The Straits Times, 18 June 2007

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  • 607 1  -  Salma Khali k Only 52,000 out of 1 million tap fund, with most of them being diabetics By Health Correspondent ONLY 52,000 people out of an estimated one million with chronic illnesses have taken advantage of a rule change that allows them to
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  • 628 1  -  Fiona Chan By Property Reporter AN ARDMGkE Park condominium has just smashed the record for the most expensive collective sale in Singapore less than a week since the last record was set. The Ardmore, a 24-unit freehold property off Orchard Road,
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  • 1071 1  -  May Yip UPFRONT By JOSTLING with housewives at a wet market. Check. Having your pulse taken by a Traditional Chinese Medicine physician. Check. Wincing through an eye-brow-threading session. Check These are experiences waiting to be savoured by tourists game for the Great
    LIM SIN THAI  -  1,071 words
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    • 47 1 Why he shed Businessmen detained -"r' ■nSSß^JfcM^j Shanghai will overtake m.^^ *M i s wacky x on yacht in Indonesia tX^SEJSZ^^^SPB Spore as world's persona £l te" StOrY Hk 9 H No* 1 port: PSA chief W IN UFE! JBSkJLjI HOME PAGE H1 "^PWWf^TS MONEY PAGE H2O
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    • IN A FLASH
      • 46 2 Metal mania Surging global demand for metals has resulted in price spikes, with thieves making off with eveiything from manhole covers to undersea cables. PAGE 6 'Cost* of going green An environmental activist in China is paying a heavy price tor his cause. PAGE 8
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      • 22 2 Saudi surge Saudi Arrbia is catching up with its more high-profile neighbours, with plans for six new economic cities. PAGE 13
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      • 33 2 Non-stop learning Continuing education for Eharmacists, pending a tw change, is no different from other classes of professionals having to upgrade themselves constantly as the knowledge validity cvde gets ever shorter. PAGEI9
        33 words
      • 25 2 Flu fighters Asean+3 could provide an institutional framework for mobilising resources in the region to enhance preparedness in a bird flu pandemic. PAGE 19
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      • 79 2 Trip turned sour A decision not to clear immigration at Batam led to seven Singaporeans being detained on board their yacht by the Indonesian navy. PAGE HI No price hike More than 500 coffee shop owners have pledged to keep prices steady after the GST increases next month. PAGEH2
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      • 55 2 Lawfully done In all detentions under the Internal Security Act, the due process of law is observea, says the Home Affairs Ministry. PAGE H9 Don't overcool The temperature in buildings should ideally be between 22.5 deg C and 25.5 deg C, say the National Environment Agency and the Building
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      • 29 2 Win in sight? Tiger Woods fired a brilliant 69 for a 214 total to be just two strokes off leader Aaron Baddeley in the US Open. PAGE HlO
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      • 32 2 Record for PSA. but... PSA Singapore Terminals moved a record 2.28 million containers last month, but Singapore may lose its spot as the world's busiest port to Shanghai next year. PAGEH2O
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    • 169 3  -  LIN XINY' Since becoming a lifeguard in 1995, Mr Gilbert Louis has rescued 40 people. Earlier this month, he was called into action again this time, to save his four-year-old son Brian. Mr Louis, 37, said the little boy had ventured into the water during a
      NGSORLUAN  -  169 words
    • 586 3  -  Ravi Velloor SINGAPORE'S UNSUNG HEROES, HOME PAGE 113 They are now seen as separate entities when investing in Indian banks By India Bureau Chief In New Delhi TEMASEK Holdings and the Government of Singapore Investment Corp (GIC) will be treated as separate entities
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    • 468 3  -  Clarissa Oon By China Correspondent In Beijing CHINESE police have arrested 168 people accused of trafficking in slave labour for illegal mines and brick kilns in northern and central China, state media reported yesterday. Among them was brickworks foreman Heng Tinghan, who
      468 words
    • 519 4  -  Lorna Tan Banks cannot roll over such fixed deposits if their interest rate is below the CPF rate By Finance Correspondent INVESTORS who place their retirement savings in fixed deposit accounts in banks will no longer be worse off when the
      519 words
    • 532 4  -  Adeline Chia By Arts Reporter YOUNG violinist Gabriel Ng has added another feather to his cap. The 12-year-old came up tops in vis age group, the intermediate categoP/, at the 14th Andrea ostacchini International Violin Competition in Fermo, Italy, last month.
      EDWARDUS NG  -  532 words
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  • ASIA
    • 759 6  -  Paul Zach Problem spreading worldwide as surging demand drives up prices By Straits Times US Bureau In Cleveland (Ohio) IN CHINA, the theft of electrical cables has disrupted the entire country's communications network. In India, a coin shortage gripping the eastern Indian city of Kolkata
      THE STAR  -  759 words
    • 260 6  -  ROGER MITTON FISHERMEN who plunder undersea cables connecting Vietnam to the outside world may face the death penalty. Last week, policemen investigating the theft of more than 30km of high-tech fibreoptic cables called for severe punishments in an effort to deter further
      260 words
    • 277 6  -  CAROLYN QUEK ON FRIDAY niaht, a contractor left nine rolls of electrical cable wires in his van at a carpark in Telok Blangah Heights. The next morning, the rear windscreen of his car had been removed, and the wires worth $1,500
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    • CHINA
      • 764 8  -  Chua Chin Hon He has lost his job. faced harrassment and been detained by the police By China Bureau Chief In Zhoutie Township (JIANGSU) ince, particularly those living in Wuxi city and neighbouring townships like Zhoutie where Mr Wu grew up. But since the
        CHUACHIN HON  -  764 words
      • 314 8 BERNAMA, REUTERS Hanoi BIRD flu has killed a 20-year-old Vietnamese man, the first death in the country from the virus since late 2005. And in Hong Kong, the government closed a pet bird market yesterday after a bird there was found to be carrying
        BERNAMA,; REUTERS  -  314 words
      • 180 8 ASSOCIATED PRESS, BLOOMBERG Taipei TAIWAN'S legislature has approved the budget for fiscal 2007 including parts of a US arms purchase amid mounting public complaints about funding shortages due to delay in approval. Parliament approved a reduced NT525.7 billion (Ssl.2 billion) US arms package, but a
        ASSOCIATED PRESS,; BLOOMBERG  -  180 words
      • 499 9 REUTERS, ASSOCIATED PRESS Pyongyang's invitation to lAEA inspectors takes it closer to getting fuel aid in return Seoul FUEL aid and talks aimed at coaxing North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons programme could move ahead in coming weeks, the US nuclear
        REUTERS,; ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  499 words
      • 354 9 Hong Kong WHEN you add a dash of Japanese shichimi pepper to add oomph to your ramen you may be getting more than you bargained for. Traces of the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis have been found in tainted shichimi spices, according to Hong
        354 words
      • 36 9 Robot "Tiro" is master of ceremonies at the wedding of engineer Seok Gyeong Jae (left), one of its designers, and his bride yesterday at Daejeon, 130 km south of Seoul. PHOTO AFP
        AFP  -  36 words
      • 188 9 ASSOCIATED PRESS, REUTERS Tokyo JAPAN and the US plan to allow private defence contractors to directly share information and technology to speed up the development of new deterrents, the Nikkei business daily reported yesterday. Currently, the two countries have to sign an agreement
        ASSOCIATED PRESS,; REUTERS  -  188 words
      • 490 10 ACENCE FRANCE PRESSE Judge's supporters keep up pressure on Musharraf to end crisis over suspension Faisalabad (Pakistan) THOUSANDS of Pakistanis braved the rain here yesterday to cheer the country's top judge, keeping the pressure on President Pervez Musharraf to end a crisis
        ACENCE FRANCE PRESSE; REUTERS  -  490 words
        • 118 10 REUTERS BELGRADE: A Serb police general, indicted for crimes against humanity over the killings of Kosovo Albanian civilians in 1998-99, has been arrested, Serb media said yesterday. Vlastimir Djordjevic was taken into custody in Montenegro, Serb media quoted The Hague war crimes tribunal as saying. He
          REUTERS  -  118 words
        • 92 10 ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW DELHI: Police have arrested a man for allegedly aborting 260 mostly female foetuses without a licence for the past 13 years. The accused earned up to 20,000 rupees (Ss76o) for each prenatal sex determination and abortion in the north-eastern state of Haryana, TTie
          ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  92 words
        • 127 10 AGCWCE FRANCE PRESSE TAIPEI: The head of Taiwan's Eastern Group was released on bail after a grilling by prosecutors over his role in one of the island's largest financial scandals, local media reported yesterday. Media magnate Gary Wang was released on bail of NT$lOO
          AGCWCE FRANCE PRESSE  -  127 words
        • 102 10 REUTERS BEIJING: ChuL. g forecasters warned yesterday about possible flooding and landslides in the nation's west as summer rains continued to menace lives, with eight farmers missing after one village was struck. in past weeks, heavy rains and floods have lashed the nation's densely populated
          REUTERS  -  102 words
      • 641 11  -  Ravi Velloor China hasn't added any new elements to complicate talks on disputed border By India Bureau Chief In New Delhi CHINA has not added any new elements to complicate negotiations on its disputed border with India, contrary to some reports,
        641 words
      • 131 11 MR PRANAB Mukherjee, 71, was appointed India's External Affairs Minister in October last year. It is the second time he has held the portfolio This is his sixth term in Parliament, but his first in Parliament's powerful Lower House, or Lok Sabha, which is directly elected.
        131 words
      • 1113 11 NO INDIAN Cabinet Minister is as experienced, or keeps so busy, as External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee. The politician from West Bengal state has served previously in the commerce, finance and defence ministries and currently heads dozens of government committees. He is also
        AFP  -  1,113 words
      • 600 12  -  Carolyn Hong Concern over too many universities causing drop in academic standards By Malaysia Bureau Chief In Putrajaya IT MAY look incongruous, but it is not uncommon in Malaysia to find a university housed in an office block or even in a row of shop
        600 words
      • 60 12  -  CAROLYN HONG 20 public universities 32 private universities and university colleges 35 community colleges 20 polytechnics 145,000 graduates and diploma-holders are produced annually. About 29 per cent of Malaysians aged 18 to 23 are pursuing certificate, diploma or degree education. 50,000 foreign students are enrolled in
        60 words
      • 213 12 BERNAM* Kuala Lumpur PRIME Minister Abdullah Badawi and his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, have said that the main campus of Universiti Malaya (UN!) should remain in Lembah Pantai in Kuala Lumpur and not make way for a proposed commercial development. "The
        BERNAM*  -  213 words
      • 427 12 ASSOCIATED PRESS Bangkok ANTI-GOVERNMENT protesters demanded yesterday that the coup leaders who ousted Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra resign, and called for immediate elections. The demands, delivered in a letter to military headquarters, came a day after several thousand protesters, mostly Thaksin supporters,
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  427 words
      • 300 12  -  Chow Kum Hor By Malaysia Correspondent In Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIAN police have rejected claims that the bomb blast at the Puduraya bus terminal here on Friday night was the work of militants from southern Thailand. Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Department chief, Senior
        300 words
      • 368 12 ASSOCIATED PRESS, THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK, BERNAMA Kuala Lumpur AN INDONESIAN housemaid who claimed she was beaten by her Malaysian boss tried to escape by climbing out through the window of a 16th-floor apartment using a rope made from pieces of cloth, news reports
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  • Page 6 Miscellaneous
    • 26 6 Green activist detained Wu Lihong, who fought a lonely battle to save Jiangsu's Lake Tai from polluting factories, is now facing charges of extortion. PAGE 8
      26 words

