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The Straits Times, 9 December 1999


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The Straits Times Established 1845 1 niirSQay December 9, 1999 140 Pages in five parts mita(F) 054/12/98 A Singapore Press Holdings publication \J\J Cents

More bank scams to be revealed, says Kwik [ARTICLE]

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More bank scams to be revealed, says Kwik Powerful people may be hit by disclosures of mismanagement in state-owned banks, says economics chief, vowing to tell all JAKARTA Indonesia's chief economics minister, Mr Kwik Kian Gie, vowed yesterday to reveal more banking scandals in the government's drive to battle corruption.

Yet another new high for STI [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Yet another new high for STI DENNIS CHAN BULLS ran loose in the Singapore share market yesterday, propelling the Straits Times Index to its third all-time high in as many days. At the close, the STI was up 51.46 points, or 2.2 per cent, at 2,351.33 well over the 2,300-mark

Japan, S'pore to study trade pact [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Japan, S'pore to study trade pact KWAN WENG KIN By JAPAN CORRESPONDENT TOKYO Japanese leader Keizo Obucni yesterday agreed with Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong that a study should begin on a possible free trade agreement between Japan and Singapore. The accord came during a late-afternoon meeting between the two

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Expat stress in S'pore 'lower' than in region [ARTICLE]

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Expat stress in S'pore 'lower' than in region IRENE NG Perc survey of expatriates finds that the most significant source of stress is from outside S'pore, and warns of 'high external political risks' in region »!L While high costs canbe a problem, Singapore's 'bureaucracy and physical infrastructure is of such

What it should have been [ARTICLE]

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What it should have been IN OUR report yesterday, "PacNet shares tumble 4%", we said the price dropped 4 per cent on Tuesday because investors were spooked by the prospects of declining revenues. The focus of the report was actually on trades on Monday, the first day of trading following

Police busts forgery syndicate [ARTICLE]

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Police busts forgery syndicate YEOH EN-LAI PERMITS FOR ILLEGAL WORKERS 'More than one person could be having the same work permit. The syndicate laminates and cuts the pass and then gives it to the illegal worker. CID spokesman A MAJOR syndicate that forged work permit documents for illegal workers was


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GAME: For training IT HAS been three years since cleaner Balamurgan Subramaniam (left), 24, received any training. Apart from a one-week induction course, he has had to pick up most of the skills on his own, and is not too sure about how far he can progress in his line

Makeover for cleaning industry [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Makeover for cleaning industry LESLIE KOH Performance standards and certified training will professionalise the industry and attract more workers Hu UP: The cleaning ladder HE started out 15 years ago as a toilet cleaner earning a measly $350 a month. Now, Mr Jeff ri Mohamed Zin (left), 32, earns over

Lay off politics, KL tells missions [ARTICLE]

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Lay off politics, KL tells missions KUALA LUMPUR The Malaysian government, which last month accused diplomats of funding opposition politicians in elections, has warned all foreign missions to refrain from supporting local political parties. "We are sending a note to all foreign missions in this country informing them that we

Pilot who kept plane waiting fired [ARTICLE]

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Pilot who kept plane waiting fired DETROIT A veteran pilot who left a loaded plane standing at an airport gate for 90 minutes to search for food because he did not like the in-flight meal has been sacked, Northwest Airlines said. Captain Floyd Dean walked off the plane at Las

Gus Dur off to trouble spots Maluku and Irian Jaya [ARTICLE]

Page 4

Gus Dur off to trouble spots Maluku and Irian Jaya 'Either on Dec 11 or 12,1 myself will go to Ambon, to ask ana see clearly how to solve the problems. On Dec 31, 1 am also going to Irian. and I will see the sunrise of the new millennium.

Four shot in Dutch school [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Four shot in Dutch school VEGHEL (Netherlands) A student, said by classmates to be angry over a failed romance, shot and wounded four people at his school on Tuesday in the first such shooting rampage in the Netherlands. The 17-year-old sprayed bullets in a hallway and classroom of a secondary

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/^tolstmas Eve... I was busy cateMng irp on tte merry-making wltt tie boys \u \vien three stanning girls strolled past Mesmertsed, I tunied to M my mates. And saw ttem storing In tie same direction, mugs still poised In mid-atr. *HMgS^^^HBBBH| HBSfl PSrI >;^ From left: Long Bias Dress 129,



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What Y2K? It's the everyday computer glitches that cost US firms Non- Y2K glitches are becoming more pervasive and troublesome, with costs staggering up to $167 billion annually in lost productivity NEW YORK Computer technology clearly provides incalculable productivity and efficiency gains. But industry experts now contend that the costs

White House plans to sue US gun makers [ARTICLE]

Page 8

White House plans to sue US gun makers WHAT SUIT AIMS TO DO The lawsuit aims to force gun manufacturers to make "changes in the way they market and distribute guns to reduce the chances of guns getting into the wrong hands". It has been prompted by the country's public

School resumes under guard after shooting [ARTICLE]

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School resumes under guard after shooting OKLAHOMA CITY Students returned on Tuesday to a small-town middle school under police guard a day after a 13-year-old boy shot and wounded three boys and a girl in the latest outbreak of gun violence in a US school. Police and state troopers stood


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PAN AM BOMBING SUSPECTS REUTERS An artist s impression ot Lockerbie bombing suspects Abdel Bassetal-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima (second and third from left) during a pre-trial hearing in the Netherlands this week. The Libyans are charged with conspiring to blow up a Pan Am flight over the Scottish town

Mission: Find new employees Reward: Win a trip to Jamaica [ARTICLE]

Page 9

Mission: Find new employees Reward: Win a trip to Jamaica Employee referrals help companies hire better talent in tiqht labour market, and also prevents job-hopping WASHINGTON Is this desperation? Or just a savvy workplace strategy? Freddie Mac, the mort-gage-financing company, is so eager to find new staff that it has

Enjoy the Taj Mahal on a full-moon night [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

Enjoy the Taj Mahal on a full-moon night THE TAJ: Attracted by love THE Taj Mahal is located on the bank of the river Yamuna at Agra, 200 km south of New Delhi, in Uttar Pradesh. It is a monument of love built by Moghul emperor Shah Jehan in memory


Chef who got to know Jodie Foster [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

Chef who got to know Jodie Foster PICKED TO BE PERSONAL COOK KUALA LUMPUR Malaysian chef Philip Chang's passions are food and Jodie Foster, his screen idol. And he not only got to meet the star but also wound up cooking for her. He was picked from a host of


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MEDAL MAY BE LOST, BUT HONOUR IS HIS ROME Muhammad Ali performed magic tricks for Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema when the pair met on Tuesday in Rome, after the boxing legend's visit to Sicily to campaign for peace in Burundi. And the Prime Minister gave Ali a copy of


Page 11

REWARD OFFERED FOR BONO'S BAG DUBLIN Bono, lead singer with Ireland's top rock band U2, is offering a "substantial reward" for the return of a shoulder bag he lost in Dublin, his management company, Principle, said yesterday. The black leather bag went missing near the luxurious Clarence Hotel on Monday


Page 11

OTHER CLINTON GETS CONSENT TO CROON PYONGYANG Reviews are in for President Bill Clinton's crooning halfbrother, Mr Roger Clinton, who played on Sunday in a rare pop concert in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. The other Clinton is "well-known among the pop music circles for presenting many lively and

Untitled [ARTICLE]

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Mr Robert A. Swanson, co-founder and pioneering leader of Genentech Inc, which developed human insulin and human-growth hormone, has died of brain cancer in California. He was 52. An arrest warrant has been issued against former Prme Minister Alassane Ouattara by an Ivory Coast judge as part of a probe

Untitled [ARTICLE]

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Quoteworthy 'It's almost as if he's my press agent.' Mr James Chacc, on US Republican presidential candidate .coivc VV. Bush, who has mentioned the author's book, "Acheson: 1 1 ■Secretary ()f State Who Created The American World", several times recently in an attempt to display his foreign-policy gravitas

US moves to probe medical mistakes [ARTICLE]

Page 12

US moves to probe medical mistakes Hospital Horrors Clinton announces $42-million investigation following shocking report that medical mistakes kill up to 98 v OOO people a year in the US WASHINGTON The United States government will spend US$25 million (Ss42 million) to investigate why 44,000 to 98,000 people a year


Page 12

BASQUE MILITANTS PROTEST IN FRANCE AFP AFP This demonstration was designed to catch the public eye. Angry with the conditions in which Basque separatists are being detained in French prisons, four hooded Basque militants climbed onto the Sante jail in central Paris on Tuesday and unfurled a large banner (above)

Patients not starving, says British minister [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Patients not starving, says British minister LONDON Britain's health chief has rejected claims that elderly patients in some hospitals are being withheld food and water in an unspoken policy of involuntary euthanasia. "It is simply untrue," Health Minister Alan Milburn told BBC radio. It is ludicrous. It is scaremongering." He

NZ Greens take key seat and force Cabinet delay [ARTICLE]

Page 13

NZ Greens take key seat and force Cabinet delay BIG WINNER GREENS coleader Jeanette Fitzsimons' win means she carries five Greens colleagues with her into Parliament under New Zealand's system. The system ties party representation to constituency wins. It also wiped out for now the six-seat majority claimed by the

