The Straits Times, 7 April 2007

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  • 706 1  -  Neo Hui Mm Many could go thirsty as water supplies dry up More will die of floods, droughts and disease as early as 2050 By Straits Times Europe Bureau In Brussels TOP climate scientists issued their bleakest assessment yet on global
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  • 277 1 REUTERS Bangkok VIDEO-SHARING website YouTube will help Thailand block access to clips that are offensive to its revered monarch, a Cabinet minister said yesterday. The site had refused to remove a clip insulting King Bhumibol Adulyadej, which led the military-backed
    REUTERS  -  277 words
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  • Page 1 Miscellaneous
    • 131 1 Singapore Illicit I ~~1 By the people, I 5 ji dreamers J^^\ drug lab for the people r'^S Accounts of 24 friends and v Arrest of a Singaporean in I*2- An Indonesian journalist is *^^P NS mates on how they realised sJff. Johor adds to a growing jj 0 goes
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    • 629 2  -  Tracy Sua BOYS MISSING WHILE SWIMMING OFF PASIR RIS By THROUGHOUT one night and into the next, family members and friends of two boys missing in the sea off Pasir Ris did not budge from the spot where the duo
      CAROLINE CHIA  -  629 words
    • 848 3  -  Tan Hui Yee Timing of contract and relationship with contractor could decide price to pay By WITH prices of sand, granite and concrete now costing more than twice what they used to be, home buyers and home owners should expect
      STEPHANIE YEOW  -  848 words
    • 330 3  -  Dcvi Asmarani By Indonesia Correspondent In Karimun (Riau Islands) TUGBOAT owners fearful of having their vessels seized by the Indonesian Navy are having a knock-on impact on the granite industry here. Although there is no official ban on granite exports, the boat owners
      330 words
    • 150 4 Molten lava has been spewing out of one of the world's most active volcanoes on the French island of La Reunion, which lies in the Indian Ocean, about 220 km south-west of Mauritius. Reports said the red-hot lava cut roads in half, damaged homes
      AFP  -  150 words
    • 534 4 REUTERS, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE They say they were not in Iranian waters, and claim psychological pressure by captors Chivenor (England) THE 15 British naval personnel seized by Iran yesterday went back on their televised "confessions", saying that they had not strayed into
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  • Page 2 Miscellaneous
    • 234 2 CAROLYN HONG talk in kl Malaysian leaders have their work cut out in trying to convince the Malay ground in Johor that they will not lose Sout in the new Iskandar Development Region. H ASIA, PAGE 20 V JONATHAN EYAL world this week Free trade negotiations are never exciting but
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  • ASIA
    • 543 8  -  Dcvi Asmarani Attack was well-planned, say police; no suspects identified yet By Indonesia Correspondent In Batam THE motive for the blasts which rocked a Singa-pore-owned granite quarry last month was probably "business related", investigators said. They have also found traces of high explosives TNT and
      CHEW SENG KIM  -  543 words
    • CHINA
      • 506 10  -  Ong Hwee Hwee Proposal is part of govt bid to develop central and southern areas By Taiwan Correspondent In Taipei HOT on the heels of its proposal to build casinos, the Taiwan government is looking at plans to allow motor and horse
        506 words
      • 54 10 Washing their parents' —I 1 feet, pupils Carried OUt an exercise in filial t\ 1 piety at UOngnUayuan Primary School in Yanzhou City m eastern Jiangsu province on Thursday. The activity is part of [he class' gratitude education lesson, which teaches children to be grateful to
        XINHUA  -  54 words
      • 338 10 REUTERS Washington THE United States said yesterday that a way had been found to return frozen North Korean funds, an issue that has hindered progress on the nuclear disarmament talks. US nuclear envoy Chris Hill will head to Asia tomorrow to
        REUTERS  -  338 words
      • 270 10 ASSOCIATED PRESS, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, BLOOMBERG Beijing CHINA has extended criminal penalties for music and movie piracy to people caughi with smaller amounts oi DVDs or CDs, after foreign complaints that enforcemeni was too lax. With effect from Thursday, anyone caught with
      • 563 11 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE She will head trust fund set up to run late tycoon's Chinachem: Report Hong Kong THE sister of Asia's richest woman, Ms Nina Wang, who died this week, will take control of her real estate empire, a report said yesterday,
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  563 words
      • 368 11 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, XINHUA, CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK Beijing CHINESE Premier Wen Jiabao has called for talks with South Korea on a free trade area (FTA) to be fast-tracked ahead of his visit to Seoul next week. "China and South Korea should
      • 248 11 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Seoul PRESIDENT Roh Moo Hyun said yesterday that proficiency in English is crucial to South Korea's economic survival and vowed to build a nationwide infrastructure to teach the language. "English is a must in order to catch up with the globalisation
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  248 words
      • 737 12  -  Steven Ribet Hundreds of fortified towers and mansions stand out in rural Kaiping in Guangdong By For The Straits Times In Kaiping (China) CHINA has nominated Kaiping, a rural backwater in Guangdong province dotted with mini-castles, for a place on Unesco's list of World
        737 words
