The Straits Times, 12 July 2005

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1 16 The Straits Times
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  • 558 1  -  Audrey Tan MTI figures for second quarter dispel fears of recession and boost full-year forecasts By Assistant Money Editor SINGAPORE'S economy has defied the economic forecasters and dispelled fears of a recession by growing 3.9 per cent m the second quarter. It was
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  • 849 1  -  Bertha Henson By Supervising Editor (Home) A CLOSELY guarded secret of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) was finally made public yesterday: the salary of its chief executive T.T. Durai. Gasps could be heard m the courtroom when it was revealed that on top
    WONG KWAI CHOW  -  849 words
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  • 1040 1  -  Cynthia Low By ST Europe Bureau In London THE news was shocking. A cheerful father of four died m hospital after being punched, kicked and spat on m Manchester. Reports said Singaporean Mugilan Sutherman, 43, was attacked just because he did not have a
    MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS  -  1,040 words
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    • 39 2 Key test Arroyo faces another test as opposition organises a huge public rally to demand she resign. PAGE 6 Oil pledge Saudi Aramco launches a charm offensive, pledging to stand by China's long term energy needs. PAGE 8
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    • 27 2 Terrorist recruitment Al-Qaeda is recruiting Muslims from British universities to carry out attacks m the country. PAGE 14 Hurricane disaster Hurricane Dennis pummels Florida. PAGE 17
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    • 19 2 Dealing with China The Umted States needs a coherent strategy m dealing with a strong China. PAGE 21
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    • 39 2 Family absent No family, only strangers, showed up at the funeral of body-parts murder victim Liv Hong Mei. PAGE HI President to run? President S R Nathan is expected to announce that he is seeking re-election. PAGE H4
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    • 26 2 Better safe than sorry Reader praises security during lOC session and calls for training people m preventing and coping with a terror attack. PAGE H8
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    • 20 2 Verbal abuse Home United coach Steve Darby is alleged to have made a racist slur against another coach. PAGEHIO
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    • 13 2 Bull run Local stocks fly to record highs on the bourse. PAGEH2O
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    • 123 2 In yesterday's report, "Jetstar, Valuair merger talks off", we said Mr Ngiam Tong Dow is a Valuair shareholder. This is wrong. Mr Ngiam is a director on Valuair's board, and not a shareholder. In a July 9 report, "Redesigned jobs help drive change", we quoted
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    • 767 3  -  Chong Chee Kin Tanya Fong Prosecution opens case by giving its version of events leading to killing By TRUST BETRAYED? "The accused was often Huang Na's playmate despite the age difference... How was she to know that the person whom she trusted most among
      CHINA PRESS  -  767 words
    • 669 4  -  Khushwant Singh A vigilant Webster Yew is praised for acting on his suspicions By IT WAS 5.30 am but a foreigner picked up by cabby Webster Yew at the airport insisted on being taken to the United States Embassy. He wanted to apply
      AZIZ HUSSIN  -  669 words
    • 379 4 PHOTO: LONDON PRIME Minister Tony Blair promised yesterday that one of the most "vigorous and intensive" police manhunts Britain has seen will be carried out to get those responsible for the London bombings. "We will pursue those responsible wherever they are and we will
      INTERNET  -  379 words
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    • 54 4 SME Spotlight A focus on sma^ and meoSuro-sized enterprises In Singapore. ■Hexoa MMbjBJ A maker and distributor of computer memory devices that never forgets the importance of branding. ■Alia tae faaaly The Singapore companies that defy the Chinese saying that family businesses don't survive beyond three generations. HONG MEI'S CBEMATION
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  • ASIA
    • 650 6  - PEOPLE POWER TEST Luz Baguioro Arroyo faces Rivals vow to put a million protesters on the streets to force President to resign By Philippines Correspondent HGHUNGBACK "She is reeling from the blows but she is fighting back because she sees that the opposition remains fragmented; the disunity m the opposition
      AP; AFP  -  650 words
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    • 533 8  -  Chua Chin Hon Aramco's charm offensive follows its joint venture deal with Sinopec By China Bureau Chief In Beijing SAUDI Arabia's state-owned Aramco pledged to serve China's long-term energy needs m a major charm offensive yesterday as Beijing faced competition and political opposition
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    • 449 8  -  T schang Chi-Chu By China Correspondent In Beijing CHINA failed to persuade the United States to drop its safeguard restrictions on Chinese textiles during a high-level meeting between the two economic superpowers' trade ministers m Beijing yesterday. But the US was
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    • Article, Illustration
      58 8 Filipin^srformers Vanny Valde (nght) and Carmen Salinas (left) entertaining students at the Thailand Castle International village yesterday m Nanning, m south-west China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Province. A summer camp featuring South-east Asian cultures kicked off m Nanning yesterday, giving local students a chance to enjoy and learn about
      XINHUA  -  58 words
    • 208 8 Hong Kong visitor in China nearly forced to abort foetus Hong Kong CHINESE officials tried to force a mother who was visiting from Hong Kong to abort her six-month-old foetus under the mainland's one-child policy, but Hong Kong's government intervened to save the unborn baby, a newspaper reported yesterday. The
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    • 214 8 > .i i as. n ■iEi*,* 5 zzr Global Leadership Forum 6 7 September 2005 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre I Leadership, Innovation and Branding The Way Forward P* J* 1 Tun Dr. Mahathir .BaßafljT «m Upr,"* j Mohamad U f '^V'-BBe. Former Prime Minister, j9 flj^^fl mA. Dame Anita Roddick
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  • 813 9  -  Goh Sui Noi Time not ripe on the political and security fronts, say analysts By China Correspondent In Beijing ECONOMICALLY YES "China's economy is growing bigger, and taking part m a forum of economic superpowers to discuss its own views and have
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    • 142 9 You can't seem to look away. The new-generation Grand Vitara tends to do that to you. Instinctively your eyes follow the razor-sharp lines leading you across a longer and wider physique. At a wider angle, you'll realise the Grand Vitara exudes an incredible presence on the road. And that's
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      • 115 10 TAIPEI: A Taiwanese man was sentenced to death for poisoning energy drinks with cyanide m a botched extortion attempt that left one person dead and three sick, a court official said yesterday. A court spokesman said Wang Chin-chan, 40, was convicted of "intentional murder"
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  115 words
      • 120 10 BEIJING: China lashed out at Australia yesterday for granting ex-Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin a permanent visa, insisting he would not be persecuted if he was sent home. "We handle our affairs according to law. There is no so-called political persecution at all," the
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  120 words
      • 96 10 BEIJING: Forty-one miners died and 57 others were missing after two separate disasters m China's coal mines, a government agency and state media said yesterday. The bulk of the casualties came after a gas explosion ripped through a mine m the north-western Xinjiang
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  96 words
      • 104 10 BANGKOK: Thailand has discovered new cases of bird flu m fighting cocks just as it was about to declare the country free of the disease today, an official said yesterday. Mr Yukol Limlamthong, an Agriculture Ministry directorgeneral, said bird flu had been found
    • 52 10 A model showing how to use a cellphone to pay for purchases from a vending machine m Tokyo yesterday. The handset is produced by KDDI and equipped with a smartcard chip. In September, KDDI will launch the cellphones, which can be used as prepaid electronic wallets.
