The Straits Times, 13 June 1961

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  • 18 1 ut:n.u;E »,\ii.v <i:itiim:i> s.m.i: i;\m:e»s 90,000 Hat*** The Straits Times. Estd. 1845. TUESDAY. JUNE 13, 1961. 15 CENTS.
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  • 316 1 JULY 15 IS POLLING DAY IN ANSON See page 9 Silence on magnate missing since May 28 It's the biggest ever reward SINGAPORE, Mon.-Police today offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to the rescue of a kidnapped Singapore shipping magnate, Mr. Tay Kie Thay. The reward
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  • 171 1 Plane for KL crashes 19 killed CAIRO. Monday. NINETEEN people were killed when a KLM Lockheed EQectra, bound for Kuala Liim- pur. trashed on its landing approach at Cairo airport today. First reports say the 17 injured included the only two passengers for Malaya on the first leg of the
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  • 74 1 SINGAPORE. Mon.— A po- lice party, working on a tlpi off. tonight ambushed two thugs on a lonely stretch of beach off the 8J mile East Coast Road and recovered a revolver and 12 rounds of ammunition. The raid was conducted while the thugs were plan- ning
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  • 325 1 f.ONDON. Monday WHILE passengers watched "without panic." the engine of giant KIM Koyal Dutch Airline DC-7 fell "in a great ball ot flame' into the North Atlantic yesterday as the crew battled to save the plane and its 73
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  • 778 1  -  MUSHAHID ALI Rain holds off for State drive but garden party hit By lOHORE BAHRU, Mon. Rain held back long enough today for Johore Bahru to give Their Majesties, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Raja Permaisuri Afcong, a grand welcome on their first state visit
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  • 52 1 THE TAMO di-Pertuan Agong smiles at Ihe large crowds cheering "Dauiat Tuanku as hr and tinRaja Permaisuri Agong pass along Jalan Ibrahim. Johore Bahru. during the State drive In a black Cadillac from the railway station to the Istana Besar. Straits Times Picture (Another picture in
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  • 23 1 LATEST SOEKARNO OFF MOSCOW >I<>n iMri RaekatM Ml |lir China today ifHr xislt to Rusmu Mr hum sluhcv >.iv him oi port— Keutrr
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  • 615 1 'Free all political detainees,' unionists urge CIX TOP Singapore trade unionists, headed by Mr. Lim Chin Siontf. tonight called on the Government to release immediately all political detainees. They also "invited" Government to: ASSIST a speedy unification of the trade unioi movement: GRANT the rigr i oi citizenship and franchise
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  • 331 2 ECONOMIST HERE WITH A PLAN- TT^UALA LUMPUR. Mon. An economic expert urged Malayan business leaders today to use Beirut as a showwindow for their products. The president of the Middle East Economic Service, Mr. Beshara Emile Ghorayeb. told the businessmen at a meeting
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  • 216 2 ALOR STAR, Monday. rPHE Kedah State Alliance is to make an offi- cial inquiry into the cause of its defeat in five wards in last night's Sungei Patani Town I C6uncil elections. This defeat was the worst ever suffered by the Alliance
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  • 92 2 ROBBERS RAID YACHT CLUB STORE, STEAL 7 MOTORS SINGAPORE. Mon.— Armed robber.s broke into the R.A.F. Yacht Club store In Tengah early yesterday and stole seven outboard motors and a sampan. A cook and a caterer sleepIng near the store in Senimbun Avenue were awakened about 1 a.m. by a
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  • 31 2 SINGAPORE, Mon. Police yesterday arrested two people under the Criminal uw (Temporary Provisions 1 Ordinance. One arrest was made In Kampong SJreh and the other in Kirn Keat Road
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  • 23 2 SINGAPORE. Mon—Jewellery worth $500 was stolen from the farmhouse of Ng Thiam Hock, in Lim Chu Kang Road early yesterday.
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  • 30 2 SINGAPORE. Mon. Edward Percival McCarthy Heyzer. 44. a homeopathic physician, was acquitted and discharged by Mr. Justice Buttrose at the Assize Court today on a charge of incest.
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  • 400 2 Tin: It depends who will sell —and how much I ONDON. Mon. The Financlal Times today .submitted that the tin market's future over the coming months will depend on what additional stocks are obtainable and at what price their owners are willing to release them. "The rapid advance in the
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    • 219 2 NEW CLASHES IN ALGIERS: 11 ARE KILLED ORAN, Monday. DOLICE were holding 25 people in Jail here today after a late night clash between police and European demonstrators in which the demonstrators set fire to several Muslim-owned shops. Police used tear gas to break up the crowd and sealed off
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    • 113 2 ANOTHER SIX 'RIDERS' ARRESTED NEW YORK: Six "Freedom riders," all white, were arrested when they walked into a bus station waiting room reserved for negroes at Jackson. Mississippi, yesterday. This brought the total number of "riders" arrested in Jackson in the past few weeks to 110. PARIS: Five thousand farmers
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    • 171 2 LUANDA: Thirty-five insurgent group leaders, alleged to be planning the slaughter of Europeans, have been arrested In the north Angolan village of Negage. Meanwhile, military units totalling about 2.000 men have arrived here from Lisbon to reinforce the Angola garrison. BOSTON: A Soviet fl.shlng trawler
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    • 38 2 NIAGARA FALLS: Two mm and two women wcr« swept to their deaths over the 1* > 1 -it. Canadian side of Niagara Falls last night after their motorboat overturned in the rapids above Horseshoe Falls.