Canadian group objects to nude cyclists contest [ARTICLE]

Page 13

Canadian group objects to nude cyclists contest OTTAWA Warning: nude cyclists may distract drivers. That was the message the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council sent on Tuesday to a radio station in Winnipeg which had run a contest awarding CSIO,OOO Canadian (S$ll,200) to anyone who would cycle naked through the city's

Cyber-criminals pose big threat, say law officials [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Cyber-criminals pose big threat, say law officials COMPANIES AND PRIVATE SECTOR ENTITIES ARE THE NEW TARGETS FOR TERRORISM AND ACTS OF WAR. THIS IS...REAUY SPREADING RAPIDLY AND WILL AFFECT ALL OF US.' FBrs Michael Vatis Internet crime is spreading rapidly, the officials warn, with the private sector becoming the new


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FUTURE PLANNED MISSIONS IN A strategy developed last year, Nasa laid plans for two missions to Mars at each launching opportunity which comes every 26 months for the next decade. 2001! Launch of an orbiter and lander similar in design and capabilities to the recent failed missions. 2002: Landing of

Loss of Mars probe big blow to Nasa [ARTICLE]

Page 15

Loss of Mars probe big blow to Nasa The seventh failed attempt to contact the spacecraft has sealed its fate and could cause the next planned trip to Mars to be postponed or cancelled PASADENA (California) The loss of the Mars Polar Lander spacecraft has dealt a crushing blow to

Schroeder touches party's soul [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

Schroeder touches party's soul High praise all round 'He has finally understood. He has made it up with us.' A delegate, on Mr Sehroeder's 80-minute eulogy to left-wing tradition, new-stvie eentnsm and all political shades in between Keeping the iaitn 'We will get justice if we strengthen the forces of

Hijacking heightens US-Cuba tensions [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Hijacking heightens US-Cuba tensions ON MONDAY, a group of Cubans armed with knives ever powered and injure* two t ouri sm workers off Havana Province's northern coast, then forced them to pilot their scuba-dlvino, boat across 145 km of open sea to Florida. Cuban patrol boats tracked the hijacked craft



Page 18

DROP IN POLITICAL KILLINGS IN S. AFRICA A SHARP decline in political killings has contributed to a fall in South Africa's murder rate over the past five years, although the country remains one of the most violent in the world. Statistics released by the South African Police Service, which compare


Page 18

4 KILLED AFTER TAMIL TIGERS STRIKE BOAT AT LEAST four sailors were killed and another five wounded yesterday when Tamil Tiger rebels carried out a suicide attack against a navy gunboat in northern Sri Lanka, officials said. The rebels used a boat packed with explosives to ram the Dvora-class gunboat


Page 18

CAPE TOWN BOMBING: SUSPECT ARRESTED SOUTH AFRICAN police yesterday arrested a white man they suspected of having been involved in the bombings of a gay bar and a family pizza restaurant in Cape Town last month. The arrest came a day after police issued a national public alert for 26-year-old


Page 18

MURDEROUS WIFE GETS LESSER CHARGE A WOMAN who faced a retrial in I jos Angeles on charges that she tried to pay a former lover to cut off her former husband's head pleaded no contest to a lesser felony charge in exchange for no more jail time, her lawyer said


Page 18

BILL GATES AND TED TURNER VS POLIO COMPUTER billionaire Bill Gates will give US$5O million (SsB4 million) and media tycoon Ted Turner US$2B million to help eradicate polio by the end of next year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced on Tuesday. WHO, the UN Children's Fund and Rotary International

Seattle police chief quits over WTO backlash [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

Seattle police chief quits over WTO backlash UNDER FIRE: Ex-chief explains Police short-handed 'Wejust did not have the numbers to cope with tens of thousands of demonstrators. Foßce Chief Norm Stamper Just an excuse 7 knew how many were coming. Why didn't theyr Mr Jason Baxter, a Starbucks employee, who

Israel will stop new settlement projects [ARTICLE]

Page 25

Israel will stop new settlement projects The decision, announced by the Israeli Premier, follows a Palestinian warning that more construction work could derail crucial ongoing peace talks JERUSALEM Prime Minister Ehud Barak announced that Israel would put a brake on new construction in Jewish settlements after the Palestinians warned that


Page 25

ONE STREET FITS ALL AFP In Lebanon, where Christians and Muslims have co-existed for centuries, albeit not without friction, it seems fitting that Beirut's Hamra street is lit up with messages for all seasons the Muslim Ramadan fasting month, Christmas and the millennium.

Moscow rescinds ultimatum to Chechens [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 27

Moscow rescinds ultimatum to Chechens Civilians, told earlier to leave Grozny by Saturday, no longer face deadline, but Russia will not ease artillery and bombing attacks on the capital MOZDOK (Russia) The Russian government has backed away from an ultimatum that civilians leave the Chechen capital of Grozny by Saturday

McCain gaining ground on Bush in new poll [ARTICLE]

Page 29

McCain gaining ground on Bush in new poll LOUISE BRANSON New Hampshire poll after Republican candidates' second TV debate showed McCain defeating Gore and Bradley, while Bush could only beat Gore By IN WASHINGTON WAR HERO: Fierce battles PRESIDENTIAL hopeful George W. Bush's campaign team is clearly nervous about Republican

Sharif charged with treason and murder [ARTICLE]

Page 30

Sharif charged with treason and murder He has also been charged under the country's penal code re jating to the collection of arms with intention to wage a war against Pakistan KARACHI Deposed Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and six senior officials were charged with treason and conspiracy to commit


Page 30

GREAT LEAP FORWARD REUTERS A Polish special unit soldier jumping over his colleagues during military exercises organised for Nato allied supreme commander General Wesley Clark outside Warsaw on Monday. Gen Clark will inspect military units and meet President Aleksander Kwasniewski during his visit to Poland, which became a Nato member

India to carve out three new states [ARTICLE]

Page 30

India to carve out three new states NEW DELHI The Indian Cabinet has approved plans to carve three new states out of three large provinces following demands from residents for greater autonomy, the Press Trust of India reported. The news agency quoted government sources as having said that the Cabinet

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Skxaae VMiMr Heo*. Scraae MtMr r%o*r S«yoo» V**m PMr Stsraa* Mbtor Hn» ,f*JoSj»«" GwocoHoS^-^Hcxuonw/ ftoncoWo Sw^\*r»«j/ otJ^'J^i^Jm^i) (30HH-I HO, 80S lOOUnx) (50. 80 1 oo o*ml §pH| "Get an Ariston or SbroB.HM.HKW UI C y I I ill I ■111 OiMonto Swwt- Horizontal kill LI V 1k 1 Inslonr MtMr

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Macau handover a step towards Taiwan [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

Macau handover a step towards Taiwan TOKYO Chinas reunification with Macau will have a big impact on its ambition to reunite with Taiwan, Chinese parliamentary chief Li Peng said in an interview published in Tokyo yesterday. The Portuguese-run enclave of Macau returns to Chinese rule on Dec 20, a historic

Taiwan wants to develop long-range missiles [ARTICLE]

Page 32

Taiwan wants to develop long-range missiles VP Lien says such ground-to-ground missiles are needed to counter China while the US agrees to sell its advanced air-to-air missiles TAIPEI Taiwanese VicePresident Lien Chan said for the first time yesterday that Taiwan should develop long-range ground-to-ground missiles to counter China. Speaking at

Soong uses Nazi-style politics: Teng-hui [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Soong uses Nazi-style politics: Teng-hui GOH SUI NOI Taiwan President claims that the independent presidential candidate used divisive and inflammatory words to destroy party politics TAIWAN CORRESPONDENT TAIPEI At a party rally to whip up fervour for the presidential election campaign of his deputy Lien Chan yesterday, President Lee Teng-

Look who showed up [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 33

Look who showed up MISS Hongkong, Wu Hang Yee, having lunch with students at a junior high school classroom in Tokyo vesterday. She is one of 53 contestants participating in the Miss International Beauty Pageant which will be held in the Japanese capital next week. The contestants were visiting the

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Chinese debtors kept in cages freed [ARTICLE]

Page 34

Chinese debtors kept in cages freed HONGKONG The authorities in a township in Guangdong province have freed five businessmen whom they locked up in cages for months for not repaying their debts, it was reported yesterday. Luo Zhizhou, Luo Zhizhong and Huang Rufeng were released at the weekend, following a

After 14 years, HK handover group ends task [ARTICLE]

Page 34

After 14 years, HK handover group ends task about THEJffetUabMi Groop was set up hi 1985, a year after CtJaa tad ■hi riajawd i lohrt dec laratiM to return Honffcoao; to China on July 1,1997. It has played no partfatheadniaistntl— ofßoffco—. It was allowed to operate for throe years after

An evening of wit and laughter [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

An evening of wit and laughter KWAN WENG KIN In a friendly banter with his Japanese counterpart, PM Goh suggests that Mr Obuchi implement Singapore-style fines only when he decides to retire K 7 JAPAN CORRESPONDENT TOKYO Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong told his counterpart and host Keizo Obuchi over

One phone call later, free-trade study is on [ARTICLE]

Page 35

One phone call later, free-trade study is on KWAN WENG KIN TOKYO One telephone call helped to bring Tokyo round to supporting Singapore's proposal for a bilateral study on a possible free-trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries. The Japanese Foreign Ministry was said to have been opposed at first