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    • 733 13  -  Andrew White Bold plan for six economic cities aimed at reducing reliance on oil By For The Straits Times In Dubai SAUDI Arabia, the slumbering giant of the Middle East, is catching up with its more high-profile neighbours with plans for six new economic
      SAGIA  -  733 words
    • 689 14  -  Suj>an Sachs She wants to replace Hollande, her companion, as head of the party By For The Straits Times In Paris THE badly divided French Socialists, sure of defeat in yesterday's parliamentary elections, are gearing up for a bruising leadership battle that will
      REUTERS  -  689 words
    • 452 14 NEW YORK TIMES San Francisco HAS online retailing entered the Dot Calm era? Since the inception of the Internet, online commerce in the United States has enjoyed hypergrowth, with annual sales increasing more than 25 per cent overall. But in the past year,
      NEW YORK TIMES  -  452 words
    • 769 15  -  Jonathan Eyal Press behaviour changing in digital age as news and opinion converge By Straits Times Europe Bureau In London FEW politicians epitomise the media-driven age of politics more than Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair. But, as he prepares to leave office in
      769 words
    • 188 15 ASSOCIATED PRESS OUTGOING British Prime Minister Tony Blair is being proposed as the European Union's first full-time president by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, but Mr Blair's office said he did not want the job. The Financial Times on Saturday said Mr Sarkozy had discussed
      ASSOCIATED PRESS; REUTERS  -  188 words
    • 653 16  -  Abraham Rabinovich Israel willing to work with Fatah in West Bank but will cut links with Gaza By For The Straits Times In Jerusalem THE Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip last week has created a new regional map on which Palestine is
      653 words
    • 372 16 REUTERS. ASSOCIATED PRESS Kabul A TALEBAN suicide bomber blew up a police bus in the Afghan capital yesterday, killing around 35 people in one of Kabul's deadliest explosions in recent months amid rising nationwide violence. The blast tore apart the bus, wrecked several
      REUTERS.; ASSOCIATED PRESS; AFP  -  372 words
      • 284 17 AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE US ASTRONAUT Sunita Williams has set a record for the longest uninterrupted space flight by a woman, as mission controllers confirm the shuttle Atlantis fit for the voyage home after repairs. As at 0547 GMT on Saturday, the
        AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE; AP  -  284 words
      • 226 17 ASSOCIATED PRESS THIS year, like the past 38 years, Mr Shivcharan Jatav tried to pass his lOth-grade high school exams and failed again. The 73-year-old from western India is undeterred, vowing to try again next year in the hope that an education
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  226 words
      • 200 17 THE self-proclaimed godfather of Sudoku wants to spread the popularity of Japanese logic games to puzzle fans worldwide. Mr Maki Kaji, president of the Tokyo-based Nikoli games company, hat teamed up with a publishing company to print puzzle books featuring games such as the Japanese
        REUTERS  -  200 words
      • 214 18  -  CAROLYN HONG WORLD WHAT IT IS THE sensational trial of political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda for allegedly abetting the murder of a Mongolian woman starts today, after it was postponed two weeks ago because of a last-minute change of prosecutors. Attorney-General Tan Sn Abdul
        »l  -  214 words
      • 164 18  -  TANYA FONG SINGAPORE WHAT IT IS FORMER Nation?! Kidney Foundation (NKF) chief executive T T Durai is expected to be sentenced in court this Thursday, after being found guilty last week of deceiving the charity by submitting a fake $20,000 invoice. Durai, 58, faces
        SES  -  164 words
      • 129 18  -  ALFRED SICW WHAT IT IS ASIA'S biggest infocomm trade show, the imbX (Infocomm Media Business Exchange), opens its doors today, showcasing the latest in Internet television and other upcoming technologies. The annual technology festival, which incorporates the CommunicAsia, Broadcast Asia and Enterprise IT shows,
        129 words
      • 184 18  -  AUDREY TAN WHAT IT IS THE World Economic Forum (WEF) on East Asia brings together political and business leaders for two days of dialogue in Singapore, from Sunday. Top political leaders expected to attend include Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Senior Minister Goh
        AP \  -  184 words
      • 218 18  -  ROGER MITTON WHAT IT IS VIETNAM'S President Nguyen Minn Triet arrives in Now York today at the start of a week-long visit to the United States at the invitation of President George W. Bush. From New York, President Triet will travel to Washington on
        AP  -  218 words
      • 180 18  -  CLARISSA 00N WHAT IT IS CHINA and the United States will hold their fourth strategic dialogue in Washington on Wednesday and Thursday. Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo and US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte will co-chair the dialogue, which is a
        AFP  -  180 words
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  • Page 13 Miscellaneous
    • 25 13 Truth in Blair's criticism British Prime Minister's attack on the media deserves serious consideration as the fine distinction between news and opinion blurs. PAGE 15
      25 words