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  • 565 3 'We will never agree' to separate treaty with East Germany: Brandt warns on new 'Munich' BONN, Monday. [XR. Konrad Adenauer, the West German Chancellor, and his So- cial Democratic rival in next autumn's elections, Mr. Willy Brandt, both sharply attacked the new Russian memorandum on
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  • 105 3 '*****-lover' attack on a vicar T ON DON. Mon. An Anglican vicar who two weeks ago told bis congregation he would rather his daughter married a "coloured Christian lad than a "pagan English beatnik" had the sign "*****-Lov-ing Priest" daubed in 2ft. letters on his house fence here yesterday. The
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  • 177 3 SIGNALS RECEIVED FROM LOST VENUS ROCKET LONDON. Mon.— More signals were heard yesterday by the Jodrell Bank giant radio telescope in the search for the lost Russian Venus rocket. Yesterday's signals they were similar to mystery signals from space received on Saturday came during an eUth-nour search by Sir Bernard
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  • 180 3 CAPETOWN POLICE SEIZE AN AFRICAN LEADER AT BIG RALLY CAPETOWN, Monday. A MEMBER of the Capetown City Council was arrested and hustled out of the City Hall by security officers amid scenes of disorder last night after he tried to address a meeting of the Coloured People's Congress. i The
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  • 114 3 NEW YdRK. Mon. The Canadian Press in a despatch from Washington last night reported that the Canadian and United States Governments had approved a vast "swap" of military aircraft involving planes worth more than US$3OO ($900) million. The agency said the deal biggest of
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  • 63 3 LONDON. Mon.— John Hall, a 30-year-old salesman whom police thought, could help them in their inquiries into the murder of two policemen last week, died in a London hospital. Hall had been dangerously 111 in hospital since he shot himself below the heart in a
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  • 39 3 LONDON. Mon. A strike of several thousand British Railways London area van drivers today threatened fresh food supplies to the capital's shops and a big pile up of goods parcels at London termini was feared. Reuter.
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  • 313 3 POZNAN, Monday rpHE British Broad- casting Corporation stand at the Poznan Fair was closed down last night after Polish customs officials seized pamphlet? displayed on the stand. Mr. J. Bilinski, who is in Poznan to run the BBC stand, said: "It is a
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    • 424 3 RADIO SINGAPORE RADIO MALAYA SHORT WAVE SERVICE: National Shortwave Service 41 metres (7250 kc/s.) MEDIUM WAVE SERVICE: 7 m rfs 476 metres- A.M. 600 Time Signal, NegaraMo^ K 6 p o^r7^ r The g: Ne 6 w 0 S KU 7.05 Melodies At Sunrise: 8.00 The in Melodies: 6.50 Keep
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  • 44 4 SINGAPORE. Mon. Koh Chwee Pan. 47, was jailed for three months by the Ninth Magistrate. Mr. R. 8.1. Pates today for stealing a dust-bin worth three dollars in Cross Street. Koh pleaded guilty and admitted two similar previous convictions
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  • 43 4 SINGAPORE, Mon.— Water will be cut off in South Bridge Road between Upper Circular Road and North Canal Road, and In Upper Circular Road between South Bridge Road and New Bridge Road, respectively from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow
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  • 32 4 SINGAPORE. Mon. Miss Lucy Huang, formerly of the Straits Times, will address members of the V's Men's Club of Singapore (Beta Chapter i at a luncheon meeting on June 24.
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  • 37 4 SINGAPORE. Mon. A housewife. Oh Slew Hiok, was fined $20 or one week's Jail by Mr. Donald Yeo, today for possessing prepared opium In her premises in Lorong 25. i Geylang, on April 18.
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  • 196 4 LABOURER STABBED TWICE IN THE CHEST SINGAPORE, Mon. Yap Cher Seng, 26, an odd job labouri er. was vStabhed to death in a brawl near his house in Arumugam Road off Paya Lebar tonight. Yap was stabbed twice in the region of the heart when he
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  • 251 4 S'PORE STALL TOPS WITH A TOTAL OF $44,000 SINGAPORE, Mon. The ninth annual international bazaar for the blind held at the Victoria Memorial Hall last month netted a record $109,--028.76. This was disclosed today by Mrs. W. W. Yung, the bazaar organiser at the final meeting of the committee held
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  • 498 4 Fire relief fund up by $23,269 SINGAPORE, Mon. The Bukit Ho Swee Fire National Relief Fund today received donations totalling $23,269.62. The following is the full lust of donations receiveu by the Committee up to 1 p.m. today: Singapore Insurance Companies Employees' Union $500; Mrs. Winifrea Holmes $50; Surjeet Singh
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  • 309 4 rFHE following is today's X schedule of civil aircraft movements at Paya Lebar airport, Singapore. ARRIVALS BO AC: From London, Dusseldorf, Beirut. Bahrein, Bombay, Colombo (BA 712) 4.40 p.m. Pan-American From Jakarta (PA 818) 9.10 a.m. Garuda: From Jakarta (OA 800) 8 a.m. KLM: From Amsterdam,
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  • 38 4 PUAN NOOR AISHAH receiving a bouquet from 10--year-old Zainab binte Mohamed Taib, a student of the School for the Blind. On the left is Mrs. W. W. Yung, the organiser of the bazaar.
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  • 40 4 SINGAPORE. Mon. The Workers' Party will hold tti first election rally to introduce its candidate for the Anson by-election, Mr. Davic Marshall, at the junction o: Tras and Walllch Btreets, be tween 7 and 10 p.m. tomorrow night.
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    • 87 4 The Singapore Diary SINGAPORE ART SOCIETY: gical meeting of Medical Unit Local artists' painting exhibi- II at the Pathoiogy "Lecture tion, British Council. Amber Theatre. Sepoy Lines, 8.15 p.m. a^m" s Dm hard K CHINESE V.M.C.A.: Bukit SINGAPORE SOCIETY FOR S? a 2J?™-?v^SSCJi 1 .^'i"' 8 SPIRITUAL CULTURE: Yoga HIU
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  • 498 5 Literacy, the No. 1 problem KUALA LUMPUR, Monday EDUCATION PLAN IS MALAYA'S BEST INVESTMENT, says Mr. M rpHE Assistant Minister of Labour, Mr. V. Manickavasagam, said A today that Malaya's best national investment was its education programme. He said this at the opening of a week-long seminar on methods and
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  • 169 5 Byrne to fly to Geneva talks SINGAPORE, Mon. The Minister for Labour and Law, Mr. K. M. Byrne, will leave for Geneva on Saturday to attend the ministerial session of the International Labour Organisation conference there. The first session of the conference, which began last week. |s now being attended
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  • 141 5 ESCAPEES: DETAILS, PICTURES ARE SENT TO CONSUL CINGAPORE, Mon.— Marine police today furnised the Indonesian Consulate with photographs and descriptions of the six detainees who escaped from the Pulau Senang penal settlement last month. This follows a report that the six wanted men werr recently detained by Indonesian authorities when
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  • 18 5 PENANG, Mon. Penang Jaycees distributed sifts and ang-pows <red packets) to 90 underprivilege children yesterday.