      • 331 12 BLOOMBERG Tokyo JOHNS Hopkins Hospital, taking advantage of the dissatisfaction of wealthy Japanese with public health care, has started a clinic in Tokyo that will charge as much as 2 million yen (5525,000) for a three-day medical check-up. The 2 billion yen
        BLOOMBERG  -  331 words
      • 679 13 REUTERS SUICIDE OR RAPE "We were told that if women were taken prisoner, we would be raped and that we should not allow ourselves to be captured." MS SUMIEOSHIRO, who tried to kill herself to avoid being caught by US soldiers at
        REUTERS  -  679 words
      • 386 13 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, ASSOCIATED PRESS Tokyo JAPAN will keep looking for ways to make amends to wartime sex slaves after dissolving a compensation fund that was shunned by most victims, the man who headed the fund said yesterday. The Asian Women's
      • 621 15  -  Ravi Velloor But forced land buyout will end and each zone will have 5,000 ha cap By India Bureau Chief In New Delhi TWO months after it froze permission for new Special Economic Zones (SEZ) because of a political backlash, India has
        621 words
      • 340 15 ASSOCIATED PRESS Islamabad PAKISTAN'S President Pervez Musharraf appears to be working out a deal with exiled former premier Benazir Bhutto which may help him hang on to power. General Musharraf has softened his stance towards Ms Bhutto with the announcement that
        ASSOCIATED PRESS; AP  -  340 words
      • 267 15 ASSOCIATED PRESS Islamabad A PAKISTANI cleric leading a Taleban-style drive against vice in the capital yesterday threatened suicide attacks if the government raided his mosque, and demanded the closure of brothels and video shops within a month. Maulana Abdul Aziz, speaking to a
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  267 words
      • 157 15 ASSOCIATED PRESS Sylhet (Bangladesh) POLICE in north-eastern Bangladesh have arrested a city mayor on corruption charges yesterday, as the mili-tary-backed government pressed its drive to wipe out graft among officials. Officials detained Badruddin Ahmed Kamran at his home in Sylhet city in front of scores
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  157 words
      • 578 17  -  Roger Mitton Police stop wives of dissidents from meeting US ambassador for tea By Vietnam Correspondent In Hanoi THE US Ambassador to Vietnam has criticised the communist regime for cracking down on prodemocracy activists. There are now fears that American anger
        AFP  -  578 words
      • 272 17 Bangkok THE operators of the pro-Thaksin People's Television (PTV) station will press ahead with a rally against the government and the Council for National Security (CNS) tomorrow. Mr Aree Krainara, PTV's business development manager, has written to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to
        272 words
      • 162 17 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Phnom Penh TWO teenage girls in Cambodia and Indonesia have died of bird flu as the virus continues to stalk Asia, the region hardest-hit since the disease emerged in 2003. A 13-year-old girl died on Thursday in eastern Cambodia along the
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  162 words
      • 790 18  -  Carolyn Hong Proper management can ensure win-win situation, says Sepang circuit boss By Malaysia Bureau Chief In Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA may soon have a Formula One grand prix rival in Singapore, but its sports officials refuse to be jittery. The Sepang
        790 words
      • 242 18 ASSOCIATED PRESS Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIAN online political commentators have formed a group to protect bloggers' interests after two of them were sued by a newspaper with close government ties. The National Alliance of Bloggers' main goal is to "protect bloggers" and to try to get
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  242 words
      • 415 18 ASSOCIATED PRESS Kuala Lumpur THE Islamic authorities have taken away the baby of a Muslim woman who is living as a Hindu in defiance of the law, officials said yesterday, in the latest case of religious conflict straining ties in
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  415 words
      • 168 18 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA has threatened to control the price of cigarettes to stop multinational tobacco sellers from lowering them to encourage smoking and sales. Health Minister Chua Soi Lek said he had given JT International, British American Tobacco and Philip Morris two
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  168 words
      • 1102 19  -  Carolyn Hong XL needs to win people over to merits of economic plan for Johor development By( Malaysia Bureau Chief In Kuala Lumpur JOHOR Menteri Besar Abdul Ghani Othman, known to be a reserved man, is rarely effusive about anything. And if
        AP  -  1,102 words
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    • 751 21 REUTERS CLIMATE CHANGE REPORT Idyllic spots could soon be wiped out experts say Colombo ENJOY your exotic Asian beach or skiing holidays while you can. In coming decades, warmer weather, rising seas, more intense storms and even changes in ocean currents will literally wipe some idyllic
      REUTERS; AFP  -  751 words
    • 343 21 REUTERS, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Brussels REPRESENTATIVES of various nations on the United Nations climate panel argued all-night before reaching an agreement on the final text of the report. Some scientists accused government delegates of watering down their findings and others complained about the changes sought by
    • 229 21 REUTERS THE United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released yesterday was the second in a series of four on climate change this year. The IPCC was set up in 1988 by the United Nations to help guide governments.
