The Straits Times, 22 May 1931

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    • 326 1 SINGAPORE: 78. CECIL ST. ('PHONE 6151). 6.1S Tonight 9.15 FOLLOW j THROUGH" j with NANCY CARROLL, j Phone 6261-5262. j PHOSFERINE ASSISTS ATHLETE'S World's Records Holder, writes: M&*m 1^^ ¥MlW^i£*tim BEING the winner of 72 weight-lifting I B^lk^ M^ ttlTdi^H Matches and Tournaments during the I B^^l past 10 years,
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    • 230 1 IHW»-J4IH.r.KJlI4, TRY It CHANGE-TRY "GRAND McNISH" One and all, we are cre:itures of habit We keep our loose change in one particular pocket, we swear by a certain brand of cigars or tobacco, we favour a special make of collars for years. Then one day, a friend mentions what has
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    • 15 1 i"UJjl_j r j fc 6.1S Tonight 9.15 FOLLOW THROUGH" with j NANCY CARROLL. Phone S261-5263.
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    • 680 2 SHIPPING ANNOUNCEMENTS. (NIPPON YUSEN KAISHA). TO LONDON. Naples, Marseilles, London, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Middlesbrough. Vessels Tonnage Due Sail lIARUNA MARU 10,501' June 8 4 KATORI MARU 10,000 Juna 18 19 ti KASHIMA MARU 10,000 July 2 i VASt X! NI MARU 12,000 July 16 16 HAKONK MARU 10,000 July 29
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    • 449 2 BURNS PHILP LINE (Incorporated in Australia) FOR BRISBANB, S7DNBY AND MILBOURNB, VIA JAVA, DARWIN AND j THURSDAY ISLAND. Regolar monthly sailings by th* wellknown steamer MARELLA (7.868 tons) and the s.s. MANGOLA (3.0i2 tons) (Cargo only). Th* s.i MARELLA is on* of th* largest and finest steamers trading to Australia,'
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    • 611 2 THE EAST ASIATIC CO., LIMITED (Incorporated In Denauik.) Telephone 63*1. PASSENGER AND FREIGHT SERVICE To GENOA. LONDON, ROTTERDAM, HAMBL'II6 and COPENHAGEN. MOT S'por* Prnant. M.s. I.OUINGIA Jun* 10 June 12 ALSIA July 16 July 17 I m.s. JLTLANDIA Aug. 12 Aug. 14 m.s. LALANDIA Sept. 9 Sept. 11 m.s MEONIA
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    • 568 2 THE SIAM STEAM NAY. CO., LTD. (Incorporated In Stun.) BANGKOK COASTING SERVICE for Kretay. TrtjmgSMU, Kelantan, Bangnara, Telupin, Patani, Singora, Lacon, Siehon, Uandon, Kohsamui, Langitian, t'humueu and Bangkok. Arrival. Depnrturc PRACHATIPOK i May 27 SUDDHADIB 1 June 3 VALAVA Jar* 7 J The steamers urn fitted throughout with electric light
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    • 440 3 OCEANIC AND ORIENTAL NAVIGATION CO., SAN rSAMCDCO, CAL. TACOMA ORIENTAL STEAMSHIP CO., TACOMA, WASH. STATES STEAMSHIP CO., PORTLAND, ORE. JOINT SCHEDULE gaJßnga for United States and Canada Points from Hong Kong. Rrni Franrincfi and Lo» ArgalM. OLDEN TIDE from ll'.nT Kong J»»» S.S. GOLDEN WALL sr.Ma from Hong Kong June
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    • 648 3 ELLERMAN BUCKNALL STEAMSHIP CO., LTD. (Incorporated in England) "ELLERMAN" LINE. I'KWDin »nd Freight Services to UNITKD KINGDOM AND CONiINENT Via Ports and Snei CanaL OUTWARDS. T» HONG KONG, SHANGHAI and JAPAN Steamer. Due S'por* i.i. SERBINO June 9 HOMEWARDS. s.s. CITT OF ATHENS for Havre, L'don, R'dam, H'burg 4 L'pool
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    • 413 3 BANKING ANNOUNCEMENTS. THE MERCANTILE BANK OF INDIA, LTD. (Incorporated 'n England) Capital Authorised 0.000.00f Capital Sub.cribed WOO.OOO Reserve Fund and Bert 1.666.84E Capital paid up 1,050,00 C BOARD OF DIRECTORS J. M. Ryrie, Esq. I Chairman. P. R. Chalmers, Esq., Charles J. Hambro, Esq., J. 0. Robinson, Esq., W. H.
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    • 529 3 NEDERLANDSCH HANDEL MAATSCHAPPY, N.V. Netherlands Trading Society. (Esiablish.u at AmsUtiUura 1524.) PAID UP CAPITAL Fl. 80,080,000 (about £6,669,000) STATUTORY BISEBVE FUND Fl. 40,016,000 (about 0,336,000) HEAD OFFICE IN AMSTERDAM WITH AGENCIES IN ROTTERDAM AND 'S-GRAVENHAGE. HEAD AGENCY IN BATAVIA. BRANCHES Bandoeng Weltevreden Rangoon Bandjennasin Kota-Radja Semarang Bombay (Acheen) Shanghai Calcutta
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    • 471 3 NEDERLANDSCH INDISCHE HANDELSBANK, N.V. Ej.Ubllsh.e4 1863 at Amsterdam. Anthorlitd CapiUl Gldn. 100,000,000 (about £8,600,000) Paid up Capital Glds. 55,000,000 (about £4,600,000 Reserves Gldi. 28,187.797 (about £2,350.000 HEAD OFFICE AMSTERDAM. BRANCH OFFICES THE HAGUE, ROTTERDAM. OVERSEAS BRANCHES BATAVIA Head Office for Dutch Eait Indies. KOBE Head Office for China and Japan.
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    • 709 4 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS. There are approximately seven words to a line and there is a flat rate charge of 25 M p»'r inscition with A minimum of one do'lar per insertion. Ail.. i!l !>•■ nccepU-d up to 10 (I 81, Ol I >) I I lei 80. A .< is charged
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    • 848 4 BOARD— RESIDENCE. BEACONSFIELD LODGE, 33C, River Valley Road. Comfortable accommodation. i Terms moderate. "SCOTIA." No. 11, Scotts Rd., single and Joualc rooms, fur. with board, own b. room*. I > Mod. san.) Terms moderate. Phone 2462. D "WHITE HEATHER," 3:.*, Hiver Valley Rd. Accommodation available, including suite. 5 for bachelor.
