should be part of UN pact, scuttling Aussie hopes for consensus at Apec By] Australia Correspondent In Sydney CHINA set itself on a collision course with the West over a hot topic climate change scuttling
    PHOTO: REUTERS  -  708 words
  • 563 1  -  Selina Lum By! A COUPLE who were taxed on the profits they made on a property deal appealed and have won their case against the taxman. Their argument in this unusual case: they sold the apartment because of its bad fengshui. Although
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    • 996 1  -  Leung Wai-Leng SEE ALSO HOME HlO-Hll By MR SIDDARTH Jain, 29, had a moderately successful games development company in India. He was working with the sub-continent's largest publisher and had produced over 10 games there. Yet, he uprooted his company, Playware Studios, and
      SEE ALSO HOME HlO-Hll; ST PHOTO: DESMOND LIM  -  996 words
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    • 31 2 Soar high with a fresh Asian experience now Wa I with daily non-stop flights between Singapore and Yangon. W *\^3<™<*nfi% CHANG! Singapore Changi Airport warmly welcomes Air Bagan from Myanmar. AIRPORTSINGAPORE
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    • 327 2 SECTION ONE HOME Prime 2-4 Grandma's heartache Asia 6-15 Madam Tan Ah Hoon lost one World 17-21 grandson in March 2001 while Review 22-27 another grandson, Dave Teo Ming, ns jght 28-29 was this week accused of stealing a FYI 30 weapon. SECTION TWO"" PAGEHI Home Hl-Hl4 Whistle-blower for law
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    • 690 3 ASSOCIATED PRESS, LOS ANGELES TIMES, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, NEW YORK TIMES Foiled plot casts light on trend of radicals taught on the Internet, training overseas and returning home to launch attacks Washington THE foiled terrorist plot to bomb airports, bars and nightclubs in Germany could represent
    • 328 3 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, ASSOCIATED PRESS SEE ALSO SPORTS H2l Paris THE Rugby World Cup is in danger of degenerating into a farce after major news organisations yesterday launched a boycott on the eve of its opening game. Agence France-Presse (AFP), Reuters, the
    • 378 4 REUTERS, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Rome ONE of the greatest and most recognisable singing voices in the world has fallen silent. The celebrated tenor Luciano Pavarotti died yesterday in his villa in his hometown of Modena, Italy after a year-long battle with cancer. He was 71. His
    • 355 4 LASALLE STUDENT EXPELLED FOR CAMPUS GRAFFITI, HOME H2 CEO and two vice-presidents leaving to pursue 'professional interests' BARELY two months after the 23-year-old college moved into a new $150-million campus in McNally Street, the top three men at the Lasalle College of the
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    • 260 4 Business with a heart We discover three socially conscious entrepreneurs who have created businesses that benefit both their bottom lines and the people they set out to help %fcfc Once, she was student in Singapore Now, in China... She gets married to a corpse IK3SB li^hl'Hirl Melbourne Takes Off! "—nt
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  • ASIA
    • 716 6  -  Carolyn Hong They believe PM Abdullah will continue to dish out goodies to keep up the feel-good factor right before elections By Malaysia Bureau Chief In Kuala Lumpur MR OMAR Osman, a government technician, is among the 1.2 million Malaysian civil servants keeping their fingers crossed
      PHOTO: AFP  -  716 words
    • CHINA
      • 752 7  -  Goh Sui Noi Site selection for joint project is critical for success, SM Goh says after meeting Wen By Senior Correspondent In Dalian (Liaoning) CHINESE Premier Wen Jiabao will sign a framework agreement on the building of an eco-city in China with
        752 words
      • 290 7 GOH SUI NOI Dalian SENIOR MINISTER Goh Chok Tong met Chief Minister Narendra Modi of Gujarat yesterday on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum (WEF) conferences here. The two leaders discussed opportunities for economic cooperation. Mr Modi, who spoke to The Straits Times
        GOH SUI NOI; PHOTO: LIANHEZAOBAO  -  290 words
      • 531 8  -  Lee Tee Jong Appeals court rules that putting him in prison would hurt S. Korean economy By South Korea Correspondent In Seoul FHE head of Hyundai Motor Sroup, the world's sixth-largest automaker, yesterday escaped a ail sentence for corruption after in appeals court
        PHOTO: AP  -  531 words
      • 555 8  -  Dng Hwee Hwee ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY TEH JOO LIN By( Taiwan Correspondent In Taipei A TRANSNATIONAL syndicate duped a futures firm in Singapore into releasing US$B million (Ssl2 million) belonging to one of the firm's Taiwanese clients, according to local media reports. The money
      • 527 10  -  Kwan Weng Kin New farm minister, just 3 days on the job accused of receiving dodgy political funds By Japan Correspondent In Tokyo sWORN in only three days ago, 3arm Minister Masatoshi Wakaba/ashi was accused yesterday of reviving dirty money. In the latest scandal
        527 words
      • 873 11  -  Ia.VI VELLOOR RAVI VELLOOR NEWS ANALYSIS Sharif s return will provide an option to the deal between Bhutto and Musharraf By I India Bureau Chief In New Delhi FORMER Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif's plan to return from exile complicates the nation's
      • 236 12 THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK MALAYSIA'S youngest composer, six-year-old Julian Chan, has come up with a book on classical music composition. Comprising 10 pieces, Original was launched by Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, the Prime Minister's wife, on Wednesday. Julian picked up music at the age
      • 134 12 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE MS CLAUDE CHIRAC, the daughter of former French president Jacques Chirac, is one of 20 people under investigation over allegations of corruption during her father's tenure as Paris mayor, officials said on Wednesday. A judge has asked anti-fraud police to investigate her as
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  134 words
      • 131 12 REUTERS JAPAN'S Prince Hisahito has made only a handful of public appearances, but he is already winning fans. The first boy born into Japan's royal family in more than four decades and third in line to the throne, Prince Hisahito celebrated his first birthday yesterday
        REUTERS  -  131 words