      REUTERS  -  229 words
    • 109 22 By 2100, the extent of Arctic sea ice could shrink by 22 per cent to 33 per cent, depending on emissions. Northern hemisphere permafrost is projected to decrease in extent by 20 per cent to 35 per cent by 2050, and seasonal thawing is likely
      109 words
    • 62 22 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Ecosystems such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Kakadu wetlands, rainforests and alpine areas will be altered. Water problems that already plague southern and eastern Australia will "very likely" increase by 2030. There will also be increased danger from forest fires, damage to major infrastructure
      AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  62 words
    • 302 22 REUTERS London CHILDREN will increasingly bear the brunt of global warming, a report said yesterday, while another said business was already feeling its effects. The Save the Children charity said up to 175 million children would be affected every year over the next
      REUTERS  -  302 words
    • 555 22  -  Arti Mulchand Vulnerability of Republic to be assessed in wake of latest UN report By DIRE measure for dire measure, the latest United Nations climate change report is being carefully scrutinised for the "inevitable" impact on Singapore. The second instalment of
      555 words
    • 697 23 REUTERS, ASSOCIATED PRESS, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Diplomatic end to stand-off on British sailors may bear more fruit London THE use of high-level diplomacy to end the stand-off over 15 British sailors held by Iran offers hope that progress can eventually be made towards a compromise
    • 444 23 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, ASSOCIATED PRESS Santorini (Greece) HUNDREDS of holidaymakers were evacuated from a Greek cruise ship that struck rocks off the island of Santorini and began listing. Nearly 1,600 passengers and crew used rope ladders and narrow gangways to leave the
    • 240 23 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Washington A SINGAPOREAN, one of six suspects arrested in two international weapons-smuggling cases in Guam, has pleaded guilty. The six are accused of trying to smuggle weapons from the US to Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka. Haniffa Osman, 55, became the
      AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  240 words
      • 119 23 REUTERS WASHINGTON: The World Bank's employee association has questioned the promotion and pay rise of a female staff member who it says is involved with bank president Paul Wolfowitz. In a letter circulated internally to staff on Tuesday, the bank's Staff Association demanded an
        REUTERS  -  119 words
      • 125 23 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE KUALA LUMPUR: The family of a Mongolian model brutally murdered in Malaysia is suing the government and three people accused in the case. Lawyer Karpal Singh said he would soon file a civil suit for damages for suffering, sorrow, and physical
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  125 words
      • 106 23 ASSOCIATED PRESS BEIJING: China is investigating US claims that a Chinese company exported contaminated wheat gluten implicated in a slew of pet deaths in the United States, a government official said yesterday. "We are investigating this," said Ms Zeng King, an official with the press
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  106 words
      • 98 23 ASSOCIATED PRESS BAGHDAD: A Iraqi suicide bomber driving a truck loaded with TNT and toxic chlorine gas hit a police checkpoint yesterday in western Ramadi, killing at least 25 people two of them policemen and wounding as many as 30, police in the Anbar
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  98 words
      • 260 24 ASSOCIATED PRESS US SERGEANT Dana Kline is so good at recruiting National Guard soldiers that he is set to make a small fortune U5594,000 (*****,000) in bonuses. Under the Guard Recruiting Assistance Programme, members of the auxiliary military are offered a
        ASSOCIATED PRESS; AP  -  260 words
      • 140 24 ASSOCIATED PRESS THE University of Massachusetts has never revoked an honorary degree, but it may soon consider taking one back from Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. Some students at the Boston campus have circulated a petition seeking revocation of Mr Mugabe's honorary doctorate, which he received
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  140 words
      • 141 24 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE THE French had a rare glimpse of their President's only grandchild, 11-year-old Martin Rey-Chirac, who was photographed next to his grandfather watching military exercises. The son of Mr Jacques Chirac's daughter Claude and Olympic judo champion Thierry Rey, Martin's photo appeared on the