US probes Panama Canal issue [ARTICLE]

Page 36

US probes Panama Canal issue Congress to see if there is security compromise in letting a firm headed by Li Ka Shing, who has close ties with Beijing, run two container ports there WASHINGTON Despite President Bill Clinton's assurance that US national security will not be compromised when a Hongkong

Pop singer on drug rap gets suspended sentence [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

Pop singer on drug rap gets suspended sentence TOKYO A Japanese court yesterday gave a suspended jail term to Mr Nice Guy pop star Noriyuki Makihara for possession of an illegal drug. Makihara, 30, received a prison term of 18 months, suspended for three years, despite the prosecution's demands that

Victims of WWII sue Japanese firms [ARTICLE]

Page 37

Victims of WWII sue Japanese firms Tokyo says 'Claims related to actions by the Japanese government or nationals during the Second World War have been completely settled by the San Francisco Peace Treaty... It's our view that the matter has been settled a long time ago. Mr Akitaka Saikai, a

Clashes as S.Korean unions want old laws back [ARTICLE]

Page 38

Clashes as S.Korean unions want old laws back Workers say new laws introduced due to the economic crisis should now be repealed, such as one that bars firms from paying full-time union officials SEOUL Hundreds of stick-wielding workers clashed with riot police near South Korea's Parliament yesterday as labour unions


Page 38

AHEAD: More strike actions WITH 600,000 members, many of them employed in South Koreas key export industries, the militant KCTU is the nation's second-largest union group and has served at the cutting edge in its labour struggle. It waged paralysing strikes in 1997 and spearheaded violent rallies early last year

Cult just wants your cash, says ex-member [ARTICLE]

Page 39

Cult just wants your cash, says ex-member Cult doctrine 'Let them give away all their money immediately. Then call them every day, and encourage them to make money. If they say they haven t any more, they must be told to borrow from consumer loan firms. A former branch manager

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'Generals cannot be tried' on Aceh abuses [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

'Generals cannot be tried' on Aceh abuses HOME FREE General Edy Sudrajat chief military spokesman and former Defence Minister. General Try Sutrisno, former VicePresident and head of the armed forces from 1988 to 1993. General Feisal Tandjung retired general and former Minister for Political and Security Affairs. General L.B. Murdani,

Parliament voices concern over Aceh and Irian Jaya [ARTICLE]

Page 40

Parliament voices concern over Aceh and Irian Jaya JAKARTA Parliamentary leaders summoned President Abdurrahman Wahid yesterday to voice their concerns over mounting separatist demands in the northern province of Aceh and the easternmost province of Irian Jaya. The lawmakers called for a tribunal to try those suspected of human-rights violations

Military asked to look after vital Aceh facilities [ARTICLE]

Page 45

Military asked to look after vital Aceh facilities But under pressure to protect state-owned interests in the province, the armed forces say they lack the manpower for the task JAKARTA Indonesia's powerful military says it has been asked to protect seven "vital" government facilities in restive Aceh province but lacks

Troops go on shooting spree after cop is killed [ARTICLE]

Page 45

Troops go on shooting spree after cop is killed VIOLENCE IN ACEH BANDA ACEH Security forces here went on a shooting spree on Tuesday after a policeman was stabbed to death while shopping. A civilian was seriously wounded and 40 cars damaged during the shooting spree. Witnesses said an unidentified

Mob burns cars and gambling den in Jakarta [ARTICLE]

Page 45

Mob burns cars and gambling den in Jakarta JAKARTA A mob of angry Jakarta residents yesterday set fire to four cars and a gambling den in Jakarta's Chinatown on the eve of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, witnesses said. An AFP photographer said a building believed to be a

Maluku conflict getting worse [ARTICLE]

Page 46

Maluku conflict getting worse KILLER PHASES IN THE first phase of the conflict, 213 people lost their lives, including two security officers. In the second, more devastating, phase, 381 people died, including 14 security officers. An Indonesian general has warned that the warring parties in the sectarian conflict are well-armed

Jakarta plans trade ties with Palestinians [ARTICLE]

Page 46

Jakarta plans trade ties with Palestinians ANOTHER TRIP SOON FOR GUS DUR JAKARTA Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim nation, plans to set up a trade office in Palestinian territory next month. "We will open an Indonesian trade office in Palestine," President Abdurrahman Wahid told senior legislators yesterday. Mr Abdurrahman met

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Page 43 Miscellaneous

Page 43 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 43

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Suu Kyi like a younger sister, says general [ARTICLE]

Page 47

Suu Kyi like a younger sister, says general The chief of the country's powerful intelligence wing would like to see the opposition leader change her confrontational approach BANGKOK Myanmar's powerful intelligence chief has said in a rare interview that he bears no personal grudge towards opposition leader Aung San Suu

17 die as Philippine plane hits mountain [ARTICLE]

Page 47

17 die as Philippine plane hits mountain MANILA A missing Philippine airliner has been found crashed on a mountain and all 17 people aboard the small plane were killed, airline officials said yesterday. The domestic airliner carrying 15 passengers and two crew went missing on Tuesday in the north. Soldiers

Thai King gives amnesty to 30,000 inmates [ARTICLE]

Page 49

Thai King gives amnesty to 30,000 inmates The move is part of the celebration of the 72nd birthday of King Bhumibol, but it excludes prisoners with drug-related crimes and poor conduct BANGKOK Some 30,000 prisoners nationwide have been granted amnesty by Thailand's King Bhumibol, but prisoners with drugrelated offences and

Saudi terrorist report rejected [ARTICLE]

Page 49

Saudi terrorist report rejected BANGKOK Thai and Cambodian officials have dismissed a report that Saudi terrorism suspect Osama bin Laden may be lurking near the border of Cambodia and Laos and planning to enter Thailand. "We don't know where this report came from," said a senior official with the Thailand

Food shortage looms after floods hit Vietnam [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 49

Food shortage looms after floods hit Vietnam HANOI More than one million people are facing a serious food crisis in the wake of flooding which has left 116 people dead in central Vietnam, relief officials said yesterday. The death toll has not in- creased in the past 12 hours and

Japan sees Myanmar as linchpin [ARTICLE]

Page 50

Japan sees Myanmar as linchpin 'Myanmarused not to be considered so strategically important, but it's getting more and more so when it conies to formulating diplomatic policy. It also has significant resources and Japan doesn't want to give up economic interests to China. Mr Toshiro Kudo, a researcher at the


Page 50

NOW YOU CAN WALK ON WATER TOO REUTERS Pramuan Jimedi, a furniture maker who made the flbreglass shoes, has designed them to allow the user to walk on water. He is hoping someone will help him market the shoes.



Page 50

HIGH-TECH BOOST FOR OPIUM GROWERS THE Thai army has warned that opium growers in the Golden Triangle are using advances in farming technology and irrigation to boost production, the Bangkok Post said yesterday. A Thai official said this enabled growers, mainly hill tribe villagers, to produce up to five crops


Page 50

45 CHARGED IN VIET SMUGGLING BUST VIETNAMESE police have charged a total of" 45 people, including 22 custQms officers, witn involvement in a major smuggling ring, state media reported yesterday. The Lao Dong daily said the female ringleader had used three firms and corrupt customs officials to smuggle in goods


Page 50

2 COURT OFFICIALS SACKED FOR BRIBES THE Cambodian Justice Ministry said yesterday it had suspended two senior court onicials suspected of accepting bribes to free some of the capital's most ruthless criminals. The dismissal of Phnom Penh's municipal court chief and chief prosecutor came amid a government probe into why


Page 50

REPORT ON PLANE CRASH PREMATURE THAILAND'S Aviation Department yesterday denied a newspaper report that investigators hacf decided rudder and aileron control problems caused an Airbus A3lO crash in southern Thailand on Dec 11 last year. A spokesman said it was premature to say what had caused the crash that killed


Page 50

BEGGAR, 5, BEHEADED FOR REPEAT DEMANDS A FIVE-year-old Cambodian beggar had his head chopped off after a man, 20, became fed up with his constant demands for more bananas, Rasmei Kampuchea reported yesterday. The paper said the child was decapitated with a machete ana dumped in a forest by the

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Page 47

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Abdul Gafoor Mosque No. 41 Dunlop Street, Singapore *****9 Tel: *****09 Tax Exempt Donation Drive Help Save A National Monument Preserve The National Heritage Towards A United Nation of One People, Regardless of Language, Race or Religion A Uniquely Singaporean Experience in Nation Building r Soliciting all Singaporeans, Companies MNCs

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M Bv»^ Bl^ 1 I IB^^B^^^B^ flß^^^^^^^l I iiK^^^^^^^^J I Ib^^^^^^^^^t^^H BBVJBBBBBI A JBBBBBBB^_^_^_^_UB^_^_B^^^^B^_^_^^BBBBBBBJF* j~&^ B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H By B^^^^^afc bT^BBH bT-jl^J bT b V l'i.#<2 cardmember* V B^| V ACIt YAYAYA B^B^B^B^B^B^B^H L v f: P^B^B^B^B^Bfs^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^BT <m tue^mmmit *«> iitk«i V^^H Bj '^B B^^k "fIHHHI >-> k. jk B^B^B BBBBBjBBBBBBBB] -IBBV^BBBBBBI