      • 704 13  -  AZHAR GHANI They sign weapons and trade deals worth billions during Putin's visit to Indonesia By. Indonesia Bureau Chief In Jakarta INDONESIA and Russia rekindled long-neglect-ed ties in a big way yesterday, signing a bil-lion-dollar arms deal and sealing business tie-ups worth several
        PHOTO: AFP  -  704 words
      • 170 13 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Bangkok THAILAND and the European Union yesterday reached a compromise over an EU proposal to send election observers to the kingdom's post-coup polls on Dec 23. The Ell's offer initially sparked anger from Thailand's army-backed government, with Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont saying
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  170 words
      • 507 15 REUTERS, ASSOCIATED PRESS, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE The security men were freed after abbot stepped in to end stand-off Yangon SEVERAL hundred monks staged a demonstration in Myanmar on Wednesday in an escalation of the ongoing protests against massive fuel price increases, eyewitness--2S said. And yesterday,
      • 234 15 ASSOCIATED PRESS Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA'S government drew accusations of extravagance yesterday after revealing that celebrations for the country's 50th anniversary of independence cost taxpayers at least RMIOO million (Ss44 million). The criticism came amid growing scrutiny over the use of state funds,
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  234 words
      • 425 15 Kuala Lumpur THE Malaysian government has suspended indefinitely the planned culling of thousands of pigs in Malacca, emphasising that it is not against pig farming. Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has been given the task of ensuring that the
        425 words
      • Article, Illustration
        82 15 A dead car-jacking suspect lying slumped outside a bullet-riddled car beside the Philippine Congress building in suburban Manila yesterday. Four suspected car-jackers were killed when they engaged Philippine police in a gunbattle after they were spotted driving a stolen car and ordered to stop. Two suspects died on
        PHOTO: AFP  -  82 words
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    • 27 6 No jail for Hyundai boss Chung Mong Koo escapes imprisonment for graft after an appeals court rules that jailing him would hurt South Korea's economy. PAGE 8
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    • 1015 17 Peroxide plot How the police nabbed the three men who planned attacks on airports in Germany NEW YEAR'S EVE 2006 One of the suspects, Fritz Gelowicz, was arrested for allegedly scouting out US military buildings near Hanau. He was released, but kept under
      PHOTOS: AP  -  1,015 words
    • 378 17 Copenhagen FOUR Danish Muslim men arrested last year pleaded not guilty to charges of planning a bomb attack in Denmark when their trial opened in the Danish capital on Wednesday. The four were among nine who were arrested last year
      378 words
    • 706 18  -  Derwin Pereira But they should be assigned other tasks, says report by ex-top officers By US Bureau Chief In Washington AMERICAN troops may have to remain longer in Iraq but their mission should change, according to a new report card mandated
      706 words
    • 280 18 ASSOCIATED PRESS Dcs Moines (Iowa) ACTOR-politician Fred Thompson has officially entered a wide-open Republican presidential race, ending months of speculation, but skipped a debate with his eight other potential rivals to announce his candidacy. Mr Thompson chose The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on NBC
      ASSOCIATED PRESS; PHOTO: AP  -  280 words
    • 353 19 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Tensions rise as Damascus says warplanes violated airspace; Israel refuses to comment Damascus SYRIA said its air defences opened fire on Israeli warplanes that violated Syrian airspace at dawn yesterday, ratcheting up tensions between the neighbouring foes. Syrian Information Minister Mohsen
      AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  353 words
      • 72 19 REUTERS ROME: A small region in northern Italy is battling what may be Europe's first epidemic of the mosqui-to-borne chikungunya virus, a senior official at the Italian National Institute of Health has said. About 160 cases have been confirmed and another 30 victims of the
        REUTERS  -  72 words
      • 77 19 REUTERS BEIJING: China's State Council appointed a head of the National Corruption Prevention Bureau a new anti-corruption agency yesterday. Madam Ma Wen, who last week was named Minister of Supervision charged with monitoring government officials, will also head the bureau, the state news agency Xinhua
        REUTERS  -  77 words
      • 78 19 THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK MUAR: Malaysian police yesterday shot and detained an Indonesian robber who was part of a gang which has carried out robberies in Negri Sembilan and Malacca over the past two months. The man was shot when he, with three friends, tried
        THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK  -  78 words
      • 110 19 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE TAIPEI: Taiwan will hold its first African summit on Sunday to cement ties and counter China's diplomatic push in the region, the president's office announced yesterday. But Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jiang Yu slammed Taiwan's plan yesterday, saying the summit will not enjoy
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  110 words
      • 148 19 REUTERS BANGKOK: Ousted Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra did not threaten to sue Swiss banks for freezing his accounts in Switzerland because he does not have any, his spokesmen said yesterday. They said he had been misquoted and his comments taken out of context by
        REUTERS  -  148 words
    • 204 19 ASSOCIATED PRESS Oslo (Norway) NORWEGIAN and British fighters scrambled twice yesterday to monitor eight Russian bombers that approached the Nordic country's territory in the latest show of air power by the Kremlin, defence officials said. Lieutenant-Colonel John Inge Oeglaend, of the Norwegian Joint Headquarters,
      ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  204 words
      • 546 20 It will be chaired by Australia and China to safeguard region's population Sydney ASIA-PACIFIC ministers yesterday agreed to set up a food safety taskforce, chaired by China and Australia, to ensure the health and safety of the region's population. "We agree
