The Straits Times, 26 April 2000

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1 40 The Straits Times
  • 25 1 The Straits Times Established 1845 W6QneSQciy April 26, 2000 196 Pages in six parts mita (P) 034/12/1999 4dP A Singapore Press Holdings publication \J\) Ceofti
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  • 85 1 Where are the hostages? PHILIPPINE Muslim extremist Sipadan on Sunday. In Sabah, group Abu Sayyaf yesterday claimed Malaysian navy commandos responsibility for abducting 21 remained on stand-by for the order people from the Malaysian island of to hit the captors' hideout. See Pages 2, 46 and 47 JOSE RAYMOND SIPADAN!
    JOSE RAYMOND; AP  -  85 words
  • 527 1  -  LYDIA LIM By UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICERS WILL PATROL THE AREA TWICE A DAY AND THEY WILL ADOPT 'A MINIMALIST, HANDS-OFF APPROACH'. Citizens can go there seven days a week from 7 am to 7 pm to speak on any subject, but must
    527 words
  • 440 1  -  EDNA KOH 500,000 ACCOUNTS AFFECTED Bv AT least 500,000 POSBank and DBS Bank account holders will be forced to choose one of three options from June 1. Top up their account balances to the minimum of S500; Pay a monthly service charge of $2, for
    440 words
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    • 121 1 TOUGH LAWS NEEDED: Landlord? who rent homes to illegal immigrants must face stiff penalties page 3 H j .ft 11 ."-"y"*' J^k& »^B ■_JJp ePn;; *®i j^»s»s**-j-! (r B la Vn extension of the unique "Happv Diamonds" concept with mobile diamonds. Available at leading 1 i^^^^^^^^ 9 vhßH^^^BH^^____ > fIW
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    • 450 2  -  LUZ BAGUIORO By PHILIPPINES CORRESPONDENT But the Philippine authorities say the claim by radical Muslim group Abu Sayyaf cannot be verified yet MANILA The Muslim extremist Abu Sayyaf group yesterday claimed responsibility for kidnapping 21 people from the Malaysian resort island of Sipadan and
      450 words
    • 224 2  -  BRENDAN PEREIRA By MALAYSIA CORRESPONDENT KUALA LUMPUR Five men were arrested yesterday as police scoured the waters near southern Philippines, where Muslim rebels are believed to be holding 21 hostages kidnapped from Sipadan on Sunday. Sabah Police Commissioner Mamat Taib said the five included two former
      224 words
    • 264 2 HE WAS the top arts student of his year at the former Nanyang University, and worked as a civil servant before he decided to become a church man. Yesterday, Reverend Canon Dr John Chew, 52, was installed as the eighth Anglican bishop of Singapore, leader of 25,000
      DESMOND FOO  -  264 words
    • 598 3  -  CHUA MUI HOONG Bu Debate continues on May 9 PARLIAMENT will sit on May 9 to enable MPs to raise further questions on the immigration-offenders problem. Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng's reply on the issue was cut short by the end
      598 words
    • 170 3 Illegal tenants: Man jailed 20 months A SHOPKEEPER who sublet the upper storey of a shophouse to 12 illegal immigrants has been jailed 20 months for harbouring them. Kir Chuee Huat, 51, had failed to check on his tenants' immigration status, a district court heard yesterday. While his conduct was
      170 words
    • 276 3 BRISTOL (England) How did our garden go? That was the question a bewildered English couple faced on Monday after thieves made off with their entire back yard, including trees and a small pond. They dug up conifers and shrubs, swiped cement ornaments, a sundial, benches and
      AFP; AP  -  276 words
    • 363 4  -  KAREN WONG Hu It is evident from my client's conduct and cooperation that the $2-million bail is sufficient to ensure his attendance in court. Mr Tail Chee Meng, Kwek's lawyer That's the amount former MD is accused of taking from company Fresh charges raise the stakes in case against
      363 words
    • 227 4 That's what firm owes creditors A PROVISIONAL liquidator has been appointed for a well-known company, Tong Tien See Construction Pte Ltd, which owes at least $56 million to creditors. The contracting company's petition to place itself under judicial management was rejected yesterday by Justice M.P.H. Rubin. The company, with
      227 words
    • 114 4  -  KRIST BOO Bu THREE men were found dead in a sewage manhole in the financial district yesterday evening. They were workers laying fibre optic cables underground for traffic lights. The manhole is in Chulia Street outside UOB Plaza. Police received a call at 6.30 pm
      114 words
    • 185 4 BANGKOK A young British tourist was killed and her father and sister wounded when a bull elephant ran amok at a seaside resort in Pattaya, poEce said yesterday. Miss Andrea Taylor, 23, was pronounced dead in hospital after being trampled and gored by the elephant at
      Reuters; REUTERS  -  185 words
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    • 134 4 Growing Up. The Nutritional Challenge. mhhhjhhmh| Adolescence is an important and ffllwirffiaH^m^^^^ .p g^ challenging stage of life, as teenagers are I" fil^S^^fe^^tei" IPB I in ne r P nme Period of physical and |BH^S^ '^^te'-- F^w mental growth. \-M i^^. i Nutrition is important for teenagers to: W^^^K 9