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A powerful hi-fi? Or a Super VCD player? I r-^ r rn 'J5 lllwtinlMr iitmn-^ IC I I I I I— > j iTj i_. I THaB i S 1 v:.l; ____L— l— i I ;:T <PB IK MX-J7B7V OGMtm RCP $769 OOUU KSJJ2I B^^Hhl^H^H II If s f^^^l 9^^^^H^^^^^B

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V- Am Al-Abid senang dendang lagu-lagu dakwah B^Ba Uf yB |Kr ■Jm b».j^^» i /StFjr BflflßßKi flflß^Bßfl^B^Hßß^


Terengganu's tax plan snakes investor confidence [ARTICLE]

Page 51

Terengganu's tax plan snakes investor confidence Finance Minister says investors are concerned about PAS' proposal to impose special tax on Non-Muslims SUNGAI PETANI A plan by the Terengganu Parti Islam (PAS) government to impose a special tax on nonMuslim businesses has affected investor confidence, Malaysian Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin said

Opposition nominates Fadzil Noor as leader [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 51

Opposition nominates Fadzil Noor as leader DOUGLAS WONG The PAS leader is the first Muslim in the position IN KUALA LUMPUR THE opposition Barisan Altematif (BA) put aside its differences over Parti Islam's (PAS) proposals for a new tax on non-Muslims in Terengganu yesterday, and named the head of an

PAS win boosts ties with Thai Muslims [ARTICLE]

Page 52

PAS win boosts ties with Thai Muslims The tie that binds Tlw PAS wiy tl Hf t is Mt woch *ff wwrt 'Tl» reason we cone toother has lfttl« to from oirs..^o It's ■ataral «Mt poofle do with boMlcs. It's matter of retifjon. here are vphtatakoiit the favourable o»t- There

Do you see 2 Mahathirs? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Do you see 2 Mahathirs? PAS does. It claims the picture was doctored to show that a larger crowd had turned up to greet the Malaysian Prime Minister, proof being the presence of two Dr Mahathir Mohamads. Bernama has refuted the claim, saying the face in the background belonged to

Photo was not doctored, says Bernama [ARTICLE]

Page 53

Photo was not doctored, says Bernama KUALA LUMPUR National news agency Bernama denied vehemently the allegations made by PAS that it had doctored the picture of the Malaysian Pnme Minister being welcomed in Kangar, Perlis, on Nov 27, Berita Harian Malaysia reported yesterday. The picture, published in the front page


Page 54

Chicken little PETITE feathered beauties are the craze in Malacca, where a prized bird can fetch a mean sum of up to RM20,000 (558,832). This miniature chicken standing at less than 20 cm and weighing less than 500g bagged the first prize at a contest here. Proud owner Azman Daud

Chinese Malaysians want Japan to pay [ARTICLE]

Page 54

Chinese Malaysians want Japan to pay TREATIES: Standing in the way Dr Mahathir has ruled out the need to seek further wartime compensation from Japan, said Prof Takashima. A Foreign Ministry official, who met the delegation, said Japan and Malaysia had already resolved the issue of wartime compensation with a

55 held after raid on lounge and pub [ARTICLE]

Page 55

55 held after raid on lounge and pub Brothel activities suspected after cops get tip-off from Indonesian who says she ran from forced prostitution KUALA LUMPUR Immigration officers have detained 55 people, including 39 Indonesian women, after raiding a karaoke lounge and a pub in Balakong and Taman Kajang Utama


Page 55

SCARRED FOREVER Mr Amus rangkong, 42, became permanently disabled when he fell three years ago while working in a Singapore shipyard. He claims he has yet to receive compensation of about RM200,000 (5588,420) from Jurong Clavon. He had been working there for five years when he fell 7.5 m in



Page 55

SECOND ACCIDENT FOR FERRY SKIPPER THE ferry which collided with a barge on Monday, injuring 39, was involved in a previous incident. The same skipper was also in charge of the Impian I when seven were hurt as it ran into rough weather in October, said an officer with Langkawi


Page 55

NEW SAFETY COURSE FOR WORK CREWS THE Construction Industry Development Board will make it compulsory for construction workers to undergo a safety induction course before being employed in the sector from next year. New Straits Times


Page 55

THE THIEF WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS TREES ABOUT 10 Christmas trees worth more than RM3OO (Ssl32) were stolen from a house by a gang of thieves in Sungai Nibong last week. A police spokesman said the group, with at least four members, was spotted digging up the trees by the owner.


Page 55

POLITE ROBBERS STRIKE A SIXTH TIME TWO "polite" robbers who have gotten away with five Mercedes Benzes, struck again on Tuesday. The pair cornered a businessman in Taman Sea as he was getting into his 5320 and told him: "Don't worry, we will not harm you in any way. We


Page 55

TEMPLE PRIEST HACKED TO DEATH A TEMPLE priest was found hacked to death at an orchard in Mukim Ulu Sungai Tai Hong on Tuesday. R. Jeyakrishnan Rajoo, 37, had several slash wounds on the head and chest, two severed fingers on his right hand and an al-most-severed thumb on his

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lIrAW A W A 1 I I fi^l^b^ l^UUa^ a^L^l I Liiji^kiiiVwv^ I I BK"fl J I I uMLffli^J I I r"B!B|£ .^<l I m r r— —zttt 1\ i^^^l I ■LA i I Ltd M 'V.piMjrlnMntiveTour [JjJ^A PARKING ,r FIPPtMniP \WhQt3Arrj^Cll« PT-330 I ohollitin Nice product design Prints

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I 1 ■ajajamP'' jprnw •fot* r Ket-. ""nwf war- m—^ #9 National University of Singapore FACULTY OF ENGINEERING mmm Professional Activities Centre r- mmm Founded 1905 SHORT COURSES FOR W ENGINEERING PROFESSIONALS, 2000 PIS(/> COURSE TITLE DATE a Teaching and Tutoring on the WWW the use of intelligent diagnostic 1

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Vnce a year, we let our carpets go at 4i^»j3|^^H&£_ unbelievable prices at our Christmas Jfl r ICr auctions. Nol only will vou sec exceptionally fine rugs handpicked -JtCv V OUr rcs < ent carpet gurus, we also Have a special selection of colonial B^9 9^9 Kir furniture with gift

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R fill/ 7^e Leading Cruise Line In Asia-Pacific" ggft^^^ O L mmmm m m. WS MJ )"t4' ■iW m m m m W W^ VV yw Phuket Is/and ■i'^^ J "^«t Langkawi Island utfflHfeßW yi |#o SS^ h ld "■-^r^;7r^;;w'-~--~---^^i^^^ cruise C^^lijTjtf B^ aaa MajBjaMHHMBHIBL _j^^^ooiti*2%-. share Inside Stateroom T

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I*l ™j 111 H IA^I I] #J m "i^*"^! THE SHEFFIELD KB^ Hallam O Management Consultancy "i Marketing JHBI c^ W ii lllwpnrwu "i Information Technology "I Management BB& .Jl<i UNIVERSITY Hk^J^S u Human Resource Management G Finance Highest ranked Examined by assignments and case studies assessments qQ ••2 years

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There is no smoke without fire With so many lucrative business J j opportunities and services sizzling in f"""' J The Straits Times Classified daily, is^rx^Z/^^"k it's no wonder our readers J^>. i are a^ wavs hungry for more. 'ijHiHP^l^ Advertise in the Business Services/ Products section (Classifications 201 to


Fasting reminder at fast-food places [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56

Fasting reminder at fast-food places YOUNG Muslims here will be faced with a guilt trip if they go to fast-food outlets in the day during Ramadan, which begins today. A public education drive by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) will see fast-food outlets display stickers reminding Muslims to

Scheme gives safe products tick of approval [ARTICLE]

Page 56

Scheme gives safe products tick of approval The PSB Listed label a white tick endorses that the product has been tested for safety and performance LOOK out for this new sign a white tick on your electrical switches, plugs, bathroom fixtures ana even fire doors, and you can be sure

Stepdaughter saw murder [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

Stepdaughter saw murder ALETHEA LIM Ex-CID Inspectors Death She got out of bed when she heard loud thuds outside the house. From her window, she saw two men kicking and stamping on her stepfather §!L WHEN ex-Criminal Investigation Department inspector T. Maniam was murdered, the younger of his two stepdaughters

Ma's lover had scoffed at father [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

Ma's lover had scoffed at father EX-COP: More than a father than a father to me. I respected him a lot. He never treated us like stepdaughters. He was everything to us. Misc Fairu* Banu, 22, former private tutor on her stepfather, Mr Maniam (left) "SINCE your dad can't satisfy

Ex-income tax chief 'chased tax dodgers' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

Ex-income tax chief 'chased tax dodgers' AS THE Commissioner for Inland Revenue, the late Hsu Tse-Kwang was "like a ferret, chasing the big in-come-tax dodgers", said Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew. He added: u He acquired a fearsome reputation that made big taxpayers more law-abiding." Mr Lee's personal condolence letter

Meet a volunteer with guts and drive [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 58

Meet a volunteer with guts and drive BRAEMA MATHI For three weeks, she put up with mosquitoes and a lack of clean water to do her bit for the East Timorese fh. I JUST WANTED TO GO, SEE WHAT WAS HAPPENING OUT THERE AND SEE IF I COULD HELP IN