      AFP  -  52 words
    • 539 10  -  Lee Tee Jong Pyongyang's aid demands may get warmer reception from Washington By South Korea Correspondent In Seoul OVER a dinner of steak and cheesecake last Saturday, US envoy to the nuclear talks Christopher Hill finally got an agreement from the North Koreans
      539 words
    • 257 10 Seoul NORTH and South Korea agreed yesterday to bolster economic cooperation and stare test runs of reconnected rail and road links between the two countries. The two sides released a 12--point joint press statement yesterday. The North's delegation returns home early today via a Chinese
      ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  257 words
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    • 560 12 Communists selling off state -owned hotel While slamming Delhi's privatisation drive, they are selling out m West Bengal KOLKATA ONCE known as the Jewel of the East, the Great Eastern Hotel m Kolkata, the former capital of colonial India, has seen better days. Used by the British to billet their
      REUTERS  -  560 words
      • 96 12 NEW DELHI: About 300,000 plantation workers m India, the world's largest tea producer, began an indefinite strike yesterday for higher wages and more benefits, union leaders said. The strike has shut down hundreds of tea estates m the country's east, the largest tea-producing region,
        REUTERS  -  96 words
      • 102 12 NEW DELHI: India will set up computer kiosks across its rural heartland to help farmers sell their produce to the best-paying customers, officials said yesterday. Nearly 25,000 villages will be linked up m the initial phase. The national rollout will be completed by 2007. India's
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  102 words
      • 102 12 NEW DELHI: Thousands of residents m low-lying areas near the Jamuna river m northern India were evacuated over the weekend as the water level rose and was just centimetres below the danger mark. The waters receded yesterday after the rain let up, but people
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  102 words
      • 84 12 ISLAMABAD: Muslims ruling a Pakistani province are planning to set up an "accountability department" to promote Islamic practices. However, opponents say the proposal conjures up the spectre of the Taleban's religious police m Afghanistan. The government m the conservative North-West Frontier province introduced a Bill
        REUTERS  -  84 words
    • 394 12 New Delhi WHEN Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visits President George W. Bush m Washington next Monday, he would do well to stop off at a nearby Wal-Mart. The world's biggest chain of stores is all set to lead international groups
      FINANCIAL TIMES  -  394 words
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    • 487 13  -  Devi Asmarani INDONESIA'S FUEL CRISIS But critics say his measures won't reduce the demand for fuel and subsidies By Indonesia Correspondent In Jakarta PRESIDENT Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered deep cuts m energy use to help mitigate Indonesia's mounting fuel shortage the worst m
      487 words
    • 91 13 Model Annisa Pohan and her groom Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono pay respects to Dr Snsilo Bambang Yudhoyono and bis wife during a lavish wedding reception at Bogor palace on Saturday evening. But the press injected a sour note into the festivities by questioning the President about spending
    • 364 13  -  Carolyn Hong By Malaysia Correspondent In Kuala Lumpur THE flyover collapse on Sunday, the first such incident m the country, is being taken seriously to protect the reputation of Malaysia's construction industry abroad. Acting Works Minister Khaled Nordin said the government does
      364 words
    • 278 13 Bangkok THAI Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's popularity has fallen to 45.9 per cent, the lowest level m three years and a sharp drop from his February re-election, according to a poll released yesterday. His reputation has suffered from corruption scandals and soaring world oil
      ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  278 words
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      • 550 14 London THE Al-Qaeda network is secretly recruiting affluent, middle-class Muslims m British universities and colleges to carry out attacks m the country, according to a report based on leaked Whitehall documents. A network of "extremist recruiters" is circulating on campuses, targeting people with "technical
        REUTERS  -  550 words
      • 476 14 London ALTHOUGH Britain has passed aggressive anti-terrorism measures m recent years, its capital is m many ways a nub and haven for Al-Qaeda operatives. Radical members of London's large Muslim population have been linked to a series of plots, including the Sept 11,
        LOS ANGELES TIMES  -  476 words
    • 290 14 LONDON FOUR mosques m separate English cities have been damaged by fires set deliberately since London was hit by terrorist bombings. Arson attacks on mosques m Leeds, Belvedere, Telford and Birkenhead which caused "little damage" had been reported, said Mr Chris Fox, president of the Association
      AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  290 words
    • 245 14 London BRITISH police have made an urgent plea to the public for photographs, video footage and cellphone images of last week's bomb attacks to help catch the killers before they strike again. The world's biggest operation to study closed-circuit television film is also under
      AFP  -  245 words
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    • 275 14 Hurricane whacks Florida Hurricane Dennis causes severe flooding, rips off roofs and cuts off power lines as it slams into Florida. PAGE 17 Rfl THE UNIVERSITY PIPP OF ADELAIDE J&m n~^ «•«<** VIJ^l/ austraua %irou P ot t P n owC'^^/^eJ e^BMol oi— tsonmries The University of Adelaide Degrees @NgeeAm
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    • 2 14 flS HJ__
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      • 532 15 No specific intelligence could have prevented the 'murderous carnage', he tells lawmakers UNDAUNTED "We express our revulsion at this murderous carnage of the innocent. We are united m our determination that our country will not be defeated by such terror but will
      • 269 15 Quantico (Virginia) UNITED States President George W. Bush expressed solidarity with Britain over the London bombings and said terrorists would try to break the will of democracies by killing innocent people. "They are mistaken. America will not retreat m the face of
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  269 words
      • Article, Illustration
        69 15 Londoners, putting last Thursday's blasts behind them, boarding buses during rush hour yesterday. The police urged commuters to use buses and trains to show the terrorists they had not cowed the British people. Many commuters said they would do just that, but some were too afraid and took