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    • 458 4 BUSINESS PREMISES TO LET. SHOP, TO LET, at Burlington, Coleman St. OFFICES TO LET. 248, Batter; P.oad, 2nd floor. Apply Gutarie Co.. Ltd. MANUFACTURERS' REPRESENTATIVE offered si at in modern ortiic with use of telephone, tambies, etc., at moderate figure ."ill. Straits Times. To LET, jodowns I*2 ami 134, Havclock
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    • 414 4 MISCELLANEOUS EXPERIENCED European MASSEUSE lit, M:ldle Road. I'hine r,T2". Pi tteaesnuphar, (European), lion;,Kontr Bnnl; Building, 81. KEEPING FIT in the Tropics. Join clas. in physical excercisei beginning Wednesday next, ;..m. at Y.W.C.A. B, Kafflos Quay. BAFFLES CAFE. Ul'-TO-DATE AND I'ARIBIAN CONFECTIONERY. All orders are promptly exeeated. Morning delivery
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    • 663 4 PUBLIC NOTICES NOTICE OF MEETING OF THI BOARD OF LICENSING JUSTICES, SINGAPORE The quarterly sessions of th? Board o LieeasißC Justices for the Settlement o Singapore will be held in tlie Xi: -t Kagii trate's Court. Singapore, :u LMS p.m. o I'rid.iy, June '26, 1931. J. All applications for Public
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    • 702 4 PUBLIC NOTICES IN THE RgTATI Or LIONEL FRANCIS WILLES JOHNSON, DECEASED. i'i;rsj:,!,t to Section 23 Ordinance No ii I Trustees I claims li-t the Estati Willca ■on 1..:. Sinfrapoi died mi December I Harbour and ebruary ib:ii. to Ihn llop< U ill •on "i 31, Paiucc Street. Westminster, .ii.l. tho
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  • 528 5 Rice Ships From Siam Affected. Ominous rumours that a general strike, which is the first of its kind, amonp the Iwakow coolies, causing inconvenience to the rice ships from Siam having to come to the wharf to discharge their cargoes, has been going on since the beginning
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  • 49 5 To Hold First Conference In Kuala Lumpur. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Kuala Lumpur, May 21. Under the auspices of the newly formed Technical Association of Malaya the first Malayan Technical Conference will be held at the Technical School in Kuala Lumpur on May 24 and 25.
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  • 136 5 Ceremonial Parade In Singapore. The Birthday of His Majesty the King will lit celebrated on Wednesday, June 3. The customary Ceremonial Parade, at which H.E. the Officer Administering the Government will attend, will take place on the Esplanade at 7.45 a.m. Seating accommodation in the enclosures will be
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  • 48 5 Members of the Y.W.C.A. are notified that the launch picnic to be held on Monday. May 25, has been postponed to Wednesday, June 3. It has been arranged to visit the Straits of Johore, touching at different islands. Particulars will be given in the June Blue Trianjrle notices.
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  • 54 5 Rev. Mother St. Marcellin, of the Ipoh Convent, has left for France to attend a Conference in Paris. The Rsv. Mother expects to return to Ipoh before Christmas. Among those who proceeded to France to represent Malaya are the Very Rev. Mother St. Tarcisius, of Penang, and the Directress, Madame
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  • 184 5 New Tax Not to be Levied UhtH 1932. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Ipoh, May 22. At the meeting of the Kint* Sanitary Board, the chairman announced the Resident's decision regarding the petition from the Pinji squatters. The petition was that which the chairman had previously refused to table
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  • 106 5 Annoyance to Residents Of Tanglin. Two Indians were charged in the Second Police Court before Mr. O. E. Clayton yesterday under the Minor Offences Ordinance with having carried on fortune-telling for money. It was stated that the accused were frequenting the European quarters in the Tanglin district and were
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  • 61 5 Olympus and Parthian Arrive At Penang. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Penang, May 22. The submarines Olympus (Lient.-Comdr. B. R. Hooper) and Parthian Lieut. Comdr. F. H. E. Skyrme) have arrived here from Portsmouth on their way to the China station. They will leave here on Monday for Singapore where
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  • 48 5 Chinese Goes to Gaol For 14 Months. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Penang, May 22. Lee Sooi Eng, convicted by the police magistrate of the theft of a bicycle, was sentenced by the district judge yesterday to 14 months' rigorous imprisonment. Three previous convictions were admitted.
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  • 81 5 Gaol for Chinese Who Helped To Manage It. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Malacca, May 21. Before Mr. B. R. Whitehouse in the police court here a Chinese was charged with assisting in the management of an unlawful society, the General Labour Union. He was found guilty and sentenced
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  • 72 5 (From Our Own Correspondent.) Kuala Lumpur, May 21. Messrs. M. R. M. Ramaswami Chettiar and S. M. M. A. Venappa Chettiar were elected to represent the F.M.S. Chettiars' Chamber of Commerce on the general purposes committee which is to be formed with the purpose of exploring all
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  • 44 5 The committee of the Asiatic Unemployment Fund acknowledges the following subscriptions: Previously acknowledged $6,457.05, transferred from the non-European Unemployment Fund $183.15, Per Mr. Tan Kiong Hong (Saigon): Straits-born Chinese (Saigon) $150.70, Per Mr. Lim Kee Cheok: Mr. P. Rattanam $10; total $6,800.90.