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  • 138 5 Agreement reached in Industrial Gas strike SINGAPORE, Mon. The management of the Industrial Gases (M) Ltd., today confirmed that a strike by its 90 workers has been settled. A statement issued by the company's managing director. Mr. C. J. Boyles. said: "The management and the Singapore Business Houses Employees' Union
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  • 159 5 IPOH. Monday. yWO youths were admitted to the Ipoh General Hospital with head and body injuries after they and four friends were attacked by 10 gangsters armed with sticks and bottles this afternoon. The attack took place at an ice stall In the Pasir
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  • 31 5 SINGAPORE. Mon. The pilgrim ship Anshun, which Is returning from Jeddah. Is expected to dock at Singapore wharves <Godown 19> at 8 a.m. tomorrow with 500 hails aboard.
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  • 111 5 TPOH. Mon. Four women were injured when their car overturned in Tambun Road shortly after midnight last night. They were Madam K. C Sim. manageress of the Olympic Inn, who was driving, and three waitresses, June Ong Gaik Kee, 19. Annie Tang Mooi, 19.
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  • 36 5 SINGAPORE. Mon. Mr. Llm Teong Quee, a barrister, was admitted to the Singapore Bar by Mr. Justice Tan Ah Tah in the High Court here today to practise as an advocate and solicitor
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  • 68 5 30 YEARS IN OIL, NOW HE RETIRES SINGAPORE, Mon.— Mr. E. E. Martinez, assistant to the marketing, costs and research manager of the StandardVacuum OH Co. in Singapore, has retired after 30 years' service. He was presented with a 30-year service emblem and a service testimonial signed by the president
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  • 136 5 BUTTERWORTH, Mon. A corporal and a constable in plainclothes were assaulted and stoned by gamblers yesterday at Sungei Puyu. six miles from here. Cpl. Sulaiman bin Udin and P.C Bakar bin Osman were on patrol duty when they saw about 50 men gambling outside a coffee
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  • 72 5 J"ELI K ANSON. Mon.— The Perak Turf Club branch here dubbed by members as the "lucky branch" continues its winning streak. A ticket bought by a day member yesterday won the first prize of $33,910 in the second day of the Perak Derby meeting yesterday. This is
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  • 272 5 SINGAPORE, Mon. Seven former United States Presidents are "candidates" in a poll being held in Singapore. The poll Is to select a name for the new United States Information Services library in Armenian Street, to be opened on July 5. U.S.I.S. officials have
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  • 46 5 PENANO, Mon.— A 19-year-old postman, Hamid bin Mohamed Yusoff, was today bound over in $100 for six months on a charge of possessing housebreaklng implements. Hamid had pleaded guilty o having three bunches of :eys at Tanjong Tokong on r une 4.
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  • 918 6 High Court denies new barrister right to practise KUALA LUMPUR. Monday "POR the first time in the history of the legal profession in Malaya a new barrister-at-law was today disallowed admission to the Federation Bar because of a statutory condition. Mr. Justice Ong, in his precedent-setting judgment in the High
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  • 258 6 Development and the role of advertising KUALA LUMPUR, Monday. "[MALAYAN leaders should appreciate the value of advertising in fulfilling their aim of developing the national economy, ensuring sound industrial growth and raising the standard of living, Mr. B. R. Ratcliffe said here today. Mr. Ratcliffe, the president, was speaking to
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  • 108 6 KUALA LUMPUR. Mon. —The Minister of Health and Social Welfare. Dato On s Yoke Lin, received a benefactor's certificate from the Lady Templer Hospital Appeal Fund Committee after he gave a "modest" donation today. Mr. A.H. Jacobs received Dato Ong's donation on behalf of the fund
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  • 120 6 Death of a former Far East C-in-C I ONDON. Mon. Lt.Gen. Sir Henry Povvnall, who has died aged 73. succeeded Air Chief Marshal Sir Robert Brooke-Popham as C.-in-C Far East, In December. 1941. Hp was thus faced with the impossible task of preventing the invasion of Singapore. When a unified
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  • 39 6 SINGAPORE. Mon. A P.W.D. labourer, digging at a work site in Lorong 29. Geylang, unearthed two mortar shells today. According to the police secretary. Mr. Lira Seng Huat, the shells are rusty but serviceable.
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  • 25 6 KTJANTAN, Mon. Che Badarlah binte Haji Idris. 23. has been named the Kuantan "Miss Golden Voice." Miss Ong Slew Gek, 23. was run-ner-up.
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  • 1357 7 A bombshell for high society of Kuala Lumpur Straits Times Special Feature SURGEON TRAVERS DELIVERS ATTACK ON 'THE AMATEUR LADY DOCTOR' THERE was absolutely no reason why the good people of Kuala Lumpur's high society should anticipate that a bombshell was about to burst over their heads. Business seemed to
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  • 59 8 2U H,,r4, S/» r Minimum, MRS. TAN TIAM HOCK |..i->M a»ay Hatefully on u-6-61 at JV.\ Tranquenih Road, Malaira taail on 1.V6-M at Kukit China CABLE RECEIVED S Sethupathy. formerly stntnl Railways, pasted away Vad-lukoddai 11-HBI. Brothert: Kandiah. General Ho?pit;il. Seremhan. Thambipillal. Taaaitß, KoaJg l.umpur. Ratnam. Ralhaayv, Port s«ettenham
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  • 46 8 J» Horrf, UM (H<«.) CLIENTS dl Sni.t .luile help l>uil< hla Shrine .it Ilium. PtamM nend do* aationa to |HHIIIH« Saint Jtide* Cintls Jh^n«. r..1 YOUTH FOR CHRIST X.illy of the month Batiirrt.iv '.'4th June, Victoria Memorial HhII. 7.30 p.m. More detail! n»i! eek
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  • 109 8 20 H«,rf, faffcy) Btm ill els- txlru CONVOCATION PHOTOGRAPHS complete eowarßSa gratttaUM receiyinc denrees aatalaanll from appointed *ier». Yont Photo. I Yaa Ah lyiv street. Kuili Lumpur. COLOUR PHOTOCRAPHV aat many u«ea n Cnmmctre and Indu.-try Advancr" d«\»lopment of the process in the StiaitD Times Colour Laboratonea which produ-e
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  • 649 8 The Straits Time s Tuesday. June 13, 1961. Problems Of Merger Campaigning in Singapore's by-election has started on the high note of constitutional changes in 1%.">. when the PAP Government will have j completed five years in ofl'ur. Of course the Government may not run its full term, or it
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  • 358 8 The Indonesians have retained the Thomas Cup, and in common with other countries Malaya offers its sincere congratulations on a splendid performance. Tan Joe Hock, who made his name when he led Indonesia's successful {challenge in 1958, has placed beyond all possible dispute his claim to first place
    358 words
  • 238 8 Mere coincidence scaicely explains how the co-chairmen of the Geneva conference on Laos decided on the time for another meeting just when Princes Souvanna Phounia, Boun Oum and Souphanouvong were reported to have agreed to get together. If Laos is to be removed from the cold tvar sphere
    238 words
  • 1598 8  - THE ROLE OF THE STATE IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS.. to Vs A PROBLEM THAT CONCERNS ALL TRADE UNIONS V 0/ the tCF Tv THE ICFTU Asian College recently arranged a discussion for trade unionists from South-East Asian countries on the role of governments in industrial relations. The keynote for the debate
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    • 105 8 Iwl his article on the Berlin question (the Sunday Times. June 4> Mr. A. J. P. Taylor put forward proposals which he thinks fit lor a solution of the problem of German reunittcation. To compare the German problem with Cuba seems to me rather artificial.