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    • 161 5 Wm A Bfl i^ !^i^^^sf> B^^BB? A T!!' it "X* 1^ A l^ bbbbb^bbbbbbbbbbbbßl^^ S^^^ If B^ONt \ui6P^i^Bßßßßl v/rV' 1 Bf mi *r ikiwr S3'-" I 1 lapiirrTr^ E 1 I Ik: 'iiBBBBBf 1 £hKbM3&;< ■■""■■'■••v)^ffiß^B 'W' m^&££o& IbbbbV^^' f^Si Bh "^"^S^ H INTRODUCING I^P SINGAPORE'S GLOBAL HI FIMAiiriAL fFNTRE
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    • 922 6  - Kids crazy over Pokemon cards 'are victims of marketing' ALFRED LEE By IN LONDON A British teachers' association speaks out against the marketing tactics of the company as fights over the cards break out in school playgrounds KRITISH schoolchildren aught in the grip of a craze ver Pokemon cards are
      922 words
    • 413 7 Air force jets and helicopter gunships hit rebel positions after the Tamil Tiger guerillas capture the sprawling army base of Elephant Pass COLOMBO Sri Lanka's air force bombed camps of Tamil Tigei' rebels on a strategic causeway yesterday as soldiers dug
      Reuters; G. HANDRADAS; AP  -  413 words
    • 611 8 Global Nuclear Arms Control 'Disarmament should be conducive to the enhancement of every country's general security instead ofbecoming the instrument and means for a few countries to strengthen their military superiority by weakening or restricting other countries. Mr Sha Zukang,
      Reuters; Washington Post  -  611 words
    • 290 8 Four nations urged to ratify nuclear pact UNITED NATIONS With 187 countries committed to the Nuclear Non-pro-liferation Treaty, world leaders have urged four remaining countries to ratify the treat) and to join efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Those four countries India. Pakistan, Israel and Cuba drew mention
      AP; Reuters  -  290 words
    • 260 8 Backgrounder THE Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is a landmark international treaty aimed at preventing the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, promoting cooperation in peaceful uses or nuclear energy and moving towards a goal of nuclear disarmament The treaty was opened for signature
      260 words
    • PEOPLE
      • 113 10 Marriage on hola for Bond girl MICHELLE'S BUSY MAKING FILM IPOH Malaysia-born Hongkong star Michelle Yeoh. the ex-Bond girl who has taken on a new role as a producer, does not plan to get married until she completes the flick. Yeoh, who hails from this city, flew in with her
        The Star; Asia News Network  -  113 words
      • 80 10 LOS ANGELES Actor Pierce Brosnan James Bond on the silver screen is to rr .ry his companion, forme ournalist Keely Shaye-Sn -th, in a private ceremo. in May in his native Ireland. Brosnan, 47, recently purchased a 250 sq m villa in Malibu, with
        Los Angeles Times; AFP  -  80 words
      • 170 10 NEW YORK The chairman of Nike, Mr Phil Knight, will not make a planned US$3O million (Sssl million) contribution to help his alma mater, the University of Oregon, renovate its athletic stadium because of the university's decision to join an antisweatshop group. Mr Knight, a
        New York Times  -  170 words
      • 151 10 COURT THROWS OUT SIMPSON'S LAWSUIT LOS ANGELES A lawsuit seeking telephone records that O.J. Simpson says would exonerate him in the killings of his former wife and her friend has been dismissed by a US federal judge. "I think your lawsuit here borders on being frivolous," US District Judge Dean
        AP  -  151 words
      • 55 10 Allen Richardson, a man who escaped from a US prison work camp 29 years ago and has since lived in Canada, on Monday agreed to return to jail to finish serving his four-year sentence for drug offences. Chilean writer Jorge Edwards has won the Miguel de Cervantes Award, the most
        55 words
      • 35 10 Quoteworthy A man like me does not need to hire anyone to kill someone else. I would do it myself. Mr Chalcrm Yubamrung, a Thai politician, demiiig involvement in the death of a public prosecutor
        35 words
    • 62 13 AFP Dressed in a pink frock, three-year-old Lashawn Johnson spies a pink Easter egg on the White House lawn and descends upon it. The Maryland lass had joined hundreds of other children from all over the US on the White House grounds to
      AFP  -  62 words
      • 30 13 JUPITER'S innermost moons are oddly shaped worlds battered by meteorites and bathed in intense radiation, according to images and measurements released from Nasa's Galileo spacecraft. AP
        AP  -  30 words
      • 34 13 AN airport radar system that collapsed at Logan International Airport, Boston, delaying hundreds of Easter weekend flights, was replaced on Monday and the new radar was tracking flights by afternoon. AF
        AF  -  34 words
      • 46 13 ABOUT 12,000 children in the Mexican capital are vie- tims of sexual exploitation through prostitution, pornography and sex tourism, according to an official report published on Monday. The main victims are girls from extremely poor families from rural communities. AFP