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    • 300 5 nil X H/JL^w^ Raffles Hotel This Evening 6.15 TEA DANCE CABARET FAREWELL PERFORMANCE OF REX STOREY'S COMEDY TOURISTS TOMORROW Special Dinner Dance Sea View Hotel There will be NO OPEN AIR TALKIE on SATURDAY, 23rd MAY as the entire Ball Room is reserved for the OVERSEAS LEAGUE SINGAPORE BRANCH ANNUAL
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    • 579 5 GOULDS "PYRAMID" PUMPS Simplicity of design coupled with efficiency and sturdinesa. All Sizes Stocked by CENTRAI IENGINEWORKSLTOILSole Agents fcp Malaya. AUCTION NOTICES AUCTION SALE of valuable freehold nnd leasehold Singapore properties and two Tongkangs. At Messrs. Cheone Koon Seng* Co.'s saleroom, No. 30, Chulia Street, on Wednesday, May 27, 1931,
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    • 321 5 AUCTION NOTICES AUCTION SALE of excellent wax polished teak household furniture. Cottage piano by Moutrie, etc. To be held at our saleroom Nos. 30, and 31, Chulia Street, on Saturday, May 23, 1931 at 10.30 a.m. Now on view. CHEONG KOON SENG A CO., Auctioneer*. AUCTION SALE of excellent wax
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    • 1156 6 Races and Alarums Sickness Among The Politicians TAir Rumour-Mongers Busy What is Happening At Nanking Cautious Chinese Editors Feeling Against Japan The Extrality Issue. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Shanghai, May 12. The past week has been a very un-M-ttlim; one. The spring race-meeting as usual, raised the
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    • 673 6 Southern Grievances. NOT ENOUGH POSTS IN NANKING. The following article, supplied by Reuter's correspondent at Canton, appeared in the North China Daily News and though, therefore, necessarily a little stale throws a good deal of fresh light upon recent happenings in South China and
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    • 181 6 But Very Few Found On British Ships. Hong Kong, May 13. When ten Chinese appeared at the Kowloon Police Court this morning on charges of stowing away from Singapore to Hong Kong on the Van Heutz, the magistrate commented upon the fact that stowaways rarely came
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    • 492 6 City Evacuated. MUCH ALARM AMONG MERCHANTS. Swatow, May 8. Swatow has responded quickly to the revolt by Canton against the Nanking regime, the garrison troops (the 62nd Division, under General Hiang) having decided to throw in their lot with the leorganisationists. Proclamations have been issued here
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    • 221 6 Tired of Present Jobs Search For Work. According to Russian sources, says the North China Daily Mail, many Soviet officials at present in China are tired of their jobs with the Soviet Government and are looking for other more congenial occupations. The first Soviet Consul, who
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    • 112 6 Could Not Work With Nanking Officials. Shanghai, May 13. Dr. Wang Chung-hui, according to the North China Daily News, explaining his decision to resien the post of piesident of the Judicial Yuan of the National Government, stated that he found it impossible to work in harmony with
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    • 665 6 Sir Miles Lampson Waives Three Points. SPECIAL AREAS. SHANGHAI, CANTON, TIENTSIN HANKOW. Hong Kong, May 9. The breakdown of the extra-territori-I ality negotiations between Dr. C. T. Wang I r.nd Sir Miles I-ampson, with no prospect of early resumption, has been followed by publication of
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    • 109 6 Stories of Animals That Talk Disliked in Hunan. Shanghai, Apr. 21. Alice in Wonderland will in future be a banned book as far as school children in the Province of Hunan are concerned. General Ho Chien, the Governor of the Province, has issued an official order prohibiting
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    • 82 6 Valuable Collection of Lady Willingdon's Antiques. The valuable collection of Chinese antiques known as "The Chinese Gallery," which Lord Willingdon left at Rideau Hall, is to remain at that home of Canada's Governors, says an Ottawa dispatch. The Government proposed to purchase the "Gallery" and furniture for
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    • 152 6 GILBERTIAN. Shanghai Stock Exchange Methods. Shanghai, May 9. "I would earnestly ask, in all friendliness, the Committee of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, to put their house in order and to earn the respect of responsible business men in the Settlement by methods less resembling the lighter efforts of the late
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    • 54 6 Personality V F Individuality manifests J0 itself in distinction, and, moreover thrives on it. 4|^B\ I H "The clothes you wear on I™ Hj^ all occasions may reveal fl Hsf tf&& thi<; orc er mer t or HU tarnish it. The matte. rests with you. II -^^QTO 20 Battery Road
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    • 344 7 _6.15^ TONIGHT ais^ SPECIAL MATINEE TOMORROW Paramount's brilliant ALL-COLOUR Musical Comedy "FOLLOW THROUGH" WITH Beautiful NANCY CARROLL Charles Rogers, Zelma O'Neal and Jack Haley Snappy Songs Magnificent Colour Scenes. Haunting Melodies. One of The Brightest and Best Pictures of the Year SUNDAY NEXT:— Commencing with Special Matinee Radio's Splendid Adaptation
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    • 53 7 H THE PAVILION THEATRE LiJ is closed for extensive altera- >■( tions anil renovation until further notice. LJ Victoria Theatre JUNE Ist AND 2nd AT 9.30. p.m. TWO RECITALS ONLY MAURICE MARTENOT Will give demonstrations on his marvellous instrument. MUSIC FROM THE ETHER It is Indeed a Revolution in Musical
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    • 218 7 Today's Crossword Puzzle. i p I p R fW^jfi PwT 5 V P F l'° I" j&fo i| l i!i n*^ pi m %M £&ii_ H M_B ii _fe_ M—M I I I mm I 1 I 1 VM I I (CLUES.) ACROSS. 20. Uttered ■omd. L'l. Spoke obscurely 1.
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      • 86 8 H.M.S. Vindictive Arriving Next Month. The following r.aval vessels will be vi-:itintc Singapore during the next few weeks: The submarines Olympus Lieut. Ccmdr. B. R. Hooper) ami Parthian (Lieut.-Comdr. F. E. H. Skvrme), arriving May 26. The submarines Oxley (Comdr. E. M. Holy) and Otway (Lieut.-Comdr. T. H.
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      • 61 8 A lighthouse has ban cmpleted on Batu Pengu Rock in the Malacca Strait, at the no'-th anpnach to Kiang Strait, at latitude 3 deg. K'N and longitude 101 deg. 13' E. The lighthouse is 20 feet above the water, and the light which will be transferred fr< m
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    • 106 8 PrMay. 2l'. Skips alongside the Wharvea or txy*<i*4 to arrive. KEPPEL HABBOUB. Main Wharf Phobos. M. Lighter Cnm, Bavre. iM Wharf Nil. v.l Wharf Nil. VESSELS IN DRY DOCKS, fanjong Pager. Albert Dock Pinna. Victoria Dock Khoen-Hoea. Keppel Harbonr. King's Dock Lucerna, Iris. No. 1 Dock
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    • 177 8 Singapore, May I'l. Gambier 11.00 (Cube No. 1 unpicked) 15.00 Copra 4.65 mixed 4.45 Sago flour, Sarawak IJStt White Pepper 34.00 Black Pepper 18.25 Pearl Sago 4.25 small 6T» medium pearl 6.00 Rice, Siam No. 1 IIMM Saigon No. 1 $143.00 Kangoon No. 1 $122.00 iiam, Parboiled Ric. io.
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    • 182 8 Two Telegus Sentenced To Death. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Ipoh, May 22. i Afl-r a lengthy Uial, the two Telugus :i< ■<•> <•'! of the murder of another TelujfU ,lr v. en- lentewcod to death at Perak C. inwrul Asj isM. At the conclusion of the ease
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    • 168 8 Programme of drills up to and for week »nding May 24 Friday, May 22. 6.15 p.m., Drill Hall, •B" Co., Drill 6.16 p.m.. Drill Hall, "D" (Eurasian) Co.. Officers and N.C.Os. L.G. Class 5.15 p.m.. Drill Hall, Ist Bn. Signal Section, Drill 5.15 p.m.. Drill Hall, Fortress Co.