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      42 words
    • 292 16 A SOYOUTHINK JK YOU CAN TRADE liX I^r flrl fS* you can truthfully answer "yes" then there is I o/^RV J need for you to read any further. EMMAjUUUi&J BfWHBmiH However if you are one of the many who are ffffi^^yyp^|yy^ l^BuiillLiaJLli^BH constantly struggling to make any sense of your
      292 words

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    • 318 17 a^^jrTr^^Mlßlfl WilMUfflllP^^aH I a*Hrt am^l I jWa I it* II f\ Pll B^^. *^^V I B^B^BM fy M^k H^^^^^^^^l HP^^^^^^^H I BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBb BB^^^Bl Milt LMttWf Black ■■■111 l ■MAyg|i|i|A^ HIOtA DIRECTOR CHAIR f J B^^Tb^^^TSt^TTSt^Ti _7 rM ib r^M« c« nr bbbbbbl tV r m»T CHAW ••CWTAMV CHAM IWJ) I
      318 words
    • 420 17 Doll House Mabou Mines (USA) 1 Extra show added Legendary director Lee Breuer transforms Ibsen's bourgeois tragedy into a high comedy with deep bite. Women tower ■H^^B^V^^M over the men who stand no taller than just SyJ over four feet. Physical intensity, emotional BL «l violence and pained recognition are
      420 words