        AFP  -  46 words
      • 35 13 A PRISONER was stabbed to death with a sharpened table knife in a Dublin jail on Sunday after his snoring drove a cellmate into a violent rage, newspapers reported. Reuters
        Reuters  -  35 words
      • 35 13 LABOLR Party dissident Ken Livingstone is such a certainty to win the election for mayor of London that one bookmaker announced on Monday it had stopped taking bets. AFP
        AFP  -  35 words
    • 483 13 Elian's cousin 'made threats' US Justice Department claims that Marisleysis Gonzalez hinted there were guns in the Miami home, which led to concerns of a volatile situation WASHINGTON The cousin of Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez made a "threatening" statement two days before armed federal agents stormed into a Miami
      Reuters  -  483 words
    • 232 13 MIAMI Miami's irate Cuban American leaders called for a general strike yesterday in protest against the armed pre-dawn raid in which Cuban castaway Elian Gonzalez was seized from his Miami relatives. Calling the protest "Dead Tuesday", powerful exile leaders asked residents of
      Reuters  -  232 words
    • 352 14 New law protects them from dismissal during the first eight weeks of a strike, but employers fear it could revive the union militancy of the 1970s LONDON The British worker has won back his right to strike without fear of losing his job
      AFP  -  352 words
    • Article, Illustration
      45 14 AFP As part of Nato's efforts in Kosovo to maintain peace and heal the scars of war these Kosovo Force (KFOR) Greek soldiers melt down weapons confiscated during the disarmament process in the oven of a metal factory in Obilic near Pristina.
      AFP  -  45 words
    • 444 17 The unrest was sparked when Saudi security forces stormed mosques belonging to Ismaili Muslims and arrested three senior clergymen SANA (Yemen) A clash between members of a Muslim minority and security forces in Saudi Arabia on Sunday night left at least 40 people dead, far
      AP; AFP; JALEHA HASHIM  -  444 words
    • 547 19 Skydiver knocked out cold in air by team mate FREE-FALLING STUNT THAT WENT AWRY ON May 5, 1991, a parachute stunt team jumped out of the airplane at an altitude of 3,800 m. The members went into formation to perform manoeuvres while free-falling near an Alberta town. They were to
      Reuters  -  547 words
    • 670 21 It looked like a riot fight ...I saw a lot of people running, jumping, hitting on each other. Mr Michael Hatcher, 19, who was visiting the zoo with his girlfriend 'I saw a man with something in his pocket. He said, "Get out of
      Reuters; REUTERS  -  670 words
      • 852 22  - Pssst, do you want a degree MARY KWANG BY China Correspondent Why it's such a lucrative business Employers can afford to be choosy given the massive unemployment, so a degree acts as a leverage In China, traditional reverence for education remains strong, and a degree is seen as an investment
        CHEA SIN ANN  -  852 words
      • 1012 22  - In Colombo, children are taught by parents to lie, cheat and bluff to get into top schools FEIZAL SAMATH By IN COLOMBO THE parent of a middle-class boy faked some certificates and paid an enormous sum to a "fixer" to ensure his child won admission to a prestigious government school
        1,012 words
      • 264 23  -  Mary Kwang FAKE papers cost 300 yuan (SSSB) to 3,000 yuan (SssBo) a set, depending on the quality of the forgery, the qualification required and the university whose degrees are to be forged. Forgeries for a much sought-after university may be cheaper than for less well-known colleges
        264 words
      • 405 23 It hopes to authenticate transcripts and certificates TO HELP fight counterfeiters, the Chinese government is building up a computer bank of degree-holders that will help it authenticate degrees, transcripts and other certificates. The State Council Academic Degree Commission started work on the database several
        405 words
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    • 408 24 Smiling at the end of the ordeal, Mr Havato Akiyama, left, leaves the police station with Tom; while above, Yuichi Mizutani is led away by the police at the Hodogava police station. The former cabby had kidnapped the boy who was on his
      AFP  -  408 words
    • 99 24 Pre-paid phones 'boon for criminals' TOKYO A top Japanese official said yesterday that illegal aliens could use pro-paid mobile phone services to commit crimes because no identification was required. "They can be easily used by illegal foreigners to sell drugs and arc extremely difficult to trace," Mr Kosuke Mori, chairman
      Reuters  -  99 words
    • 49 26 AFP While Mei-mei, the robot waitress may not battle Darth Vader like its reel-life counterpart R2D2, she sure knows how to serve a cuppa. The 10 million yen (S$ 160,000) robot makes her "service" debut at a Chinese restaurant in Kawasaki citv, Tokvo.
