The Straits Times, 21 March 2006

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1 16 The Straits Times
  • 40 1 THE STRAITS TIMES li I' -\Ctl M\ HYI PAR IN Mil A V :n (H .mn, III|.SD\N MAR< HJ» 2006 JTa S!\( »AJt )R| i'Hi ss MOM »!N( .s pf fill X MU i M Mil ISHI IMW m SOON
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  • 650 1  -  Salma Khalik Viqikincv stepped up for hand, foot and mouth disease as new term begins Hi „:n < «»rr»->pr.f7jrnr r HO\(. Cnnua School m Buk;t Ba!i>k had teachers c m cj-i\ vestcrdav to ru i-\crv pupi! a! the CJtc telltale sign* nf hand. foot
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  • 134 1 After almost a week of barren prospecting, Singapore finally struck gold at the Commonwealth Games yesterday, thanks to its women 1 s table tennis team. The women paddlers ended the lean run by thrashing Australia 3-0 m the final to retain their title Their male compatriots
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  • 455 1  -  Khushwant Singh Elena Chong By «l SEVEN Singapore parents have been caught using their children's identity papers to get passports issued to China children headed for the United States to join their parents The ruse came to light during investigations into
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    • 843 1  - KL's task: Show how less subsidy helps all Carolyn Hong !U \f.i-; km: Uh hAs *n ..Id Dttmm or wtuch hrmn i! thr wrtkrr. Jkr famih 'w! H ud prvr* went up «m Mar f r j- '-<■ beer «:tin* ullr Mr ts cutting back now that petrol ttl irn
      AFP  -  843 words
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  • 165 2 According to data from the Malaysian government, the following is how much a litre of petrol costs m the region: Indonesia: RM2.30 Thailand: RM2.52 Singapore: RM4.15 Malaysia: RM2.46 (without subsidy), RM1.92 (with subsidy) net exports are a mere 75,000 barrels a day. Production has stagnated at 650,000
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    • 48 2 Health-care malaise Unsatisfactory health care is the biggest factor affecting the competitiveness of China's cities, says think-tank. PAGE 8 Wary of China South Koreans view China rather than North Korea as the biggest threat to their security 10 years from now, according to a survey. PAGE 9
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    • 20 2 Fresh crisis for Blair A "cash for peerage" controversy is denting Britons' trust m their Prime Minister. PAGE 15
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    • 19 2 Leading the way Singapore has an opportunity to be the "green car" capital of the world. PAGE 20
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    • 21 2 Coffee price hike Is the recent rise m coffee prices by local coffee shops against the Competition Act? PAGE 20
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    • 70 2 On trial for murder Two brothers go on trial for murdering their 69-year-old neighbour who bled to death from more than 100 stab wounds. PAGE HI Toy firm's court battle Local toy design company, Stikfas, is set for a courtroom showdown with its former CEO over financial matters. PAGEH2
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    • 36 2 Overseas voting Physical distance should not decide Singaporeans' right to vote, reader says. PAGEHB Use local players Reader says schools' badminton teams should not use too many foreign players but should nurture locals instead. PAGEHB
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    • 26 2 Pointing fingers Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho risks the wrath of the Football Association by claiming that his team is treated differently by Premiership officials. PAGEHI2
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    • 29 2 Ambitious retail plans The Riadys, who control the Lippo Group, outline an ambitious plan for regional expansion of the Robinsons group if it lands the retailer. PAGE H22
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    • 452 2 More than fees management ■■I d a \rm Jm Km jf SMU's pedagogy empowers students to look at issues from all angles, f^ to analyze critically and think creatively, to turn issues into opportunities. Ig We practise what we preach. Take for example our approach to the w new scn
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    • 29 2 SECTION ONE Prime 3-4 Asia 7-14 World 15-19 Review 20-23 FYI 24 SECTION TWO Home Hl-H7 Forum H8 Sports H9-Hl4 Obituaries Hl5 Money Hl6-H22 LIFE! Arts L4-L6 Events&TV LB-L9
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    • 637 3  -  Alfred Siew Aim is to capture slice of growing Internet classified ad market By SINGAPORE Press Holdings (SPH) yesterday said it would be sinking at least $10 million m a renewed push to capture eyeballs on the Internet. It is moving
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    • 570 3  -  Salim Osman B^ Indonesia Correspondent In Jakarta SINGAPORE and Indonesia should forge closer ties and work together to meet the challenges posed by regional powerhouses India and China, the presidents of the two Asean neighbours said yesterday. Singapore President S R
      LIANHE ZAOBAO  -  570 words
    • 589 4  -  Leslie Koh Scale of events sparks speculation that it will tie m with the election By IS THERE A LINK? "We are inviting more people this year to emphasise our theme, Together, a brighter future for all 1 Honestly, there is
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    • 175 4 A pZane /aZfe victim to Cyclone Larry at Cairns Airport yesterday, as the storm battered Australia's north-eastern coast, with winds of up to 290kmh. Roofs were ripped from houses, trees were uprooted, and local communities and crops were left devastated. Hundreds of tourists and thousands of residents
      ASSOCIATED PRESS; REUTERS  -  175 words
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  • ASIA
    • 93 7 Kelantan: First Malaysian state to be hit by bird flu, m August 2004. Selangor: On Feb 20, bird flu hit villages m Gombak, barely skm from the Petronas Twin Towers m Kuala Lumpur. Perak: Bird flu was detected m two separate Penang: The virus was detected yesterday m
      ST GRAPHICS; AFP; REUTERS  -  93 words
    • 481 7  -  Leslie Lau Fourth Malaysian state hit as officials mull ban on slaughtering poultry m the open By Malaysia Correspondent In Kuaia Lumpur THE deadly HSNI strain of bird flu has continued to spread across Malaysia, with Penang yesterday becoming the fourth state to report an
      AP  -  481 words
    • 185 7 SINGAPORE officials say their Malaysian counterparts informed them about the Penang HSNI outbreak, and that it will have no effect on the Republic's poultry supplies. The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) explained that Penang was not approved to supply poultry or poultry products anyway.