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    • 59 8 There is no "Cuba basis" for German reunification. The so-called "free city" proposal, to which Mr. Taylor refers, provides for a neutralised, vulnerable West Berlin, while East Berlin could remain under Communist control. Ido not see how a city, divided by cutting right through the middle, can be what Mr.
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    • 192 8 Imagine Kuala Lumpur or Singapore divided by the Klang or Singapore rivers into two independent parts, one administered by a United Nations command, one under Communist control. Nobody. I presume, would consider that such an absurd idea would contribute to a solid and permanent foundation for peaceful development. The same
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    • 80 8 How much the regime is recognised by its own population can be seen from the fact that 3,000 refugees weekly flee to the West. The only solution to the entire problem is to allow the 17 million in East Germany, including East Berlin, to choose the kind of government they
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  • 1328 9 BANK IUAN'S EVIDENCE RULED OUT AT INQUEST ON TWO FOUND IN SEA Lights on at 4 a.m., but no sign of parents... I destroyed 'dear daughter' note SINGAPORE, Monday. MR. Tsan Yu Huan, 70, a lawyer and an expert in the Chinese art A of
    1,328 words
  • 84 9 JERANTUT. Mon— The Pahang Government will spend $6.8 million on irrigation •cherries in the State under the live-year development plan Thi.-, was stated by the Teiißku Mahkota. Tengku Ahmad Shah when he opened the 5400.000 water pump scheme at Paya Kangsa today. Tengku Ahmad Shah,
    84 words
  • 34 9 KLANQ. Mon. All posters and banners displayed by the various parties contesting the Klang Town Council electlons have to be completely removed hv June 16 the evp f»f the election
    34 words
  • 54 9 SINGAPORE. Mon. The Indonesian Foreign Minister. Dr. Subandrio. early today flew into Singapore from Moscow on his way home to Jakarta. He paid a courtesy call on Singanore's Prime Minister. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. s»nd had lunch at Sri Temasek with Mr. Lee. He flies home
    54 words
  • 210 9 TEMERLOH Mon. r PHE Deputy Prime Mlnlster. Tun Abdul Razak bin Hussein, said today that kampong people should be used to clear jungle for new land development schemes. He directed his appeal to state and district officials when he met members of
    210 words
  • 229 9 JULY 15 IS POLLING DAY IN ANSON SINGAPORE, Monday. DOLLING day in the Anson by-election will be on July 15 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., it was announced in the Government Gazette today. There will be four polling I stations: Polling District I Trafalgar School. South Quay. Polling District
    229 words
  • 102 9 Boxer and 2 others admit trespass pENANG, Mon— A boxer. Sinaya, who fights under the professional name Felix Boy. today pleaded guilty to a charge of committing lurking house trespass with intent to commit an offence. Sinaya. it was alleged, entered a flat In Penang Road belonging to the Singapore
    102 words
  • 41 9 KLANG. Mon. The Prime Minister, Tengku Abdul Rahman, will address two Alliance rallies one In Port Swettenham and another In Klang —on Friday in support of Alliance candidates in the Klang Town Council election., on Saturday
    41 words
  • 36 9 SINGAPORE, Mon. Jeet Singh was today accused here of murdering Plera Singh In i five-foot way in Flnlayson Green on Saturday night. No plea was recorded. He 'va« remanded until June 19.
    36 words
  • 95 9 KUALA LUMPUR. Mon. A man and a woman, both over 60. were seriously injured in two separate motor accidents here today. Yap Heong. 63. a labourer, was found lying in a pool of blood on the road at Salak South new village.
    95 words
  • 213 9 Mac Donald's regrets for absence from the convocation KUALA LUMPUR, Mon —The Chancellor of the University of Malaya. Mr. Malcolm MacDcnald. has sent his regrets .ir, not being able to attend last Saturdays convocation ceremony. In a letter of apology s»nt to the university's Vice-Chan-cellor, Sir Alexander uupenheim, from Geneva
    213 words
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    • 110 9 MITSUBISHI CEMENT txpo'i agtnl MITSUBISHI SHOJI KAISHA, LTD. SINGAPORE BRANCH P O »o< No 2363 Diitnbutor KHENG HOE LIMITED Noi AKS Ph II o Sir t r*le» Vili. *****, 131)7 Coble Add-»n "KCNGOLO At your service MALAYAN UNDERWRITERS LTD. SINGAPORE UNDERWRITERS LTD. Specialists in Company Promotions. Underwriting. Marketing of Shares
      110 words
    • 101 9 i i Bslf^-^ R^t^^Bß K?S=^ff ;^> <£ Su 'ft s *>fc- .^^H^^l P99i^^ JF^^^-^^W\ *m r Mjl IF ■LK^=^A 1 1 1 I mJ tf l H Efel. i^^^JT I TUGARIS Is today one of the foremost TT A*~iJ** timepieces in the world. It leads in modern design with its
      101 words

    • 283 10 AN EXPERT TELLS YOU HOW A lightly padded bra costs $10.50. and a light-weight panty girdle costs $17.50. For her going away, bearing in mind that she will be setting off for her honeymoon, a casual suit of crease-resisting synthetic material would oe Ideal. A Battery Road departmental store has
      283 words
    • 371 10 Plan for a trousseau that's practical JJAPPY is the bride the sun shines on, and for this reason June is the month of the year when many a wedding date is chosen. But to be happy and radiant for that golden moment a bride has to plan well. The most
      371 words
    • 553 10 FF you have put off I spending a weekend by the sea because you think it might involve too much money, then here is a new way that will interest working girls especially. Did you know that you could make a trip to Mersing, an
      553 words
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    • 267 10 To tlio woman who could weep because her skin beauty is drying 0ut.... f MOON DROPS' FOR NIGHT 'Moon Drops' "U v fffjJtfiify Moisture Bolm, Rich, yet not Dy/^VlWt' greasy. FOR CLEANSING 'Moon Drops' Moisture Cleanser to continue the benefits. FOR DAY 'Moon Drops' Moisture Foundation. A light mokc-up base.