        PHOTO: REUTERS  -  546 words
      • 149 20 ASSOCIATED PRESS MEMBERS of an Australian TV comedy show, one dressed as Osama bin Laden, drove through two security checkpoints yesterday before being stopped near the Sydney hotel where US President George W. Bush is staying. The stunt embarrassed Sydney police, who have imposed
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  149 words
      • 201 20 REUTERS MINISTERS of the 21 Apec countries agreed to work towards further regional economic integration yesterday, but paid only lip service to an Asia-Pacific free trade zone, saying it was a "long term prospect". Malaysian International Trade and Industry Minister Rafidah Aziz said that
        REUTERS; PHOTO: REUTERS  -  201 words
      • 114 20 ASSOCIATED PRESS APEC ministers approved codes of conduct to combat corruption among bureaucrats and businessmen, and endorsed steps to better prosecute wrongdoers and recover their loot. "Corruption poses a threat to economic growth by undermining the rule of law, distorting markets and deterring investment,"
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  114 words
      • 127 20 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE CHINA and the United States found rare common ground yesterday on Taiwan as Asia-Pacific leaders converged here for a weekend summit set to be dominated by wrangling over climate change and trade. In face-to-face talks, US President George W. Bush and Chinese
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  127 words
    • 444 21 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, NEW YORK TIMES Colourants and sodium benzoate in drinks the culprit, says researchers Washington A COMBINATION of artificial colourants and sodium benzoate in beverages and processed foods can cause hyperactivity or attention-defi-cit hyperactivity disorder in young children, according to British researchers who
    • 361 21 ASSOCIATED PRESS Washington A US Air Force B-52 bomber flew for more than three hours across several states while carrying six cruise missiles mistakenly armed with nuclear warheads, Pentagon officials said on Wednesday. The incident, which took place last week, has prompted an air
      ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  361 words
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    • 24 17 Additives hyper kids Additives like colouring and preservatives in processed foods can cause hyperactivity in young children, a new study has found. PAGE 21
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    • 411 22 MYANMAR is barely moving on the road to democracy with guidelines that a constitutional convention produced on Monday in a first step towards a charter referendum and election. The document disappoints anyone expecting civilian rule, competitive party politics, adequate human rights protection as well as true
      411 words
    • 1240 22  -  Barry Desker By] For The Straits Times THIS week's Apec Leaders' Meeting in Sydney could mark a turning point. Apec is trying to remain relevant to its members. It risks being overshadowed by the newer, more vibrant East Asian Community (EAC) and East Asian Summit
      1,240 words
    • 769 22  -  Sebastian Mallaby »A BOOST FOR DEVELOPMENT AID By! MR MICHAEL Bloomberg founded his financial information firm 26 years ago after a hot career at Salomon Brothers. Mr Raj Kumar founded his development information firm seven years ago as a student project at the Kennedy
      769 words
    • 1021 23  -  Tion Kwa ►>THE SUB-PRIME CRISIS... By Senior Writer IN FINANCIAL talk, haircuts and workouts have nothing to do with looking smart. Instead, they're a result of doing something really dumb. So a decade ago, anyone with an ounce of sense was saying Asia
      PHOTO: BLOOMBERG  -  1,021 words
    • 758 23  -  Chi Lo .AND ITS IMPACT ON WORLD MARKETS By For The Straits Times THE sub-prime woes of the United States have spread to world markets. Recently, there have been even worries, exaggerated by some China critics, that the country's foreign reserves and financial system could
      758 words
    • 783 24  -  H. T. GORANSON By SOME months ago, an American astronaut accidentally let a tool escape into orbit, eliciting concern about its hazardous potential as a hurtling object that could destroy an expensive satellite or even threaten lives aloft. Shortly afterwards, China blew up
      PHOTO: AP  -  783 words
    • 618 27  -  Rowland Nethaway Cox News Service ►>THE BOTTLED WATER PHENOMENON By ACCORDING to a fly on the wall during the Coca-Cola board meeting when it was first proposed to sell bottled water: "We've got to do something. These constant health scares about harmful effects of soft
      Cox News Service; PHOTO: AP  -  618 words
  • Page 22 Miscellaneous
    • 33 22 More than just fizz The growing thirst for bottled water in the US reflects the success of one of the greatest marketing ploys ever uncapped. PAGE 27 PUNCHLINES COMPUTER GAMES I DEVELOPMENT I
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    • 1041 28 Times are changing, but the annual Chinese Seventh Month celebrations remain an important item on the local political calendar. Keith Lin speaks to two festival organisers about their unique relationship with MPs and keeping ethnic Chinese traditions afloat. Way to build rapport witn grassroots folk AS
    • 503 28 BY MR Ang Ah Tin's own admission, the annual Hungry Ghost Festival dinner he organised this year is a shadow of its former self. Not that Mr Ang, 59, lacks verve when carrying out his duties as chairman of the Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
      503 words
    • 307 28 SIGNIFICANCE Ancestral worshippers believe the gates of Hell are thrown open on the first day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar. For the next 30 days, spirits are left to roam the earth, and must be appeased with food and other
      307 words
    • 1068 29  -  llhua Mvi Hoong FRIDAY MATTERS By( Senior Writer INSURANCE giant Aviva has taken out a series of striking advertisements. One proclaims: "Life expectancy increases by 5 years. You spent your CPF savings on your house." In smaller type, the ad goes: "These
      1,068 words
    • 902 29  -  Zakir Hussain POST-6 SERS By IN RECENT days, dysfunctional Malay families have once again come under the spotlight. No one definition of such families exists, but simply put, they do not function as most other families do because they face many problems.