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    • 77 8 Rugby, May 21. Foreign exchange* are Amsterdam. 12.1014, Athens 375, Bombay Is. 6 27-32 d., Berlin 20.42-.:. Brussels 34.954. Bucharest 817, Rio 1%, Buenos Aires 34H, Copenhagen 18.16%, Geneva 25.22 Vi, Helsingfors 193tf, Hon.: Kong 11-. Lisbon 108^.'), Madrid 48.00, Milan 92.93 Vi, Monte Video 29"», New York 4.8G
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    • 40 8 By Tjerimai Mantua Mmml Egra Angers J. V. Oldenbarnevelt Spore Londoß Left Ami. Apr. 10 May 4 Apr. 11 May 4 Apr. 24 M»y 16 Apr. 23 Hay 16 Apr. 22 May If) May 1 May 21
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      • 448 8 Vaj. rd. Buyers Sellers £1 £1 Asam Kumbang 20/- 22/6 £1 £1 Austral Malay 18/8 21/- Ayir Ilitum Tin 11. 12/U a Hangrin Tin 11/ C 12 I 1 1 hatang Padanr O.IU 0.15 1 1 Batu Cuves 0.32 tt 0.37 H I 1 liukit Arang OJO 0.40n0m. £1
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      • 257 8 Issue Val. J'.l. Buyers Seller! 2 2 Alrx. Brick Ordi. 1.70 2.00 1 2 Alox. Brick Prefs. 2.17«* 2.22<4 U £1 Brit. Am. Tobacco 3.10.0 3.14.0 1 1 Central Engine 0.30 0.35 nom. 1 110 HO Chinese Com. Bank 70.00 75.00 11 1 Con. T. S. W Prefs. 17
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      • 124 8 Singapore Cold Storage 7 p.e. deb. of 1926 red. 1931-36 10S 106 ci. Singapore Municipal 6 p.e. of 1901 red. 1940 $400,000 par. 6% prem. Singapore Municipal 4m p.e. of 1907 red. 1947 $1,600,000 96 par Singapore Municipal 4H p.e. of 1909 red. 1955 $1,000,000 96 par
        124 words
      • 378 8 Fntser and Co. and Lyall and Evatt's quotations. I. Sidim ($1) (undone (SI) 'jamta ($1) H. Pindaa ($1) If. Tekoi.g ($1) Mentakub i .20 i Sew Scudais ($2) Sew Ser nd»h ($2) S'yalai ($1) Pajani ($1) Parit P. (»1) Pcrak River ($1) Punggor ($1) Radella (Jsi iandy croft
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    • 614 8 Recuperative Power Of The Country. Brazilian affairs have been much in the public eye of late, so that the Report on Economic Conditions in Brazil during 1930 by Mr. J. Garnett Lomax, Second Commercial Secretary, H.M. Embassy, Rio de Janeiro, now issued by the Department of Overseas
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    • 90 8 BORINGIA. Danish, 3,605 tons, from Copenhauen 22-f,, for Bangkok 23-5. CRACORIA, Italian. 4,566 tons, from Shan K hui 22-5, for Colombo 22-.* i. GIANG SENG, Brit., 737 tons, from Batavia 22-r,, for Java 22-5. GANGS. Italian, MM tons, from Trieste 22-15, for Hong Kong 23-5. LARUT, Brit., 464
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  • 225 8 Friday, May 22. 11. W. midnight 9 ft., 2.5 p.m., 7 ft. 3 in. Police Band, Katong J'ark, .Vl. "i p.m. Saturday. May 23. H. W. 12.5 C a.m., 8 ft. 7 in.. 3.:> p.m., 7 ft. Annual Kmpire Day dinner and dance, Singapore branch, Overseas
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  • 161 8 Today. Sclat Paadjaac, Beagkali Pakan Baroe, Pajskombo aad Padang (Hong Thong > 3 p.m. North, N.-t-ast and N.-West Sumatra (Tinombo) 3 p.m. Blinjoe, I'anpkal Pinang, Billiton and Batavia iKdendale) ..4 p.m. Sibu (Kurandai 4 p.m. Java. South-West Sumatra. SouthEast Borneo, Celebes, Moluccas and Timor Dilly (Giang Beag)
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  • 211 8 Singnp re, May B. SELLING. London, 4 months' sight 8/3 27/32 London, 3 months' sight 2/3 13/16 London, 60 days' sight 2/3 25/32 London, 30 days' sight t/S I 4 ondon, demand 2/3 12 London, T.T. 2/3 11/16 Lyons and Paris, demand 14 Hamburg, demand 234 k New
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    • 670 8 MINING REI'ORT No. 441. The Chairman and Director* THE RAUB AUSTRALIAN GOLD MINING CO., LTD. SINGAPORE, S.S. Gvatlem n, Herewith I bis to forward the report of mining derations, for four nrti Mtdiag A;>r. 25, 19.11. Di-vilupnu nt. -The total footaje completed I or the period umounts to 71H fc
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    • 104 8 1931 SUNBEAMS John Marston Co., Ltd., (Subsidiary Company of Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd.) are introducing for 1931 an entirely new Sunbeam. It is a 2% h.p. model with a new design of frame, engine, front fork and gearbox. It is designed for those who require an efficient motor cycle of
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  • Page 8 Miscellaneous
    • 277 8 MALAYAN METEOKOLOGICAL SERVICE. Daily Weathar Rep«it Bright Wind. Station. Temperature Rain- Sun- Relative Diree- Speed Weather. Max. Min. fall, ihine. Humidity, tion. F. F. int. hour*. I m.n.h. Alor Star 89 75 0.36 7.9 S If Cloudy Kota Bahiu 91 75 Nil 7.4 H SSW 5 Fine K. Trcngganu .91
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  • 375 9 Rubber Price Remains Steady. SLIGHT DROP IN SPOT TIN. (By Our Financial Correspondent.) Singapore, Friday, 11 a.m. Toda\°s I'rices Rubber. 10 cents per Ib. Tin, 17. 1 tons at Ss2n per picul. i icrday's I'rices: Kiihbcr, London .'l'^d.. unchanged. New York. 6', ctv, unchanged. Market Tone Steady.