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    • CHINA
      • 569 8  - Chinese cities hampered by health- care malaise Clarissa Oon Competitiveness suffers as costly fees and bad service put off talent By i China Correspondent In Beijing THE sorry state of urban health care is the biggest setback to the competitiveness of Chinese cities because it hampers their ability to attract
        569 words
      • 365 8  -  VINCE CHONG By Hong Kong Correspondent A LEADING pro-Beijing figure m Hong Kong has lent his weight to a chorus of voices urging the Chinese authorities to reconsider the case against Straits Times journalist Ching Cheong. who has been charged with espionage on
        365 words
      • 273 8 Taipei AMERICA'S new representative m Taiwan says he will ask President Chen Shui-bian to clarify a contentious decision to drop an advisory council on eventual unification with China. Mr Stephen Young, who arrived on Saturday to take up the post of
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  273 words
      • 514 9 Its growing strength will make it a bigger security risk than even N. Korea: Poll A GROWING THREAT "North Korea may seem to be less of a threat 10 years from now because the government has been conducting a successful policy of cooperation
        REUTERS  -  514 words
      • 237 9 Beijixg A CHINESE peasant who led his community for two years to get better compensation for farmland seized by the government went on trial yesterday, a court said. The case against Huang Weizhong, 46, opened m south-eastern Fujian province amid rising frustration over
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  237 words
      • 499 11  -  Ravi Velloor Singapore could be among countries to benefit if it can handle competition By India Bureau Chief In New Delhi INDIA will soon announce steps to make the rupee fully convertible m a move meant as much to signal the government's commitment
        499 words
      • 369 11  -  P. Jayaram By India Correspondent In New Delhi THE presence of Islamic militant groups m Bangladesh will feature high m talks between Prime Minister Khaleda Zia and Indian leaders during her three-day visit here which began yesterday. Mrs Zia's visit is her
        369 words
      • 245 11 MUMBAI THE Bollywood film industry was rejuvenated yesterday as its biggest star, Amitabh Bachchan, returned to the set after a four-month break to recover from surgery. He will start filming three movies this week after 12 productions worth nearly 1 billion rupees (Ss26 million) were
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  245 words
      • 75 12 FREE FOOD, FREE MASSAGE "Two hundred of us came up with donations from our friends and family. Now the money has run out, but we are getting free food and we got a loan from someone to start printing T-shirts. Back home, I had been reduced to
        75 words
      • 552 12  - Not just a sit-in Carnival-like atmosphere m opposition camp with stalls, free food and banners Nirmal Ghosh By Thailand Correspondent In Bangkok DESPITE the blazing Bangkok heat, some 2,000 protesters bent on forcing caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to resign are not budging. Sprawled around Government House, their temporary village
        552 words
      • 146 13 It's been a long wait, so it might as well be a comfortable one. Outside Government House m Bangkok, anti-Thaksin demonstrators, who have been camping there for more than a week, appear to have settled down nicely under makeshift tents while theypress their demands
        REUTERS  -  146 words
      • 267 13  -  NIRMAL GHOSH Bangkok THAILAND'S political crisis remained stalemated yesterday as the main parties failed to agree on a forum to trash out their differences. Thai Rak Thai party representatives together with those from the main opposition parties and the mass protest organisers the
        267 words
      • 106 13 TEMASEK Holdings plans to sell some of its shares m Shin Corp to local funds m a bid to reduce its holding m Shin, the Nation reported yesterday, quoting a source close to Temasek. Temasek earlier held a 96.12 per cent stake m Shin Corp through
        Bloomberg News  -  106 words
      • 92 14 President S R Nathan urged Singaporeans living m Indonesia to promote ties between the two countries when he met about 300 of them at a reception m Jakarta yesterday. He said they were "ambassadors" who helped to fly the country's flag abroad, and it was
        LIANHE ZAOBAO  -  92 words
      • 530 14 Racial stereotyping not uncommon as ethnic groups keep to themselves Kuala Lumpur RACIAL stereotypes persist m multicultural Malaysia and half of Malaysians don't trust people of other races, a survey released yesterday found. The independent Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research said the majority of 1,113
      • 76 14 58 per cent of Malays, 63 per cent of Chinese and 43 per cent of Indians polled agreed that "m general most Malays are lazy". 71 per cent of Malays, 60 per cent of Chinese and 47 per cent of Indians agreed that "m general most Chinese are
        76 words
      • 181 14 Kuala Lumpur THE ruling party of Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi had failed to locate about 125,000 members during a recent update exercise, a party official said yesterday. The missing people comprise nearly 4 per cent of the United Malays National Organisation's 3.2 million members, party
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  181 words
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    • 24 15 The violence m Iraq Bush declares Iraq is making progress but others beg to differ, citing violence between Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims. PAGE 18
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    • Article, Illustration
      744 15 "The problems have come because of a lack of honesty and transparency m some of the arrangements that have been made. This government clearly is m danger of attracting the sleaze label that was so clearly pinned on the previous government." SIR ALISTAIR GRAHAM, chairman of the Committee on Standards
    • 112 15 SIR Gulam Noon (right) nicknamed Britain's Curry King for his success m putting Indian food on supermarket shelves is among those ensnared m the "cash-for-peerages" affair, according to the Independent newspaper. It said Prime Minister Tony Blair's nomination of a peerage for the entrepreneur, who
      112 words
    • 539 16 Vowing to push on with youth jobs plan, French PM seems trapped with little public support Paris FRENCH Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has vowed not to back down on his controversial youth jobs plan despite violent protests and threats of a general strike.