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    • 281 18 Managing Yourself as an Asset to Your Company I •21 June 2007 (Thu) 9am to spm SPH News Centre I Discover how to manage yourself as a talent integral to 5 Vs Z* your company for strategic career progress. Add value to your organisation and maximise your potential. I M^^^
      281 words
  • Page 18 Miscellaneous
    • 278 18 MONDAY MOSCOW: Malaysian Prime SEOUL: South Korea is set to Minister Abdullah Badawi to FRIDAY begin planning to ship fuel oil to meet Russian President Vladimir SINGAPORE: RSIS North Korea in return for Putin. Distinguished Public Lecture by Pyongyang taking initial steps to Indonesia's Trade Minister Man shut down its
      278 words

    • 385 19 CONTINUING professional education for pharmacists, soon to be compulsory here as in most developed countries, is no more and no less than an inevitable progression to upgrade practitioners' competence for the benefit of consumers. It will certainly help in Singapore's ambitions to be a regional
      385 words
    • 847 19  -  Lee Kuan Yew CURRENT AFFAIRS By CHINA has been courting its neighbours, and although the Chinese did not coin the phrase "soft power", they have exercised it with consummate skill. Only the United States and Japan have expressed concern and asked China what its intentions are regarding
      LUDWIG ILIO  -  847 words
    • 854 19 HEALTH ISSUES By Chan Chee Khoon For The Straits Times EARLIER this year, Indonesia decided to withhold its bird flu virus samples from the World Health Organisation's collaborating centres, pending a new global mechanism for virus sharing that had better terms for developing
      AP  -  854 words
    • 1218 20  -  Anthony Paul AWESOME AUSTRALIA By Senior Writer AUSTRALIA'S federal government a conservative Liberal-National coalition led by Prime Minister John Howard is obliged by law to hold elections no later than early 2008. The current betting is that Mr Howard will fix an election date shortly
      sdgsd  -  1,218 words
    • 798 20  -  Robert J. Shiller EXUBERANT BRAZIL By BRAZIL'S stock market, as measured by the inflation-corrected Bovespa index, has more than quadrupled in value since President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva's first election victory in October 2002, and is now at almost twice the peak achieved in 2000.
      798 words
    • 841 21  -  Thomas L. Friedman NEW YORK TIMES »CALL TO BOYCOTT ISRAELI UNIVERSITIES By TWO weeks ago, I took part in commencement for this year's doctoral candidates at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The ceremony was held in the amphitheatre on Mount Scopus, which faces ihe Dead
      NEW YORK TIMES; AFP  -  841 words
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    • 38 19 Looking good Polished performer Kevin Rudd may just lead the opposition Labor Party to victory in Australia's next elections. PAGE 20 PUNCHLINES %ook vrr^)} 1 3HBWM 7_ ..TTLE ROOM Co X pfePKTV SB3BK HHA7S- UP C M X
      38 words

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    • 306 20 I mm m\ m^TIM f^T I We strongly believe that Mind Edge's FUNtastic* Achiever's techniques world Both Xuan Qrs and Xuan Jingfs results skyrocketed from average to outstanding after attending the programme. Not only was the transition from primary to secondary school made easier but both Xuan Qi and Xuan
      306 words
    • 154 20 9S w^^^^^^^J"^ A^xl- /nil 1-) 1? P*"^ of Ruby and Di«mond IPuT Pendent Earrings T^S«^ Sold for U552,405,480 Selling at Sotheby's In preparation for 2007 Fail Auctions in Hong Kong, Sotheby's Jewellery and Watches Specialists will be visiting Singapore during the following periods to offer free appraisals and valuations, without
      154 words
    • 58 20 Add Buzz to your life! Now there's 4 Cool reasons to Buzz with us! Receive a free gift whenyini purchase any iuwvpaper A> a Yeo's drink. <fe get a free goodie hag. Receive a oopyofTbe New Paper free with every iCeU WiFl aoooWt Head to V^Tfe^ CATS FASTADS in The
      58 words

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    • 32 21 Cut ■>, costs 3 How to "St save on -j^- phone bills r*i« m when you --111. travel Head to w^4 CATS FASTADS In Wjf The New Paper for beauty [•'/VT^ haircare services!
      32 words
    • 280 21 Krar AVIVA guaranteed foa months 2 on your CPF savings, wait? BIG c is a single premium endowment plan that offers: Interest that*s always higher than CPF's existing rate' fc -I 100% capital sum guaranteed BQ I^^^SB Jrl No lock-in period ■fefct- l^^^fl No sales charges and withdrawal fees '^ttM^Li^^
      280 words

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    • 498 22 Weekday Special Regular Price: $45 MMjHM GRANAS chair 1^ |Sjflsßß» Flax straw seat. 1 Black painted steel frame. I W4lxD49, HB6cm I Offer valid from 18-22 Jun 2007. limit—l to 6 pcs per customer While «tock« la«t I 817 ALEXANDRA ROAD »Q TAMPINBS NORTH DRIVB 2 PgL OPEN. 10AM 10PM
      498 words
    • 9 22 My first lovb MdtfMßfetottftsthft MM wfui IR6 L OXP«IiMC6
      9 words
  • Page 22 Miscellaneous
    • 652 22 RYI. Singapore today Partly cloudy, showers with thunder in the afternoon affecting mainly northern, eastern and western Singapore. THE STRAITS TIMES MONDAY, JUNE 18 2007 ASIA WORLD WEATHER w USEFUL NUMBERS 2^ Civfl Deftra (Fire, Rescue and Emergency jß^^^^^^Jj^B .1 ?TTlnt AmbutoKgU !T555 MV^^fc. '*%s\^ms3m Jl £r«y SP PoroGnd (to
      652 words
    • 108 22 sdgdsfg THIS DAY IN HISTORY NAPOLEON DEFEATED 1815. British and Prussian forces defeat Napoleon Bonaparte's army at Waterloo in Belgium. The French defeat at Waterloo ends 23 years of war which had begun with the French Revolutionary Wars in 1792. »SAFTI OPENS 1966. The Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute (Safti)
      108 words