        REUTERS  -  69 words
    • 220 16 Mourners weep over victims of Srebrenica massacre Srebrenica (Bosnia) RELATIVES wept over coffins of victims of the Srebrenica massacre, dug out of death pits and awaiting burial yesterday at a ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of Europe's worst atrocity m 50 years. Women m white headscarves displayed their grief
      ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  220 words
    • 90 16 Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Vice-President Dick Cheney on their way to lunch at the latter's home m Washington yesterday. Mr Lee, who has a packed schedule of meetings m the US capital, will meet President George W. Bush at the White House
      JOYCE FANG  -  90 words
    • 302 16 Islamist Bouyeri waives right to defence and insists on staying silent Amsterdam A SUSPECTED Islamist went on trial yesterday for the murder of a Dutch film-mak-er critical of Islam. He waived the right to mount a defence m a case that stoked
      REUTERS  -  302 words
      • 91 16 BISHKEK: Kyrgyzstan intends to review the presence of a US base on its territory, president-elect Kurmanbek Bakiyev said yesterday at his first news conference since winning Sunday's election. "The question of the departure of the American base was raised at the last summit of the
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  91 words
      • 88 16 JERUSALEM: Israel will ask the US for US$2.2 billion (553.7 billion) to pay for its planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, Israeli political sources said yesterday. One of the largest-ever aid requests by the Jewish state, the money will also pay for the relocation of
        REUTERS  -  88 words
      • 116 16 KABUL: Four suspected terrorists have escaped from the main US base m Afghanistan, sparking a massive search, a US military spokesman said yesterday. "They are considered dangerous and are suspected terrorists," said Lieutenant Cindy Moore. US helicopters, American troops on the ground and Afghan forces are
        REUTERS  -  116 words
      • 87 16 CANBERRA: Prime Minister John Howard yesterday denied that Britain had asked Australia to take over its military command m southern Iraq. Mr Howard said the 1,400 Australian troops already deployed m and around Iraq would be discussed with his British counterpart Tony Blair when
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  87 words
    • 478 17 It rips off roofs, downs power lines and threatens buildings left weakened by Ivan last year Panama City (Florida) HURRICANE Dennis pummelled north-western Florida after slamming ashore, following the track of devastation wrought by Ivan last year. After killing 16 or more people m the Caribbean,
      ASSOCIATED PRESS; REUTERS; AFP  -  478 words
    • 144 17 Moscow WORKERS demolishing a Stalin-era Moscow hotel on Sunday discovered a tonne of explosives that would have been used to blow up the building if Nazi troops had taken the city. After its opening m 1935, the hotel Moskva was one of the
      REUTERS  -  144 words
      • 203 18 NEARLY 600 years ago, 20 Chinese sailors travelling with the intrepid explorer Cheng Ho swam to an island off Kenya's east coast following a shipwreck. They settled down on the Kenyan island of Lamu and married local women. Now, one of their descendants
        CHINA DAILY; ASIA NEWS NETWORK  -  203 words
      • 175 18 HONG Kong's new leader Donald Tsang is known to be a top-notch bureaucrat and a master of public relations he has now become a fashion icon too, with his trademark bow ties. The bow tie is such an integral part of Mr
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  175 words
      • 99 18 A FORMER head of France's spy agency claims that late president Francois Mitterrand approved the sinking of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior 20 years ago, according to a news report. The Le Monde daily published extracts of a 23-page account by Admiral Pierre Lacoste, the
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  99 words
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    • 402 19 IT HAS taken 13 months of patient diplomacy to get the Beijing six-party process on North Korea revived. Pyongyang confirmed at the weekend it was willing to return to talks, set for late this month. Nothing must go wrong m the leap- up. The worst
      402 words
    • Article, Illustration
      1 19
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    • 818 19  -  Roberta. Pape By WHILE we don't yet know who organised last week's terrorist attacks m London, it seems likely that they were the latest m a series of bombings, most of them suicide attacks, over the past several years by Al-Qaeda and its supporters. Although many Americans
      REUTERS  -  818 words
    • 1002 19  -  Javier Marias By IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP The Western world has to shake off its fear, escape it, run away from it. those who intend to kill will do what they want; it is practically impossible for us to stop them. IN
      1,002 words
    • 1006 20  -  Anthony Green By For The Straits Times I'VE never been near a bomb blast. Like millions of others, I've led my life pretty much m the safe zone. Or so I've thought. When you switch on the television and see the latest outrage,
      REUTERS  -  1,006 words
    • 656 20  -  Sunanda K. By Datta-Ray For The Straits Times WE MAY be witnessing the beginnings of a new tun war m Central Asia as China and Russia lead the four other members Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan of the Shanghai
      656 words
    • 828 21  -  Eugene Low FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT: UNITED STATES By US Correspondent In Washington THE storm m Congress over a Chinese bid to take over a major American oil company has shown how lawmakers here are still coming to terms with China's rise as a global
      828 words
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    • 279 21 XEROX DIGITAL ABLE MULTI-FUNCTIONAL B/W 3321/3401/ DC 400/551 CP' COLOUR COPIER/PRINTER 605CP/707CP Canon aC TOIVXEROX K I2SWDCC4OIV •Copyspeedof T RICOH 1232 C 32-70 copies/mm. Network ready RE&zoom2s°oto^eßPßr Coiou- copier mmmmX 400 V gives you \T printer speea o' jl •*^^*mW wide flexibility m '\^JgT 6-31 ppm and copying/faxing,' -=p-<SS*®>-' 40ppm
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    • 44 22 Singapore today Afternoon showers with thunder mainly over northern, eastern and central parts of Singapore. o*obß a'i Fi*Fa,^ lM ll al l »W*»J M SbIbUI 1/ maxtor J mfsssfiKtfgrjfwg^ b^L' i^/k bVjT*H l^os^oaß^HrfH LVBeßßC^^^oi^Lri A^i^*BVe»aß^B^^.7^.^^^ola]ol*B^l j^v^M i M&m\\ __J__aM Bobsbbß 'JLj^^U^^M eßl^B^^l^i^^B^TC^S^l^^Bfß^B^M II
      44 words
    • 191 22 RYI. y AAa| aafW* SaW'&'m. m*\ <^k m m r m A m^mOmWaWmJtl mwrnw ■Vbi^ibHbw •l'Hlik M, affl üBIrsaBT «w V 1 e^9 I 3| M| Bf V" Hb4_ j i Jt J^l I^bl BU^^^e^ioßV^B^aaß^Bl bV^9 a«^ JWmm* W^^^^Ap 'fl B*"""! Hal Mm i£ mXw WA vAKI bW^H ftlesaßTol fi.