    375 words
  • 428 9 Guthrlo and Co.. Ltd., in their weekly rubber report lated Maj 11, atates Due t, th<- publication of ataJayaa production st.llui:. c H(lv;itK'l'll Mile-*-our la. t report. Production Murinir April was 17,039 tei of IM ;irre:. ami "\,r mid 11.92S tooi by uaa.ll aacaaaa, ]-o|»»rted '.V the Kt-cit-trHr-Concral
    428 words
    • 1080 9 Position of The Industry. The eleventh annual general meeting of Seremban Rubber Estates, Ltd., was held on Apr. 21 at the registered offices of the company, 2, 3 and 4, Idol Lane, Eastcheap, E.C. Sir Stanley Bois (chairman of the company) presiding. The representative of the secretaries
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    • 56 9 Tone of Market —Dull. Latest Cable :—London Spot Sheet SK4. per lb. New York :—Spot Sheet G. cents per lb. t.S.S. equal to London Standard iUndard R.S.S. on Tender Spot June July July-Sept. Oct.-Dcc. Buyers. 10 Ill's I'l'l H 19] Sellen. 10', in 10 i
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    • 640 9 The Difficulties Of Adjustment. Opponents of the joint stock system an,l those in conflict with the organisation of multiple shop finance are prone to declare that the retailers are slow in bringing down their prices to the fall in wholesale quotations. Much of this kind of
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    • 62 9 Boustead and Co., Ltd.. Penanc have received a telegram from the secretaries, Ed. Boustead and Co., London, advising that the annual accounts for the year 1930 of United Patani (Malaya) Rubber Estates, Ltd., have been issued showing a profit of £3,775. The sum of £775 has been placed
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    • 29 9 Barlow and Co. report on May 21, as follows The market has heen dull durinpr the past week. Closing quotations arc as follows Sundricd $4.70, mixed $-1.50.
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    • 490 9 The "Resting" Policy Extended. The eleventh annual genera! meeting of Hanwclla Rubber Estates Ltd., was held on Apr. 21 at 5, Fenchurch Street, E.C. Sir Edward Roslins: (the chairman), in the course of his speech, The year undtr levil w has been one of continued •Hsapprintmcnt,
      490 words
    • 435 9 Further Restriction Of Tapping. The thirty-sixth ordinary general meeting of the Ceylon Timber and Rubber Syndicate, Ltd., was held on Apr. 21 at S. Fenchurch Street, E.C. Sir Edward Rosling (the chairman), in the course of his speech, said The yeai under review has been one of continued
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    • 451 9 Efforts to Restore Prosperity. The National Federation of the Iron and Steel Manufacturers, in a memorandum issued on Apr. 22, states that it is noi surprising that the prolonged depression in the iron and steel industry is causing the Government grave concern, but recent speeches by
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    • 397 9 Company's Excellent Cash Position. The ordinary general meeting of Bahru Selangor Ru'ober Company. Ltd.. was held jn Apr. 22 at the registered office, 139, Cannon Street, E.C. Mr. R. Arnold (chairman of the company) presided, and, in moving the adoption of the. report, said Gentlemen, This company has
      397 words
    • 52 9 The Chartered Bank of India reports the receipt of a cable from London stating that the Shell Transport and Trading Co., Ltd., lins declared a dividend al the rate of Is. 6d. per £hare free of income t*.r, payable July 6. The bearer eoupsel to be presentee! is
      52 words
  • 907 9 High Record of Sales. PROGRESS IN SPITE OF DEPRESSION. Net profits of the Swedish Match Company reached a total of approximately £3,201,000 in the year 1930, an increase of £188,000 on the previous year's total. Assets cf the company now aggregate >'J8,371,000, as apainst i;{.">,830,000 at December,
    907 words
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  • 1339 10 The Straits Times SINGAPORE, FRIDAY, MAY 22, 1931. EARLY VICTORIANISM. Early Victoriani3m dies hard and is ar ncpenahre hobby. At this tire of th< year during the interval between the introduction of the Budget and the running of the Derby we are invariably reminded of the millions of money, badly
    1,339 words
  • 945 10 Romanticism, Marxism And Realism. (By Paul Miliukoff, in an interview.) In this article Mr. MiVukoff declares that complete lark of high ideals xtamp* the privileged youth of the school* I (in. Russia), from which the bourgfoin element i« carefully and radically eliminated." And he expromed the
    945 words
  • 26 10 Mr. T. E. Conaghan, of the legal firm of Messrs. Wrcford and Thornton, Pcnang, will be going home on leave about the end of the month.
    26 words
  • 26 10 On May 28 the Hon. Mr. J. W. Simmons, British Resident, Negri Scmbilan, will speak on Three Generations in Malaya at the Sercmban Rotary Club dinner.
    26 words
  • 38 10 When Mr. O. E. Venables returns from leave on Juno 24, he will take over th* duties of Collector of Land Revenue, Kuala Lumpur, from Mr. O. H. Grove who will then go to Muar as Assistant Adviser.
    38 words
  • 42 10 Majcr G. Nevill Stevens, president of the Incorporated Society of Planters and the wellknown visiting agent of Ipoh, is thinking seriously of entering the priesthood. He will be leaving for England -.hortly where, it is understood, he will join a theological college.
    42 words
  • 53 10 Mr. A. G. Taylor, of Messrs. Neill and Bell, Kuala Lumpur is going on leave at the end of the month. Mr. Taylor, whe is tho well-known Selangor and North Malaya Rugby footballer of a few years ago, will spend a few weeks in Calcutta with his father, before going
    53 words
  • 39 10 The engasremer.t is announced between Mr. Robert Edward (Bobby) HjpeFalkner, A.S.P., Strait's Settlements Police, son of Lieut.-Col. and Mrs P. Hope-Falkner, formerly of Singapore, and Miss Eileen Wilmin (Boo) Brewer, daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Brewer. Singapore.