  • HOME
    • 760 23  -  Sujin Thomas Failure to clear immigration at Batam landed group in hot water By WHAT was meant to be a week of scuba-diving in pristine Indonesian waters turned sour for a group of prominent Singaporean businessmen when they were detained by the
      DESMOND WEE  -  760 words
    • 476 24  -  Lynn Lee Four supermarket chains also pledge not to raise prices after July 1 measure By DESPITE the impending goods and services tax (GST) hike, a cup of coffee, tea or Milo at your neighbourhood coffee shop will cost the
      476 words
    • 316 24 ALLOW cable TV subscribers to opt out of thencontracts, urged Singapore's consumer watchdog yesterday. With the impending increase in Star Hub's charges, Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, president of the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case), revealed that they have written to
      316 words
    • 241 24 A group of 11 friends headed in four cars to the Jalan Anak Bukit flyover early yesterday morning to help some others who had been involved in a minor traffic accident. But the show of camaraderie cost them some pain three of them were
      JOYCE FANG  -  241 words
    • 107 24 A silver Premier cab crashed into the void deck of Block 210, Bishan Street 22 yesterday. Salesman Thomas Toh, 27, was relaxing in his living room in the next mock, when he heard a loud screeching sound followed by a bang
      STOMP/READER ROBIN LOI  -  107 words
    • 411 24  -  Maria Almenoar By ON THE table at an extraordinary general meeting (EOGM) of the Singapore Swimming Club yesterday was a motion of no-confidence against club president Bernard Chan. He survived it: It was 152 for him, and 102 against. At issue during the 3V2
      411 words
      • 121 24 A WOMAN in her 70s on the way home to her Choa Chu Kang Avenue 2 flat lost $70 to a snatch thief on Saturday. The culprit came from behind her just as she was about to enter the lift at Block 252, and pushed
        121 words
      • 84 24 A FIRE broke out at the open carpark of Block 219, Boon Lay Avenue early on Saturday. The police said they received a call about three cars being damaged by fire at about 2 30am. Singapore Civil Defence Force officers who arrived five minutes later
        84 words
    • 542 25  -  T. Raja?j Council to head there in October to learn how it cut drowning deaths By MEMBERS of the new-ly-formed National Water Safety Council (NWSC) will be headed to Western Australia in October for a first-hand look at Australia's approach to stemming the
      542 words
    • 156 25 THESE are some key strategies adopted by the Australian water safety body which may help Singapore's National Water Safety Council formulate its own battle plan to arrest the number of deaths by drowning here. WATER-SAFETY EDUCATION Set a target for all children to possess water competency according
      156 words
    • 619 25  -  Lin Xinyi By Eunice Quek SINCE 1998, 367 people have lost their lives in the water. But for every life lost, many others were saved, thanks to lifeguards. Ask Mr Loo Weng Yuen, who, at 73, is Singapore's oldest active lifeguard. The grandfather of
      ASHLEIGH SIM  -  619 words
    • 349 25  -  LIN XINYI By IT HAS been nearly three decades since Mr Davy Koh, now 52, had a close shave with death underwater and was revived by a lifeguard. But he remembers the incident like it just happened. It was 1978, and Mr
      ASHLEIGH SIM  -  349 words
    • 112 25 TO QUALIFY, lifeguards need the Bronze Medallion qualification. The Singapore Life Saving Society offers various modules to either become a lifeguard or upgrade the present certification. For more information, log on to www.slss. PRELIMINARY MODULE Award: Life saving 1, Life saving 2
      112 words
    • 565 26  -  Jamie Ec UNSW ASIA'S CLOSURE Legal letters have been sent to university detailing their demands By HE HAD a good life in Australia as professor of management at the Australian National University with a nice house in Canberra just 300 m away from where
      565 words
    • 314 26 DADS read to their children, played games in carnivals and even did craft work together, as they celebrated their special day yesterday. Father's Day for some took place at East Coast Park, where children listened intently as their fathers read them tales in the
      EOWIN KOO  -  314 words
    • 243 26 THE ancient Chinese exercise of qigong, usually practised by older Chinese, is getting popular with younger people and non-Chinese as well following a makeover that has introduced an updated music score, dance movements and instructions in English. Despite a drizzle yesterday morning,
      NG SOR LIMN  -  243 words
    • 409 26  -  Jeremy Au Yong By AS THE Malay-Muslim community looks to spread its wings overseas, Mendaki wants young professionals to provide the thrust by offering views and suggestions. The self-help group will solicit ideas from young professionals on how the community can ride the
      409 words
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    • 147 24 The Secret of Voluminous Looking Hair Trichological Treatments with European Herbs A l\ At TnchoKare- yo^wlM receive a customized I m tnchological treatment Much utilizes the finest J ■^■Bi nat^a| European ingredients (such as Nettle. I^^L^ Rosemary Burdock and Saw Palmetto) that fl f^B targets your hair and scalp concerns.
      147 words
    • 5 24 I TiPQFF V -***** J
      5 words

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    • 166 25 W WfSL rt .J J^* Choice of Workshop I sM——~^ I IMH\ tTi I |\f Q 4H^H o°/o0 °/o lnterest Instalment Plan 1 Hill I**^ f fc 24-hour Personalised Assistance ■M I More choice for smart drivers f| Miaf |lf rant nfftnißllfldfl I drivo™ NTUC Income's NEW Motor Insurance gives
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    • 205 26 ALBERTO?!^ AlllirON MANA6IMIMT INSTITUTI Bachelor of Business in Global Logistics and Transport With wen than 21 yaan of track record in logMtet •ducatton. AKwton is pioud to bnng you another degree that w« rmto a dW>mc4 to your Ha. Awards by me d«t.ngu«ned Victoria Orwersity (VU) one o» the leading
      205 words
    • 332 26 aj-r THE BEST MOST EFFECTIVE f— ™fiß ENTREPRENEUR COURSE <£ 180 cm 450T1 105 cm {***** $***** LBbV i 'HOW TO START YOUR M ZZJm ',JZ3J!!*' !°WN BUSINESS WITH MINIMUM CASH. M Wm ~^*^*^^^S^^^. H iWKMxaMtoT Mof» ttuc i« not m ttmi n iftiin 111 <?>—-' Majl >j F^L —n
      332 words