24-hour funeral rule for Aids stays [ARTICLE]

Page 59

24-hour funeral rule for Aids stays WENDY TAN The virus can stay infectious in body fluids and tissues even after death, so risk of exposure has to be minimised By WITHOUT EMBALMING, A DEAD BODY WILL DECOMPOSE RAPIDLY DECOMPOSITION ACCENTUATES IKE RISK OF EXPOSURE AND TRANSMISSION AS BODY FLUIDS WILL

A global volunteer [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 59

A global volunteer NOT every high-school graduate knows what she wants in life but Miss Lise Lotte Bisgaard Jensen, 21, has her heart set on becoming a nurse. The Dane was able to put her ambition to the test while working at the Moral Home for Disabled Adults. "I like

Air-con technician falls 14 storeys to his death [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

Air-con technician falls 14 storeys to his death BEN NADARAJAN He was fixino an air-con compressor in a Faber Garden apartment and apparently lost his balance fhL 14-STOREY PLUN6E: Technician Lim Heng How (above) lost his balance and fell to his death while he was installing an air-con compressor which

Student volunteers caught by floods in Vietnam [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 61

Student volunteers caught by floods in Vietnam TAN KAH TIAN The 20 NUS and NTU students, who went to help last month's flood victims, find the village they had originally planned to stay in wiped out TWENTY student volunteers from Singapore, who went to Vietnam last week to help the


Page 61

AN EYE-OPENER 'It's an eye-opener forme because there is no bright sunlight and the rain has been our biggest barrier in our mission.' Miss Wu Yun Uei, 21, whose idea it was to do community service in Vietnam AFP Violent floods in central Vietnam over the last few days forced

Disabled but undaunted [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 61

Disabled but undaunted AWARDS FOR CONTRIBUTING They overcame loss of hearing and went on to help others TWO women lost their hearing when they were babies. But that did not stop them from leading normal lives and pursuing careers. Accounts officer Low Jarn May, 25, and project engineer Wong Ai

$175 million [ARTICLE]

Page 62

$175 million DOMINIC NATHAN That's the annual energy bill for offices Air-conditioning is the biggest energyguzzler; by making adjustments, some buildings can even halve their total bill Bu LOWER COSTS: With cleaner air-cons ARCHITECTS AND BUIIDERS HAVE TO GET BACK TO THE BASICS OF GOOD DESIGN PRIHCIPLES..JND NOT JUST FOCUS


Page 62

ENERGY BILL Where the power goes: Air-conditioning: Everything from the building design to the size of the chillers can make a difference. Lighting Building owners have been slow to take up energy-efficient lights. Motion detectors can automatically turn lights off when no one is in the room. ADAM LEE

Committee to focus on energy efficiency [ARTICLE]

Page 62

Committee to focus on energy efficiency BUILDING, MANUFACTURING, TRANSPORTATION A MULTI-AGENCY committee has been at work in Singapore since 1997 to promote energy efficiency in the building, manufacturing and transportation sectors. The committee is considering developing a coordinated national strategy on energy conservation, benchmarking and setting energyefficiency targets, among other

PUB to invest $3.6m on training its staff [ARTICLE]

Page 63

PUB to invest $3.6m on training its staff Averaging $1,700 per person, this will enable them to be multi-skilled and adapt quickly to new technologies THE Public Utilities Board will invest $3.6 million next year to train its staff to be multi-skilled and nimble workers who can adapt to new

Filipino maid the mystery corpse in flat [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 63

Filipino maid the mystery corpse in flat Missmp" main of Miss Maryjay Lawati Miffapi trifM),a29-yaar-aM FllipiM matt, was fouadinafUtatAng WO KM AVMMM IoST Saturday. SUflhadßMa missfef tram bar wwnatoyacs rvojm —as Trevase Crtsctat in taaMttThMoaraa THE police have identified the body of a woman, who was found dead at an

$5 Millennium Coin launched [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 64

$5 Millennium Coin launched A COIN of precious metals and rainbow colours was launched yesterday to commemorate the millennium. With production limited to 3,000 pieces, the $5 Millennium 2000 Commemorative Coin, made of gold and silver, is set to become a collectors item. The Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore

Singapore passports stolen from embassy [ARTICLE]

Page 64

Singapore passports stolen from embassy THIEF: Caught THE passport thief was caught after a High Commission official noticed the missing Singapore passports and called the police. Lazar George, who was temping as a clerk at the Indian High Commission, admitted to taking them after an internal investigation found him out.

NTUC disappointed by WTO's failure [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

NTUC disappointed by WTO's failure 'Companies will relocate, downsize, hire contract workers and engage part-timers to lower costs, be more flexible and remain competitive against the rest of the world. Mr Matthias Yao, referring to companies in Singapore 'The companies are retrenching not because they are losing money, hut because

When a family is broken up for the kids [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 66

When a family is broken up for the kids If education in a school is made compulsory, it is possible that the state might have to split up a family and put a child in a welfare home while his parents serve time in jail for not obeying tJw law.

He passed his exam for the first time [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 66

He passed his exam for the first time ABANDONED bv his father and shunned by his mother, he grew up at the former Changi Children's Home. His mother, an alcoholic, never visited Gopal (not his real name) or his brother at the home. The boys were enrolled in Changkat Primary,

Is there such a thing as a good hacker? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 67

Is there such a thing as a good hacker? SAMANTHA SANTA MARIA Yes, according to Mr Tom Cervenka, who says that 'ethical hacking' can benefit service providers by locating security holes in Internet systems ftf HACKERS: Right or wrong? They expose security "Ethical" hackers disclose security holes so that a

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Super Volunteer i Disabled But Able F^fcJ Be A 6ood Haclter i i f Mrs Mari Morimoto, aPR here, has made it Low Jam May and Wong Ai Ling have not iWjK^M Hackers can be watchdogs and consumer g£ her mission to help refugees in Thailand, ,*tE only coped with

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Page 57

P^fc^^B H^3 mm PB wM bS E j bbb> B^^^rl^fl bV^^B bbLmbS bV*^V bR^LIbH bV "H bP^^H V ■UJ^H f^W bbK JH bbbH L b^bl bb^T^Jlbwl aVk^MH flL^Bßk HB^^H I .BBB^H blb^BbWL^B^^B^bl B^BW BBbI BBBW^^^BbI BBBBBBBbI BBB^BBBBBBBbI

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dreams of a new millennium wisma atria 1 r 1 Spaghetr^trTppet^o^itluassle^49^l(TTK^^Ts^^i^^sls2o^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ < jf *>•** t. 3^^ S i I If I I ,fll BM Kri^? I 3 -16 December sEH^^B^^P^H^Bra I Atrium, Level 1 Ji^W^liß jWnS' > For the first tune in Singapore, the world-famous authentic jf^^B^M jt Yes! Brazil

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&■■■■■»■%—^aX^.aVaa«e<a *m —iijm amiaTi 'illil ■aaaaaajpjpjpjipßHaaaaai. aaT^Ber Aaa^aaL av aaT aW aar aar aaEßßft^aV aaV '^by aaaa* aapVaV^aaaK ■aavHar vpk^ ■£gf ajgEK > jp"BjaT>aT al^EaT aßaTaTav aT^BBT vby bbp> beb? 'bt azs e^^p y J »^*All' y 1 4ii| AC 9 is; _^aaafc iBr, I Oa^l OU 9 Aw«#. Iff

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Establish Your Future In I.T. Sill fW a^l J _^S £^H aW A\ /ti^bV B^H Hal V —^^Hi ..I BH> I ■aim^^tt_l^Lja^al "■••■■fßP^^'jr^^^L^Li'ip'liHl Validated by Validated by Awarded by a^\^j BB _ij| B [9T«I university of Oxford RJ University o Cambwixje (^ft VJ ■^—^j^Ml [^L^a^akfll B MB?/ d k Loc

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■BIBB^BH^^iBBrsMBHBnBHBBH'vII^B^^BBi •JSJBBa%BBSwSPB^B^BBBHP^^^^^ 1 I •"**i^^r 'T^ "^v"- I 1 I l^^^^^^a^Bk aa^ t I ?!riWBBBI»aBPMri .^aasai .I i i H^J it '^^"^t^ir^iTOmHi jg&faKr^ !fc^ VJi-L^^L LL LLwv^ LLL LLL>Cv^V/ S J; > —1 I[- i I ,|-j J^^| </-p V'' w\^vLLi.LLs^wu. s^LuLLLv^L 4 ACCPAC FOR WINDOWS AUTOCAD ftaaW A I

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The food we eat acts just like the fuel we put in our ear. Most is burnt for energy, but deposits build up, which, over time, seriously affect performance. Removes bodily impurities Every day, changes in our food intake, our environment Reduces excess free radicals and increases SOD level and

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Predicting which prophecies will pan out [ARTICLE]

Page 68

Predicting which prophecies will pan out WILLIAM H. HONAN Bit TIIK NEW YORK TIMES A QUARTER of a century ago, I^ook magazine published a symposium in which leading scholars, scientists and social thinkers were asked to peer into the foggy beyond that goes by the name of the Next Millennium

The StraitsTimes THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1999 IMF must reform [ARTICLE]