    39 words
  • 53 10 Major H. S. Paterson, who has been District Officer, Batang Padang, for nearly three years, goes on leave on June 24. He will be succeeded by Mr. G. A. de C. dc Moubray, First Magistrate, Kuala Lumpur, who will be succeeded by Mr. A. E. Coope, who arrives from Europe
    53 words
  • 913 10 EMPIRE DAY. Empire Day this year fallinp on a Sunday, it was decided to have the celebrations in the schools t'^ay, and in the schools of the Strait? Hlttlrmwiti. as it» other parts of Empire, special efforts were made to impress the pupils with thu importance
    913 words
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    • 117 10 WONDERFUL NEW SELECTION 72XHe&fcin9 Presents We ask you to inspect our large new range of wedding gifts. Beautiful presents in Silverware, Cut Crystal, Electro Plate, Clocks, etc. NEW DESIGNS AM) NEW PRICES JOHN LITTLE Co., Ltd. (Incorporated in England) SINGAPORE KUALA LUMPUR PENANG. DIAMOND RING BRAND MILK SWEETENED CONDENSED. -^Sl^s^
      117 words
    • 56 10 W. A. 6ILBEY, ud. OLD TOM and DRY GINS THE POPULAR PAIR EVERYWHERE. GUTHRIE CO., LTD. (Incorporated S.S.) SOLE AGENTS The enprfrfment is announced of Mr. Lei Sicw Kee son of Mr. Lcp Kwok Pen* o.' Canton, to Miss Kwok Yountr Ckn •Inuirhter of Mrs. Kwok Ta, of 90, Duxton
      56 words

  • 162 11 CATAPULTING A 9-TON BRITISH BOMBER INTO THE AIR. TRIUMPH FOR THE R.A.F. Eliminating Need For "Take-Off" Run. COMPRESSED AIR. Shoots Giant Plane Into Flight. Rugby, May 21. A remarkable experiment was demonstrated at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough today, when a huge Bine-ten bombing machine was successfully catapulteel into
    British Wireless  -  162 words
  • 145 11 Economic Development Essential. London, May 21. In a speech delivered at the annual Empire Day dinner of the Royal Empire Society, Dr. DrumiiK nd Shiels, the Underbuy for the Colonies briefly toured the Ilntish Empire emphasising the common interests of it;; members. IK believed thut the ties of
    Reuter  -  145 words
  • 120 11 Due in Singapore This Evening. Datavia, May 22. The Imperial Airways air mail machine on the second experimental flight from alia i" Great Britain, which reached Sourabaya from Kupang yesterday, left this morning for Batavia which was reached at !>.50 a.m. After refuelling, thr machine took off
    120 words
  • 67 11 Reported Spanish Deal With Soviet. London, May 21. According to the uewspapar El Sol the Spanish Government has arrived at an agreement with the Russian Naphtha Company whereby Spain will purchase petroleum at I* per cent, below the price of cil from other sources. Russia has promised that
    Reuter  -  67 words
  • 108 11 British Engineer's Notable Invention. Paris, May 22. A wonderful new wireless gadget," the invention of a London engineer named Re. vi s, which improves long distance telephoning, has been demonstrated near here. The invention applies to short wave lengths, and the system i; known as the -ingle side
    Reuter  -  108 words
  • 23 11 An at home will be held by the Ladies Union, Singapore, at 4. p.m. today at "> Mount Bophla. All Indian ladies ar. invited.
    23 words
  • 73 11 Plural Voting to Be Abolished. Rugby, May 21. By a majority of 36 the House of Commons last night added to the Electoral Reform Bill a clause abolishing plural voting. There was no challenge to the previous decision to retain the twelve university seats, but, in accordance
    British Wireless  -  73 words
  • 170 11 Hours and Wages to Be Reviewed. Rugby, May 21. What is generally regarded as the most important of a series of conferences held this week on the coal situation took place in London yesterday, when representatives of the Mining Association, which is the colliery owners nominated body, and
    British Wireless  -  170 words
  • 166 11 Sir Arthur Salter on An Untapped Market. New York, May 21. International co-operation to aid China re-establish her trade, with silver as a standard, is imperative," declared Sir .fames Arthur Salter on arrival at Sar. Francisco from the Far East. He said that, economically, China is trying to
    166 words
  • 251 11 U.S.A. Company to Exploit A Million Acres. New York, May 21. A message from Bogota states that, as a result of a favourable report by a special committee, the Lower House of the Colombian Legislature is expected shortly to ratify the agreement allowing tht Colombian Petroleum Company (which
    251 words
  • 78 11 Undergoes Minor Operation To The Nose. Lon lon, May 21. It la i flicially announced that the Duke of (Yrnaught will be confined to tin. 1 h<>u c for a few day-, after the removal of a nolynus from the nose. It is stated that the operation
    78 words
  • 242 11 Malaya— 4s,3ss Tons. COLONIAL OFFICE CABLE. A cable from the Secretary of State for the Colonies to the High Commissioner for the Malay States confirms the news, reported on Monday, that the International Tin Committee decided to recommend a further reduction of output. The meeting of
    242 words
  • 133 11 Mr. A. Henderson to Guide February Conference. Rugby, May 21. At Geneva today tho British Foreign Secretary (Mr. Arthur Henderson) informed the Council of the League cf Nations that the Prime Minister (Mr. Ramsay Mac Donald) had authorised him to accept the position of president of next year's Disaimament
    British Wireless  -  133 words
  • 145 11 Full Plans to be Revealed In Commons. Rugby, May 21. The Secretary for India, Mr. W. Wedgwood Bcnn, has suggested to the Viceroy that, provided the date is convenient to the Government of India and to the delegates, the work of the Federal Structure Committee might be resumed
    British Wireless  -  145 words
  • 82 11 Bill Passes Third Reading In The Lords. Rugby, May 21. The third reading of the Agricultural Land Utilisation Bill was today passed in the House of Lords. Lord Hailsham said he believed the electorate had given their vote for the present Government because they (the electors) were willing
    British Wireless  -  82 words
  • 63 11 Britain to Appoint A High Commissioner. Rugby, May 21. The Dominions Office states that, a« was recently announced in the House of Commons, His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom has decided tc> appoint a High Commissioner in th. Commonwealth of Australia with functions comparable with those of
    British Wireless  -  63 words
  • 139 11 New British Process. MAY REVOLUTIONISE CINEMATOGRAPHY. Rugby, May 21. At the Royal Society last night a demonstration was given of British colour films, produced by a new process which the Daily Mail film correspondent declares will revolutionise cinematography. Work on the procesi, which has been going
    British Wireless  -  139 words
  • 91 11 Returned to the British Embassy at Moscow. Rugby, May 21. When Commander Carlyon Bellairs (Cons., Maidstonc,), in the House of Commons today, asked whether the Soviet Government's assistance had been sought in recovering the silver plate taken from the British Embassy in Moscow when it was attacked, some
    British Wireless  -  91 words
  • 53 11 Resignation on Issue Of Frontier Defences. Brussels, May 21. The Catholic-Liberal Cabinet has re- a result of the Liberals disagreeing with the acceptance by the Prime Minister (M. Henri Jaspar) of the Catholic amendment reducing the credit* fi the eonttraction of frontier defences f re m 220,000,000 to
    53 words
  • 39 11 £200,000 a Day Being Received. Lcndon, May 22. Rush mmcy hi 'welling the subscripti> n= fur the Irirh Ewcenstakes on the Delta It is estimated that £200.000 a day is being received in the Dublin offices. Reuter.
    Reuter  -  39 words
  • 77 11 The Head of a Famous Old Hanoverian Family. Berlin, May 12. Tragedy has overtaken the head of a famous old Hanoverian family dating back to the 14th century. Prince Dod of Innhanscn-Knyphansen was found dead today, close to his castle, near Hanover, with a bullet wound
    77 words
  • 58 11 Woman Pilot Breaks Both Legs. Berlin, May 21. The German airwoman (Fraulein) Schultes, accompanied by the airman Herr Sackmann, who left Munich en route for Tokio in a small sports machine this morning, have crashed in a fog near Pa wail (Fraulein) Echultes' legs were broken
    Reuter  -  58 words
  • 34 11 Arrival in London Last Night. Rugby, May 21. The new Spanish Ambassador (Senor Perez de Ayala) arrived in London tonight and was met by a representative of the Foreign Secretary.— British Wireless.