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    • 306 10 Straits Times Crossword ACROSS 5 A slice of chicken's liver (6>. 9 Careless man in the nude pos- 6 Friends no longer Inclined to sibly may get flu (9». get snared <9). 10 Brown as pie that's been cook- 7 Rhetorical language (6). Ed (5). 8 Tis- 3 your 6
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    • 1713 11 THE BLUE FUNNEL LINE FREISNT ENQUIRIES: Tilt 24(4. PASSABE ENQUIRIES. Til: 1411 TO ADEN, LIVERPOOL. GLASGOW, LONDON I CONTINENTAL PORTS. P. Sham Penant CLYTONEUS A'wtrp, H'burf, Holl, L'don. 611. IA TMay Juni 14/19 PYRRHUS livtriiit, Glasfor Gii.3l Jim 14 Jim 19/17 Jim 17/11 IYCAON M'seilles. L'pttl. (.'mouth.. Cm. 11 Jim
      1,713 words
    • 1374 11 THE E. A. C. LINES- mtmm,\ ADEN. REDSEA, MEDITERRANEAN CONTINENTAL I SCANDINAVIAN PORTS. (sfcfr-S VL Sport P. S'f-trn Penant l^liSA.?] "SELAKDIA" I 22/24 JIM 2527 JIM 21/79 JMt Ml\ JSm "SIBONCA" I) 31 Jut 4 Jiiy 9/ 7 Jiiy I J iuly JJLJQKrf "MEONIA" k) 21/22 Jlly 73 25 July
      1,374 words
    • 1525 11 bT.'io N .nc THE BEN LINE STEAMERS LTD. 11 1 SINGAPORE (Incirptfatit ll tke Until KiuMtn) II LINES EXPRESS SERVICE TO LONDON, LIVERPOOL I CONTINENTAL PORTS. Sport P. Sham Penanf BENMHOR 'E Lp) L'pMl, Hu'l. R'dam. H'burf t. I TMay BENHIANT A wtri, H'burf, B'men, RdM li Pt/JM 14 BENALBANACN
      1,525 words
    • 1389 11 McALISTER tfc CO., LTD. W.. TEL: Nil ***** HflW. BLLBUMAM LINE <V KLAVENEStI LINE LONDON, HAMBURG, ROTTERDAM, HAVRE LOS ANCEIES. SAN FRANCISCO, ft HULL. SEATTLE, VANCOUVER I PORTLAND CITY OF NEWCASTLE Acciptilt Clip fir Central ft Stitl Sport P. Sham Peiang America. rt 25 Jilt 21/29 Jim II Juie/ 1
      1,389 words

  • 381 12 tVDR the third conse- cutive market day the price of tin in Singapore yesterday remained unchanged at $450 per picul. The offering fell by 10 tons to 240 tons. On the Singapore Rubber .Market yesterday there were again strong rumours that the United States would
    381 words
  • 38 12 SINGAPORE. June 12. RUBBER: 83 cents per lb. (down threequarters of a cent). 5 p.m. unofficial close: 83 s 8 cents (slightly steadier). TIN: 5450 per picul (unchanged). Estimated unofficial offering 240 tons (down 10 tons).
    38 words
  • 215 12 i UNE first grad* rubber buyers f.o.b. I closed in Singapore yesterday at K3| cents per lb. down three-quarters of a rent on Friday's closing price. The tone was quiet. S.C.C.R.A. closing price* in cents per lb. yesterday were: Int. 1 R.S.S. Spot f.o.b. buyers- 835. sellers 841
    215 words
  • 353 12 From Our Market Correspondent ALTHOUGH the MalaJ\ yan Stock Exchange opened quietly yesterday prices in the mining section improved as the day progressed and sentiment hardened. There seems to have been a complete reversal of sentiment as the market adjusts itself from the over-bought
    353 words
  • 21 12 Malayan Stock Indices: Jane 12 Jane 10 Industrials: 169.00 168.62 Tins: 324.38 333.99 Rubbers: 248.24 247.54 Jan. 1 1958=100
    21 words
  • 727 12 BUSINESS on i lit Maiayan Stock Exchange, Federation section yesterday with t!ie number of deals in brackets was: Industrial!: V. and N. orda (1,000) J2.32: Gammon (1.000) JJ2.22: Malayan Cement (3.000) $2.25: Cold Storage (1,000) $2.41: Steamers (5,000) 831 cents: 8. Traders (1.000) $4.03: U.K. ordu (5.000)
    727 words
  • 131 12 rE Malayan Exchangs Banks' AtMciatisn made these changes in rates to merchants yesterday (all rates to SUM): Ni« Vorh: buying airmail T.T. 33 Wl6. O.D. 32 11/16, 90 d/st 32 15/16 credit bills. 33 1/16 trad* bills. Canada: buying airmail T.T. 32), O.D. 32;, 90 d/st 32 13/16
    131 words
  • 230 12 Ship» lying alongside the Singapore wharves teday arc: Wlllem Ruys 1/2, Anshun 19. Tentcko Maru 27/28 Truvesteln 8/9. Robtna »/7. Maroua 42/43. Benhlant 35/3«, Kumaeu* 42/43. Yamahoke Maru 29/30. State of Assam 46. Glenorchy 48, Bal Keng 38/39. Slaoe 25. Tapan NW 4. Pulau Kldjang NW. 3.
    230 words
  • 105 12 Singapore, noon prices per pieul Copra: T'K Continent May shipment $291 buyers. 126 sellers. CMenut ell: bulk J3.SJ sellers, drum $42 sellers. Pepper: Muntok white Sl92* sellers. Sarawak white SIM sellers, spatial Sarawak black 1157J sellers, garbled Lampong black 1137J sellers, Lampoog black ABTA Sl72i sellers. Popper market
    105 words
  • 18 12 The Melbourne Stock Exchange was closed yesterday for the Queen's Birthday holiday. It will re-open today.