Page 68

The StraitsTimes THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1999 IMF must reform PRIME Minister Goh Chok Tong has proposed a special international forum involving major industrial countries, emerging economies and financial centres like Singapore and Hongkong to review the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and to suggest how it might be reformed. "Given the

A comeback for Germany and its leaderP [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 68

A comeback for Germany and its leader P The ECONOMIST WHAT is Chancellor Gerhard Schroder up to, rushing around bailing out collapsing companies, fending off foreign takeovers, supporting expensive trade-union demands for retirement at 60 instead of the current 65, even giving half a nod though he denied it this

Still time to promote a compromise in Aceh [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 69

Still time to promote a compromise in Aceh JOE SAUNDERS Bu NKW YORK If the international community is serious about preventing potential humanitarian crises, warning bells should be ringing over deteriorating conditions in Indonesia's westernmost province, Aceh. Aceh has the potential to become another Chechnya, unless Indonesia's friends make clear

Raid on HK paper raises spectre of controls [ARTICLE]

Page 69

Raid on HK paper raises spectre of controls MARK LANDLER I UK NI-:\VYOKK I IMIS HONGKONG Shortly before 6 pm on Nov 29, in the crush of evening deadlines, 24 government agents burst into the newsroom of Hongkong's scrappy tabloid, The Apple Daily. It was the first time in memory

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How to reach us After office hours, please call operators at 737-0011 NEWSKSX TEL: 730-5397 FAX: 732-0131 FOtCIGNOeSK TEL 730-5745 FAX: 733-4120 PICTURE DESK TEL: 730-5328 FAX: 733-8295 EAST ASIA UNIT TEL 730-5622 FAX: 733-4120 FORUM OCSK TEL: 730-5454 FAX: 733-2690 MONEY DESK TEL 730-5471 FAX: 733-4517 SPOUTS OCSK TEL:

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Make rooftop of every HDB block a catchment area [LETTER]

Page 70

Make rooftop of every HDB block a catchment area If this idea can be implemented, it would be a big step towards making Singapore self-sufficient in water. I found the article "Chicago's Summer Plan: Roof Gardens" (ST, Dec 6) very interesting. In it, it was reported that the city of

Obedience training for all dogs [LETTER+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 70

Obedience training for all dogs REGARDING the recent reports on dog attacks, it is most unfortunate that owners y are unwilling to shoulder the heavy responsibility that comes with owning a dog. We believe it is the moral and civic responsibility of every dog-owner to have his dog obedience-trained, to

Impose a bond on owners [LETTER]

Page 70

Impose a bond on owners TO PROTECT the public and dog-owners, the Government could consider introducing a law requiring dog-owners to post a bond when applying for or renewing licences for their pets. For ferocious and dangerous breeds which tend to attack strangers, the bond should be $5,000. For the

'Deaf-mute' is an inaccurate term [LETTER]

Page 70

'Deaf-mute' is an inaccurate term I REFER to the term "deaf-mute" used in recent reports on the accident involving two deaf adults, in both The Straits Times and The New Paper "Deaf-mute" is no longer an acceptable term. "Mute" refers to someone who cannot produce speech or who has malfunctioning

Pressing issues in falling birth rates [LETTER+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 71

Pressing issues in falling birth rates I THINK that little can be done, even by the Government, to address the problem ofdecliningbirth rates. Policies can be adopted, but only to the extent that they exist and serve as official guidelines. Declining birth rates are a clear indication that young Singaporeans

PacNet share prices actually rose [LETTER]

Page 71

PacNet share prices actually rose I REFER to the article "PacNet shares tumble 4%" (ST, Dec 8). We are surprised that The Straits Times would describe a 4-per-cent decline in the Pacific Internet share price in Nasdaq to US$43-3/l6 on Monday using terms like "dumped", "tumble" and "startling". Four per

Sing Net's service surpasses standards [LETTER]

Page 71

Sing Net's service surpasses standards I REFER to Mr Lawrence Tan Hui Khim's letter, "SingNet must improve service to retain clients" (ST, Dec 4). As a reliable internet service provider, SingNet not only complies with the Quality of Service standards specified by TAS but its performance has also consistently surpassed

Have trash banks elsewhere too [LETTER]

Page 71

Have trash banks elsewhere too THE launch of the recycling-trash-bank programme at Toa Payoh estate is a great idea. But it does not make sense for Singaporeans living far awav to carry their recyclable items all the way to Toa Payoh, especially if they do not drive. It would be

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Page 70

HOME FURNISHING _YEAREND^SL\LE_ 4 DA Y S 0N L Y 9- 1 2/ 1 2/ 9 9 'j^. Films 20% off 7 jjWgj^flK^ Wall Tile Stickers 20% off I Plb bring along floor plan/measurements Decorative/Wooden Rods EUROPA WALLCOVERINGS PTE LTD I"H £y ifiiHiinrminSnih |E| 0/ ALEXANDRA DISTRIPARK Blk 3, Pasir

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Page 70

I No. 1 Market Share in Singapore (Units) I Source: Gfk Retail Audit Report Sept/ Oct'99 j^H i^^H 3»^H rfd^l^^^^^^^^^^H ..^^^^^^^^^^^^l J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 4^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H a^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bj J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Double washed. Double joy. SW7SCIS Boomerang Pulsator I 5.5 kg Fuzzy logic control I Stainless Steel Tub HoW manV timeS dld OU wash Y Ur

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Page 71

I rrf 'V^n r\ U mli l r H rJi 'J I I L^J k.l I iIJ _J J -~J I>J* »^J mJ MM wMM •^^h^^Rß^hAmß^^^^^^^^^^^A^l I I k i I it l-i J. k k I t i I I I J I--*-- 814 1 J i I I

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Page 71

83% of Students Score 'A's after Breakthrough English Study j Programme WL Developed by Mr. Morris Allen J^l former President of MKNS A High IQ Society I v JjT former V.P of Association for Gifted Children I Many parents are "...thank you for teaching I concerned about me so well.


S'pore captain Nazri up for grabs [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 72

S'pore captain Nazri up for grabs KELVIN PHANG SOCCER Midfielder not on SAFFCs retained players list H, SINGAPORE national soccer team captain Nazri Nasir is the SLeague's most wanted player. According to a list released by the S-League, the 28-year-old midfielder has not been retained by Singapore Cup champion SAFFC

Move over Klinsmann, Toh hits one past the Great Danes [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 72

Move over Klinsmann, Toh hits one past the Great Danes THOMAS KOH !*!L TOH CHOON MING managed to achieve what the likes of Jurgen Klinsmann, Lothar Matthaeus, Thomas Haessler and company failed to do in the 1992 European Championship final score against Denmark. In fact, the 29-year-old was unlucky not


Page 72

THE LATE NEWS MARSEILLE HIT BY ANOTHER SCANDAL FRENCH footballing giant Marseille was plunged into another financial scandal yesterday as the Justice Department opened an investigation into forgery at the club. Magistrate Laure Roche is also to investigate what happened to the proceeds from several transfers at the club, which

Best and fairest of them all – Musa [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 72

Best and fairest of them all Musa RUGBY WANDERERS' flanker Romi Musa can now claim to be one of the top rugby players in Singapore. The 24-year-old national player was named the Best and Fairest Player at last night's Ml National Rugby Championships Awards Night held at the Grand Copthorne

Keane joins elite league of big earners [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 73

Keane joins elite league of big earners SOCCER THE BIG BUCKS Annual salaries of some of the top earners, not including endorsements for the year ending 1998 Note: The "poorer" players in the Premiership still receive about 6250,000 New four-year deal worth £50,000 a week for United skipper LONDON Manchester

Chelsea tops group despite draw with Lazio [ARTICLE]

Page 73

Chelsea tops group despite draw with Lazio CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ROME Coach Gianluca Vialli is hoping that Chelsea's Premiership season will reap the benefits of its draw here with Serie A giants Lazio. Hammered 4-1 by Sunderland last weekend and struggling in mid-table after seven wins, three draws and five defeats,

Two-goal Savio saves the day for Madrid [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 73

Two-goal Savio saves the day for Madrid PARIS Real Madrid shot back to winning ways with a rousing 3-1 beating of Norway's Rosenborg in the European Champions League on Tuesday in front of a hardcore 18,000 fans at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Two goals from Savio and a late strike

No big-time pay for Kanu, says Arsenal [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 73

No big-time pay for Kanu, says Arsenal LONDON Arsenal will not break its wage structure to keep star Nigerian strikef Nwankwo Kami. The newly-crowned African Footballer of the Year has threatened to leave if his demands for an improved contract are not met, reported Soccernet yesterday. His agents are looking

Juventus loses but still in [ARTICLE]

Page 73

Juventus loses but still in UEFACUP PALERMO Juventus suffered a 1-2 defeat at the hands of Olympiakos Piraeus on Tuesday but still progressed to the fourth round of the Uefa Cup on a 4-3 aggregate. Juventus took the lead in the second minute when Yugoslav striker Darko Kovacevic found the

Spurs look like losing their shine [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 74

Spurs look like losing their shine BASKETS ALL Last season's title winners slump to third straight defeat on the road INDIANAPOLIS If the euphoria from winning last season's NBA title had not worn off yet for San Antonio Spurs, it certainly would have by now. On Tuesday night, Spurs slumped