      902 words
  • Page 28 Miscellaneous
    • 24 28 Helping change mindsets The Government's proactive engagement of the emotions can help people process their feelings of insecurity in times of change. PAGE W29
      24 words

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    • 69 29 > r—i—>. ls_ ITP Jlffl =^_i l_KW__i FREEHOLD 1»B-| lr_£^ft FITTED FROM ONLY I H "ii'^bi _ri^ ?_l3 i^^^^~ 2 BED/2 BATH"3 BED/3 BATH l^___^^^^^ REPAYMENTI^^I ■yfnp FROM A LOW IBk V fi, %TtisLinkSi.GohF Course,-, PatCas/irenn/s^^^^ Sf nSSwsSt)7ra^Sortatwn_B ftpurf<yfMesenterffty exhibitiotT ■AZZUra| s^s^i I Venue: Grand Copthorne Waterfront The Arcade Singapore
      69 words

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      117 words
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      113 words
  • Page 30 Miscellaneous
    • 352 30 Singapore today Partly cloudy, showers with thunder in the afternoon over many areas. ASIA WORLD WEATHER I BEIJING 0 T^T £wj O K^^ir SEOUL 0 Clear cloudy o KUNMING JITAIPEI KOLKATA S^^ToNGKDNG Windy W HANv M «5 Rain ■.■rD-.Di' l -L t ■.-■.■ijti i urn- t-TBf *s_i. i Showers OCHENNAI
      352 words
    • 89 30 Toronto 20/32 C Fair Vancouver 11/21 C Cloudy Washington 21/32 C Fair Middle East Bahrain 29/41 C Clear Damascus 18/34 C Clear Dubai 31/39 C Fair Jerusalem 14/30 C Clear Kuwait City 28/43 C Clear Mecca 25/38 C Clear Riyadh 28/41 C Clear Tel Aviv 25/32 C Clear Africa Abidjan
      89 words
    • 101 30 RY. I. Copenhagen 15/19 C Clear Frankfurt 11/20 C Cloudy Geneva 10/21 C Fair Helsinki 0/15 C Clear Istanbul 20/29 C Storms Lisbon 18/30 C Clear London 15/22 C Cloudy Madrid 14/33 C Clear Manchester 10/19 C Cloudy Moscow 12/22 C Hazy Paris 15/23 C Fair Prague 13/17 C Cloudy
      101 words
    • 300 30 USEFUL NUMBERS Emergency lines Police 999 Police Hotline 1800-255-0000 Civil Defence (Fire, Rescue and Emergency Ambulance) 995 Non-emergency ambulance (charges apply) Water Supriy_!."!!!."!!!."!!."!!!."!i806-284-(5600 SP Power Grid (to report power failure) 1800-778-8888 6778-8888 City Gas (to report gas supply interruption, low pressure and leakage) 1800-752-1800 Transport lines City Cab 6552-2222 Comfort
      300 words
    • 259 30 5 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY 1 Learn more about courtesy and safety on MRT trains by viewing a series of skits organised by SMRT. Woodlands MRT Station. 4pm-spm, 6pm-7pm. Free. Tel: 9138-4299. 2 Attend a roundtable discussion on the different types of films being made around the region. Asia
      259 words

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    • 109 31 llMlllillW''' Mr^f* *W CHOP TAI CHONG KOK j^^^KMSlH^|ds^^^^B^&Bßß^^^^^^iH§lltilHHm*w^' S- H^^k. BIV BW -'JO ~y ch««se products fair;,:::. 1,. IT-»,.-C^ lisi n,,,.n,n. t( >- 1 ■raa* PVv P? mmm» »JL the peninsula rfjfhjnrh M^aw it{»■}■&& m Shopping Centre Sa Stir 4sC NGEE AN^J CITY 391 Orchard Road Singapore *****3 Tel: 6738
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    • 453 32 September is open season for a four-legged friend at IKEA*. Another idea in our new catalogue that i makes perfect sense. At IKEA we offer great value all year round. And sometimes we add even more value to it with our special limited-time deals. In September, we have the HAJDEBY
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    • 707 33  -  David Boey 2001: Younger grandson dies in road accident 2007: The other grandson charged with arms theft Paternal grandma also suffering from inoperable liver cancer By Jermyn Chow TWO of her grandsons have grabbed newspaper headlines and Madam Tan Ah Hoon, 69, wishes they never did. In
      707 words
    • 127 33 CHONGCHEEKIN THE man who allegedly stabbed his uncle on Tuesday was charged with attempted murder yesterday. Heng Boon Chai, 29, was charged in the hospital where he was warded. It is understood he is undergoing medical treatment for injuries he sustained during the incident. He
      CHONGCHEEKIN  -  127 words
    • 338 34  -  Khushwant Singh By A SECOND-YEAR student in fine arts who painted graffiti on his college's new premises has been expelled from school. He was caught spray painting the words "Gotta start somewhere" on some steps, a lift door, a pillar and a wall of
      ST PHOTO: KHUSHWANT SINGH  -  338 words
    • 550 34  -  Elena Chong IN JAIL FOR INTERNET MARRIAGE SCAM Confession leads to an added 36-month sentence; she had asked to be remanded while awaiting trial on new charges By Court Correspondent A WOMAN who was jailed for cheating a man of $68,000 in an
      550 words
    • 323 34  -  Chong Chee Kin By i A TEENAGER got angry when she discovered that her former boyfriend had received a gift of a condom from a younger girl. She rounded up a group of friends and confronted the 13-year-old girl. Demanding an explanation,
      323 words