      191 words
    • 285 22 fjfgjf 5 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY IFind out how to help yourself and your loved ones relieve stress and body pain. 480 Toa Payoh Lor 6, HDB Hub East Wing #11-01. 7pm-9.30pm. Free. Call 9145-6534 or e-mail to register. 2 Donate used clothing, books, toys, jewellery and household
      285 words
  • Page 22 Miscellaneous
    • 532 22 ASIA WORLD WEATHER mmmmmmmmmm*T^ Wm^^A^Ffikaif* alfamWK** t^^^^^^^^^^PP*^^ HI KUINb jjjj£^ eOr^ Clear h^.^^^^^^^^^^VHP^ XtT BUelii \^^^mm\\mf s*?Q* MM <; mmmmmmmmW 4iOk n^| BF Cloudy .■B^B^BB^B^BB^a^oa^oa^oa^oa^oW^ *>N O oseaWMl Pt^H Br -«> lv IT^^^ HONGKONG Windy HMJenln m^r mw b«M OH W^T BAY OF BENGAL SOUTH CHINA SEA ■T' j^ P
      532 words

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    • 282 1 Trail of 'stolen' papers Clan group's official arrested after confidential papers he had reported as stolen were allegedly found on him after a chase by a director. PAGE H6 OB^BTflß^BTflß^BTflß^BTflß^BTflß^BTflß^BTflß^BTflß^BTflß^BTflß^BTflß^BTflßTflfirr* I BTol '^gSaTaToTaToTaToTaToTBToTaToTaToTaToTaToTaToTaH i§o: r ol ri iii I l ApSl Alrvfl r t 'Wa\%^*m m^A mMt mm\ w% I"
      282 words
    • 7 1 e»* X*__ m \mmm\ __i 'afl Hfl^*!
      7 words
  • HOME
      8 words
    • Article, Illustration
      794 1  -  Tracy Sua KALLANG BODY-PARTS MURDER Coming from all corners of Singapore, 1 50 people packed the funeral tent at Lavender Street even as murder victim Liv Hong Mei's relatives stayed away By ABOUT 150 strangers and passers-by turned up for murder victim Liv Hong Mei's funeral, but her
      WONG KWAI CHOW  -  794 words
      • 1442 2 TRAVEL PERKS CEO says he should have said that 'on hindsight' so as not to mislead the public, but insists he had merely used his entitlement. Sharon Loh and Selina Lum report DOES National Kidney Foundation (NKF) chief
        1,442 words
      • Article, Illustration
        191 2 PHOTOS: The National Kidney Foundation and its chief executive officer T. T. Durai are suing the Singapore Press Holdings and senior correspondent Susan Long for an article she wrote on April 1 9, 2004. The NKF objects to the first six paragraphs of the article, which carries an
        WONG KWAI CHOW  -  191 words
      • 451 2 NEWSPAPER'S REPORTS ON CONTROVERSIES THE National Kidney Foundation's chief T.T. Durai maintained yesterday morning that Singapore Press Holdings had an agenda against it. In the afternoon, he withdrew the allegation, after conceding that The Straits Times was merely discharging its duty to the public m
        SEE NEXT PAGE  -  451 words
      • 503 2 DEALINGS WITH MEDIA AND PUBLIC THE question of whether the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is transparent m its dealings with the media, public and even the court, came up frequently throughout the day. In his opening statement, Senior Counsel Davinder Singh accused
        LAU FOOK KONG  -  503 words
      • Article, Illustration
        115 3 The NKF says the paragraphs implied it had misused funds collected from the public and splurged them on its CEO's office; that it mismanaged public donations; that it had "scaled down" the installations only because the plumber protested; and that it avoided providing details on the alleged incident
        LAU FOOK KONG  -  115 words
      • 31 3 Plaintiffs are the NKF and CEO T.T. Durai, represented by Senior Counsel Michael Khoo. Defendants are The Straits Times and Ms Susan Long represented by Senior Counsel Davinder Singh.