  • THE NewMarket
    • Article, Illustration
      464 28  -  KARON NG By i COURTS, Ikea and Giant are joining forces in a carnival to mark the official opening of their newest set-ups in Tampines Retail Park on Friday. Spanning two weekends, the celebrations will include lucky draws, an overnight queue party, meet-and-greet sessions with Spongebob Squarepants and
      464 words
    • 411 28  -  NARENDRA AGGARWAL By SINGAPORE-BASED Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd is one company thot takes corporate citizenship seriously. It is involved in several community projects to show its sincerity and commitment, a key feature of which is the participation of its 175 staff here
      411 words
    • Article, Illustration
      333 28 THE three Seiyu departmental stores here have seen a makeover since Beijing Hualian Group, the sixth largest retail group in China, bought the chain from Singapore's Capita Land in 2005. A new name BHG and its logo were unveiled recently with its tagline 'Be Here For
      333 words
    • Here Now
      • Article, Illustration
        65 28 WITH the opening of its first sleep boutique at IMM level 3, leading mattress manufacturer Scaly hopes that it will be the ideal showcase for its range of up-market luxurious mattresses. Scaly and its flagship brand Posturepedic claim to be products of superior quality. Hotels such as Four
        65 words
      • Article, Illustration
        101 28 MALAYSIA is celebrating her 50th year of independence with a bumper 11-week Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival between June 16 and Sept 2. Apart from bargains on fashion and accessories, electronic equipment and unique curios, there will be promotions, activities, events and contests held nationwide. Check out Mastercard's Retail
        101 words
      • 71 28 OFTEN dismissed for being fat- and calorie laden, nuts are actually a great source of nutrients, and they make tasty snacks when hunger pangs strike. At Camel, top quality nuts are either roasted in 100 per cent vegetable oil or baked, then lightly salted with no added
        71 words
      • Article, Illustration
        100 28 GATHER friends and family for an afternoon of cool crafts at iFOURUM on Level 4 of Takashimaya Shopping Centre. For kids aged 6 to 12 who are accompanied by an adult, try the Art on Glass class on Thursday, where you can learn to paint and decorate tealight
        100 words
      • Article, Illustration
        82 28 PROTECT the tender skin on ycur face and body from sunburn and skin darkening cancer and aging with Garnier's UV Protect face ano body lotions. Equipped with SPFSO and SPF 30 respectively, they boast natural ingredients such as anti-oxidant Vitamin E, anti-free radical agent water-lily extract and shea
        82 words
      • 98 28 APART from an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon XI3SO graphics card, LG's new Z1 (Dual) 12.1-inch widescreen notebook, also known as the Chocolate notebook, features Windows SideShow technology in Windows Vista. This gives users unlimited access to multimedia content and software
        98 words
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    • 560 29  -  Tessa Wong SOAPBOX Protecting the young by calling for controls on anything outside a fairy-tale life is just wishful fantasy By A RECENT letter to The Straits Times Forum page cited a disconcerting notion: that characters in Shrek 3 had espoused "wrong values".
      UIP  -  560 words
    • 42 29 MY FIRST... BUDGET You're finally done with university, and landed your first job but how do you make sure you don't end up in the poorhouse in the long run? Tessa Wong finds out. DESIGN BONG FORTIN
      BONG FORTIN  -  42 words
    • 903 30 MY LIFE The prospect of needing to continue working long past the traditional retirement age of 65 is becoming a reality that must be considered even at the start of one's career. Youthlnk writers weigh in with their takes No urge to splurge
      ST FILE PHOTO  -  903 words
    • 428 30  -  Goh Wen Zhong LETTERS HOME By THE past week saw me in mourning for the passing of the love of my life. It was a cruel blow in my time of need. She was there when I needed to share my troubles with someone.
      428 words
    • 389 30 TO-DO LIST 65 HOPE (Saturday, Bpm at The Arts House, www.theartshouse. Break out the hoodies and baggy jeans for a $10 entry with free CD, this hip-hop festival is not one to miss. Expect the who's who list to be at this one-night-only gig. 720 DAYS IN
      389 words
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    • 135 29 World-class education. ■^^^^^ffJ^^fflj^Bßs^^^^^^^^B One standard of excellence. As one of the top forty universities in the world' Monash launches thousands of successful international lAS B^ASAS BZaJ US P^iW aS^I careers each year Our Malaysia campus, established in 1998 brings together some of the best minds Efl l^fe I^B m the
      135 words

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    • 298 30 Clarti Aviation localadM r-ftMsfli I Clw* Airbo* In th* PMHpfXrM*. t Bjpj|a]H I no prior aviation experience fot If the new MPL Aviation Course. H^ ln o*l* y**f you can be a fully JwTf W^^m aW qu«t»nwj A 320 Co-pikx Imfl Apply today with full Uo-dau pH by •mail or
      298 words
    • 181 30 BBaaaf ■BmaVXaBOM CeSASiaaßVjl IniAIMLAA Lat^BV^tk^BaiaaaSeaa^aßt Amaakmm I I front jiikiy iraiiMv utcuuVi rrojrufi i I Earn $36,000* work in exerting places 5 star Hotel, Country Clubs, n—orta. Airports, I WM Cruise Ships in world's fastest growing industry RIGHT AWAY! 9 w% ipiiyi iiiiihimbihhlmllHb^bw I ■V* V I* flat a job
      181 words
    • 209 30 4* 4*- f C TOURISM MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE OF SINGAPORE *'4& (The offldal training arm of National Association of Travel Agents Singapore. HAT AS) Souttam Cross Untmvlty (SGU) ■■■nHH q I /Xa^»a*4^»^»» Masa\AAamAa^\ Urweraity and the UnIM Nattonei System of higher I fc l^a m^mma* W UfiH m^i i .I fc.,
      209 words