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE; AFP I  -  141 words
      • 167 24 AN ELDERLY grandmother in Pennsylvania has pleaded guilty to pulling off a bank heist with an unloaded pistol in order to help her financially struggling son. Marilyn Devine, 76, held a National City Bank branch in Pittsburgh at gunpoint in March last year,
        AP  -  167 words
      • 598 25  -  Jonathan Eyal By FREE trade negotiations are never exciting. They involve dealing with tariffs or taxes on obscure goods and commodities, usually go on for years, and end with long, technical documents which few people apart from those who drafted them are able
        598 words
      • 251 25 THREE years ago, the world cheered as Ukraine's quasicommunist regime was toppled. The so-called "Orange Revolution" named after the electoral colours of the victors supposedly brought democracy to one of Europe's biggest states. Once again, crowds in the streets, people's power, triumphed. Yet this
        251 words
      • 147 25 A RESIDENT surveys the damage done to the town of Gizo after a tsunami struck the Solomon Islands early this week. Devastated islanders prayed for urgent relief at Good Friday services yesterday, as aid agencies stepped up warnings that diseases such as cholera and malaria could break
        : AP  -  147 words
      • 680 25 THE authorities in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou are about to complete their investigation into allegations that McDonald's, Pizza Hut and KFC restaurant outlets paid their student employees less than the mandatory minimum wage. The inquiry was prompted by allegations published in a
        680 words
      • 488 25 EXACTLY five years ago this week, Saudi Arabia's then Crown Prince Abdullah flew to Beirut for a summit of Arab governments. He presented a peace plan: If Israel withdrew from occupied territories, acknowledged the right of return for Palestinian refugees and allowed for the creation of
        488 words
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  • Page 21 Miscellaneous
    • 26 21 Cruise ship sinks Hundreds of holidaymakers are evacuated from a Greek cruise ship after it hits rocks off Santorini island and begins to sink. PAGE 24
      26 words

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    • 15 24 Why is he running after the bride at the National Stadium? M TOMORROW IN thesunday
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      1,036 words
    • 8 26 Elm having heart trouble. Can you cure it?
      8 words
  • Page 26 Miscellaneous
    • 1087 26 Singapore today {^£^?S§£iS^ |pNi^ M 1MB B^7^^ Partly cloudy, showers with thunder M 0 M 0 M 0 77/x///^/// in the afternoon over northern, ills' l/l western and central Singapore THE STRAITS TIMES SATURDAY, APRIL 7 2007 ASIA WORLD WEATHER USEFUL UMBERS SJJfSSi I RFmMro^ 1 r% Emergency lines DO
      1,087 words

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    • 197 27 IHFjW »L' J^t/"l^Hp^p£^^^pfc_/^KBS^pfcJl^pW^^^% IX.&\& J\Mrm6 Ml'\i I lr~'^"' *v-' r Experience a Distinctive Brand of Splendour River Valley Road Slf/^m Frasers Centrepoint Homes presents St.Thomas Suites, an iconic freehold condominium, V//^* standing 33 stories high, with a striking curvilinear profile a distinctive creation of the Overseas Family Sch iw/^ri renowned
      197 words

  • HOME
    • 655 28  -  Teh Joo Lin Man believed to be syndicate mastermind produced 2,000 tablets a day using off-the-shelf tools By' moment he stepped out of his rented townhouse apartment at 2am for a late-night supper. He had been careful not to arouse his
      655 words
    • 601 29  -  Tracy Sua One jumped in to save friends in trouble during wading session By SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD Senthil Prashanth was not a good swimmer, but he still swam out to try and save two friends when he saw them struggling in the waters
    • 262 30  -  CHUA HIAN HOU Officer in his late 20s knocked unconscious A POLICE officer manning a roadblock was hit by a taxi in the early hours of yesterday morning. The accident happened at 2.30 am along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. According to police
      EVANGELINE TAN/STOMP  -  262 words
    • 611 31  -  Jane Ng SPECIAL-EDUCATION SCHOOLS All special-education school teachers handling mainstream subjects will get such training By THE Ministry of Education will ensure that all 67 teachers teaching the mainstream curriculum in special-education schools have the training to do so. Currently, more than half 37
      BRYAN VAN DER BEEK  -  611 words