      • 82 16 UNITED NATIONS: Senior diplomats from six key nations were scheduled to meet yesterday to look at new ideas to help defuse the problem of Iran's nuclear programme. Representatives of the five veto-wielding Security Council nations the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France as well
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  82 words
      • 103 16 WELLINGTON: New Zealand's top legal official resigned suddenly yesterday over allegations that he filed inaccurate annual reports to the nations Corporate Registrar's Office. Prime Minister Helen Clark said she had accepted Mr David Parker's resignation from the post of attorney-general after he admitted "mistakes" m filing the
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  103 words
      • 110 16 STRASBOURG: The Council of Europe yesterday described the re-election of Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko as a "farce". "In a country m which freedom of expression and association are so thoroughly and aggressively suppressed, a vote is not an exercise m democracy, it is a farce," Mr
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  110 words
      • 88 16 PARIS: Twenty-six people went on trial yesterday for their suspected roles m helping Islamic militants m Chechnya and possibly planning an attack m France. The defendants face charges of criminal association with ties to a terror group. They face up to 10 years m
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  88 words
      • 84 16 SEOUL: Disgraced cloning scientist Hwang Woo Suk was fired yesterday as a professor at Seoul National University over his stem cell fraud. The university made the decision at a meeting of its disciplinary committee. Six other professors who worked with Professor Hwang were either suspended or had
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  84 words
    • 587 17 WE ARE NOT ENEMIES "We have more common elements than elements which puli us apart. We have to continue to prove that Jews and Muslims are not enemies." CHIEF RABBI OF ISRAEL YONA METZGER Stop terrorists from hijacking religion, say religious leaders at
      ASSOCIATED PRESS; REUTERS  -  587 words
    • 319 17 Gaza City (West Bank) EMERGENCY food aid was being brought to Gaza yesterday from Egypt as the United Nations warned of a looming humanitarian crisis due to the closure of the main trade crossing with Israel. US Ambassador to Israel Richard Jones said on
    • 573 18 But others disagree, and the debate is assuming greater political significance Washington PRESIDENT George W. Bush and his senior advisers sought to mark the third anniversary of the Iraq war with declarations of progress, but then found themselves embroiled m renewed debate
      LOS ANGELES TIMES; AFP  -  573 words
      • 130 19 PHOTO A FRENCH explorer has arrived m Moscow's Red Square with his 10 sleigh dogs after an B,oookm expedition through some of Russia's most intractable land. Veteran French environmentalist Nicolas Vanier led a Franco-Russian team on the journey from the shores of Lake Baikal m Siberia to
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE; AFP  -  130 words
      • 80 19 A BURGLAR who beat civil rights icon Rosa Parks and took US$53 (SsB6) from her at her Detroit home m 1994 says he dreams of redemption. In an interview published on Sunday m the Detroit News, Joseph Skipper, 40, apologised repeatedly and said he cried when
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  80 words
      • 75 19 SLOBODAN Milosevic's daughter has called his funeral "scandalous" and attacked her family for arranging it. "Nowhere on our planet are people being buried m their backyards," said Ms Marija Milosevic. She said she would demand the exhumation of the late Yugoslav president's body so he could
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  75 words
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    • 399 20 SINGAPORE might see at least three more models of "hybrid" cars available for sale this year, said a report m this newspaper yesterday. This follows the effective lowering of taxes on such vehicles, which began m January. A hybrid car has both a petrol engine
      399 words
    • 1033 20  -  Lim Chong Kin COMPETITION ACT By Eugene Phua For The Straits Times TREADING A FINE LINE Potentially, any price recommendation made by trade associations m relation to the services provided by their members may run foul of the law. THE recent rise m the price
      1,033 words
    • 870 20  -  David Koh By] For The Straits Times IF A head of state takes the trouble to apologise to investors for labour strikes, one must assume there has been plenty of trouble. This is precisely what Vietnamese President Tran Due Luong did recently, apologising
      870 words
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    • 232 20 limited women's rights Muslim women m Malaysia are being suppressed even as non-Muslim women gain more legal rights. PAGE 23 THE STRAITS TIMES SINGAPORE PRESS HOLDINGS. NEWS CENTRE. 1000 Toa Payoh North. Podium Level 2, *****4 ST ESTERACIWE: SPH Chief Executive Officer Executive Vice- President Alan Chan Heng Loon
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  • 1215 22 RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY Europe's population is changing. The future calls for mutual understanding and respect, Finland's Minister for Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioja said at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs m Helsinki on March 1 4. This is an excerpt from his
    AP  -  1,215 words
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  • 906 23  -  Ooi Kee Beng WOMEN'S RIGHTS Columnist Marina Mahathir stepped on eggshells when she described divisions that affect Muslim women m Malaysia By For The Straits Times MS MARINA Mahathir, daughter of former Malaysian premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, had an unusually short article m
    906 words
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    • 370 24 F.YI. Singapore today Showers with thunder m the afternoon mainly over northern, western and central Singapore. THE STRAITS TIMES TUESDAY MARCH 21, 2006 5 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY IView paintings by Nafa alumni who use both Chinese and Western techniques to paint local scenes. Nafa Campus 1, Gallery 3,