        31 words
      • 375 3 FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Mr Durai replied that the message had been written by his colleagues m the public relations department, to a "dominant newspaper". He said: "We are at the mercy of the newspapers. We try our best to see whether we can work with them." Later
        375 words
      • 1008 3 NKF TELLS ITS SIDE OF STORY WRONG IMPRESSION "Although I did not know what they would have cost, they were out of place and could convey a wrong impression that they were expensive." NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION CHIEF EXECUTIVE T.T. DURAI, saying he
        1,008 words
      • 1177 3 A private man's $600,000 pay is it of public interest? »T.T. DURAI'S SALARY SENIOR Counsel Davinder Singh spent some time probing chief executive officer T.T. Durai on the NKF's reluctance since 1999 to disclose the salaries of its senior people. Mr Durai confirmed that the issue never went away, and
        1,177 words
    • 387 4  -  M. Nirmla Notice expected today; political watchers predict he'll be only candidate By PRESIDENT S R Nathan is expected to announce today that he is seeking re-election, ending months of speculation over his interest m a second term of office. The
      387 words
    • 80 4 "I've never felt hampered by being a woman. I like to caution people not to let gender become a crutch or an excuse. In life, I've lost opportunities to be promoted. But the reason is usually because the person who got the job was better, or luckier,
      80 words
    • 76 4 "Some 70 per cent of the members of my team are women. They too like to make fun of male weaknesses, by saying that I can't multi-task, for example. I know it's all m jest. It just goes to show that such comments do cut both
      76 words
    • Article, Illustration
      68 4 "Sometimes people say things foolishly or thoughtlessly but not maliciously, and some allowance must be made for that. If, however, the comment justifiably gives cause for offence, then take a stand and tell the guy plainly why his comment is inappropriate. And do it with dignity and
      68 words
    • 631 4  - Ribbed by men? Women MPs give as good as they get Lynn Lee By WOMEN politicians yesterday declared that they were less perturbed than MP Irene Ng over what she described as "subtle undermining" by men, including parliamentary colleagues. Yes, men may toss some negative labels at women like they're
      631 words
    • 898 5  -  Chong Chee Kin Tanya Fong HUANG N A MURDER The accused's alleged actions before and after killing are relayed to court By SCENE OF THE CRIME Yesterday, police officers submitted sketch plans where Huang Na was allegedly killed m the office of a storeroom m
      LIM YONG  -  898 words
    • 481 6  -  Jane Ng New institute aims to boost research quality at the university By IN A bid to boost research quality, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has set up a research institute where Nobel laureates will interact with its top academics. Seven laureates have agreed
      481 words
    • 309 6 THE National University of Singapore (NUS) took its first step to being among the world's top 10 universities when it inked a partnership with seven leading universities yesterday. Chosen specifically for their strengths m research, the universities are the Australian National University (ANU), Peking University,
      309 words
    • 353 6  -  Ho Ai Li By IN A new twist to a bitter saga engulfing a Hainanese clan group, an executive secretary who reported the theft of confidential papers was yesterday allegedly found carrying some of them. Yesterday evening, 63-year-old Han Kirn Juan was arrested after
      EDWIN KOO  -  353 words
    • 190 6 SUNGEI ROAD peddlers, or karung gum" men, are going high-tech. One of them, known only as Mr Mak, has put up an old Champion bicycle badge on Internet auction site eßay, asking for US$9.9O (5516.80). It's a king's ransom compared to the few Singapore dollars
      190 words
    • 508 6  -  Sandra Davie By Education Correspondent APPLICATIONS for courses at Singapore's newest university, the SIM University (UniSIM), opens today. The university for working adults is offering over 1,000 places m its 30 degree and 10 diploma and certificate courses that it will launch m January
      508 words
    • Article, Illustration
      141 6  -  CHANG AI-LIEN Übin resident Lim Choo Zi, 78, saying goodbye to his pet ostrich before the duo part ways. The young male, christened "Übin", has been adopted by the Jurong Bird Park, and made the big move to the mainland yesterday. The bachelor will join an existing
      EDWIN KOO  -  141 words
    • 258 6 THE police have seized a video that was screened at the launch of a book by opposition leader Chee Soon Juan last Saturday. The organisers had not applied for a certificate to show the Hong Kong-made film, said the
      258 words
    • 372 7  -  Arthur Poon Talks with Valuair off, Qantas-backed budget carrier to focus on improving business By LOW-COST carrier Jetstar Asia shrugged off its failed merger talks with Valuair yesterday and announced that it is expanding. The Qantas-backed carrier, which called off the talks
      372 words
    • 189 7  -  ARTHUR POON LOW-COST carrier AirAsia introduced a fuel surcharge on its domestic and regional flights yesterday. The levy ranges between RMS (552.20) and RM2S, depending on destination, and is applicable for flights booked on and after Thursday. The Malaysia-based group's chief executive officer, Mr
      189 words
    • 124 7 OVER the next fortnight, The Straits Times will give away tickets to the parade preview on July 30 and the parade itself on Aug 9. Answer a question related to this story and you can win two tickets to one of the shows. The question: What is
      BRYAN VAN DER BEEK  -  124 words
    • 488 7  -  Tan Hui Yee Jane Ng In the second of a series on People-at-the-Parade, The Straits Times interviews the oldest and youngest participants of this year's National Day Parade at the Padang, to find out more about these ordinary Singaporeans with extra-special tasks on Aug
      488 words
    • FORUM
      • 691 8 BOMB ATTACKS ON LONDON WHEN I first watched news of the London blasts, one of the things that came to mind was an article m The Straits Times that reported that some foreign journalists felt that security for the International Olympic Committee
        691 words
      • 162 8 Thoughts turn to loved ones THOSE who orchestrated the London bombings intended the attacks to breed suspicion and hostility towards people of different faiths and ethnic origins. As we from different nationalities stay determined to coexist seamlessly, and as anxious messages from family and friends reach us from afar back
        162 words
      • 110 8 LAST Thursday, at about 11.45pm, I followed a group of mainly European visitors out of the arrival hall of Changi Airport's Terminal 1. But as I walked past the Customs counter an officer called me back to have my belongings a small sports bag and a
        110 words
      • 162 8 WHILE the scenes of destruction m London on Thursday were replayed, I asked myself: Are we ready? After Sept 11, 2001, Singapore's leaders have said that it is no longer a question of whether terrorists would strike Singapore, but when. Reports suggest
        162 words
      • 181 8 LONDON has always been one of my favourite capital cities and having visited it again just a few weeks ago, I was once again very much impressed by its police officers, touted as one of the friendliest m the world and
        181 words
      • 166 8 THE Centre for Contemporary Islamic Studies would like to add our voice to those of all the Muslims and nonMuslims around the world who have condemned the recent attacks on the transportation system m London. Our sympathies go out to the innocent civilians and the
        166 words
      • 84 8 THE emergency procedures spelt out by SMRT should an explosion occur m a train are well and good if understood by everyone. The procedure of unfolding ramps and opening doors on different trains is rather confusing. Why not make a visual presentation of
        84 words
      • 58 8 WHAT ABOUT THOSE IN WHEELCHAIRS? I HAVE a special-needs child who uses a wheelchair. I would like to know what provisions have been made for wheelchair users m times of emergency. My child cannot "walk along the tracks to the nearest station" and she certainly cannot "crouch to the floor
        58 words
      • 52 8 I HOPE that the authorities would set up a hotline with a number that can be easily remembered so that concerned citizens like Mr Chua Boh Seng ("Airport staff did nothing about unattended bag"; ST, July 9) can call to report anything suspicious. Low
        52 words
      • 52 8 IN "ATTACKS on London show need for vigilance" (ST, July 9), Mr Murali Kumara Sharma has apparently confused the gorgon, Medusa, whose face turned people into stone, with another monster m Greek mythology, Hydra, which sprouted more heads when one of its many was cut off.