    18 words
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    • 1196 12 Express U.S.A. Pacific «Sc Atlantic Coast Serviea £.T.A. E.T.A. E.T.A. E.T.A. E.I.A. Spore Hongkong Honolulu S. Francisco L. Angelas N. York "Oreni Miru" 16 15 June 23 Jim I illy 14 Jlly II Jlly N Jlly ■■H.miHwj Miru" 17 21 July 24 Jlly I *i| IS Alf 1 Stpt All
      1,196 words
    • 91 12 WESI EUROPE SERVICE. S iirt f. S Itn Piiiii 10UCA 14/1$ Jim 111) Jme Mirteilles. Havre Dunkirk SOUTH 1 WEST AFtICA SERVICE. IM TCHIBANSA 7/ I Jill Durban (71/7), Port Elizabeth (14/7), Capetown (ZV7), Matadi (a/7), Lajos Cotonou Aan. Tikoridi. Abidjan. F'eetown. Conakry. Dakar (21/1. EMTJOUND ram TAIOA 27JMM SihanourviMt.
      91 words
    • 539 12 an council of Singapore ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT NOTICE TO CONSUMERS To enable the changing of transformer to larger capacity in Victoria Park Substation, lr, will be necessary to sum down elecj triclty supplies from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. on Thursday, 15th June. 1961. The following areas will be affected: Victoria
      539 words
    • 1551 12 NOTICE NOTICE Federation or M.iltra 550.000.U00- s','i Rrcktrrrd Stock 1 1-1977 80. Notice Is hereby Riven that th« Transfer Register of the abovementioned Loan will be closed from 17th June to Ist July. 1961, both days Inclusive, for the preparation of Interest Warrants. Registrar of Public Debt BANK NEGARA TANAH
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    • 1086 13 THE UNITED SUA BETONG RUBBER ESTATES LTD. SIR JOHN HAY EXAMINES REQUIREMENTS FOR SUCCESS IN COMPETITION WITH SYNTHETIC How government and research can help natural rubber. Price stabilization schemes not the answer. Chairman's statement to members at 52nd AGM to be held on 14th June, 1961. With the basic figures
      1,086 words
    • 1119 13 to the lowest level, and In working ;o mat puipose he Will rely confidently on the continued cooperation of Government and labour. Taxation should ijot exceed the level appropriate to a highly competitive industry and the &ame consideration must in- fluence the rate of rewards to labour. A continuing prosperous
      1,119 words
    • 1180 13 GOVERNMENT OF SELANGOR TENDERS FOR CLEARING OF LAND FOR PLANTING WITH RUBBER. Tenders are invited from experienced contractors for the clearing 0* land, planting with rubber und maintaining for six months alter completion of planting at the places shown in the schedule below. 2 Tenders will be received at the
      1,180 words
    • 943 13 (Continued from Pace 8) SITUATIONS VACANT 20 Wordt Si (Min.)— Box it ett. extra WANTED Gurkha watchmen aice i httur.n 3.') to 43. Apply to P.O. Bos > PTX Kuala Lumpur. WANTED KnKltuh. Mnths.. and I EMfMi Teach^ra for Prlvati Secondary English School. Apply Box AB5lO j ST S'por*. VACANCY
      943 words
    • 1099 13 ACCOMMODATION WANTED 20 Word, Si (Min.)— Box it et: extra THREE BEDROOM BUNGALOW wanted in Brnddell Helcbts. lons 1 Inn ran he offered for sultabl* i houne. Apply Box AASO4 BT. Spore. 1 TMBEE BEDROOM COMPOUND houses wanted In Serenicoon Garden I Estate, long leane can be offered for I
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  • COMMERCIAL news and views
    • 215 14 KUCHING BRANCH PLANNED BY BANK T<HE Overseas Union Bank Ltd. Singapore, will soon open its first branch office in Kuching, said the managing director. Mr. Lien Ying Chow. Mr. Lien, who returned to Singapore recently from a tour of the Borneo territories believed that banking prospects there were very bright
      215 words
    • 34 14 THE need for representatives of exporting firms to see for themselves the South-East Asian markets was stressed by Sir Edward Thompson, leader of a recent U.K. trade delegation to the Far East.
      34 words
    • 87 14 Department to deal with trade matters SINGAPORE Trade, a monthly publication, has started a service department to deal with queries on any aspect of the State's commerce and industry which local business circles may have. The department will supply authoritative replies, by post, to all questions received. A selection of
      87 words
    • 79 14 PENANG FIRM OPENS IN SINGAPORE THE Merdeka Insurance Co. Ltd., a Federation firm which operates six offices in Malaya has just opened a branch office in Singapore. The local manager. Mr. Leong Weng Kai, 44. said the extension reflected the company's confidence In Singapore. The head office of Merdeka Insurance
      79 words
    • 238 14  - DOWN: AUSTRALIA TIN PURCHASES FROM MALAYA CHAN KWAN HOI By A USTRALIA has been buying unusually low quantities of tin from Malaya since the beginning- of the year. Official trade statistics show that the Dominion has so far bought 85 tons up to April 25 tons in January, five tons
      238 words
    • 45 14 Stan vac man retires MR. E. MARTINEZ, an assistant to the marketing/ costs and research manager of Standard-Vacuum Oil Co.. Singapore has retired after 30 years' service. Mr. Martinez joined Stanvac in Bangkok in 1931 and was transferred to the Singapore office eight years later.
      45 words
    • 57 14 MR. MICHAEL WILLIAM TURNER (above), chairman of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation has been made a Knight Bachelor in the Queen's Birthday Honours list for public services in Hong Kong. Mr. Turner who is also chief manager of the corporation has been a
      57 words
    • 131 14 Motor ship bought for Ben Line fleet rpHE Ben Line an■l nounce the purchase of the Javanese Prince from the Prince Ltd., a motor ship of 11,122 tons deadweight with a service speed of 15 knots. The vessel, to be renamed Benlarig, Is expected to be delivered in Hong Kong
      131 words
    • 51 14 Mr. Philip Buckminister. a top official of Chrysler Corporation has predicted a greatly expanded world market for motor cars by 1970. Mr. Buckminister estimated world sales would rise as high as 18 million vehicles by that year including sales of eight million cars In the United
      51 words
    • 37 14 Compagnie Generate transatlantique's new passenger ship. France, will make her maiden voyage from Le Havre to New York next January, it is announced in Singapore by Compagnie des Messageries Marltimes, the local general agents.