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    • 4 24 screaming Success mF* J^H
      4 words
  • Page 24 Miscellaneous
    • 538 24 ASIA WORLD WEATHER I T"' l r IBP^^ Mil imu^h^ I I^^P^' SEO^H '""fLJi ear A Fair iiiiiiiiii^^M ■m^hm p» l^^BE^^L^^^ m^ f^ Cloudy 1 fBB§BIP»NUU^ w Wk,^ *^|^^P Hongkong windi y^^^^ BAY OF BENGAL H2fi#*^B^^ SOUTH CHINA SEA i^j. j^r^ Who CHI MINH CITY L A i lIUPIID AIR
      538 words
    • 319 24 USEFUL NUMBERS Emergency lines Police 999 Police Hotline 1800-255-0000 Civil Defence (Fire, Rescue and Emergency Ambulance) 995 Non-emergency ambulance 1777 Water Supply 1800-284-6600 SP Power Grid (to report power failure) 1800-778-8888 6778-8888 City Gas (to report gas supply interruption, low pressure and leakage).....lBoo-752-1800 Transport lines City Cab 6552-2222 Comfort Cablink
      319 words

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    • 553 25 Us m SI m ttwb I i^HflEj^rW lff f I HP-'J^B fls SI I't?!^BWBVSB 9 IMWBBiBE sb apytMßa^Ml fea^- EB T* r K^ ||pfc^ ~4^BffiHnßll^B t ill, mH^^lHll W"UE^d jßHß.^inMHr^ fli^HHHßtf. ■HHHHHHBHHHHHHHHHHIHHHHHHHHBHiHiHHHIIHBI^BRHH Mil H^fWHE^SraHilß t^JHHHHHnHIHIHHE 9HEK li 9 I IHB9BHHI How is ad-hoc expansion of your IT system affecting your
      553 words

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    • 629 26 BBb BH fl\ Vflß BBW BH VflF -^gftaW^ff^ '-We^ _^bH *-^^^?^K3^~ RBbBBBBHBBBBB—^hBBBBbW. Bb BBfl B^LABMBP^MiaPP^^SiSBBBBBiBBBBBBIB^ IT ;^',-V^ Mfeßßß^S^^^^^T^A Get Your bt /°(v 2 V\»^^^y/ < S^fc^ i bt Limited Editi n i jl^^^S: Al T 0 ><_M_H^^^^^^^BB^ilßlliPi W^ bbb^ V B«il II ,-flfl '^BH_|_^_^_bßß__Bj? '.^Il Bi Br j,"ml BE^ BhL^_BHI
      629 words

  • HOME
      8 words
    • 623 1  -  Selina Lum By BLOODY FIND "I was shocked to see her m such a state... My father only said my mother was chasing away cats and somebody rushed into the flat. He told me he was very frightened." MADAM LOH VIM LENG, 40, recounting her gruesome discovery
      623 words
    • 559 2  - Toy maker Stikfas and ex- CEO take dispute to court Chong Chee Kin Kevin Gin sues over unpaid wages and loan; firm claims he caused loss of profit By .HOMEGROWN toy company Stikfas, once lauded as a potential world-beater, is headed for a courtroom showdown with its former chief executive
      559 words
    • 78 2 Mr Gin wants $80,407.69 comprising: Six months' salary m lieu of notice $30,00 C Loan to company $25,000 Business expenses $13,162.97 Compensation for unclaimed leave $2,547.95 Unpaid wages $7,096.77 Rental $2,600 Stikfas wants $283,041.37 comprising: Compensation for his failure to carry out his duties $68,040.32 Compensation for
      78 words
    • 347 2  -  Frankie Chee By SECURITY guards and the bustle did not stop a series of break-ins m the heart of Orchard Road early yesterday morning. Three ground-floor shops at Orchard Shopping Centre, next to the Somerset MRT station, were broken into, despite their facing the
      WONG KWAI CHOW  -  347 words
    • 365 2  -  Chua Hian Hou By TO A casual window-shopper, the Far East Shopping Centre shop sold antiques. But selected Japanese or Caucasian tourists were led into a hidden room at the back of the shop where fake Gucci, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Rolex leather
      365 words
    • 448 3  - Acquitted of drug- taking 4 years ago, she gets jail for trafficking now Elena Chong Woman claims she was elsewhere at time of drug sale but court finds her guilty, jails her for 3 years By A 24-YEAR-OLD woman who was acquitted of drug-taking four years ago was back m
      LAU FOOK KONG  -  448 words
    • 218 3  -  CHONGCHEEKIN A CIGARETTE smuggler will now spend three years behind bars all for the sake of earning $240. Koh Kian Heng, 47, who is unemployed, was jailed yesterday after he pleaded guilty to smuggling 1,200 cartons of Marlboro cigarettes into Singapore last Saturday.
      218 words
    • 367 3  -  A YOUNG motorcyclist was jailed for eight months yesterday for causing the death of an Indian national who was repainting a yellow box at a road junction m the early hours of one morning about 15 months ago. Farzi Yazid, 21, who pleaded guilty,
      367 words
    • 665 4  -  Sue-Ann Chia Some feel Chiam and Low will be forced to focus on home turf instead of helping others' campaigns By Tee Hun Ching MR ANDY Gan, a twice-defeated People's Action Party (PAP) candidate at Potong Pasir, confessed yesterday
      665 words
    • 591 4  -  Theresa Tan By ANY opposition candidate eyeing Nee Soon East constituency will have to contend with 15 years of work that Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs Ho Peng Kee had put into the ward. "I stand on my track
      JOYCE FANG; LIM YONG  -  591 words
    • 339 4 RETIREE Noorahman Amat Sng'ati, 65, dreads taking his wheelchair-bound wife to hospitals for one very basic reason: toilets. Often, there is only one cubicle for the disabled m the women's section and another, m the men's. However, he cannot wheel his wife into either.
      339 words
    • 532 5  -  High-risk workplaces it is focusing on this year: metalworking factories, shipyards By Daryl Loo IT'S the shipyards and metalworking factories' turn to ensure safer working conditions after the authorities came down hard on the construction industry last year. The Manpower Ministry
      532 words
    • 114 5 TECHNOLOGY at nightspots is not limited to the gadgets party-goers tote. Clubs are going beyond the usual high-tech speaker and lighting systems, and introducing innovations like high-tech radio frequency identification wristbands and their own mobile networks to boost business. Also m today's Digital Life, read how technology
      114 words
      • 85 5 TWO Singapore delegations will be m China's Shandong and Shaanxi provinces this week. Led by Minister of State (Education and Trade and Industry) Chan Soo Sen, the 20-member business delegation and 11-member education delegation will cover four cities m Shandong from tomorrow till Friday, and visit Xian
        85 words
      • 42 5 THE new Singapore High Commissioner to Fiji will present her credentials to the Fiji President Ratu Josefa Iloilovatu Uluivuda today. Miss Seetoh Hoy Cheng, 59, is concurrently Singapore's High Commissioner to New Zealand and will live m Wellington.