      AFP  -  49 words
    • 333 26 Some 100 outgoing senior officials will receive NTS6OO million in taxpayers' money when the island's government changes hands next month TAIPEI When the Taiwanese government changes hands after the inauguration of President-elect Chen Shui-bian on May 20, up to NT$6OO million (5532.4 million) in
      333 words
    • 246 26 TAIPEI Increasing the pressure on Taiwan to accept Beijing's terms for talks, a top Chinese official has warned that a refusal by the island to agree that it is an inseparable part of China would create a "very unstable situation". The remarks by Mr
      AP  -  246 words
    • 512 27 TAIWAN'S ADVANCED AIRCRAFT A shortage of personnel to man the expensive aircraft from the United States and France is forcing Taiwan to consider putting these planes aside TAIPEI Taiwan can afford the best and most expensive jet fighters, but a shortage of pilots
      AP; AFP  -  512 words
    • Article, Illustration
      73 28 AP laiwanese coast Ouard otticers question three Chinese fishermen, caught fishing in restricted Taiwanese waters off Nankan Island in the Matsu Island group, about 130 km from Taiwan. Despite Taiwan's ban on direct trading with China, small trading between fishermen and cross-boundary fishing still goes on. Last
      AP  -  73 words
    • 331 28 Both sides maintain that no country should dominate others and say that negative effects of globalisation should be reduced and restricted PRETORIA Visiting Chinese President Jiang Zemin and his South African counterpart Thabo Mbeki yesterday signed the Pretoria Declaration, pledging mutual support
      AFP; Reuters  -  331 words
    • 243 29 Guangxi scandal: More arrests expected BEIJING More arrests are expected as a huge bribery scandal revolving around sacked Communist Party official Cheng Kejie continued to unfold in the southern Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. An official from the Guangxi People's Procuratorate saia yesterday that arrest warrants for four more Guangxi officials
      AFP  -  243 words
    • 269 29 Falungong anniversary: Scores detained The spiritual movement marks the first anniversary of a mass sit-in with protests in Tiananmen Square. About 100 followers are arrested BEIJING Scores of Falungong members were detained in Tiananmen Square yesterday for protests on the first anniversary of a mass sit-in that sparked an official
      Reuters; AFP; AP  -  269 words
    • 531 30 Mori to take first bite at international diplomacy The Japanese premier begins his G-8 tour this weekend with the aim of getting to know the world leaders before he hosts the summit in July TOKYO Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, who took the reins from his stricken predecessor earlier this
      AFP; REUTERS  -  531 words
    • 514 31 'Fair trade' caravans and adverts of Chinese sweatshop workers are used to pressure undecided Democrats in the House of Representatives WASHINGTON Opponents of President Bill Clinton's landmark trade pact with China intensified their lobbying campaign yesterday, with "fair trade" caravans through
      Reuters  -  514 words
    • 333 31 Delegation will study Chinese commitment to trade rules WASHINGTON US Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman has left for China accompanied by four members of Congress to study Beijing's commitment to market opening agreements, his office said. They were scheduled to arrive in Beijing yesterday and
      333 words
    • 96 32 SOUTH KOREAN MEDIA: North Korean leader Kim Jong II could soak up the pomp and let Mr Kim Yong Nam, the ceremonial head »tate, deal with task of begging aid. President Kim would return home humiliated. SOUTH KOREAN OFFICIALS: President's Office insisted that the meeting and
      96 words
    • 423 32 Debate over the wording of the June summit agreement underscores the cultural divide between the two long-time arch-rivals SEOUL It had the makings of a diplomatic nightmare: Was there a loophole in a summit deal allowing North Korea's leader to duck out of talks with
      AP  -  423 words
    • 276 32 Pyongyang may expel Japanese Red Army hijackers TOKYO North Korea may expel the four remaining members of the Japanese Red Army group it has sheltered for 30 years, the latest evidence of a diplomatic offensive by Pyongyang, a Japanese newspapersaid yesterday The report came as preparations are under way for
      Reuters  -  276 words