    • 201 32 ABOUT 4,000 worshippers observed Good Friday at St Joseph's Church in Victoria Street yesterday. A IV2 hour-long remembrance service conducted to mark the day that Jesus died on a cross moved some to tears. Towards the end of the service, altar boys took down
      DESMOND WEE  -  201 words
    • 469 32  -  Liaw Wy-Cin Top US varsity's holiday camps for Singapore students are becoming more popular By ABOUT 500 students here aged 11 to 18 have already had a taste of Stanford University. Since 2004, the prestigious American university has been running holiday camps for talented children
      469 words
    • 445 34  -  Alfred Siew Telco wants to join Star Hub and Sing Tel in providing bundled service packages By lechnoLogy Correspondent FIVE months after joining the broadband fray, cellphone operator Mobile One (Ml) is looking to offer even faster fixed-line broadband services and possibly
      445 words
    • 234 34 A NEW team has been elected to steer the Singapore Press Club. Among the new faces are Mr Patrick Daniel, first vice-president; honorary treasurer Dicky Goh; honorary assistant treasurer Elsie Chua and member Edward Tang. Among the rest of the 15-member management
      234 words
    • 93 34 Malaysia's Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin (second from left) visited the National Museum yesterday morning, after calling on Dr Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts. Datuk Seri Zainuddin visited the Under the Crescent Moon exhibition on Arab culture. He is in
      MUGILAN RAJASEGERAN  -  93 words
    • 554 35  -  Arlina Arshad Duped by agents, they arrive without home govt approval By CLUB manager Juliana Charles learnt a painful lesson when hiring a maid from Sri Lanka that there may be no redress if the agency there took a short cut and
      554 words
    • 68 35 More than 40 women ranging in age from their 20s to 40s were arrested in a series of raids that ended early yesterday morning. The police conducted the raids between 10.15pm on Thursday and 4am yesterday, in various parts of Geylang. Investigations are still going on
      DESMOND WEE  -  68 words
    • 355 35  -  Tracy Sua By JUDICIAL reforms from the 1990s that have modernised and improved the court systems here have been captured in a book published by the World Bank. And Singapore's experience can be a guide to similar reforms in other countries, noted
      355 words
      • 597 37  -  Tan Hui Yee Hit by sand price hike, they want new clause in contracts to cover price fluctuations By Housing Correspondent BUILDING contractors, hard hit by recent hikes in prices of sand, granite and concrete, are taking steps to protect their bottom line. Many
        AH  -  597 words
      • 579 37  -  Jessica Cheam By FOR the last few years, Madam L. Teo has been a real estate agent, matching properties to potential buyers. In the last few weeks, however, she has ventured into a rather different trade matching sand suppliers to potential buyers. Hooking
        579 words
      • 226 38 With the prices of sand, granite and concrete more than twice of what they used to be, what can home owners expect to pay? Properly type For a bungalow costing $2.5 million to build For a five-room HDB flat being renovated For a condominium unit
        226 words
      • 635 38  -  Joyce Teo What is more likely to drive the market higher is demand, not material costs By Property Correspondent THE cost of sand and concrete may be rising, but Singapore's property developers are not feeling the pinch yet. That is because they are
        635 words
    • 715 39  -  Radha Basu Big push by Central Spore CDC to help 22,000 financially vulnerable residents By THERE are around 22,000 vulnerable residents in the heart of Singapore who may need financial help, according to estimates by the Central Singapore Community Development Council.
      JOYCE FANG  -  715 words
    • 848 40  -  Liaw Wy-Cin Sourcing company here under investigation in Jamaica but insists it is completely above board By A MAN who wanted to place a notice inviting scholarship applications for American universities raised alarm bells at The Straits Times last week when he was
      848 words
    • 470 41  -  Lim Wei Chean Planned $40m overhaul will see shops with 'modern Asians' theme for Japanese expats By THE beat is on at Clarke Quay, and the 24-year-old Liang Court Shopping Centre wants to get back in the groove with a $40 million revamp starting next month.
      470 words
    • 596 42  -  K.C. VIJAYAN 5 parties fight over payment of $850,000 bill for damage to fountain caused by crane By IT WAS a publicity event gone wrong, when a crane lowering a new Mitsubishi Colt car tipped over, damaging Suntec City's Fountain of Wealth as a result.