    British Wireless  -  34 words
  • 104 11 Over £3,500,000 Mostly In Foreign Investments. Madrid, May 21. A fortune of over £3,500,000, mostly in securities and bond-", chiefly abroad, and partly ih jewellery and other valuables, is possessed by the Royal Family, according to an official note issued by th? Minister of Finance
    Reuter  -  104 words
  • 159 11 Lady Owen's Appeal To President. Paris, May 21. Counsel for Lady Edmee Owen has applied for her pardon or, at least, for the remission of the remainder of her sentence and her immediate release. The final decision will rest with the new President, M. Doumer. Reuter. Lady Owen,
    159 words
  • 137 11 Prince of Wales Suggests British Building. London, May 21. A stirring plea for co-operation in tho development of British trade in South America was made by the Prince cf Wales at a dinner given by the Lordon Executive of the recent British Empire Exhibition at Buenos Aires. H.
    Reuter  -  137 words
  • 122 11 Plans for a Mortgage Credit Bank. Geneva, May 21. The Convention for the creation of an International Agricultural Mortgag" Credit Bank has been signed by sixteen States, with a view to establishing a special reserve. The contracting Governments undertake to make advances, aggregating 25,000,000 gold franc 3. The
    122 words
  • 92 11 Death of Mr. Edward Dean Adams. New York, May 21. The death has occurred at the age of ?1 of the prominent business man, Mr. Edward Dean Adams. Reuter. Mr. Adams was identified with tho organisation of numerous railway companies in America and with the reorganisation of many
    92 words
  • 34 11 British Prices Reduced By One Penny. Rugby, May 21. The National Petrol Distributing Companies announce a reduction of one penny per gallon in their wholesale and retail prices from tomorrow. British Wireless.
    British Wireless  -  34 words
  • 2464 11 "APPALLING FIGURES." A Clarion Call to Our Agriculturists. DR. TEMPANY'S VIEW. Speeches at Opening Of Serdang School. A speech which fleMTTcn (ho thoughtful atltnlii i nl evcr\ intelligent inhabitant of this country wan made by the Director of Agriculture. Dr. H. A. Tempany. at the opening
    2,464 words
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    • 60 11 TODAY'S FEATURES, j Page I'asc of News lrom China 6 I Around the Markets.— By the Financial Correspondent 9 Three (Jeneralions in Russia. —By I'aul MiliukolT 13 I Judgment in (he Junk Case 12 Ton.u.vow's Amateur Races 13 Kimli-hi.u in the Ciolf Championship Final II New Books Reviewed 14 1
      60 words

  • 3294 12 Without Good Reason Or Excuse. LOSS OF HOCK SENG. PLAIN SPEAKING BY CHIEF JUSTICE. The recent action in the Supreme Coart) befora Mr. Justice Sproule, the a'tinir Chief Justice, in the case in which Low Te-ck Sin sued the Attorney-General and the Singapore Slipway and Engineeriag
    3,294 words
  • 180 12 A Gathering of the Clans In Hong Kong. Shanghai, May 21. Mr. Sun Fo, the son of the late Di. Sun Vat Sen and the Minister of Railways in the Nationalist (Nanking) Government, left Shanghai for Hong Kong today, whence he is proceeding to Canton. Well-informed
    180 words
  • 505 12 Monthly Falling Off Of $20,000,000. Shanghai, May 22. General Ho Ying-ching, the War Minister, left Nanking yesterday for Nanchang, the capital of Kiangsi, "to resume command of the operations against the Communists and bandits in Kiang*i." General Ho Chien, the commander-in-chief Hunan and chairman of the Provincial Government,
    Sin Kuo Min  -  505 words
  • 59 12 Stern Measures Urged In Australia. Melbouriie, May 21. A 20 per cent, cut in Government expenditure, and also in pensions, wages and salaries, is Tecommended inter alia, in the Report erf (he Loan Council Subcommittee, according to the Melbourne Herald. The report
    Reuter  -  59 words
  • 102 12 Death From Malaria After Short Illness. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Ipoh, May 22. Mr. William Henry Morris, of the Survey Department, Pen&ng, died in the .Taiping Hospital yesterday of cerebral malaria, after an illness lasting eight days. Mr. Morris came to Perak from Penang on prospecting
    102 words
  • 40 12 Mails from Europe (London mails dispatched on Apr. 30) by ex 8.1. Rohna which anchored at Penang at 4.50 a.m. today, will arrive by train tomorrow, morning. Correspondence will be ready for deliver- to boxholders at 8.45 a.m.
    40 words
  • 26 12 A proposal is being considered by the Hatfield (Herts) Church Council to charge an extra 10s. for weddings at which confetti is used.
    26 words
  • 409 12 Insanity Plea Fails At Assizes. There was a sequel to the death, from 21 stab wouqds. of a male Chinese, at the Assize Court before Mr. Justice ;i ßeckett Terrell yrsterday, when Tang Vow Khoon was sentenced to death for murder, and to ten years' imprisonment on
    409 words
  • 395 12 Alleged Breach of Trust By Official. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Seremban, May 21. Further evidence was heard today in the case in which A. C. Louis, until recently employed as cashier in the Seremban Sanitary Board, stands charged with criminal breach of trust in respect of $3,000.