    • 498 34 Abdurrahman's decision to dismiss two key financial ministers may lead to senior politicians withdrawing their factions from the Cabinet Backgrounder Reshuffle rumours THERE have been rumours for many weeks that President Abdurrahman was planning to reshuffle the Cabinet, and in particular, to remove several
      AP; Reuters  -  498 words
    • 46 34 Farmers' silent protest INDONESIAN farmers from the Sumatra province of Riau sit with their hands tied behind their backs and their mouths covered, protesting against the corruption of farming credits totalling 6.7 billion rupiah (Ssl.4 billion) by individuals within their provincial administration during Suharto's rule. AFP
      AFP  -  46 words
    • 165 34 Militaiy spokesman defends business ventures JAKARTA The spokesman for the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) yesterday defended the military's business ventures, saying it would be impossible to survive on state funds alone. If the current government tried to curb or even try to restrict the military from conducting business it would
      AFP  -  165 words
    • 346 35 Ties hit as Gus Dur puts off Aussie trip Relations between the two countries look set to decline again following a spy incident in East Timor involving an Australian soldier JAKARTA IndonesiaAustralia diplomatic relations appeared set to decline further when the government announced President Abdurrahman Wahid's trip to Australia next
      Post; Asia News Network  -  346 words
    • 405 35 Wiranto to testify on atrocities in Timor Generals to be called up Former military chief General Wirante. TNI intelligence chief Zacky Anwar Makarim. Former chief of the East Timor Military Command Timbul Silaen. The trials are expected to start next month JAKARTA Former defence forces commander General Wiranto and several
      405 words
    • 148 35 JAKARTA The spokesman for the Indonesian armed forces (TNI) said yesterday that the military will accept any verdict in the trial of 24 soldiers charged with massacring civilians in Aceh province. "We will support whatever decision will be," ViceAir Marshal Graito Usodo said.
      AFP  -  148 words
    • 337 36 The visiting Foreign Minister offers to help Jakarta secure any part of the Suharto fortune that may be stashed away in New Zealand I Will OFFER THE INDONESIAN GOVERNMENT HELP IF fT WISHES TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST THOSE WHO ARE HOLDING ASSETS IN NEW
      AFP  -  337 words
    • 190 36 McCain to visit his old prison in Vietnam HANOI Arizona senator John McCain, who spent five hellish years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, returned yesterday to visit the infamous "Hanoi Hilton" this time as a guest. Vietnam celebrates the 25th anniversary of the end of the war on
      AP  -  190 words
    • 526 37  - 900m Asians live on less than US$l a day LUZ BACUIORO Despite phenomenal growth, poverty remains a social challenge, says ADB. But continued economic progress can cut number by 50 per cent by 2015 By PHILIPPINES CORRESPONDENT MANILA Poverty remains a staggering social challenge for Asia despite the phenomenal growth
      526 words
    • 346 37 But it must adjust to post-economic crisis realities MANILA Long-term prospects for the Singapore economy remain bright, with growth forecast to hit 5.9 per cent and 6.2 per cent this year and next, the Ma-nila-based Asian Development Bank (ADB) said in a report released
      Luz Baguioro  -  346 words
    • 254 39 American paedophile jumps bail in Thailand BANGKOK A self-con-fessed American paedophile has jumped bail in Thailand and disappeared, prompting the United States yesterday to express its "grave concern" and warn he would be pursued. Eric Rosser, 48, a pianist who worked at the Oriental Hotel here and was arrested in
      AFP  -  254 words
    • 415 39 The government issues the ban to discourage teenagers from taking up the habit as they are influenced by what they see on the screen BANGKOK The Thai Cabinet yesterday banned scenes showing smoking in film and television dramas in a bid to stub
      AFP  -  415 words
    • 267 39 Thai students to be anti-drug role models They are recruited by narcotics control board PATTAYA A group of Thai students has been enlisted by the Office of the Narcotics Control Board to serve as role models in the fight against the widespread use of drugs. A three day "Mind Without
      The Nation; Asia News Network  -  267 words
    • 563 41  -  JAMES EAST Under pressure from poll watchers, a rapid action force of military and police has been formed to prevent fraud during Saturday's Senate vote By l\" BANGKOK SOLDIERS and police are to be sent to Thailand's so-called mafia heartland to ensure