        52 words
      • 105 8 I MUST take issue with the headline, "Europe gripped by fear" (ST, July 8). As someone who worked m London m the late 1980s when London was subjected to bombing campaigns, I can assure you that Europe is shocked and saddened by the inevitable
        105 words
      • 362 8 LIKE Mr Robert Frederick Burch ("Contractor quoted more rivets for windows"; ST, July 4), I, too, was concerned about being overcharged by a contractor who, m giving his quotation, urged my husband and me to change four rivets on our side-hung windows,
        362 words
      • 214 8 I REFER to the letter, "Busstop ad panels shattered" (ST, July 7). Clear Channel was awarded a contract by the Land Transport Authority to design, build and operate 3,200 bus and taxi shelters m 2001, and has overhauled 80 per cent of all the
        214 words
      • 117 8 I REFER to Mr lan Milne's letter, "Violent ad on kids' channel" (The Sunday Times, July 10), with regard to the screening of a Demand TV movie trailer on the Nickelodeon channel. Although based on a com-ic-book character, we concur with Mr Milne
        117 words
    • SPORTS
      • 615 9  -  Lin Xinyi TABLE TENNIS She overcomes nemesis Tie after losing m their last three meetings By LI JIAWEI finally overcame her nemesis Tie Yana by beating the top seed to retain her US Open title yesterday (Singapore time). The Singapore world No 7 romped
        ALBERT SIM  -  615 words
      • 96 9 LI JIAWEI'S recent purple patch has seen her climb up the world rankings from eighth to seventh. The Sportswoman of the Year's career-best ranking is sixth, achieved m February. But her team-mate Wang Yuegu has made the fastest progress. The 25-year-old, who made it to
        96 words
      • 144 10 AFTER 16 matches, Paya Lebar Punggol finally picked up their first S-League point last Wednesday, drawing 2-2 with the Young Lions. A relieved vice-chairman Steven Lee said: "The morale is high, and we are all very happy with the point." In a tumultuous debut
        144 words
      • 87 10 f W D L F A Pts TMpiMS 16 12 2 2 46 14 38 SAFFC 16 10 4 2 28 17 34 Woodlands 16 9 3 4 29 26 30 Balestier 16 7 4 5 27 25 25 Homo United.... 16 6 3 7 29 26 21 Young
        87 words
      • 319 10  -  Marc Lim SOCCER Complaint against Home Utd coach for alleged racial remarks to another By HOME United coach Steve Darby is again m the news for the wrong reason this time for allegedly making racial comments to another coach. The S-League is asking for a written
        319 words
      • 245 10 Aug 14,2003 Reprimanded after he labelled the S-League penalty shoot-out format "stupid", following Home United's loss to Sinchi on penalties after a 0-0 draw. April 29, 2005 Another "stupid" comment, this time referring to the League's Beep Test rule that sidelined Tampines defender Scad Muratovic
        245 words
      • 309 10  -  MARC LIM NOH Alam Shah will be the first Singaporean off to an English football club when he leaves tonight for a two-week training stint at Notts County. But he will probably not be the last. The English League Two club,
        309 words
        • 73 10 THE inaugural quadrangular youth bodybuilding championships will be held m conjunction with the Pesta Sukan youth championships from Aug 26 to 29 at the East Coast Park Area C 3. Competitors from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia will join their Singaporean counterparts. Former Mr Universe, Azman Abdullah, has
          73 words
        • 51 10 THE chairman of the Football Association of Singapore Referees' Committee, Jeffrey Beh, will lead the Referees' Team m a match against the PSA Veterans at Bukit Chermin Road tomorrow at 5.30pm. For more information or enquiries, please contact Mr Muthi at *****107 or e-mail
          51 words
        • 83 10 LASER sailor Stanley Tan has moved up to a careerhigh 38th place m the latest International Sailing Federation world rankings. Tan finished 84th out of a field of 139 at the Kiel Week Regatta m Germany last month. Although he failed to qualify
          83 words
      • 878 11 »GOLF World No.l m confident mood and is favourite to repeat 2000 victory St Andrews (Scotland) TIGER- WATCHING on the golf course is like tracking the real thing m the jungle: ifyou sleep m, you miss the whole show. Tiger Woods has been
        REUTERS; ASSOCIATED PRESS; AFP  -  878 words
      • 541 11 St Andrews ERNIE Els would relish the chance of playing alongside Jack Nicklaus as he bids farewell to competitive golf at the 134 th British Open here this week. But it would mean even more for the South African
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  541 words
      • 380 11 St Andrews IT WILL be a moment for golf as golden as it comes. When 65-year-old Jack Nicklaus takes his final walk across the Swilcan Bridge at the Old Course this week it is hoped after four rounds of
        ASSOCIATED PRESS  -  380 words
      • 453 11 Silvis (Illinois) AMERICAN Scan O'Hair won his first PGA Tour title and was rewarded with a berth m the British Open, which begins on Thursday. However, the newly-crowned John Deere Classic champion has a problem he does not have a passport and is
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  453 words
      • 417 11 St Andrews THE likelihood of Tiger Woods and company overpowering the Old Course at this week's British Open rests entirely on the vagaries of the wind. The weather is usually the biggest talking point going into any Open, and St Andrews, more than
        REUTERS  -  417 words
      • 291 12 OLYMPICS London LONDON British Premier Tony Blair has been cleared of acting improperly m helping London to win the right to host the 2012 Olympics. He had been accused of breaking strict bidding rules by travelling to Singapore with his wife Cherie tnree days
        AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE  -  291 words
      • 213 12  -  Alvin Foo SPORTS IN SCHOOLS By RAIN littered the Seletar Country Club practice green yesterday afternoon and lightning could be seen on the horizon. But that did not deter 10 or so junior golfers from extra putting practice after the end of their opening round at
        ALVIN FOO  -  213 words
      • 511 12 SOCCER Holders host Welsh minnows m their Champions League qualifying opener Liverpool IT SOUNDS like the biggest mismatch m European soccer history. And it would certainly be the biggest upset if reigning European champions Liver?ool lose to Welsh minnows otal Network Solutions, named after
        • 38 12 SEOUL: South Korea footballer Ahn Jung Hwan is set to join French club Metz on a one-year contract, his agent said yesterday. The striker's deal with JLeague champions Yokohama FMarinos expired last month. REUTERS
          REUTERS  -  38 words
        • 40 12 SILVERSTONE (England): BAR's Takuma Sato killed his British Grand Prix chances on Sunday by pressing the wrong button on the steering wheel before the start. The Formula One driver hit the safety button to kill the engine. REUTERS
          REUTERS  -  40 words
      • 235 12  -  Chan Yi Shen By WITH Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) floundering, main rivals Raffles Institution are set to recapture the schools national C Division boys' swimming crown at the Toa Payoh swimming pool. ACS (I), C Division champions for the last three
        235 words
      • 712 12 BASEBALL MLB: San Diego 8 Colorado 5, Philadelphia 5 Washington 4(12 innings), Oakland 9 Chicago White Sox 8 (11 innings), Seattle 7 LA Angels 4, Arizona 2 Cincinnati 0, St Louis 4 San Francisco 3, NY Yankees 9 Cleveland 4, Chicago Cubs 9 Florida 2, Baltimore 4 Boston 1,
        712 words
      • Obituary, Illustration
        218 12 The Lord is my Shepherd; I shail not want. MICHAEL JOSEPH TITUS Age: 82 was called home to be with (he Lord on 11 July 05 leaving behind loved ones. Wife: Antoinette Michael Nee Saverias Children: Spouses: Isabella Michael Doraisamy Francis Victor Lawrence Michael Yvonne Anthony Antonio Francis Michael Angela
        218 words
      • Obituary, Illustration
        444 13 The family of the late CHAN GIOK KHIM Departed 26 December 2004 wish to express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all relatives, friends, colleagues, trade partners and business associates for their kind assistance, attendance, condolences, prayers, donations and wreaths during their bereavement. Deepest gratitude especially to: Theresa, Susie, Ariya
        444 words
      • Obituary, Illustration
        1015 13 "The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need. He lets me rest m fields of green grass and leads me to quiet pools of fresh water. I will not be afraid Lord for you are with me. Psalm 23 ETHAN LUKE LIEW ZONG HAN 19 months was called
        1,015 words
    • MONEY
        • 6096 14 *****8 BBi BIT 1 1 BB 10 5 3 5716 Ist Software 5c 3.5 unch 1 3.5 3.5 14.2 345 U 3148 BTelecomUS2c 12 -0.5 7225 13 11 26 5.1 57.5 41 23 5 5834 A-Son* 5c 33.5 +0.5 30 33.5 33 5N 14 113.4 22.5 16
          6,096 words
        • 1813 14 B-WB B MMXV UST MT tn D IW W W EM tWM IMM UU *m- m MM UM Mtt M »ft 18 12 5000 ABRHkfcssc 14.5 10 8.7 28 20.5 13 2319 AdampakSc 16 +1 55 16 15 15.6 48 28.1 S5 20 5758 AdwnceSCTsc 47 -N 15.5
          1,813 words
        • 67 14 S2-WEEX TEL CVMSBCY LAST Id MT W5 H CAP WOT l*w CySt CW^Wi fUBtS ml *^B- BIW LPP VI van ***** ***** 6065 Diamonds USlolsocd 6095 IS DJ US Tech U***** 6097 IS MSCI Spore U5555 6101 ISStPSOO U***** ***** ***** 6170 SPDRS USU2OO 2309 1859 6235 STI
          67 words
      • 473 15 It is also likely to disrupt the repatriation of billions m earnings New York CORPORATE America will have to do without one of its largest sources of growth this earnings season as the rapidly strengthening US dollar reverses its flattering effect
        FINANCIAL TIMES; REUTERS  -  473 words
      • 414 15  -  REUTERS London A SECRET Internet chatroom run by Britain's financial regulators helped keep London's financial markets open after last Thursday's bomb blasts, regulators said, while financial firms activated security measures m case of further attacks. The Bank of England, the Treasury and the Financial Services
        414 words
      • 448 15 New York KOHLBERG Kravis Roberts (KKR) and Blacks tone Group, the world's two biggest buyout firms, are making 2005 an unprecedented year for leveraged buyouts (LBOs), generating more than US$4 billion (556.84 billion) of fees for investment bankers. LBO specialists, which borrow
        BLOOMBERG NEWS  -  448 words
      • 34 15 Yesterday's close: 11,674.79 (+lOB.B points) •*> Japanese stocks closed 0.94 per cent higher as sharp gains on Wall Street and a drop m oil prices eased fears about global economic growth. AFP
        AFP  -  34 words
      • 34 15 Yesterday's close: 14,157.24 (+192.77 points) Hong Kong stocks rose nearly 1.4 per cent shadowing Wall Street, and with blue chips Hutchison Whampoa and China Mobile gaining on broker upgrades. REUTERS
        REUTERS  -  34 words
      • Article, Illustration
        33 15 Yesterday's close: 4,264.1 (+34.9 points) Australian stocks closed 0 83 per cent higher, following the positive lead from Wall Street after a strong June employment report in the United States. AFP
        AFP  -  33 words
      • 35 15 Yesterday's close: 1,011.5 (-6.48 points) Chinese stocks closed 0.62 per cent lower on continued weak sentiment despite measures announced by regulators to support the sale of non-tradable shares m listed companies. AFP