    • 537 35  -  K.C. VIJAYAN Lawyers supportive of Law Society president's idea to help firms deal with such conduct more effectively By Law Correspondent LAW Society president Philip Jeyaretnam has called for a whistle-blowing scheme to be put in place for law firms, in the
      537 words
    • 119 35 A PASSENGER bus crashed headon into a tree while travelling along the East Coast Parkway (ECP) yesterday afternoon. The accident happened near the Marine Vista exit at about 1.25pm. The collision resulted in extensive damage to the front of the private bus. The driver escaped
      ST PHOTO: CHEW SENG KIM  -  119 words
    • 311 35  -  Elena Chong By Court Correspondent HE HAD been convicted of running an unlicensed moneylending business five times. But the recalcitrant loan shark returned to the illegal activity each time. Yesterday, Pang Chin Heng, 33, was jailed for three years after being convicted of
      311 words
      • 123 35 TWO bodies have been recovered from two reservoirs here since Tuesday. Yesterday afternoon, the bloated body of a woman was found in the waters of Bedok Reservoir. She looked to have been in her 30s. She had shoulder-length hair and was wearing beige jeans
        123 words
      • 65 35 MORE than 5,000 packs of duty-unpaid cigarettes were uncovered on Wednesday in routine checks by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at Woodlands Checkpoint. The contraband, hidden in three modified vehicles, would have fetched $45,300 on the streets. The smugglers were busted between 4.20pm on Wednesday and
        65 words
      • 65 35 A CYCLIST in his 50s has landed in intensive care with head injuries following a collision with a lorry in Ang Mo Kio on Wednesday. The accident happened at the junction of Ang Mo Kio Street 53 and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. The
        65 words
    • 523 36  -  SUMATHI SELVARETNAM 80% of these groups have joined Inter-Racial Confidence Circles, which will be renamed By EFFORTS to foster closer ties among different races will now include more religious organisations. Over the past year, the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports has been working
      ST PHOTO: CHEW SENG KIM  -  523 words
    • 188 36 MEMBERS of the public can help create a new identity for the Inter-Racial Confidence Circles (IRCCs) by participating in the National IRCC Logo and Slogan Contest. The logo and slogan should capture what the IRCC represents trust, respect, harmony and cooperation. The winning logo
      188 words
    • 114 36 THE Peak magazine, an SPH Magazines corporate lifestyle publication, organised a social dinner last night that brought together diplomats and top business leaders here. Held at the Rang Mahal Indian restaurant at Pan Pacific Hotel, the event was hosted by Mr Dennis Pua, managing director of The
      ST PHOTO: LAU FOOK KONG  -  114 words
    • 596 38  -  Judith Tan Aim is to up survival rate of heart attacks occurring outside a hospital By THE chances of surviving a heart attack outside a hospital is dismal: Only three in every 100 patients make it, say doctors. And the Singapore
      596 words
    • 187 38 THE 36th Heart Fair will be held at the Sky Park of Vivo City on Sept 29 and 30. With the theme "Team Up For Healthy Hearts", it hopes to attract 120,000 visitors. The highlights are: Health screenings which include heart and blood vessel assessment,
      ST FILE PHOTO  -  187 words
      • 511 42  -  Leung Wai-Leng Collaboration will include areas like game development and distribution By GAMES associations in the Asia-Pacific signed a deal at the games convention yesterday to work together to develop the region's industry, as well as form a collective outsourcing database for international markets. Potential
        ST PHOTO: DESMOND LIM  -  511 words
      • 354 42  -  r Oo Gin Lee By REGIONAL games company Asia Soft Online is expanding its portfolio of online games to eight with the announcement of three new online multiplayer games Cabal, Ragnarok Online 2 and Darkness Light. These new games will be hosted on
        354 words
      • 621 43 Championship series will offer contracts, prizes to best Spore gamers By Oo Gin Lee It's a dream come true for local cybergamers the chance to go professional and win a lucrative one-year contract worth US$3O,OOO (5545,300) just to play, plus extras
        621 words
      • 456 43  -  Leung Wai Leng By 10TACLE Studios Asia, the Singapore branch of top European games publisher lOtacle, has signed a cooperation agreement with MTV Asia to develop, brand and market an online entertainment channel. Estimated to cost about US$3O million (5545.9 million) to develop,
        ST PHOTO: DESMOND LIM  -  456 words
    • 541 45  -  Goh Chin Lian Funds raised will go to opening a fifth elderly day-care centre with a 'wellness programme', trust fund for childcare services By OVER $1 million in funds raised by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) from two charity events this year
      541 words