      563 words
    • 227 41 CAMBODIA-LAOS BORDER ROW PHNOM PENH Cambodia and I^os have moved to within months of resolving a long-running border dispute, Prince Norodom Ranariddh said yesterday. The prince said talks with visiting Lao Premier Sisavath Keobounphanh, who arrived to a rea carpet and fanfare welcome in
      AFP  -  227 words
    • 500 44 Relatives fight over remains of air crash victims As various parties fight over the remains of Air Philippines crash victims, the authorities are holding back the bodies to run DNA tests DAVAO CITY Relatives of victims of the ill-fated Air Philippines aircraft which crashed last week fought over the remains
      500 words
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      610 words
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      567 words

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    • Article, Illustration
      179 46 Malaysia and Philippine security forces are combing the area around Sipadan in search of hostages who were taken from the famous dive island on Sunday. Philippine rebel group Abu Sayyafhas claimed credit for the brazen attach. The group has a short, blood-stained history: Its name means
      REUTERS; JOSE RAYMOND  -  179 words
    • 474 46  -  CHONG CUEE KIN IN SEMPORNA Sipadan' s resorts are almost empty of tourists as heavily armed policemen keep boats at bay after pirates raided the island and took 20 people hostage SEMPORNA Sipadan island is no longer the idyllic diving haven it used to be
      474 words
    • 393 47 The Murphys are resting in KL after escaping from their captors by running into the bushes and hiding for a night ■or aDoui a sense w relief h mey woun nave taken us, we'd have been the only American llw<PWWw>i>i BIWPw n WHnH
      AP  -  393 words
    • 118 47 SEMPORXA Families of Malaysians abducted by an armed group in Sipadan on Sunday are Keeping vigil in this Sabah town nearest the island, praying for their safe revurn. One of them. Madam Alice Yu, said she had been crying since she was told
      The Star; Asia News Network  -  118 words
    • 113 47 KUALA LUMPUR Prime Minister Datuk Sen Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday declared that Malaysia is still a safe tourist haven despite Sunday's hostage-taking incident in Sipadan. However, he added: "It will affect tourism in Sabah, but the rest of the country is not affected
      AFP  -  113 words
    • 102 47 KUALA LUMPUR The word "Abu Sayyaf and other words were written by the Filipino abductors on the walls of the Wildlife Department office in Sipadan, said resort staff Danny Chin. Mr Chin, an underwater photographer, said five of the gunmen spoke English with Suluk
      The Star; Asia News Network  -  102 words
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      537 words

    • 419 48 Candidates for top Umno posts halt campaigns The contestants have agreed to stop campaigning ahead of the party elections in an effort to curb money politics and political abuses, says PM FOR UNITY'S SAKE: The pledge THE document states: 'For the sake of the inteiest ot the party, religion and
      Bernama  -  419 words
    • 165 48 Ministry suspends weekly political tabloid KUALA LUMPUR The government has suspended a weekly tabloid popular for its hard-hit-ting political commentaries, risking further criticism over its stringent press curbs. The Home Ministry suspended the publication of the Malay-lan-guage Eksklusif newspaper last Saturday and refused to renew its annual printing permit. The
      AP  -  165 words
    • 238 48 Allegations by Anwar's supporters will be studied KUALA LUMPUR Malaysian Human Rights Commission has promised to probe allegations of police brutality against opposition supporters detained during April 15 street protests. The commission would Eursue the allegations raised y lawyers and local rights groups which claim
      AFP  -  238 words
    • 132 49 More illegal discos thriving KUALA LUMPUR More illegal discos are operating after licensed hours until as late as the following afternoon. The discos, which open after 3 am, are patronised by those who still wish to party up to 4 pm, Kuala Lumpur narcotics chief ACP Zuber Shariff was quoted
      132 words
    • 461 49 Rampant drug abuse worsens Government directs the authorities to use an integrated approach in a bid to bring the problem under control More teens hooked now Initially those aged between 40 and 50 were victims of the abuse but teenagers are more hooked to it now, especially to ecstasy pills.'