      37 words
    • 132 14 CHUNG KHIAW BANK Ltd., Singapore, hut year made a net profit of $272,741 despite the "very unfortunate" incident that caused abnormal withdrawals by the bank's depositors, said Mr. Ko Teck Kin, the chairman in his address at the annual meeting. Mr. Ko said that the Incident
      132 words
    • 163 14 T*HE general manager of Bradford Insulation x Industries Pty. Ltd., Sydney, will visit Singapore next Tuesday, the local agents, Jardine Waugh Organisation announce. He is Mr. A. E. Stevens who is making the trip to Introduce the company's new Sprayed Flbertex. an acoustical application for
      163 words
    • 93 14 THAILAND: UK TRADE MEN DISAPPOINTING SEVERAL tuslness quartrrg In Thailand are disappointed with the result of the British trade mission's visit to the country recently, says a review of the Bangkok Bank Ltd. The review says that the delegates did not sign any documents or make any promises to invest
      93 words
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    • 206 14 -VISITITHEjORIENT YEAR Don t^missifabulous J7lif Indontsia^thezland IBk B^Qsf INDONESIANS^ AIRWAYSeee= zzz.*Jjtk Iv./ abounding in V&j gncient troditions, /fc\ dances and crafts -r=r: fe^ truly a Mi *°y Tffir Jlyv^ j2g£r Paradise. //""''A'lit Fleer, *****1 of China Bldg Singapore, 1. Tel: ***** (3 lin««) Bay Ne. 30, Hotel Merlin, Kuala UiMpwr.
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    • 233 14 The Polywog Sign P/ast/c Backed IN LIGHT STANDARD WEIGHT TAKES MORE COPIES LASTS LONGER than ANY ORDINARY CARBON Obtainable from all leoding Sfationan. SOLI ACINTS: J ."""f*Zrr7* SINCAPOKC. KUALA IUMPUft. (POM. riNANO. NEW PERFORMANCE! NEW COLOURS!NEW BRILLIANCE! NEW SUPER OUINK by PARKER! For records and other important papers, use ;my
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  • 513 15  -  KEN FERNANDEZ, INDONESIA'S VICTORY PUTS NEW RULE IN OPERATION By Kuala Lumpur, Mon. THE challenge round of the 1964 Thomas Cup competition will not be played 1 in Indonesia, but in a country to be named by the Thomas Cup tournament committee. Mr. Teh
    513 words
  • 388 15 Jubilant Jakarta honours the cup heroes JAKARTA, Mon.— Thailand's youthful team, 3-6 loser to Indonesia, in the Thomas Cup final was preparing to return today. Teams from* Australia. Denmark and the United States were also about to leave. But outside the massive 81najan .sports arena, Indonesia was in a jubilant
    UPI  -  388 words
  • 49 15 SINGAPORE. MOll. Th« Hone Kong Chinese football team Is scheduled to arrive here on June 21 for three matches at Jalan Besar Stadium. They will play Singapore Chinese on June 22. All-Singapore on the following day and their last game will be against Singapore on June 24.
    49 words
  • 338 15  - Amsterdam is not out of the Derby picture EPSOM JEEP By IPOH, Mon. The Perak Turf Club's decision to publish the Perak Derby weights well in advance with a stipulation that a winner on the first day will not carry any penalty is certainly a step in the right direction.
    338 words
  • 708 15 EI G his lor seven races on the third day of the Perak i mi Club Derby meeting o.i Ipoh on Saturday: Cl. 2, Div. I— 6f. Obedient Son d.uu Fils Uu Vent s.iu No Kidding s.Vi Theatre Iv 0.U2 Kubber txporter 11 8.01 Race On o.uu Brmiani
    708 words
  • 188 15 Ageless Archie has big plans MEW YORK, Mon. 11 Archie Moore, the ring's "old Man River" who outpointed Italian challenger Giulio Rinaldi in their light heavyweight title bout over 15 rounds last Saturday, has plans to fight two Swedes.' The 44-year-old champion said today he Is negotiating for a defence
    188 words
  • 149 15 Triumph for Ferraris at Le Mans IE MANS, Mon.— Phil HUI and Oliver Gendebien In a Ferrari yesterday won the Le Mans 24-hour sports car race at an average speed of 115.89 mph. Ferraris were also second and third with Willy Mairesse (Belgium) and Mike Parkes (Britain; and Pierre Noblet
    Reuter  -  149 words
  • 270 15 SOCCER STORE LEAGUE DIV. 2D: Badan Kesenlan 6 (Karton 3. Mohd. Said 2. Nonls) STB 0: Div. SC: Indian Brotherhood 6 (Salahuddln 3. Syed All 3) Radin Mas 3 (Osman 2. Manad) Div. 3D: Star Soccerttas w.o. Junior AA K LUANG LEAGUE DIV. 1: Indian Assn 'A' 4 (Kalimuthu
    270 words
  • 239 15 J)OUOLAS (Isle or Man), Mon. Japanese Honda machines, unknown to European motor-cycle racing until two years ago, filled the first five places In the 125 cc race when the Tourist Trophy Week opened here today. The winning machine was ridden by 21 -year-old British
    Reuter  -  239 words
  • 170 15 SOCCER INTERNATIONAL (Budapest) Austria 2 Hungary 1. AUSTRALIAN LEAGUE Victoria State League: Slavla 0 Juventus 0. Inter-State: Queensland 1 Victoria 2. NSW Fed. Div. 1: Gladesville 1 Hakoah 0; Hellenic 1 Auburn 0; Northslde 2 Bankstown 2. NSW Fed. Div. 2: Blacktown 2 Croatia 2; Julia 3
    170 words
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    • 211 15 teititch itopling ii fort. Atiambl* your 2 t\ N M#d d fo °P* rat Ov<r to contain*f> at n»«cUd nvt valuable Sjj manual *r motor-powered models to floor space. Fatten topt quickly and choose from. Heat, cold or moiiiure cannot loosen r **vX^^^^«jji|l Stapling often permits use of corrulite teal
      211 words
    • 236 15 IMP tiflW fl 11-1 11 1 I II 111 ULLIt m [_^_y l_i Last ytar Willie Khoo I was in line for the Malayan championship. Now he was taking a beating even in his j own State. What was I wrong? Why was h« always off his game? Bong wins
      236 words
  • Page 15 Miscellaneous
    • 187 15 TOIR MATCH: Peiaic v Hong Kong Chinese (Chinese Assembly Hall grd.. Ipoh). SPORE II \(.IK DIV. 3A: Serangoon MY v Amicable AA (.Parrer Pk); Friendly: CA 'A' v Rajaji (Farrer Pk). J. BAHRU LKAOI'E DIV. 1: JQrinthians v 221 BVD; Div. 2A: Permuda Kg Bahru v Permuda Majidee; Div. 2B:
      187 words

  • 60 16 A SOLEMN moment during the Royal welcoming ceremony in the chandelier-lit Throne Room of Istana Besar in |ohore Bahru. The State Mufti. Dato Syed Alwee bin Tahir Aladad (left) is saying a prayer for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. who is seated with Sultan Ismail,
    60 words
  • 213 16 Summit talks of Laotian factions soon GENEVA, Monday. UHITAIN loid the U-power Laos conference, which restarted here today after a five-day deadlock, that a "summit meeting of the lenders of the three main Laotian factions would be held in Zurich. Switzerland, "in the very near future." The Earl of Home,
    Reuter  -  213 words
  • 105 16 DACHINGS: 17 SHOPMEN ARE FINED SINGAPORE. Mon.— Seven- teen sundry shop proprietors i of Jurong Road were charged I in the fifth magistrate's court today for possessing unstamped dachlngs for use in trade. The court was told that these dachlngs were supplied by Ng Tian Soo. who faced a separate
    105 words
  • 27 16 WASHINGTON. Mon. A .special lift helped President Kennedy alight from the plane that brought him back from his Florida weekend today. He wa* using crutches.