      • 81 45 TO SPREAD awareness, emcees at two Bukit Batok getai shows are using dialect and humour to engage residents on the dengue situation in their estates. They will urge residents to look out for mosquitos at home. The first getai was held last night. Another will
        81 words
      • 78 45 A DOG is believed to have fallen from the 12th floor of a block of flats on Wednesday. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is investigating the death. The one-year-old female mongrel was heard howling before it apparently fell from Block 5048
        78 words
      • 79 45 SENIOR Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Information, Communications and the Arts Balaji Sadasivan will attend the finals of Klasik Nusantara 2007 today at Kuala Lumpur's Putra World Trade Centre. This is at the invitation of Malaysian Minister for Information Zainuddin Maidin. Klasik
        79 words
    • 270 45 A GRAVE situation greeted residents near Block 203 C in Compassvale Road, Sengkang, yesterday morning. Technician Ben Tan, 36, a contributor to The Straits Times' online portal Stomp, was on his way to a nearby childcare centre with his six-year-old daughter when he saw this. Looking
      PHOTO: STOMP/BEN TAN  -  270 words
    • 106 46 Mila Mendoza, 18 months, burst into tears during a photo session at the Singapore Zoo with Budi (second left) and his pals. Mila and her dad, Mr Don Mendoza, 37, were at the adoption ceremony of the five-year-old orang-utan. Budi was adopted by Marriot Vacation
      ST PHOTO: ASHLEIGH SIM  -  106 words
    • 543 46  -  Tania Tan Students face intensive curriculum as they start 4-year medical course to groom clinician-scientists By SINGAPORE'S first batch of home-grown doctor scientists began their four-year medical boot camp last month, with a test on their first day. Three weeks on,
      543 words
    • 468 46  -  Khushwant Singh By JAPAN has announced a contribution of more than US$9 million (5513.7 million) to improve navigational safety in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. This amounts to about a third of the US$2B.2 million tab for replacing and maintaining
      468 words
    • 196 46 SINGAPORE Press Holdings (SPH) newspapers are the preferred medium for job seekers, according to the Singapore Workforce Survey (SWS) findings. The SWS shows that 84 per cent of job seekers rely on SPH newspapers for recruitment opportunities. That is more than double the number that
      196 words
    • 294 46 A weekly look at what to watch out for in the world of consumers. Figures, case study and tips come from Spring Singapore. The world of washing machines 31 No of cases filed I (January to December 2006) CASE STUDY Besides the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case), consumers
      294 words
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      114 words
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    • 86 37 DENGUE CASES UPDATE: 6318 L_ it V B^lV STOP THE DANGER BEFORE IT TAKES FLIGHT. Think it's safe at home? For an unseen threat like dengue, you can never be too sure. Dengue is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito which breeds easily in stagnant water commonly found in our homes.
      86 words

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    • 308 38 f* Jf P- YOUR BABY CAN LEARN flhH^^^HH. <?> K^l V F%^ J^^ 5-*olume book set hy Robert Titzer }f on patterns, numbers, shapes, colours and j jjfl |jy3| r/y/yv///r h//A'/ prepositions with a FREE Maths VCD worth 513.55 I Hi iT^r^Tl^ Usuals7BDs hh^iwhi <fl pHjirj I r^ i RiVR
      308 words
    • 248 38 SCIENCE ALL SYSTEMS GO FOR SINGAPORE PATIENTS IN GLOBAL HEART STUDY Certified f*jA Teacher and help children with learning disabilities School of Linguistics, fully owned by Linguistic Council, is an organisation devoted to helping children with DYSLEXIA, AUTISM, ADD/ADHD and DYSPRAXIA. Our school is registered with MOE and is also
      248 words

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    • 62 44 V ■jfc- r Y^ AGC www.ago-group.c6m A Globally United Brand is Here The AGC Group is a leading global player in flat glass, automotive glass, display glass and fluorine chemistry. And now, our various brands throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe have evolved into a single brand worldwide. m^L United
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    • 183 45 lkrjelaorepa o- (tp/Jtfr GTC /fit V y Take your pick from a wide array of 1^ shoes with these attractive bargains m^^, m V from Wardrobe Womenl ~.r vf ._..__jj^ lfcX j jjt /y Assorted Shoes j^ I**^ -^Mftm o <£ I >y USUAL $29.90-$36.90 1^ l.«: 0 OHI ■^V-
      183 words

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    • 169 46 speaker: Mr. David Yuen, Managing Director, Austpac PRD In this seminar, you will understand: Utilization of Australia property as a tool for a comfortable retirement Asset protection How to create retirement income Capital growth history of waterfront properties Foreign investment laws of Australia What is the FIRB The significance of