      The Star; Asia News Network; Bernaman  -  461 words
    • 527 50 The government has decided to relax the rules, which will enable parents with children aged 10 and above to utilise their savings from the fund CHANGING THE RULES: Govt acts after appeals from parents AT PRESENT, only parents whose children are studying at
      New Straits Times  -  527 words
    • Article, Illustration
      49 51 United Engineers Malaysia Berhad IUEM) manager Suhaila Abdullah shows off the furnished condominium given to Mount Everest climber M. Mahendran. He is one of the four heroes honoured with this RM300,000 (*****,000) gift for planting the Malaysian flag on the world's highest peak. NEW STRAITS TIMES
      NEW STRAITS TIMES  -  49 words
    • Wooing them back to Malaysia
      • 211 51 KUALA LUMPUR The Science, Technology and Environment Ministry- plans to kickstart its programme to bring back local scientists working overseas with a review of the national science and technology- policy. Minister Law Hieng Ding said the ministry wanted to revive the Returning
        The Star; Asia News Network  -  211 words
      • 126 51 Move to make Penang a 'retirement' destination PENANG Penang is luring more Japanese migrants, especially elderly folk, following a pilot programme to make the state a retirement destination. Japanese ambassador Hideki Harashima said some 17 people, aged in their 60s, had taken part in a 10-day experi- mental tour of
        The Star; Asia News Network  -  126 words
    • 394 51 Women should not stand for office, says PAS In explaining why the party has not fielded any female candidates, the vice-president says there is too much mud-slinging in political campaigns KUALA LUMPUR Women should not be involved in politics, says PAS. Party vice-president Senator Hassan Snukri said there was still
      Bernama; The Star; Asia News Network  -  394 words
      • 63 51 139 ILLEGAL WORKERS HELD IN RAID AUTHORITIES in Kemaman, Terengganu, detained 139 illegal workers, including workers from Britain and the Netherlands, in a raid at a project site of the national oil company Petronas on Sunday. State immigration director Zamberi Abdul Aziz, who led the operation, said others arrested were
        The Star; Asia News Network  -  63 words
      • 56 51 A 28-YEAR-OLD technician has been shot dead in the third floor parking lot of a condominium in Kuala Lumpur. Mr Kong Theim Kok had just returned to his house to celebrate his birthday with his girlfriend. Mr Kong was shot twice in his left arm
        Bernama  -  56 words
      • 52 51 THE Penang International Airport, being renovated at a cost of RMSO million (SS23 million), will keep its marine life theme. Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said the theme would be maintained because Penang was an in- ternationally known island resort, The
        52 words
      • 51 51 THREE people were reported to have died after taking the anti-impotence drug Viagra as of April 7, said Health Ministry parliamentary secretary S. Anpalagan. He said those who died after taking the drug were a heart patient, 60, a diabetic, 55, and a 30-year-old man.
        Bernama  -  51 words
      • 57 51 UNIVERSITY Malaya economics lecturer Prof Dr Jomo Kwame Sundram withdrew his suit against the Election Commission at the High Court on Monday. Dr Jomo had sought a declaration that the Nov 29 general election was null and void without the inclusion of 680,000 newly registered voters.