        AFP  -  35 words
      • Article, Illustration
        43 15 Yesterday's close: 909.32 (+5.71 points) Malaysian stocks closed 0.63 per cent higher on the back of Wall Street's gains last Friday and light bargain-hunting by institutional funds m blue chips. Volume was 389.65 million shares, worth RM671.19 million (Ss3oo million). AFP
        AFP  -  43 words
      • Article, Illustration
        43 15 Yesterday's close: 7,306.74 (+94.66 points) >* The market closed at a record high, gaining 1.31 percent on overseas fund buying m anticipation of strong quarterly earnings from software companies this week. The Sensex also reached a record intra-day high of 7,308.72. AFP
        AFP  -  43 words
      • 38 15 Yesterday's close: 1,123.46 (+12.9 points) Indonesian stocks closed 1.16 percent higher, m line with firmer regional markets following strong gains on Wall Street. Volume was 1.59 billion shares, worth 865.16 billion rupiah (SSIS2 million). AFP
        AFP  -  38 words
      • 48 15 Yesterday's close: 640.82 (-2.49 points) Thai shares closed 0.4 per cent lower, with investors brooding over worrying economic signs and ignoring the latest fall in oil prices and a rally on Wall Street. Volume was 1.9 billion shares, worth 12.3 billion baht (SS502 million). AFP
        AFP  -  48 words
      • 240 15 Stock Name Wt Close Change Stock Name Wt Close Change Allgreen 50c 0.28* 1.130 +0.020 Ml 20c 0.66 2.180 +0.030 Ascendasreit 1.10 2.310 +0.020 NOL 1.09 3.660 BIL Intl US2Oc 0.52 1.240+0.050 Noble Grp HK25c 0.83 1.470 Capita Land 1.51 2.400+0.050 OCBC 9.31 11.600+0.200 Capita Mall
        240 words
      • 75 15 July 11 July 11 MMI Hldgs 10c 27,564,000 Bio-Treat HK4Oc 10,938,000 Goodpack 1 c 20,975,000 CSE Global 5c 10,273,000 UTAC USl 5c 20,856,000 Aztech 5c 10,046,000 Sing Tel 15c 19,841,000 01am 10c 8,518,000 Electro Tech 20c 14,992,000 Rotary EnggiOc 8,185,000 Biosensors USO.OIc 13,975,000 China Sun HK25c 8,041,000 Capita
        75 words
      • 142 15 July 11 FOREIGN CURRENCY NOTE RATES (9AM): UNIT TRUSTS TABLE APPEARS ON MONDAYS SINGAPORE DOLLARS TO ONE UNIT OF FOREIGN CURRENCY Buying Selling Aust dollar 1.2530 1.2680 Can dollar 1.3850 1.4010 Euro 2.0210 2.0440 Malaysian ringgit* 0.4464 0.4468 NZ dollar 1.1360 1.1600 Sterling pound 2.9360 2.9680 US dollar 1.6890
        142 words
      • 1991 15 Bonds, Loans Warrants ntMBACTIM MTI JW.Y 11 2 MS ata lw net tmam amm tai *m- -m am am ma ano 18 11 3779 ASLklariaiWOMMOl 11 +H SU ie Tli 175 M 17.5 6 3795 Autron W0706O3 15 +05 9.7 8 5 15 I fl 61.5 41 4063 CaanaMaNUaCWCaO330 615
        1,991 words
      • 468 16 Shanghai CHINA said it plans to more than double the amount of foreign cash allowed m its US$35O billion (*****.5 billion) share markets and suspend domestic initial public offers (IPOs) indefinitely, propelling stocks as much as 2.5 per cent higher yesterday. Beijing, which has
        REUTERS  -  468 words
      • 608 16 They could pay over $1.7 b for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shanghai GOLDMAN Sachs and Allianz of Germany are m talks to pay more than US$l billion (Ssl.7 billion) to acquire a stake m China's largest state-owned bank, the
        NEW YORK TIMES; BLOOMBERG NEWS  -  608 words
      • 184 16 Hong Kong HEDGE funds m Asia will manage as much as US$9O billion (*****.9 million) this year, about 40 per cent higher than 2004 assets, as the region attracts more investor interest, according to a report by market researcher Financial Insights.
        BLOOMBERG NEWS  -  184 words
        • Article, Illustration
          5 17 TIEN CHUNG PING
          TIEN CHUNG PING  -  5 words
        • 377 17  - Foote Cone Belding leaps into big league KAREN TEE TWO new wins for Foote Cone Belding (FCB), the advertising agency behind the Effie award-winning Action for Aids campaign, has propelled the firm into the top 10 of a monthly industry ranking. FCB is ranked eighth on the ST-R3 Advertising League
          377 words
        • 617 17  -  Karen Tee Go beyond being mere channels between clients and media, says Weber Shandwick chairman By Better coordination "What we need is seamless and speedy collaboration across disciplines on the agency and the client side. We also need ideas that will
          617 words
      • 271 18  -  ERICA TAY CITIBANK Singapore, a unit of United States banking giant Citigroup that incorporated here earlier this year, has appointed a new board that includes a local wildlife park chief and a university don. It announced its nine-mem-ber board line-up yesterday, comprising three independent directors
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      • 161 18  -  ERICA TAY KEPPEL Land (KepLand) is embarking on its second condominium project m Bangalore India's Silicon Valley to tap into its red-hot housing market. The company has teamed with Bangalore's leading developer to secure a site of about 7 ha m a choice location
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      • 637 18  -  Bryan Lee More tourist arrivals and private-banking activity boost growth; trend likely to continue By TOURISM and financial services have turned m blistering performances to help power the economy to a surprisingly strong showing m the second quarter. Tourist arrivals have shot up
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      • 294 18  -  Fiona Chan By THE construction sector's stronger-than-expected performance may have contributed to Singapore's secondquarter economic rebound, industry analysts say. The long-ailing sector shrank by only 1.4 per cent m the second quarter compared to the same period last year, a significant improvement on a 5.4
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