      169 words
    • 17 46 ■^h DAYS ir ifl r^^^^i^^^^T^H lir^*^ -a. IK With any footwear purchased while stocks last^J Hag} **ijisE^«?^
      17 words

    • 428 47  -  Heng Cho Choon FUTURE UNIVERSITIES IN HIS letter, "Upgrade polytechnics for more varsity places" (ST Sept 4), Mr Edwin Sam Hoe Ming suggested that polytechnics like Nanyang, Ngee Ann, Republic, Singapore and Temasek be converted into polytechnic universities. While the idea is sound, the rate
      428 words
    • 147 47  -  Ong Tiong Meng I READ with interest of Singapore's plans to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal. In Asia, the supply of LNG will come from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Australia. In Australia, we have to compete with China, Tai- wan,
      147 words
    • 211 47  -  Toh Boon Ngee POLICE would like to assure Vlr Kwok Chee Wai ("Did woman who hurt mum, 70, sscape justice?" (ST, Sept 6) that the incident of Aug 3 involving his mother and a younger woman is under investigation. In that incident, police officers
      211 words
    • 415 47  -  Lim Eng Hwee I REFER to the letter, "Mini-CBDs in satellite towns to ease traffic jams" (ST, Sept 3), by Mr Tan Thiam Soon, who suggested creating satellite business districts to alleviate traffic congestion in the city area. The idea of providing a
      415 words
    • 164 47  -  Rajan Rishyakaran I REFER to the letter, "Tread carefully when planning 4th university" (ST, Sept 4). Ms Lav Ai Lin cites the recent failure of UNSW Asia as a reason to take extra caution. However, UNSW Asia's primary purpose was to attract foreign students
      164 words
    • 410 47  -  Yeoh Meng Yau I REFER to the report, "Thomson Medical chief wins entrepreneur award" (ST, Sept 5). First, I would like to congratulate Dr Cheng Wei Chen on his achievement. It is truly inspiring to read that his dream of transforming the experience of
      410 words
    • 178 47  -  Nelson Quah I CANNOT agree more with Mr Justin Chia's letter, "Animal abusers are vandals so cane them" (ST, Sept 5). It is ironic that Michael Fay, an American teenager, was sentenced to four months in jail, fined $2,200 and given four strokes
      178 words
    • 215 47  -  Sia Cheong Yew I AM happy to learn that the impending Singapore Exchange (SGX) move to get companies to give reasons for directors and key officers' resignations is already having an effect on at least one company even before it is implemented. I would
      215 words
    • 152 47  -  Jean Tan (Ms) I REFER to the letter, "Don't penalise bosses who treat maids well" (ST, Sept 5), by Madam Quek Yee Kai. First-time employers and employers who have changed more than five foreign domestic workers (FDWs) within a 12-month period are required
      152 words
    • 251 47  -  Lee Way Xuang »CABLE TV I AM writing in after reading about Star Hub's new offerings awaiting its sports group subscribers. I have to say I am very disappointed with the offers. The existing sports group subscribers used to be able to enjoy pre- and post-match
      251 words
    • 81 47  -  Alan Lee Kiat-Leng I LIVE in an estate where I am unable to access Star Hub's cable TV content because of the dispute between Star Hub and Sing Tel over the use of the cable lines. With the dispute resolved, I wonder if
      81 words
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    • 279 47 psJ V/A P" SO% Interest up to 24 month, Instalment plan for POSB/DBS/UOB/)CB/DINERS credit card* +Terns S Cond. apply. g™9 fcV "WffiVTP E> '^^^iTy^^ff WE^S^J FINn EjCa^rTußl «^IEJ3^B «^CCIr^^B s HSS"*"^^*^ i THAT FIT! t 1 iSEZ iL^Jr 9 SsSr""" iE"i? 7"SSM I rff" r^ If *!ylwtj try J c
      279 words
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    • 68 47 For more readers' views, log on to http://www. Access to letters online is free. Don't be guarantor unless prepared to repay entire loan if borrower defaults Teen: Teachers must show respect to students if they want it in return Give unit price so consumers can compare brand and packaging
      68 words

    • 1126 48  -  Leonard Lim > SOCCER Clubs irked by slow and inconsistent decisions, and more dubious calls By IF 2005 and 2006 were watershed years for Singapore refereeing, this year has seen more brickbats than plaudits for soccer's men in black. "Referee kayu" appears to be the chant
      1,126 words
    • 165 50 TOMORROW Group A Serbia v Finland Portugal v Poland Group B Georgia v Ukraine Italy v France Scotland v Lithuania Group C Hungary v Bosnia Malta v Turkey Moldova v Norway Group D San Marino v Czech Republic Slovakia v Ireland Wales v Germany Group E Croatia
      165 words
    • 61 50 'oland 9 6 1 215 7 19 'inland 9 5 2 211 6 17 'ortugal 8 4 3 116 6 15 Serbia 8 4 2 212 7 14 Selgium 9 3 1 5 8 12 10 Irmenia 8 2 2 4 4 8 8 (azakhstan 9 1 3
      61 words