Fitz-Gerald almost triumphs despite layoff [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 74

Fitz-Gerald almost triumphs despite layoff SQUASH ABERDEEN Australia's former triple world cham[>ion Sarah Fitz-Gerald neary caused an upset in her come-back tournament on Tuesday after a seven-month injury absence. Fitz-Gerald, who was sidelined with a knee injury which threatened her career, led England's Linda Charman by two games and 7-4

Potent Brew, thanks to caddy [ARTICLE]

Page 74

Potent Brew, thanks to caddy GOLF ONE of Phil Brew's biggest priorities today will be ensuring that his caddy turns up on time. Said the Australian, who took a share of the lead in the Singapore Airlines Priority Golf Invitational with a two-under-par 70 yesterday: "The last time I was

IOC chief wants backing for polls [ARTICLE]

Page 74

IOC chief wants backing for polls OLYMPICS LAUSANNE Worried International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch demanded full support from the membership here to the sweeping changes to modernise the organisation that will be voted on this weekend. A year after the lOC corruption scandal brought the movement to its


Page 74

SCORES STATISTICS BASKETBALL NBA: Toronto 101 Cleveland 98. New York 89 Golden State 83. Indiana 83 San Antonio 77. Detroit 116 Milwaukee 112. Vancouver 104 Dallas 95. Phoenix 110 Orlando 107. Miami 86 Portland 76. LA Lakers 91 Washington 80. CRICKET Fourth day of third and final test in Harare:



Page 74

HOWELL UNDER FIRE FOR PULLING OUT KNGI^AND'S David Howell came under fire from one of Australia's leading golfers yesterday for refusing to defend his Australian PGA title. Howell won last year's Australian PGA championship by seven shots and had planned to defend his title when the PGA starts today, but


Page 74

M'SIA OPTS OUT OF OCA CONTEST MAIAYSIA withdrew its challenge to the incumbent Indonesian vice-president of the Olympic Council of Asia in exchange for Jakarta's support for its 2006 Asian Games bid. The official Bernama news agency reported that Indonesian tycoon Bob Hassan had promised to seek support from fellow


Page 74

READING QUITS OLYMPIC PANEL PAUL READING, responsible for ticketing and finance in Sydney's Olympic organising committee until his demotion recently, announced he was quitting, just a little over nine months before the opening ceremony in Sydney. Last month, SOCOG was forced to hand back around half a million tickets to

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Page 72

Big Bucks for Keane BL^^^fl Better Things Ahead HWSw^ Losing Ground 1 Roy Keane is to get more than T^M (lit' I^^P Chelsea hopes that a good Champions tfEmkmSs^ imaMi am P ion San Antonio finds life T^KHLJfcltl $130,000 a week after agreeing on a L^p^ League result will lead

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Page 73

Christmas StocfCßtduction QOLF SALE Dunlop 671 H gan Primn Additional \^BobToski i rimu Discount from »> Discounted MacQregor r> C 1 a. Offer Prices Pro Select oli clubs Xi M^ valid mi j^ Mizuno Spalding Taylor Made ORLIMAR Tri-Metal Drivers $235 $7.05 GST each RAINBOW Sealed Power Light Shaft Woods

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Shitaku Ladies LDS 321 3x7xl, Graphite I I (Free golf twg for every set purchased) ill Usual SS9SO NOW ***** I; I fWff^^MWßßfflfffTTfl PilffTfflPT'^^irWffTffWTMßßßßßßßßl 'I s bbV nmatm**^mm^mmm**Hm*A*m lQS9RmyfflQJßMQ]4Q2R^^^^^^H I I Gutters From Ss49 Snowbee 3xloxl, Boron shaft W/f (Free golf bag for every set purchased) GOlf Bags From SSSO

Page 74 Miscellaneous

Page 74 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 74

TODAY'S EVENT GOLF Singapore Airlines Priority Invitational (Orchid Country Coub, 7am).

Page 74 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 74

LIVE ON TV ICE HOCKEY NHL Detroit Red Wings v Nasville Predators (8.30am), San Jose Sharks v Colorado Avalanche (11.30am) ESPN Ch23 and 25. SOCCER -UEFA Cup, 3rd rd: Newcastle United vASRoma(FC Ch22, Dec 10, 4.10am). SAME DAY DELAYED TELECAST SOCCER -UEFA Cup, 3rd rd: Leeds United vSpartak Moscow (FC



Page 75

850 DEATHS 850 DEATHS 850 DEATHS 850 DEATHS 850 DEATHS u< jf/ie /oord is my sAepAerd, 9 7 sAa/l not 6e in want. J/e maAes me (ie down in green pastures, /ie feacfs me 6esicfe quiet waters. Purely goodness and love will follow me all ine daus ofmu fife, and


Page 75

854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES Our Deepest Sympathy and Heartfelt Condolences to Catherine Thien family of the late THIEN SWEE CHIN Departed on 7th December 99 From the Management and Staff of WAN YANG HEALTH PRODUCTS FOOT-REFLEXOLOGY CENTRE


Page 75

850 DEATHS 850 DEATHS Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell In the house of the Lord forever TAY CHEW NEO Age: 78 was called Homt to be with the Lord on Tuesday, 7 Dec '99 leaving behind all loved


Page 75

850 DEATHS CONSTANCE EVEUN GRENIER (2nd May 1911 6th Dec 1999) passed away peacefully in Australia on 6th Dtctmbtr 1999 leaving behind loved ones: Peter Alan Jeltes, Catherine Marl* Jeltts, Gail Mart* Jeltes. (Australia) John Stride, Graham Stride, Janice Marshall ana family. (England) Beatrice Jeltes nee Woo Tl Kong, Geraldene


Page 75

850 DEATHS JASON JAI PRAKASH Agt: 28 was called home to be with the Lord on 8 Dec 99, leavlno, behind his beloved Father. S.N. Selvadurai Mother: Subaletchumi Sisttrßatna(Kavitha) Body restinq at Blk 115 Bt Purmei Rd 803-258 Tel: *****78 Cortege leaves on Thur. 9/12/99 at 4pm for Mt Vernon

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Page 75

Time takes away the edge of grief But memory turns back every leaf

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Page 75

MORE OBITUARIES ON PAGE 76 If Sweet little flower of heavenly birth, In Memonam gfe wag QQ j a^ r j Q }jl oorn on earth, Verses And, oh the wrench, an angel came, Child. And took our dear child home.

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Page 75

Call 1800-737-1166 for your free booklet.

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Page 75

Pick up your business by picking. The Straits Times Classified as your business partner

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Page 75

I Memory I wanders as I shadows fall I Back to days I of happiness, I Days beyond recall. A vision comes before us, So caltn, so dear, so sweet, Of her lips now silent And whose lids are closed in sleep.



Page 76

854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES With Deepest Sympathy And Heartfelt Condolences to Mr Tan Ming Yong on the demise of his beloved father I Tan Seng Taw I II Departed on 7 December 1999 I


Page 76

852 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 852 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Family of the Late KASON LOH KENG SOON Departed on 3 Dec 99 wish to express their sincere thanks to Pastor Dr. John Lim, members of Calvary Baptist Church. Singapore Charity Bikers, Two Wheelers, relatives and friends for their kind assistance, donations and wreaths during


Page 76

852 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 11l The family of the Lai* I FOO HONG FUNG Departed 4/12/99 wish to express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all relatives, friends. business associates and colleagues for their kind assistance, attendance, donations, wreaths and condolences during their recent bereavement.


Page 76

852 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The family of the late LINDA ROSITA CORNELIUS nee TAN AH PICK Departed on 3/12/1999 wishes to express their heartfelt thanks appreciation to all relatives, friends colleagues for their kind assistance, attendance, condolences, wreaths donations during their recent bereavement.


Page 76

852 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I AL-FATIHAH HJ SHAFII BIN MISRULLAH Depart kj on 6/12/99 wishes to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all relatives. friends and colleagues for their condolences, donations and kind attendance during our recent bereavement. Our gratitude also to the doctors and nurses of the Changi General Hospital


Page 76

856 IN MEMORIAM 9th Anniversary In Loving Memory of PATTAMAL W/0 V. NALLATHAMBY The depths of sorrow we cannot tell. Of the loss of one we love so wtii, And while she sleeps a peaceful sie.>p, Her memory we shall always keep. Always remembered by Husband, children, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, grandchildren


Page 76

856 IN MEMORIAM Y In Loving Mtmory of C. N. NALLAMMAL passed away 10.12.95 4th Anniversary Prayers will be held at 7pm on Friday, 10th December 1999 at the Sri Sivan Temple, Geylang, followed by prasadam. Please treat this as a personal invitation. Tel: *****40


Page 76

856 IN MEMORIAM 6th Anniversary in Loving Memory Of Peter Goh Buan Teck Departed on 7/12/93 Gone from our lives one so dear. But in our hearts forever neai Sadly remembered by all loved ones In Loving Memory of HUANG MAN WAI Departed: 9 Dec. 1993 Deariy missed and always


Page 76

858 REQUIEMS 858 REQUIEMS ffi In Appreciation RATANAM SALACHEE We, the family of the late Ratanam Salachee, thank all relatives and friends for their presence, condolences, donations and valuable assistance rendered to us during our recent bereavement. The family will be conducting the KARUMATHI PRAYER on Friday 10th December, between

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Page 76

m The Family Of The Late J TANG OW NAK Departed on 6 -12-1999 wishes to express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Pastor Mrs Patrick Low, Elders, Members and all Care-net groups of Christian Community Chapel, Management and staff of Dovechem Group, Lian Huat Metal and Gardenia Foods (S),

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Page 76

OBITUARIES For booking enquiries, call

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Page 76

"In Mcmoriiim" is for the loved ones whom you remember. I dream of you. dear loved one, And see your smiting face, And know that you are happy In your Father's chosen place.