        42 words
      • 62 5 ISLAMIC Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) president Alami Musa is m Dubai to receive an award for organisations and individuals that have made a significant contribution to Islamic finance. Muis is one of the 28 recipients of this year's Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Islamic Finance Awards
        62 words
    • 339 5  -  Stephanie Yap TOA P AYOH FATAL FALL By THE wake of Ms Pham Thi True Linh, the Vietnamese woman who fell to her death from a Toa Payoh block on Friday, will begin today at spm. The three-day ceremony will be held at
      339 words
    • 508 6  -  Judith Tan Mum of two now makes sure they wash their hands before every meal By LAST year. Mrs Yvette Choo's two children were infected with hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) twice m about six months. The first time was m
      CAROLINE CHIA  -  508 words
    • 573 6 What is hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD}? It is an illness caused by intestinal viruses, the most common being coxsackie virus and enterovirus-7I (EV7I). A person with HFMD usually has the following symptoms: Fever for two to three days Sore throat and runny nose
      573 words
    • 307 7  -  Sandra Davie Prof Cham Tao Soon gets medal from engineering group B\ Education Correspondent T^E founding president of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Professor Cham Tao Soon, has been named the first recipient of the British Royal Academy of Engineering International Medal. The academy, Britain's
      307 words
    • 208 7  -  LIM WEI CHEAN SINGAPORE adventurer Khoo Swee Chiow will go for another adventure after his submergence m a tank m December last year, when he spent 220 hours underwater and set a new world record. He plans to scale Mount Everest again,
      208 words
    • FORUM
      • 211 8 DURING his walkabout m Serangoon Gardens on Saturday, Foreign Minister George Yeo was asked about ongoing plans to let Singaporeans who are overseas vote. He was quoted as saying that "we must make sure that those who vote are familiar with the
        211 words
      • 189 8 IT IS time that the Traffic Police introduced some enforceable laws as to where along a road taxi drivers can pick up or discharge their fares. As it is, they do it anywhere, including just before or after traffic lights, near bus bays
        189 words
      • 157 8 MY FAMILY and I were dining at McDonald's Restaurant m Changi Airport's Terminal Two last Sunday when we saw a bag which had been left on a seat for more than 20 minutes. When we were sure that it was not left there
        157 words
      • 320 8 MY HUSBAND and I are avid supporters of badminton. Together with our children, we will watch almost all telecast tournaments and we never missed the Aviva Open held m Singapore every year. Our children grew to love the sport and are currently m
        320 words
      • 273 8 I REFER to the letter, "MOE doesn't endorse private schools" (ST, March 9). While it is clear that the Ministry of Education (MOE) doesn't endorse private schools, what is misleading is the way the criteria for the registration of a school was described. MOE said
        273 words
      • 296 8 THE report about Quah Kirn Song's arrest for drink driving did not make pleasant reading, especially for those who grew up during his heyday, following with eagerness his exploits on the soccer pitch. In days of yore Mr Quah and his family were
        296 words
      • 174 8 I REFER to Mr Quah Kirn Song's recent drink-driving misdemeanour. His mitigating statement is perhaps representative of the general attitude of drink-drivers. It was not so much his claim that he tried to sober up before hitting the road, but how he attempted to ensure
        174 words
      • 146 8 J READ with concern that the number of jaywalkers last year jumped by 75 per cent over the figure m 2004. The police's idea of distributing brightly coloured bags to the elderly so that they can be seen by motorists is just scratching
        146 words
    • SPORTS
      • Article, Illustration
        312 9 MELBOURNE 2006 Cwealth Games COUIPRY S S B T Australia 42. 38 32 112 England 18 21 15 54 India 12 8 3 23 Scotland 8 5 6 19 Canada 7 16 14 37 South Africa 6 4 7 17 Malaysia 3 3 4 10 New Zealand 2 4 9
        312 words
      • 900 9  -  Alvin Foo CHANCE OF TWO GOLD MEDALS IN TABLE TENNIS Women paddlers beat hosts to take gold but the men fall to India after taking 2-0 lead By In Melbourne THEIR faces on the medal podium told the entire story.
        ONG CHIN KAI  -  900 words
      • C'WEALTH GAMES: MARCH 15-26
        • 391 10  -  Alvin Foo »SPORTSPEOPLE By ERIKA Yamasaki became an instant celebrity when she won Australia's first women weightlifting medal at the Commonwealth Games. But the new-found fame has not got to the teenager's head. The pint-sized 18-year-old is very much your typical youngster. Just spend
          AP  -  391 words
        • 770 10  -  Lee Yulin SHOOTING Schoolgirl has to settle for her second bronze after coming so close to winning By Assistant Sports Editor In Melbourne HOW SHE GOT STARTED "I am one of those stationary types. Flat-footed. I can't run. Fortunately, shooting is one of
          ONG CHIN KAI  -  770 words
          • 37 10 SINGAPORE lost 41-50 to Barbados m the netball competition last night. The result is a much-im-proved one over the 45- and 43-goal losses they suffered against Jamaica and Samoa re- spectively.