    • 590 31  -  Ton Yong Chuan DETENTION OF *DIV RADICAL* MR ANDY Soh Van Lee ("The case of DIV radical Abdul Basheer: An issue in search of answers"; ST, June 15) commented that "the detainees themselves have not had a chance to speak" and
      590 words
    • 356 31  -  Ong Seng Eng Tan Fian Chong WE REFER to the letter, "Beat the heat but tune down the air-con" by Mr Vincent Ng Teck Soon (ST, June 8) and would like to thank the writer for his feedback. We agree it is a waste
      356 words
    • 86 31 For more readers views, log on to httpy/www. strartetimesxcrn Access to letters online b free. Sing I ish can stay, but he edectic and judicious in using it Have designated cycle lane along roads 'Right of way* saga will not end until cyclists and pedestrians practise gractousness Reserve
      86 words
    • 191 31  -  Toh Boon Ngee POLICE would like to assure Ms Tan Siew Woan ("Were 10 racers putting Fl route to the test?"; ST June 12) that calls received from members of the pub Uc are important to us, and that we had responded to her information on
      191 words
      • 86 31  -  Gregory Hanna MY WIFE and I recently returned to Cyppis after our one-month visit to Singapore to attend our son's wedding. Without hesitation, I can say that Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world, as well as the cleanest. The town is
        86 words
      • 108 31  -  Christine Lim Shing Lee (Ms) ONE evening, while travelling in a taxi to my yoga class at Ngee Ann City, I realised that I had left my wallet at home. I had only 10 minutes before the class started. Cab driver Danny was sympathetic, and
        108 words
      • 72 31  -  Hong Bing Quan I WISH to compliment the Raffles Hotel for not forgetting to share its success with the less fortunate as it celebrates its 120 th anniversary this year On June 9,1 met groups of elderly folks being taken on a guided tour of the
        72 words
      • 67 31  -  Fua Kia Liang I AM writing to thank the commuters and staff at Lakeside MRT station who helped my wife on June 8 at 11.45pm, when she fainted on her way down the escalator. The commuters supported her and helped her to the
        67 words
    • 253 31  -  him Boon Seng I SELDOM travel so I usually buy a single-trip travel-in-surance plan when I do. However, because I had to travel three times this year, I decided to buy an annu-al-plan travel insurance as it appears more cost effective. This was done
      253 words
    • 182 31  -  Leong Sze Hian I REFER to Mr Goh Kian Huat's letter, "Woman killed by falling tree: CPF Home Protection Scheme may help family" (ST, May 24). According to the HDB's annual report, it provided financial assistance to 28,386 flat owners last year. So,
      182 words
    • 364 31  -  Bridget Lew (Mrs) I READ with interest the report, "Workplace injuries cover for all employees proposed" (ST, June 8). The Ministry of Manpower's latest proposal to cover all employees under the Workmen's Compensation Act, regardless of salary level and occupation, is
      364 words
    • 119 31  -  Muhd Sulaiman Kachik Mydin THE Government is trying to help those above 62 get a job or stay employed. For those in the late 30s to 40s, there are programmes to help them upgrade. What about the handicapped in the workforce? Wny are they left out?
      119 words
    • 336 31  -  Alfred Loo Swee Kian I REFER to the news article on the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) providing more protection for the canvas covered five tonne trucks ("Increased protection for troops"; ST, May 21). The level of protection is supposedly for
      336 words
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    • 122 31 ,-«^^tiT^S^HHP^ 4| Miss! Preview Time And Venue 9 Malaysia Singapore 1 10:00-19:00 15-17 Jun 2007 10:00-19:00 21-23 Jun 2007 I I Meeting Room 306, Kuala Lumpur SCCCI Auditorium, Singapore I B Convention Centre, Chinese Chamber of Commerce 1 I Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Industry.47 Hill Street. I I ***** Kuala
      122 words