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Page 76

8«O FUNERAL DIRECTORS/ SERVICES /^Vn^\ Dedicated Funeral Directors Since 1920 (24h00c«.> 1 V^CUSK.CI Complete services for Christian. Discount tor NTUC members. Buddhist. Taoist. Soka. etc. church A others. Air-cond parlours, open 24 krs Qualified professional ambaimers Imported US and quality Photo enlargement, finished caskets Florist service Coiumbarium A lombstona Funtiral

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Page 77

KUALA LUMPUR Transaction date: Dec 8, 1999 1 Last voi Net High Lew Companv Safe (OOO» P/t INDUSTRIALS Consumtr Products 440 255 Ajinomoto 300 -19 0 174 46 Angkasa 86 1 11 404 220 Apollo Food Hlg 300 20 3 7 1 294 IIS B*-|ayaLand 158 -1 89 5 1


Page 77

GOLD SINGAPORE Physical <SS> Wd Tim Kllooar *****-*****.66 *****-*****.91 100 gm 1522-1611.95 1500-1589.29 50 gm 761-816.79 750-804.43 20 gm 304-337 84 300-332.69 5 qm 76-99 91 75-98 88 qm 15-35.02 15-35.02 Bullion coins <S5/oi> w*d Tut S port bullion coin 503 491 493-481 Canadian mapl« leaf 503-491 493-481 Australian nugget


Page 77

CURRENCY Foreiqn Currency Not* Rates (9am. Dec 3) Buying OD Selling Singapore dollars to one unit of foreign currency Australian dollar 1.0590 1.0740 Canadian dollar 1.1230 1.1470 NZ dollar 0.8470 0.8650 Sterling pound 2.7110 2.7400 US dollar 1.6720 1.6830 Singapore dollars to ,00 units of foreign currency Austrian schilling 12.36


Page 77

UNIT TRUSTS FUNDS Dec 9,1999 1 Managers' prices <S$) LEGEND AH pftCM art tm«<*tlvt ««ctpt lof E< Rlngqit ASMtS, Broadly Dlvtr»i(l.d (CPr Approvtd): I N.rrowly Focu«d (CPF ApprovtO); Low.r Rlil.; Low M^iZrm- I MtSum to MK,h Risk; Ml,h,r Rltk; op.n tn<J.<l. SS CPF (ppfOvwl; 5 B.fort tubdlvUlon of'unjl. UNIT TRUSTS


Page 77

HONGKONG STOCKS Dec 8, 1999 1 HKQ e/ASM Pacific 14.40 -0.20 Bank of East Asia 21.00 -0.40 C P Pokphand 0.29 -0.04 Cafe Oe Coral 3.23 -0.08 Cathay Pacific Airways 15.20 0.05 CDL Hotels 2.50 unch Century City Infl 0.28 unch Cheung Kong Holdings 95.00 0.25 China Motor Bus SO.SO


Page 77

PALM OIL Crudt Mlm oil (Ms/tonn»! Dec 99 1185 (South) R.flned ixlm oH <US$/tOflfM> 880 Palm Oil O»c 99 340.00 <s»lltr) J«n 00 342 SC (s*,ler i RBD Olcln 0»c 99 360.00 (s*ll»r) Jin 00 365.00 (J»ll»f) RBO Stearin D«c 99 26b. 00 (seller)


Page 77

SILVER Closing prices (USS/troy ox) Tue Wed Singapore 5.12-5.14 5.14-5.17 Mon Tue New York 5.11-5.12 5.145 5.155 Source: ROTHSCHILD


Page 77

TIN Closing prtc«s iMS/kllo) KL Tin 21.60 (-0.06) Turnovtr 49(-21)


Page 77

SICOM FUTURES Dec 8, 1999 1 Rubber Futures (Closing prices) RSS 1 (Tonnes, S cents/kg) aiexeS*. Hoaw Lew Sett Vet Open Int Jan 00 ,13.50 Feb 00 115.00 100 Mar 00 118.00 118.00 118.00 600 100 Apr/ Jun 00 124.00 Jul/Sep 00 128.00 Oct/Dec 00 131.00 RSS 3 (US cents/kg)


Page 77

STORE EXCHANGE DERIVATIVES TRDG Pec 8, 1999 1 Eurodollar 3-Month deposit (100 implied interest rate) Open High Low Sett Est Vet Dec 99 93.9050 93.9075 93.9025 93.9075 3840 Jan OO 94.150 94.155 94.150 94.160 6 Feb 00 94.075 94.075 94.070 94.070 125 Act Vol (Tue ***** Open Int (Tue *****


Page 77

CLOB INTERNATIONAL Transaction date: Dec 8, 1999 1 32-W« Curr Last Vol Day Cross Net M Cap High Low Company Traded Sale ear- 'OOP Hta> Lew a»w% p/r. Smll HONGKONG STOCKS 365 173 CDL(2000) HK23O 8 7.8 4550.4 Cathay Pac 20c HK72O 265 6 *****.4 Cheung KongSOc HKI7BO 2 40


Page 77

ASIAN CURRENCY UNITS Contract date: I Dec 8, 1999 On* 3 6 9 12 Valua Unit mth mths mths mtht mths Call data US$ 57, 5"/* 5V t 5"/ u 57. ML 10/12 AS 4V.» 4"/ u 5 5V,. SV. 3'/. 10/12 NZ 4"/„ 4% 5'A SV. SV. 3V. 10/12


Page 77

CRUDE PRODUCT PRICES Crufla/Product Month* Chang* Prtct (USS) BBL BRENT BLEND Jin 0.80 24.80 24 85 WEST TEXAS Inttfm Jan 0.87 25.61 25.65 DUBAI FATEH Jan -0.92 23.06 23.11 TAPIS BLEND Jan -1.05 24.70 ."-4 80 MINAS Jan 0.75 23.00 23.K) NAPHTHA (CIF Jap) -9.50/8.50 229.00 232.00 NAPHTHA 1 00


Page 78

SGX SECURITIES UPC: MAIM BOARD Transaction date: Dec 8, 1999 MULT! INDUSTRY S2-W* Curr Last Vol O.y Of I Net M Cap Wt Avg High Low Company Traded Sato +or 000 High Lew Olw P/C $mll Prlc. 182 17.5 mc AcmaSOc 115 *2 310 117 114 10 9.4 190.2 111


Page 78

INDICES Change Straits Times Index 2351.33 *5l 46 BT 08/OS -186.00 '231.00 BT CAOI ..-*****.00 +169.00 BT 10-day MA -*****.00 -18.00 DBS 50 Index 786.03 +17.23 OCBC 30 759.64 *16.t6 UOB Blue Chip 883.10 »16.00 MSCI Singapore 325.09 »6.86 SiMSCI Futures 325.50 *7.90


Page 78

SCOREBOARD MAIN SDQ Up On Unch Up On Unch Mult, Ind 11 3 4 0 0 0 Manufacturing 63 19 15 33 3 7 Commerce 20 12 8 8 O 3 Tpt/Stor/Comms .17 7 3 10 0 Finance 26 3 3 0 0 0 Construction 13 4 5 6 12

Stocks surge despite Dow's fall [ARTICLE]

Page 78

Stocks surge despite Dow's fall Dennis Chan MARKET REPORT SINGAPORE stock prices continued their recordbreaking climb yesterday, defying the negative sentiments that befell other regional markets still spooked by the Dow's overnight fall the biggest since October. The key Straits Times Index jumped 51.46 points, or 2.2 per cent, to


Page 78

TOP ACTIVES MIT 10c 47.596.000 ChuinHup 20c 23.434.000 Chin. Toll 20c 21.269.000 OUB CL »CW*****5 20.222.000 Ho G»« 5c 19,388.000 KngSfnq 5c 14.053.000 M^.-mnq 10c 13,915,000 O«-.«C DB*CWOOIII7 13.778.000 Av» Kood&Proo L'SS 12.975.000 O<«r 11.372.000


Page 78

TURNOVER (READY) TURNOVER COOO) Moln Sosdoq Totol Mu,tl JS 32.065 32 065 Manufacturing 162.439 45.656 208 095 S^"!**" 21.256 5.050 26 306 ?rn n S^. C m !:i. 7 3 2 8 3 5^ M79 Ve^ p»g£ 4 2 4 6 3'a 4e73 4 3 ;i^ 2.156 1,033 3189


Page 78

SESDAQ S2-Wh Curr Last vo) o» y o« Nat m c«p wt *»g HH» Law Ciw>wy Tr«— 1 »Ht "000 MM* L— F/E Sm*l Prtea MANUFACTURING i f ■;-'3 z s 22. c Allied Com lOc 73.5 cd O 687 74.5 71.5 2 25.3 159.4 70 80.5 10 5 c