            37 words
          • 73 10 SWIMMER Tao Li has put herself, and Singapore, on the world swimming map at the Commonwealth Games by making two finals dominated by world-class fields. But the 16-year-old could just have put a beloved Singapore drink on the world map too teh-o. For that is
            73 words
          • 66 10 IT COULD be a record for a record. Jade Edmistone held the Games record m the 100 m breaststroke for a grand total of less than five minutes on Sunday night. She had set the mark of lmin 7.935 ec m the first semi-final, only for
            66 words
          • 46 10 KENYAN teenager Augustine Choge outpaced a quality field to win the men's 5,000 metres title. The 19-year-old smashed the Games record m clocking 12min 56.415 ec and see off local favourite Craig Mottram. World champion Benjamin Limo of Kenya was third. REUTERS
            REUTERS  -  46 words
          • 67 10 AUSTRALIAN Natalie Grinham beat her older sister Rachael to win the squash gold medal. The No 3 seed, who shocked world No 1 Nicol David of Malaysia m the semi-finals, still had her adrenalin pumping. She took her electric form into the final and, after overcoming
            67 words
          • 59 10 AUSTRALIA'S overall cham- pion Joshua Jefferis won his second gold m the men's rings final. In another fine display of controlled power, Jefferis took gold with 15.825 points, the highest for any discipline during the evening at Rod Layer Arena. Fellow Australian Damian Istria
            59 words
          • 59 10 DEAN Macey's hunt for an elusive championship gold seemed closer than ever after the Englishman ended the first day of the decathlon ahead of his rivals. Macey goes into the second day of the competition today on 4,255 points. 187 ahead of Australian Jason
            59 words
        • 526 10 Melbourne THE Romans are here, as is Moses, and there are plenty of Kings and the odd Bishop. But the gold medal for best name at the Commonwealth Games goes to boxer Prince Octopus Dzanie. Running a close second is another
          AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  526 words
      • 668 11  -  Lee Yulin ATHLETICS Jamaican bags first big win m 100 m despite pulling up near finish line By Assistant Sports Editor In Melbourne HE IS the world's fastest man, but, until last night, that was all Asafa Powell could say about himself. Before
        REUTERS  -  668 words
      • 733 11 ATHLETICS Men's 20km Walk: 1. Nathan Deakes (Aus] lhf 19mm 55sec. 2. Luke Adams (Aus) lhr 21min 38sec. 3. Jared Tallent (Aus) lhr 23min 32sec. Shot put final: 1. Janus Robberts (Rsa) 19.76 m. 2. Dorian Scott (Jam) 19.75. 3. Scott Martin (Aus) 19.48. 100 m final: 1. Asafa
        733 words
      • 657 11 Singapore 4xl oom medley set record WHILE Singapore finished sixth and last m the women's 4xloom medley relay, they can take pride m the fact that they set a new national record. The swimming quartet of Lynette Ng, Joscelin Yeo, Ho Shu
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE; REUTERS  -  657 words
      • 680 12 SOCCER Chelsea manager m trouble over claims his side are treated differently London AS IT is these days, a Chelsea defeat is not digested quietly by their manager Jose Mourinho. He ranted and raved after Chelsea lost 0-1 to Fulham m the Premiership on
        REUTERS; AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE; AFP  -  680 words
      • 248 12 London FOR the first time m English football history, there will be an FA Cup fixture on consecutive weekdays. The controversial schedule, designed to avoid a fixtare pile-up and allow England time to prepare for the World Cup, started yesterday with West Ham
        REUTERS  -  248 words
      • 830 12  -  Wilfred Yeo WILD WEEKEND By Deputy Sports Editor IT IS just as well that the Ful-ham-Chelsea Premiership soccer match was shown after midnight on Sunday. It was not the sort of stuff that children should watch. Apart from the mindless fans who clashed on the
        830 words
        • 101 12 LONDON: Australia's Rod Pampling has risen 23 places to 29th m the latest world rankings issued yesterday, after his win at the Bay Hill Invitational. The 36-year-old Pampling recorded his second victory on the PGA Tour when he edged out Britain's Greg Owen by one stroke
          REUTERS  -  101 words
        • 71 12 MAGDEBURG (Germany): Disgraced German athletics coach Thomas Springstein was handed a 16-month suspended jail sentence on Monday after a Magdeburg court found him guilty of giving performance-enhancing drugs to minors. The 47-year-old Springstein, who must also complete 150 hours community service, has a week to
          AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  71 words
      • 402 12 »GOLF Miami FOUR-TIME champion Tiger Woods bemoaned his iron play and putting after tying for 20th at the Bay Hill Invitational m Orlando, Florida, on Sunday. The world No 1, who had been chasing his fourth victory of the year
        REUTERS  -  402 words
      • 488 13 Beckham sits out goalless tie SOCCER Real Madrid ace dropped for home game for the first time m three years Madrid FOR the first time m the three years that he has been m Spain, David Beckham was dropped for a home game. He had to watch from the bench
        REUTERS; AP  -  488 words
      • 395 13 Rome NO HAND of God, just honesty. When Daniele de Rossi "scored" for Roma on Sunday, the referee blew the whistle and quickly signalled it as a goal. However, the midfielder did not celebrate. Instead, he ran up to the official, Mauro Bergonzi, and told him
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  395 words
      • 139 13 P W D L F APts Barcelona 28 20 4 ***** 64 Real Madrid ....2816 5 750 26 53 Valencia 28 14 10 4 38 23 52 Osasuna 2816 4 839 32 52 Sevilla 28 13 6 936 30 45 CeltaVigo 2814 ***** 28 45 Vlllarreal *****1 638
        139 words
      • 156 13 P W 0 I F A Pts Juventus 30 24 5 ***** 77 AC Milan 30 21 4 567 24 67 Inter Milan 30 20 5 556 23 65 Fiorentina 2918 5 6 5131 59 AS Roma 30 17 7 656 30 58 Chievo Verona 30 1 1
        156 words
      • 412 14 SAILING Singapore's Tan and Lim impress m two-week trials with China Team TAN Wearn Haw and Charles Lim stand "a good chance" of becoming the first Singaporeans to compete m the America's Cup. The Cup is the most famous and prestigious yacht race between clubs.