    27 words
  • 126 16 Sultan of Pahang HI, ordered to rest KUANTAN. Mon. Thr Sultan of Pahang has a stomach disorder and has been ordered by his doctors to take a complete rest (or a few days Tengku Pangfima Perans had to deputise for him at the opening of an iron ore mine on
    126 words
  • 63 16 SINGAPORE, Mon. Teo Chyr Lye, a labourer who was arrested by police in the act of pulling out a 20- foot long water pipe at the Bukit Ho Bwec fire site, told the magistrate, Mr. R. 8.1. Pales, today: "I was only trying to salvage
    63 words
  • 94 16 GENEVA. Mon. India will still have nearly 10 million unemployed at the end ol the third flve-year plan in 1965. an Indian delegate told the International Labour Conference here today. Mr. Babubhai M. Chinai. employers' delegate, said that his country's labour problems
    Reuter  -  94 words
  • 29 16 LONDON. Mon.— Rain today I prevented starts being made in the West of England lawn tennis championships at Bristol and the Kent cham- plonships at Beckenham. Reuter.
    Reuter  -  29 words
  • 127 16 ONDON. Mon. The Li market value of shares in two big newspaper groups rose by more than £1.500.000 here today as the result of a pending merger and fresh takeovp- speculation. The movements followed an overnight announcement that the Sunday Dls- patch (circulation 1.152,--000) Is
    Reuter  -  127 words
  • 782 16 FIRST TEST FOURTH PAY EDGBASTON. Monday. RAIN severely curtailed play on the fourth day of the First Test match between England and Australia at Edgbaston here today, there being only two hours 20 minutes cricket. I In that time. England, facing arrears of
    782 words
  • 57 16 EXGLAXD IST IXNS. 19:> tI'STKAMA IST IXNS. :.16-9dec EXGLAXD ;\1) IXXS. 15-0 on Suturdatl PILLAR c GIOUI b Mivx.n 28 I SI'BBA ROW not out «B DKXTK.R nut out 5 Extras i Total 1(01 one) 106 Wicket fell M 93 Bowline uo d.uei: DaMdson 12.2-7-11-0: Misson 7-2-17-1: Simpson 7-3-22-0:
    Reuter  -  57 words
  • 140 16 SINGAPORE MOD Refills In vie Singapore Bacinntuoii Am tiim Junior phffmpVTrnrtipi played at the SBA Hall tonight were: Junior mixed dmihlrs i.semifinalM: Bob Lee aiui N\.nc\ Ong bt Wee Choou Bens and C. Cmonh 15-11. 15-13: Paw. Kum LeoiiK auci R. Riiiiaiii- bl Le« Cncon Pew and
    140 words
  • 185 16 Close hits century for Yorks ONDON Moil.— Clom: of p:ay scuies in today \s County i matches were. At I.KEDS: Yorksniie 293-7 dec (B. Close 103. D. Paugttt 41. K Gilioulty 48 11.0.) v Glamorgan (rain). Ai. KETTERIXG: Nor'.aumptousiure 152 ana 124-7 (C. Miiburn 64). Leicestershire 156 iM. Allen 7-58).
    185 words
  • 84 16 MRS. S.E LA FABER -\K .\>w ai, i:..;,,i Beatul I a mi p.-;. o.tuiH 12 i; «ii Funeral 10 a.m. to-dny trom all MRS TAV CHECK ENC I XiV Smk I'cxi aCM n paaMd awai >■■ fully <«i i i-i. ..i r v Ini behind ;i -on* Tny Hunc
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  • 59 16 MR. AND MRS. Maik Olv.r llmnk nl.itn>> and brtaodi (M U I mm. ooosratnli on ■'"<• |>ri since on tl» ore. -ion of thrir Ipoh. on 21 ■>• MRS. ASTER CUNASEKER* and family thank all MMil und relatival for their Kb i vrrathi. meuagen of <ondol«nee anil atti-ndanc* at
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    • 169 16 KGLASSIrILD fERTISEMENTS Hi Wi.rrf. Minimum, KRALL: In p.-. a iuaghu r, Carol, at K iv at J in i' in Bota dolnf wall FCS6b tlfimL that COUGH R^mZln with these TWO .^S^i, POWERFUL ingredients De Witt's Cough Syrup is the best and quickest remedy. It contains Guaiacol KV»I arid Creosote
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    • 381 16 LONDON STOCKS, RUBBER and TIN LONDON. Mon— Quit', and 1111- E.M.I 42/9 ~6 Balu Tlga iiuei-eatiiiK conditioik. pievaileu in O.E.C 33 6 /3 Ooloeii Hope 5/7'Mock markets in me flr&i of the Oieai Highland and new account today Bu.Miie.-s le- Universal "A" ST/- —6 LoviaWta 5/9 malned at a comparatively
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