        The Star; Asia News Network  -  57 words
      • 35 51 FOUR fishermen cheated death when their boat collided with a trawler off Pulau Cepu, Langkawi, on Monday night. The incident occurred when the fishermen were returning from a fishing trip. Bernama
        Bernama  -  35 words
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      472 words
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      60 words
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      382 words

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    • 597 50 fjc] Book-Keeping ttU Diploma in iQDJ (levels 1/ 2) fcli Accounting Produced Country Gold Medallion winner SDF Subsidy in December 1 999 Exams Q ua |jfjed lecturers Intensive part-time courses *Call for a Trial Lesson fIEv?YABB^ Weekday and weekend classes commencing soon jPHSSSr"^^ P University of f% r- u m
      597 words
    • 385 50 mini WIRELESS SPEAKER for TEACHING TRAINING pp*** l '^H| T" nere s an increasing in demand for I^l audio amplification devices for •*.J| purposes such as teaching, meetings L and training In schools, many teachers are using Waistband Amplifier to aid j them in their voice projection. This has I
      385 words

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    • 312 51 OUR QUICK-WASH IS ALSO A SILENT WASH Let's face it, waiting around for your old whirring washing and is ideal for light clothes. We've also introduced a skg the stainless -Del bottom cover both absorb and reduce machine to finish a load certainly doesn't bring any joy to front loader
      312 words

  • HOME
    • 348 52  - Barely out for 2 hours when burglars hit KARAMJIT KAUR A businessman discovered $34,000 was stolen from his home when he and his family came back from dinner «S A BUSINESSMAN came back from an overseas trip with US$2O,OOO (5534,000), which he kept at home, intending to put the money
      348 words
    • 59 52 JOHN CO SCROVE I The 85th anniversary of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli, Turkey, was observed at the Kranji War Memorial at the break of dawn yesterday. Australian soldiers formed the honour guard as about 1,000 military men veterans, students, relatives and friends gathered in a moving service
      JOHN COSCROVE  -  59 words
    • 342 52  -  KOH BOON PIN tfr. ROGUE businesses here can expect to feel the bite of a Fair Trading Act if it gets pushed through by the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case). The consumer watchdog is preparing to lead an 18--member delegation to Australia and New
      342 words
    • 329 54  -  JOSEPHINE CHEW DREAM FLIGHT B\ THIS 51-year-old is flying solo around the world for the second time in two months. And in a plane just slightly bigger than a car that he bunt from scratch with a friend. On Monday, Captain Hans
      LUIS ASCUI  -  329 words
    • 668 54  -  LIANG HWEE TING Leukaemia is the most common, but 75 per cent of child victims are cured. Oncology congress to discuss findings Bu A 12-year-old's experience: Leg amputated, but coping well DENNIS (not his real name) had his right leg amputated last week because
      668 words
    • 415 56 Fatal accidents in factories rise sharply So far, 11 people have died this year, as compared to a total of 11 deaths in the manufacturing sector for last year SOME fell off lifts, others were crushed by falling objects and yet others were pinned down by forklift trucks. Fatal accidents
      415 words
    • 85 56 DEPUTY Prime Minister Tony Tan will be leaving for a five-day trip to Britain today. He will visit various universities, such as the University of Cambridge and Imperial College. He will also meet the Medical Research Council and Imperial Cancer Research Fund, and visit GlaxoWellcome's research
      85 words
    • 254 56 Litterbug learns lesson the hard way AFTER eating some fried noodles, Vincent Law, 35, threw the paper packet away on top or what looked like a pile of rubbish at the Boon Lay bus interchange. He was caught doing it. And yesterday, he had to carry out two hours of
      LAU FOOK KONG  -  254 words
    • 438 57  - Local cafe fails in 'Rainforest' appeal ELENA CHONG The court rules in favour of the US chain as it already operates cafes in the US and elsewhere in the world >±L A SINGAPORE cafe. Rainforest, can no longer use its name. It has lost an appeal to remove the name
      438 words
    • 220 57 Fined for letting dog out without muzzle THE unmuzzled Alsatian dog came charging out of the businessman's house and started attacking a smaller dog that was out on a morning walk with its owner. Yesterday, businessman Low Boon Hock, 52, of East Coast Terrace, was fined $800 by a magistrate's
      220 words
    • 305 57 AN ACCOUNTS assistant who forged company cheques was jailed for four years yesterday for cheating. Tan Seow Joo, 37, was a bookkeeper with American Optical Company in 1993, when she committed eight cheating and attemptedcheating offences involving 8515,946. Again, between last November and March this
      305 words
    • 145 57 SPOT a skate-scooter in a huge full-page pictorial advertisement in Friday's edition of The Straits Times, and you may just win yourself a set of these spiffy wheels to zip around on. The advertisement features a busy, crowded marketplace. Readers need to spot in the picture one
      145 words
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    • 232 52 Cllll DHOODCANCEH F A CTOB V A C C I D E N T S Most Cancer Kids Survive jiM^V 11 Killed This Year About 120 children here get cancer each A sharp rise in fatal accidents in factories year, but their survival rate is high even if has led
      232 words
    • 60 52 PT^T^Stl^^^j^w A Singapore cafe can no 'ongercail itseH K Rainforest —it has lost an appeal against a .^^^*?_L trademark filing by a global chain. packs- HBtS 25th-27th April 2000 '4§ 1 1 am-1 0pm daily Jt» *tL Auspicious Official Opening IlivS by YAB Datuk Wira Mohd Ali b. Mohd Rustam
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