        CHINA TEAM  -  412 words
      • 444 14 Lakers blow 1 1 -point lead to fall to Cavaliers BASKETBALL Cleveland (Ohio) BILLED as Leßron James versus Kobe Bryant, it turned into L.A. Lakers versus themselves, as it has so often been this season. The team that never run out of ways to lose managed to top themselves on
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  444 words
      • 357 14 MOTOR RACING Sepang (Malaysia) FERNANDO Alonso may have to re-assess teammate Giancarlo Fisichella's threat to his world title, after the Italian led a Renault one-two m the Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday. Alonso said that finishing second at Sepang was a better
        REUTERS  -  357 words
      • 186 14 THINK you are "Football Mad"? Then you may just be on your way to the World Cup Finals. McDonald's is on the lookout for three parent-child pairs to represent Singapore m the McDonald's Player Escort Programme. For the first time, Singapore children will be player escorts
        ALBERT SIM  -  186 words
        • 88 14 SINGAPORE sailors competing at the Asian Sailing Championships m Doha, Qatar, are leading m the Optimist Boys and 420 Girls events after the first day of competition. Scan Lee was first m both races on Sunday to lead the 25 Optimist Boys competitors. Sarah Tan
          88 words
        • 96 14 THE Football Association of Singapore is forming an Under-17 women's development squad to prepare for the 2nd AFC Women's U-17 Championship next year. The squad will be coached by former Liberian international and S-League player Nathaniel Naplah, who will be assisted by former
          96 words
      • 607 14 BASKETBALL NBA: Boston 103 Indiana 88, New jersey 100 Dallas 89, Cleveland 96 L.A Lakers 95. Atlanta 108 Orlando 107 (OT). Washington 113 Chicago 104. Minnesota 95 Sacramento 89, Golden State 98 Philadelphia 89. Memphis 90 Utah 84. Miami 111 NY Knicks 100. GOLF PGA Tour Bay Hill Invitational:
        607 words
      • Obituary, Illustration
        408 14 k$F~ will lie down and sleep m peace, "^5 ■F for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell *1 m safety." Psalm 4:8 NELLY HOE Age: 82 Was called home to be with the Lord on 19 March 2006, leaving behind loved ones. Sons: Daughters-in-law: Philip Chong Gilbert Chong Rose
        408 words
      • Obituary, Illustration
        1378 15 WEN JOO LIANG Age: 89 Passed away peacefully on 20 March 2006, dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones. I (Husband: Chew Chin Voo, deceased) Sons: Daughters-in-law: (Zhou Vi, deceased) (Tseng Ai Bing, deceased) Chew Yeow Teng Leow Nyok Jin (Dr Chow Yeow Ming, deceased) Lim Swee Eng Daughters:
        1,378 words
      • 6385 16 TRANSACTION DATE: MARCH 20. 2006 ama tei cmkky usr toi my m ki iw Ml LB* CUE CHUPMrt TMKD SHU tOS RMR UN MV% WE UK 5 2 S7U lstSoftwaresc 2 unch 200 2 2 8.1 I&5 6 3148 BTelecomUS2c 8 5 8 8 4 38.3 39
        6,385 words
      • 1741 16 21.5 13 UK AAGrpl3c 15 5.1N 2.8 14.4 25.5 12.5 5000 ABR Hldgs 5c 22 30 4 1 42.4 21 14 HIS AdampakSc 19.5 19.5 5 8 34 3 36.7 23.5 5758 AdvanceSCT 5c 24 -1 10 24 24 2M 5.9 40.9 129 36.5 584- Advanced Hldgs 4c
        1,741 words
      • 70 16 o-web m nancr ust -m my ors en nop met low coat cshmhy mm au +m- -am ion uw m% nc urn ***** ***** 6065 Diamonds USlolsoxd 6095 IS DJ US Tech U***** 6097 IS MSCI Spore U5555 6101 ISS&PSOO U***** ***** ***** 6170 SPDRS USll2ooxd 2600 2132
        70 words
    • 397 17 BAA says offer by group led by Ferroviai does not reflect its true value BRITISH airports company BAA has rejected a £8.75 billion (Ss2s billion) bid by an international consortium that includes the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), Dow Jones Newswire
      397 words
    • 239 17 London THE chief executive of the world's biggest steelmaker, Mittal Steel, said on Sunday he was confident of gaining enough shareholder support to complete a US$23 billion (5537.4 billion) hostile takeover of rival Arcelor by the end of June. "'I am confident
      REUTERS; AP  -  239 words
    • 32 17 Yesterday's close: 734.51 (-6.92 points) >» Thai stocks closed 0.93 per cent lower, pressured by profit-taking m energy stocks and the political crisis over Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatras leadership. AFP
      AFP  -  32 words
    • 39 17 Yesterday's dose-. 16,624.8 (+285.07 points) The index rose 1.74 per cent to end above 16.600 for the first time m more than a month, as investors bought companies with high dividends such as Nikko Cordial. REUTERS
      REUTERS  -  39 words
    • 33 17 Yesterday's close: 15,929.95 (+128.29 points) >» Hong Kong stocks finished higher, as record profits by PetroChina lifted oil shares, while cooling interest rate fears tent support to property issues. REUTERS
      REUTERS  -  33 words
    • 34 17 Yesterday's close: 1,288.42 (+18.96 points) Chinese stocks closed 148 per cent higher, with local Shanghai firms and blue chips m demand. Shares of metals producers such as Jiangxj Copper gained. AFP
      AFP  -  34 words
    • 34 17 Yesterday's close: 5,000.4 (+28.7 points) Australian stocks closed above the historic 5.000-point level for the first time, as the market continued a record-breaking run led by its mining companies. AFP
      AFP  -  34 words
    • 36 17 Yesterday's close: 923.02 (+0.4 point) Malaysian stocks closed flat, with investors sidelined after the government confirmed a fresh outbreak of bird flu. Volume was 798.2 million shares, worth RM855.82 million (*****.9 million). AFP
      AFP  -  36 words
    • Article, Illustration
      34 17 Yesterday's close: 10,941.11 (+81.07 points) »TheSensex climbed to a record. Software major Infosys gained after reports signalled the US economy, the world's biggest, is expanding without fuelling inflation. BLOOMBERG NEWS March 20
      BLOOMBERG NEWS  -  34 words
    • 32 17 Yesterday's close: 1,330.11 (+24.93 points) Indonesian stocks closed 1.91 percent higher at another record finish, on foreign buying m blue chips, as fears over interest rate hikes eased. AFP
      AFP  -  32 words