    • 45 50 France 7 6 0 115 2 18 Italy 7 5 1 113 6 16 Scotland 7 5 0 213 6 15 Ukraine 6 4 0 2 8 6 12 Lithuania 7 2 14 4 7 7 Georgia 8 2 0 613 14 6
      45 words
    • 52 50 ireece 7 6 0 112 5 18 iosnia-H 7 4 1 2 1414 13 furkey 6 4 1 116 6 13 lorway 7 4 1 217 6 13 lungary 7 2 0 5 714 6 lAalta 7 1 1 5 5 15 4 floldova 7 0 2 5
      52 words
    • 56 50 Germany 7 6 1 0 29 4 19 Czech Rep 7 4 2 1 15 4 14 Ireland 7 4 1 212 8 13 Slovakia 7 3 0 4 1613 9 Wales 6 2 13 8 9 7 Cyprus 7 2 1 4 1016 7 San Marino 7
      56 words
    • 51 50 Croatia 7 5 2 016 4 17 Israel 8 5 2 117 7 17 Russia 7 4 3 011 1 15 England 7 4 2 112 2 14 Macedonia 7 2 14 6 7 7 Estonia 8 1 0 7 215 3 Andorra 8 0 0 8 230
      51 words
    • 54 50 Sweden 7 6 0 117 4 18 N. Ireland 7 5 1 113 8 16 Spain 7 5 0 213 6 15 Denmark 6 3 1 2 9 5 10 Liechtenstein ...8 1 1 6 5 21 4 Iceland 7 1 1 5 515 4 Latvia 6 10
      54 words
    • 53 50 iomania 7 5 2 014 4 17 iulgaria 7 4 3 011 4 15 Netherlands 6 4 2 0 8 2 14 klbania 7 2 3 2 8 6 9 ielarus 7 2 1 4 1015 7 Slovenia 7 1 1 5 512 4 .uxembourg 7 0 0
      53 words
    • 825 50 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE A DIG AT ENGLAND "I don't complain about injuries. I try to find solutions. Injuries are part of the game, and you must learn to deal with them." RUSSIA COACH GUUS HIDDINK, dismissing England's injury crisis. Russia play England in a Euro 2008 qualifier
      AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE; PHOTO: AFP  -  825 words
    • 412 50 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE London MICAH Richards will take a leaf out of his idol Patrick Vieira's book and get physical, as he tries to consolidate his place in the England team. Off the pitch, Richards is a gentle giant. But he wants to draw on
      AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE; PHOTO: AFP  -  412 words
    • 392 50 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE London IT WAS the news Arsenal fans had been waiting for: Arsene Wenger committing his future to the club with a new, three-year contract yesterday. The deal also makes the Frenchman the second-high-est paid manager in the English
      AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  392 words
    • 257 50 London CHELSEA striker Andriy Shevchenko has hit out at manager Jose Mourinho's decision not to play him this season. He is set to play for the Ukraine in a European Championship qualifier against Georgia tomorrow. But he has not even been a substitute
      257 words
    • 189 50 REUTERS Rio de Janeiro BRAZILIAN lineswoman Ana Paula Oliveira has no regrets posing nude for Playboy magazine in July even though she has not been selected to officiate in a professional game since. However, the 29-year-old, who has taken to refereeing amateur games,
      REUTERS  -  189 words
    • 41 50 TODAY Austria v Japan Switzerland v Chile Bahrain v Jordan TOMORROW Venezuela v Paraguay Ecuador v El Salvador Peru v Colombia Ghana v Morocco Cyprus v Armenia SUNDAY Costa Rica v Honduras Mexico v Panama United States v Brazil
      41 words
    • 855 51 ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW YORK TIMES ►>TENNIS Swiss too good for Roddick as he guns for 84-year record at US Open New York ANDY Roddick played as perfect a game as he could on Wednesday. The trouble was, against Roger Federer, Roddick's best was not quite good
      • 63 51 JAKARTA: Veteran Singapore golfer Poh Eng Wah shot a one-under 71 at the inaugural Asean Tour's US$5O,OOO (5576,500) International Championship yesterday. His three-over 147 total puts him just four shots off the lead held by Filipino Marvin Dumandan (73) and Malaysian Shaaban
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      • 60 51 YANGON: Singapore's women's football team lost 0-3 to Myanmar yesterday, in their opening Asean Football Federation Championship game against the hosts. Playing in heavy rain, the Lionesses did well to deny Myanmar more goals after the interval. They play Thailand tomorrow. The Thais thumped Laos
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    • 540 51  -  Jeanette Wang SHOOTING By CAROL Lee can match the top guns in shooting, but the international stage will have to wait a few years for the 15-year-old to make her entry. Yesterday, at the Singapore Open Shooting Championships women's 10-metre air rifle event,
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    • 336 52 PHOTO: REUTERS »GOLF By Marc Lim Sports Correspondent SOUTH Korean golfer K.J. Choi (right) is the latest star name in the Barclays Singapore Open. Widely regarded as one of the most successful Asian golfers to play in the USPGA Tour, the inclusion of
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    • 478 52 ASSOCIATED PRESS, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Chicago FORGET the annuity for the winner, and the PGA Tour's Wanamaker Trophy sitting on a stand at the first tee box. All the enticement Tiger Woods needs is someone to show him the money. Said the world No 1: "How great