    • 826 32 LOS ANGELES TIMES Woods fires a brilliant 69 for a 214 total to be just two strokes off leader Baddeley Oakmont (Pennsylvania) THROUGHOUT the history of major tournament golf, two kinds of rounds have been characteristic of the eventual winners. The first is
      LOS ANGELES TIMES; REUTERS  -  826 words
      • Article, Illustration
        350 32 AUSTRALIAN jockey Matt Pumpa saluted a welcome double at Kranji on Friday night when successful on victory Conqueror for Sam Chue and Khan for Bruce Marsh. It was' the 23-year-olds second Singapore brace this season after the one scored with Zambucca and Future Baby on April 20. Victory Conqueror
        350 words
      • 778 32 Race 1 R NWdwi <2) 1100 m 4 BRIGHTANDBEAUTIBJL S Sam 1 5 C»o»u>« Rockt. M »>— 2 J Kun Emma R fcMMB f Margin* IV4 lan i 1/2 lan Tana i (SI Mo* 4 v i Nta m tct can fct $5
        778 words
      • 462 32 Track Good to YlotcMng Race Grtffin* 1000 m No* 4 7 5 Wm $31 Place $13 SO. $20 FCT $44 PFT >4 51 $37 14-71 $10 15-7) «3 TCE $1331 TRIO 5212 Scratching* 10 Wmnar T-imerJ by P 0 SuPrvan Race) 2
        462 words
      • 76 32 HIS name is Zach Johnson. Remember him? The surprise winner of this year's Masters is not going to make it two Majors in a row. He shot a 76 on Saturday, and stands at 16-over 226. "I'd say my biggest headache is just the course set-up," he
        76 words
      • 68 32 STEVE Strieker shot his way back into contention with a 68 on Saturday, and is at six-over 216 through 54 holes. He is one of only six players who nave shot rounds of under par this week. He also shot a five-over 75 on Thursday. "You look
        68 words
      • 204 32 GET close to the top of the leaderboard at a Major, and European players know what is coming. When are you finally going to win one of these things? "It has to happen sooner rather than later," Justin Rose said on Satur- day, after shooting a
        204 words
      • 83 32 ASSOCIATED PRESS THE distraction is not always playing with Ti^er Woods. Sometimes, it is playing in the group in front of him. Jerry Kelly was on the par-three sixth tee when he saw a horde of journalists and security gather about 15 metres away to watch Woods
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  83 words
    • 465 32 A6ENCE FRANCE PRESSE Oakmont AARON Baddeley (above) rolled with the punches on Saturday, and was rewarded with the 54-hole lead in the US Open. It is a far cry from the 26-year-old Australian's two previous US Open appearancIn 2000 and 2004, he missed
      A6ENCE FRANCE PRESSE  -  465 words
    • 372 32 Third-round results (USA unless stated): 212 Aaron Baddeley (Aus) 72 70 70 214 Tiger Woods 71 74 69 215 Paul Casey (Eng) 77 66 72, Stephen Ames (Can) 73 69 73, Justin Rose (Eng) 71 71 73, Bubba Watson 70 71 74 216 Steve Strieker 75 73 68,
      372 words
    • 391 33  -  Tekrence Voon ATHLETICS By TRIPLE jumper Ma nam Shazana is making a habit of rewriting the national record. The Singapore Sports School student leapt across the sandpit at the Swift/Akira Annual Championships yesterday to capture the women's Open title. On her sixth
      ST FILE PHOTO  -  391 words
    • 588 33 MOTOR RACING F1 sensation keen to meet world's No 1 golfer, who is tracking his career Indianapolis IT IS not often that Lewis Hamilton gets flustered. But there was a discernible gulp as Formula One's first black driver found out that Tiger Woods was following
      REUTERS  -  588 words
    • 129 33 FORMULA One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has accused US Grand Prix organisers of doing little to promote the race, adding to the uncertainty about the future of the event. "They haven't done anything to really get behind it, have they?** he told Reuters on Saturday, when asked
      129 words
    • 423 33 LOS ANGELES TIMES "BASKETBALL Los Angeles VI JIANLIN, or, as Times magazine labelled him, the next Yao Ming, could decide the future of Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. It seems Bryant has again decided he wants out. Lakers owner Jerry
      LOS ANGELES TIMES  -  423 words
    • 339 33 LOS ANGELES TIMES. NEW YORK TIMES CYCLING London LANCE Armstrong is again having to deny using performance-enhanc-ing drugs. His latest denial follows Irish investigative journalist David Walsh's follow-up book on the American and drugs. Walsh had written a book in 2004 accusing \rmstrong of
      LOS ANGELES TIMES.; NEW YORK TIMES  -  339 words
    • 739 34  -  loe Pei Shan ARCHERY He pips Taiwanese crowd favourite by 1 point to win Asian GP compound title By In Taipei LEOW Ting Hao dared not look at the archery target board after releasing his last arrow in the gold-medal shoot-out of the Asian
      HOe PEI SHAN  -  739 words
    • 220 34 HOC PCI SHAM A recurve bow Roughly 30 per cent mechanical, 70 per cent human. This means 30 per cent of a shot relies on the bow, 70 per cent on the archer The only class of bow shot at the Olympics The ends
      HOC PCI SHAM; HOC PEI SHAN  -  220 words
    • 388 34 AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE BADMINTON Glasgow CHINA lifted the Sudirman Cup for a record sixth time yesterday. They beat Indonesia 3-0 in the final of the 10th world team championship. The opening mixed doubles rubber was extremely close. But China's Gao Ling and Zheng
      AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE  -  388 words
    • 255 34  -  JEROME SEOW POLO ARGENTINIAN star Fernando Bourdieu scored six goals, as the Royal Mewar team beat Singapore 8-3 to win the Cartier Le Maillet dOr Cup yesterday. The Indian team outclassed the hosts on the soggy turf at the Singapore Polo Club before some
      MUGILAN RAJASEGERAN  -  255 words
    • 305 34  -  TERRENCE VOON "TABLE TENNIS SINGAPORE'S Yu Mengyu may be only 18. But her trophy cabinet is already starting to bulge. The paddler's latest triumph arrived at the Volkswagen Open Korea in Seongnam on Saturday. She bagged the gold in the Under-21 women's singles, sweeping past
      305 words
      • 114 34 AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE LONDON: Hong Kong billionaire Carson Yeung is set to make further steps to purchase Premiership soccer club Birmingham. The businessman, who had already made a failed bid to buy Reading, has already had his representatives visit the club and examine the
        AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE  -  114 words
      • 64 34 REUTERS BANGKOK: Experienced striker Kiatisak "Zico" Senamuang will return to soccer's Asian Cup for the first time in 11 years after he was named in Thailand's squad for next month's Finals. The 33-year-old is expected to recover from injury in time for
        REUTERS  -  64 words
    • 591 35 SOCCER England coach was named in the fallout from the inquiry into irregular transfers London THE Football Association has cleared England coach Steve McClaren of having anything to do with dodgy transfer deals. His name was dragged into the fallout from the inquiry by
      591 words
    • 547 35 London IF NOT for his maturity, Jose Mourinho admitted that he would have quit as manager of Chelsea. As his relationship with owner Roman Abramovich deteriorated in January, Mourinho'sjob came under threat. The likes of Marcello Lippi, Guvs Hiddink, Frank Riikaard and Juande
      547 words
    • 335 35 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESS£ London FOUR of England's top footballers woke up as married men yesterday after a clutch of extravagant, glitzy nuptials dubbed the ultimate WAG wedding weekend. The antics of the so-called WAGs wives and girlfriends of England's footballers were as much the focus as
      AGENCE FRANCE-PRESS£; AFP  -  335 words
    • 291 35  -  Terrence Voon By GOMBAK United coach Salim Mom has every reason to smile these days. Currently in fourth place, his team are on course for their best finish in the S-League. "We are no longer a small club, we are a big club," said the
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    • 240 35 REUTERS London SHEFFIELD United's hopes of playing in the English Premier League next season will come before an arbitration panel today. The relegated club have blamed the league and West Ham United for their plight. The Blades were sent down on goal difference on the
      REUTERS  -  240 words
    • 71 35 WEST Ham striker Bobby Zamora has been arrested after allegedly frying to avoid a speeding ticket by pretending a friend was driving. He was held on Wednesday over allegations he gave false details in relation to police camera footage of a speeding car, reported The Sun. Everton have
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