    • 261 17 March 20 Stock Name Wt Close Change Allgreensoc 0.33 1.490 Ascendasreit 1.04 2.100 +0.040 BILIntJUS2Oc 0.44 1.540 +0.020 Capita Land 3.95 4.360 +0.100 Capita Mall 0.77 2.350 -0.030 Chart SemiCond 26c 1.06 1.420 CityDev 50c 2.71 10.200 +0.200 ComfortDelGro 25c .1.65 1.670 -0.030 Cosco Corp 10c
      261 words
    • 74 17 Luzhou 41,317,000 RafflesH 32c 40,664,000 Sing Tel 15c 34,154,000 CG Tech HKIOc 30,640,000 China Sun HK25c 29,404,000 China Essen HK5Oc 28,643,000 China Milk HK5Oc 28,194,000 Reyoung US7.5c 21,875,000 ShangTurbo US2.5c 19,932,000 FibreChem HKIc 19,312,000 C&0 Pharm HK25c 19,132,000 Sinomem Tech 2c 18,581,000 China Paper US4c 18,501,000 China Dairy
      74 words
    • 240 17 Aviva states terms before proceeding with Prudential bid London AVIVA, Britain's biggest insurer, said yesterday it would proceed with a spurned all-share offer of £17 billion (5548.5 billion) for rival Prudential if it was recommended by its target. It said it was offering 82 new Aviva shares for every 100
      REUTERS  -  240 words
    • 2107 17 Bonds, Loans Warrants TRMUCTIM DATE MARCH 20 ?00t 52-WEEK m eSOffiKT LAST VOLUME HIGH LOW EBBE CMMY TRADED £Ai£ Haf) 34.5 11 3779 ASL Marine WOBO4Ol 28.5 -1 30 8.5 3 ArianeCorpWo9l229 4 5 +0.5 51 59.5 11.5 4047 AscendasCAeCWo6o324 33 -13 10 35.5 19 4481 Asia Water W1 01
      2,107 words
    • 424 17 New York GROWTH m executive pay m the United States has slowed sharply despite record profit growth, according to preliminary findings from an independent corporate governance watchdog. The Corporate Library, which usually estimates greater pay inflation than most industry studies, calculates
      FINANCIAL TIMES  -  424 words
    • 414 18 It will now look for strategic partners, instead of forming tie-up with just one London PROTON, Malaysia's national carmaker, is expected to announce an alliance with a foreign carmaker this week m the first of a series of deals with prospective partners
      FINANCIAL TIMES; REUTERS  -  414 words
    • 252 18  -  Grace Ng B\ TOLL Holdings' takeover bid for SembCorp Logistics (SembLog) has become unconditional, after the Singapore firm's parent, SembCorp Industries, agreed to sell its 60 per cent stake. SembCorp Industries said m a statement to the Singapore Exchange yesterday that it has tendered its
      252 words
    • 250 18  - Keppel unit in $700 m Qatar shipyard deal Chua Kong Ho By< KEPPEL Offshore Marine (O&M) has signed a letter of intent to jointly build and operate a US$43O million (***** million) shipyard with the Qatar Gas Transport Company (Nakilat) m Qatar's port of Ras Laffan, the two companies said
      250 words
    • 243 18  - Ascott sells Liang Court for $175 m Joyce Teo By Property Correspondent THE Ascott Group has sold Liang Court Shopping Centre to Asia Retail Mall Fund II (ARM II) for $175 million, m a move long anticipated by the market. With the sale of its last non-core asset here, the
      243 words
    • 511 19  -  Gabriel Chen MEDIA MARKETING Conveying message honestly is key, even m tricky situations, says industry veteran By FOR a public relations executive, it must rank among the worst kind of nightmare: A 4am telephone call conveying the grim news that a client, the
      BT; YEN MENG JIIN  -  511 words
    • 361 19 THE historic Cathay cinema will soon be back showing movies on the big screen after a six-year hiatus and is heralding its return with a new campaign promising "life is going to get better". The Cathay, which has been extensively refurbished, wants to brand
      361 words
    • 425 20  -  Erica Tay To be successful, economies need to foster more entrepreneurs By GOVERNMENTS cannot run businesses as well as individuals can, said Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew yesterday. Owners of businesses are profit-driven and they stay up at night worrying about
      425 words
    • 294 20  -  WHEN Russians crave sushi m Moscow, a restaurant they flock to is actually run by a Singapore firm. Japanese restaurant Ichiban Boshi's owner R E S, which also runs a string of Japanese restaurants here, is one of a growing number of
      EDWIN KOO  -  294 words
    • 39 20 The general insurance industry had a record underwriting gain of $232 million last year, up 32 per cent over 2004. This was despite gross premiums dipping to $2.08 billion from $2.15 billion, dragged down by lower rates.
      39 words
    • 413 20  -  Lorna Tan By Finance Correspondent UNDERWRITING profits from motor insurance last year jumped to $48 million from $11 million previously. Despite this sterling performance, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has warned insurers against sacrificing prudence for market share. MAS executive director (insurance) Low Kwok
      413 words
    • 516 21  -  Kelvin Wong Placement will shrink its stake m teleo by 4.6°/o; price yet to be revealed BY TEMASEK Holdings is selling about 770 million shares m SingTel m a deal that could almost rival the size of its $2.3 billion sell-off
      AFP  -  516 words
    • 561 21 Joyce Teo THE share price of Raffles Holdings plunged 13.5 cents, or 16 per cent, to 71 cents, after the Capita Land unit announced it was selling its 45 per cent stake m the Raffles City complex. That is the firm's
      561 words
    • 741 21  -  AZRIN ASMANI TAKING STOCK By A BIG wake-up call was felt on the Singapore bourse yesterday as investors rushed m to snap up oversold blue chips after last week's lethargic performance. But despite yesterday's gains, market observers were not about to pop the champagne
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    • 227 21  -  WARRANT WATCH ANTICIPATION of restructuring within Singapore Airlines (SI A) is keeping both its shares and the covered warrants issued on the company by foreign banks soaring. Yesterday, while SIA rose 20 cents to $14.80 on a volume of 1.44 million shares, one covered warrant
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    • 279 21 1 K-Reit unit for every 5 shares of KepLand KEPPEL Land (KepLand) shareholders will receive one unit of its office Veal estate investment trust (Reit) for every five KepLand shares, the company said yesterday as it unveiled details or its K-Reit. The property developer said m a statement to the
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