      596 words
    • 61 43 Some 40 students from Pay a Lebar Methodist Girls' Secondary School added a splash of colour to the lives of students at the Pathlight School for the intellectually disabled. The student volunteers painted game designs devised by their peers on Pathlight's floor. The combined effort
      CAROLINE CHIA  -  61 words
    • 498 43  -  T. Rajan It is the best way for employers to try out disabled people for a particular job By TRY now, hire later that sums up internship schemes, and for disabled folk like wheel-chair-bound Choo Toh Choon, it has led to a full-time
      DESMOND FOO  -  498 words
    • 201 43  -  CHRISTL LI COME watch the UOB Ultimate Dragon Tug Showdown at the Singapore River on May 20. The United Overseas Bank-sponsored event will raise funds for charities that support children and the arts. Dragon Tug, created by sports-design company Fronterra, is an innovative adaptation of
      201 words
      • 744 45  -  Michelle Neo Charity facts Name of Charity: Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Singapore What it does/who it helps: The needy elderly and children, and women and children with mild intellectual disabilities Money it needs each year: $1,385,000 How it raises funds: Through fund-raising events,
        744 words
      • QUICK NEWS
        • 134 45 TWENTY-SEVEN children with life-threatening illnesses, and their families, were treated to a party by Gulf Air last month, marking the start of a collaboration for this year between the airline and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Among the beneficiaries was four-year-old Venus, who is suffering from leukaemia. She
          134 words
        • 96 45 THE Singapore Police Force raised close to half a million dollars via a Charity Dinner Show held at the Padang last Tuesday. The dinner was held together with an international show, The Crystal Mirror, and also included a performance by the Singapore Police Force band percussion ensemble. The
          96 words
      • 226 45 FAIR WITH A DIFFERENCE A fair featuring designer clothes, artwork and jewellery, among other things, will be held at the Fort Canning Centre in Fort Canning Park. Non-profit organisation Aidha is holding the event as part of its fund-raising and outreach campaign. Aidha helps women migrant workers primarily
        226 words
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      184 words
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      253 words

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      162 words

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    • 3 32 TOMORROW IN thesundaytimes
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      825 words
    • 41 35 P4_TU° FIND THE ONES JtS^H 1 -tiTu rJ THAT FIT' hnrT s s C^ Recruit the right people through CATS Recruit. T~ < V>^* JL__S I y rH Call 1800 289 8822 or email f I to advertise. P"^^ j C—4-*
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    • 235 36 kilt"" '^k'^l wTtlct t^^W^mWyWeWJaMaaiJtaa^^feMßWtfcg^gasaaaJS.-^— ffir^Ballul W^^^N^^^^^ |tt^ lllPflfc "ifF r^i^^^t^ k nr'*^ A M-■ Reflections at Keppel Bay Singapore's most daring new icon Every few decades, the world sees a new architectural wonder that redefines a city's skyline. And ever so often, an architect mesmerises the world with something so
      235 words

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    • 397 42 Easter Sunday CARPET AUCTION Renowned Iranian wholesale carpet merchant presents second auction in Singapore. 70 Handpicked, Quality Handknotted Carpets, Rugs Runners from Central Asia SUNDAY 8 APRIL 2007 THE REGENT SINGAPORE, 1 CUSCADEN ROAD ROYAL BALLROOM 1, LOBBY LEVEL Viewing 10am-12.30pm Auction Ipm PRPP PERSIAN HANDCRAFTED SHISHA klk k k
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    • 15 45 Head to CATS FASTADS in The New Paper for education options! WATS i BUYIT-SELLIT-FINDIT g
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    • 233 46  -  Ruvin Nair HAVING lived in Singapore "or many years, I found that :he complex linguistic environment here is not propiious to the learning of any anguage in early childhood :o a level akin to that of a naive speaker. This is unfortulate as
      233 words
    • 288 46  -  Heng Cho Choon READ with apprehension :he report, "2 Malaysian universities among 20 whose iocs can work here" (ST, Vlarch 30). While there is no ioubt that Malaysian doctors who have qualified from presigious overseas universities ire of a reasonable standard, :he
      288 words
    • 274 46  -  Low Chee Wee Michelle Anne Ng (Ms) WE REFER to the letter, "Why we lose out to Hong Kong" (ST, April 4), by Mr Kelvin Ong Kwee Beng. Robinsons and Simmons would like to clarify that the Simmons promotion featured on Robinsons' March 30 advertisement included
      274 words
    • 258 46  -  Tng Kok Khim »OF MINISTERIAL PAY AND BAD GOVT I REFER to the recent statements to the press by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew in which he described the scenario which would happen if Singapore were to lose the People's Action Party
      258 words
    • 359 47  -  Ho Kong Loon ►>PAY INCREASE FOR MINISTERS AND TOP CIVIL SERVANTS MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew spoke so plainly and pre:isely that dissenters to the Droposed salary increase for ninisters and top civil servants cannot but nod, albeit reuctantly, in assent at the sheer
      359 words
    • 310 47  -  Dr Quek Teo Hoe TO ME, our Cabinet ministers deserve to be paid more than they will ask. Singapore is the entrepreneur and the Cabinet members are the CEOs. Commercially, the return on investments (ROI) had been at sterling rates. Socially,
      310 words
    • 180 47  -  Ong Toon Hui (Ms) I REFER to the letter, "How is a multi-portfolio minister paid?" (ST, April 5), by Mr Png Eng Huat. Mr Png asked about the formula for computing the salary of a minister who holds two or more portfolios. A minister is
      180 words
    • 365 47  -  Mohamad Rosle Ahmad I AGREE with Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew that top-earning professionals, like Drs Ng Eng Hen, Vivian Balakrishnan and Balaji Sadasivan, deserve a fair and equitable compensation when they join the public service ("Put ministers' pay in perspective"; ST, April
      365 words
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    • 97 46 Tan Hwee Cheng (Ms) Centre Manager The Centrepoint Taiwan Some crabs can walk "vertically"^ Making Taiwan's local delicacies is easy Bathroom is the safest place to be during an earthquake Cow is the most hardworking animal in the farm And lots more for you to explore and discover... Embark on
      97 words
    • 77 46 PR R Ths The Tho Plaza BP9MM IWWM Paragon Hoeren Centrepolnt Slngapura KWB PVPPvW rmirlSl HHHP RIPWPVPVP^I^TtCP iP^BPWP ORCHARD SOMERSET DHOBY GHAUT CITY HALL L MRT MRT Fl MRT MRT BiQ ||Jj]|]j|||]l|Q^jSijy^^S WS y BPPPH!BWWSi*W^IBPPIfI!nnnfPWafiS I RESIDENCE f*j Fort CannlnQ Vk «River Valley 9 M ■SJ3 S3 Q*K VV Pri
      77 words
  • Page 46 Miscellaneous
    • 51 46 For more readers' views, log on to http://www. straitstimes.asia1. Access to letters online is free. Our leaders must not just have 'heart' but show 'heart' as well Address complaints about financial services industry before raising awareness Collective sales a nightmare for old folks Town councils, please educate irresponsible pet
      51 words

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    • 302 47 .JlBIS, To read more about energy trends and energy challenges, or if you wish E^&OFl IWIobl I to know more about our company, visit Taking on the world's toughest energy challenges!" HOME BY THE RESERVE H 7 mmW ffv.■ iTBr^itf^Br |L**=3LZ~ Jt-viftsfa. 'M mam "it'. Kbfmi^ f ;J*>^ <■•.--"
      302 words

    • 96 48 INSIGHT SPECIAL It's like turning on a tap. Singaporeans demand that their public sector works as reliably as their water supply. But delivering either is a painstaking process. Ask Tan Gee Paw, an engineer who has wrestled with the island's water insecurity for three decades. He is
      JOYCE FANG  -  96 words
      • 1420 49  -  Peh Shing Huei Goh Chin Lian The Singapore model means getting public policy masterplans and minutiae right. But can this last? By ONCE, in an exercise to combat corruption, the Singapore Government decided to scrutinise one of its citizens' favourite pastimes: queueing. People may willingly stand
        JOYCE FANG  -  1,420 words
      • Article, Illustration
        1853 50  -  Peh Shing Huei From no water to Newater, Singapore's efforts at water independence have paid dividends in more ways than one By HIS eyes redden. Tears well up. Anyone who thinks that engineers are all hardhats and cold formulae hasn't witnessed Mr Harry Seah tell his story about
        CHEW SENG KIM  -  1,853 words
      • 1701 51  -  Li Xueying A radical move to install Workfare as a permanent payout to low-wage Singaporeans took years of development and debate behind the scenes. The elusive goal: finding that sweet spot between competitiveness and compassion By TWO years ago to this month, four young civil
        JOYCE FANG  -  1,701 words
      • 459 52 THE job of formulating Workfare straddled so many different departments that meetings involved as many as 71 officials. The venue, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), ran out of parking lots and civil servants had to park at the public lot next door. Meetings dragged on for
        459 words
      • 253 52 WORKFARE may have been inspired by Wisconsin's programme, but its formulators say it is no off-the-shelf solution. "What is significant is our ability to adapt that idea into Singapore for our specific needs," says Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen. "The creativity is finding that very small
        253 words
      • 1193 53  -  Li Xueying From HospSave to Medisave, from flip charts to PowerPoint. How the world's first national health-care financing scheme based on savings was created By IT WAS 1982, and huddled in an office at the Ministry of Health (MOH) were four men and a baby. The
        JOYCE FANG  -  1,193 words
      • 354 53 TOMORROW: OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL IN EDUCATION PRIOR to the 1980s, Singaporeans had highly subsidised sometimes free hospital care and clinics, courtesy of a nationalised, taxation-based health-care system inherited from colonial British rule. No wonder even some of the People's Action Party's own MPs objected to
  • Page 48 Advertisements
      73 words
  • Page 48 Miscellaneous
    • 120 48 Ferrari sets the pace After the second practice round in Sepang, Ferrari Fl driver Felipe Massa tops the standings. Page Sl6 REVIEW Re-examining Elder-Shield With the scheme up for review, it is time to address criticisms that affected its take-up rate. PAGE S9 REVIEW Look who's cooking Househusbands are becoming
      120 words

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    • 153 50 pi=i.:i'iY.l^f;H=«fcftj^ >^— Fineteak whale _r% PPVj WIfSBUfS^M \Kjfmtm I v^—»^-^t^ -^^10« »,T -I «->Sr^ COLONIAL TEAKWOOD Furniture Jir^ ll LmL^ h^ it it-i19 ;vßuffet sto^CM/ftfedycv> WP ,QOHOQ H 1 1 #W m**3M f%m Balcony Set Chest of 1 Bar Counter |11l End April. xllll*l*y 'BnTJIr S^2lo SfltSfiO J^^"L«< >^J^^ Garden
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    • 107 52 I.Bm Teak China] 5 TTT fSI iC«l2?*^aVAa l»3iM Sofa Bed now= 9^199 1 i^-i yi Rk ™W\ Teak Console 1 Drw (5208.95 w/cst) k I JH^K*ri M^K' (720x90x30cm; Teak Piano /Hi I I 1 Seater UP:SB9 I I I Teak Opium TabJeHß^» sT 2 9 pi-S2Prices wonJt ast-! IKH BSI^
      107 words
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    • 304 53 Japanese Zen Style 8-Seater Dining Table Qfy BEST BUY! sft tO 7.5 ft Sliding DOOf WardfObe Dining Set extendable tempered glass LCD TV CollSol6 I^Mi^M _H Zl C J _J J SjSfEjj. $«t©o «£Sra> I Centre Glass Sliding Door TV Console hSiVli^iml I uimngiaDle wjt h GS t $302.40 with
      304 words

    • 93 54 This mobile autopsy facility, which was designed and made in Singapore, can be set up anywhere within a day. It allows work to be done in ultra-safe conditions, and is believed to be the world's first such facility. Not a single microbe can escape its stainless-steel shell,
      93 words
    • 1220 54  -  Marcel Lee Pereira Pathologists also safe from infections while doing autopsies inside Spore-developed lab By IF A mystery killer disease hits home, a Singapore-developed autopsy laboratory is ready for use. The ultra-safe mobile unit is believed to be a world-first. No germs
      1,220 words
      • 126 54 A SINGAPOREAN with no training in mathematics had his ideas published in an international journal. Mr Bertrand Wong claims to have come up with proof for the Twin Prime Conjecture a famous problem on a number theory based on prime numbers. It was featured
        126 words
      • 157 54 COMPILED BY MELISSA TAN AMELIA TAN PENGUINS are being microchipped and put on treadmills to study overfishing in the Southern Oceans. Researchers in Glasgowimplanted microchips in 50 king penguins on the Crozet archipelago, which lies between Patagonia and Antarctica. These microchips monitor the penguins' locations, the
        COMPILED BY MELISSA TAN & AMELIA TAN  -  157 words
    • 1298 55  -  Kevin Tan SCIENCE TALK More stringent rules needed to prevent abuse of information By GENETIC information is everywhere and it tells us much about our families and the likelihood of traits or diseases being transmitted through our genes. Genetic tests can
      1,298 words

    • 457 56 ONE of the silliest, if not perverse, restrictions to have come out of the music industry is digital rights management, or DRM. This software restricts how music, mostly sold online, can be copied. This means consumers aren't allowed to freely duplicate their tunes for personal use.
      457 words
    • 761 56  -  Salma Khalik ELDERSHIELD By Health Correspondent IN THE months before ElderShield was launched in 2002, there was heated public debate on the scheme. The premiums were too high and payouts too low, some people argued. The result: 38 per cent of those eligible opted
      761 words
    • Article, Illustration