    395 words
  • 92 12 The Police Band will play the following programme at Katong Park today at— March, "The Ulster Division" (Marks); Overture, "Poet and Peasant" (Suppe) Selection, Madame Butterfly (Puccini); Entr'acte. "Rose Mousse" (Botc); Selection, "The Orchid" (Monckton); Trombone Novelty, "Slidin, Easy" (Alford) "Whistlin' Willies" (Alford). The Sunday concert programme
    92 words
  • 969 12 Ceremonial Parades. MESSAGE FROM EARL JELLICOE. Empire Day filling i n a Sunday this year, the occasion was celebrated today at the schools of the Straits Settlements. Messages were received from the King and Queen, and also from Admiral of the Fleet Karl Jcllicoc. President of
    969 words
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  • 882 13 Horses to Note for Tomorrow's Races. Amateur Golf Finalists. \MATEUR RACES IN SINGAPORE. Tomorrow's Events. PROBABLE WINNERS INDICATED. Singapore's two-day spring amateur nee DMCtinf begins tomorrow, and con- < hulis on ",'hit Monday. There are eight eventi on the card for tomorrow, inclusive of three ram foe polo ponies. Not
    882 words
  • 417 13 Referee Intervenes In 12th Round. London, May tt. A.t the Olympia the world's bantamweight champion, the Panama negro Al Brown, beat Teddy Baldock (Great Britain), the referee intervening in the 12th of a 15 round contest. The boxers fought at 9 St., and, therefore, the
    417 words
  • 73 13 Entries Invited for This Year's Competition. The annual Challenge Cup competition of the S.A.F.A. will begin in a few weeks' time, and applications for entry should be sent to the Secretary,' Anson Road Stadium accompanied by an entrance fee of $10, before Monday, June 1. The Malays are
    73 words
  • 1215 13 Etceteras' Easy Win. REMARKABLE BOWLING BY HAMILTON. The Cricket Club tournament began last wetk-enel. when the Etceteras, the holders of the shield, met the Public Strvices and Law. Winning the toss, the Etceteras put their opponents in to b;\t on what appeared to be a gorsd
    1,215 words
  • 900 13 Galaxy of Talent. GOOD FORWARD AND HALFBACK PLAY. Colours 6 Whites 1. The selectors will have a very difficult task in choosing the players to represent Singapore in the Malaya Cup for tnere is talent in abundance in both the forward line and defence. The result
    900 words
  • 618 13 All-English Final. SUCCESS OF DE FOREST MARTIN SMITH. London, May 21. Two Englishmen will contest the final of tfie British Amateur Open Championship tomorrow, over 3G holes, the only remaining Irishman and Scotsman having been eliminated in the semi-finals. The finalists are John de Forest of
    Reuter  -  618 words
  • 73 13 Kent Defeat Northants In Two Days. London, May 21. Northampton Kent easily defeated Northamptonshire by ten wickets today. Northants opened with 188, Freeman taking five wickets for 85 runs. Kent rej tied with 223. V. W. C. Jupp taking six wickets for 9!( runs. In their seconel intfhigs
    Reuter  -  73 words
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    • 94 13 WHAT OTHERS SAY OF MOUTRIE PIANOS Dear Sirs, April 11, 1924. Having played the piano for fourteen years, and taught for five years, I feel competent to judge the merits of your instruments. The tone is especially fine, delicate and mellow, whilst the framework is without a peer in the
      94 words
    • 133 13 Ask Mrs. Brown Who uses one of these attractive economical toasters so often. Friends congraculate her on the delightful crispness and freshness of her toast and it is so simple, just slip in two slices of bread, turn a switch, and in a few moments you have delicious toast Why
      133 words

  • 6007 14 THE LITERARY PAGE NEW BOOKS REVIEWED. Who is Francis lies? His Crime Story Which Challenges the Experts Limehouse Tales More French than Chinese in Their Ironical Twists China, A Modern Analysis Diary of the Princess of Pless. Crimes and Coma. Mali,, UorelhnUfrht The Story of a Com moil ulai-«- Cm
    6,007 words

  • 1000 15 Marshal Chiang Speaks To The People. SOVIET MENACE. POLITICAL TRAINING IS ESSENTIAL. Nanking, May 5. That it is urgently necessary to give the people of China a political training and that the introduction of a provisional constitution is the best means to that end, were points emphasised
    1,000 words
  • 565 15 Situation at Whampoa Explained. Canton, May 13. Mr. Au Fong-po, a right-hand man of General Chan Chai-tong:, in an interview with local Pressmen this morning, declared that Canton is fully prepared for war. At present three divisions of troops, in addition to several independent brigades,
    565 words
  • 96 15 Sheriff Fired on by Unknown Men. Harlan, Kentucky, May 5. Four men wore killed and one was probably fatally injured today in a gun fight between deputy sheriffs and a group of unidentified men near Kvarts. The cash marked a renewal of the labour disorders in
    96 words
  • 23 15 "I appear for my husband," said to "oraan briskly at Bow County Court. She added with emphasis: "I settle all disputes."
    23 words
  • 341 15 Wireless to P. and O. Boat From Colombo. An extradition warrant was issued recently by the Police Magistrate of Colombo •gainst Miss E. Rylands, until recently of S. Michael's Flats, Kollupitiya, and now said to be a passeiurer on board the ss. Rajnutana. on a complaint made hv Mr.
    341 words
  • 90 15 To Wed Nephew of the Late Emperor Charles. Bucharest, May 5. Princess Ileana, daughter of Queen Marie and sister of King Carol, is betrothed to Archduke Anton de Bourbon, nephew of the late Emperor Charles of AustroH ungary. The engagement ceremony held in the Castle of Umrich, near
    90 words
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    • 183 15 Craven "A" are the coolest cigarettes I've ever smoked CRAVEIA CORK-TIPPED VIRGINIA CIGARETTES. Thr ONLY Cigarettes Made Specially to Prevent Sore Throats rViADfc LN LONDON Solt AienUM^HUTTHUH.-iZri LAZARUS Sons. Ltd. Singapore, Pcnang, ipoh, Kuala Lumpur. t.A'i. |Ej||^H|H AN EXPRESSION OF UfmßiHM PUBLIC CONFIDENCE HRHPfjB| 28,000,000 'iai INSURANCE CONTRACTS MM' RI
      183 words

  • 212 16 Colony vs. F.M.S. Match This Week-End. The annual lawn tennis fixture fo.- the Guillemard Cup between the Colony and Ihe F.M.S. will be held in Singapore tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. Owinyr to inability to travel, and also sickness, there have been some changes in the P.M.S. side, and
    212 words
  • 115 16 Denmark Lead Poland In Third Round. Copenhagen, May 21. In the third round of the Davis Cup tociay Denmark led in their match with Poland by two matches to one. Results Henficksen (Denmark) beat Hebda (Poland), 6—3, 6—l, 6—2; Tloczynski (Poland) beat Ulrich, B—6, 6—l, 3—6, 8, 6—26
    Reuter  -  115 words
  • 55 16 Brothers to Meet in Men's Singles Final. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Penang, May 22. Play in the lawn tennis championships was continued here yesterday. Cheah Wat Sun beat Tan Theang Seang ■"> C, G—l,G 1, B—68 6 and thus qualified to meet his brother, Cheah Wat' Hye, in
    55 words
  • 161 16 Filipino Boxer Doing Well In U.S.A. Johnny Alba, a Filipino boxer who was well known in Singapore, continues to do well in New York. He remained there when his companion Bud Walley went on to London, and is a popular performer, his aggressive methods always making him a
    161 words
  • 279 16 Lord Hope's Outstanding Performance. "Heroes All" is the only description that can be applied to those public schools athletes who braved the wretched weather at the L.A.C. Challenge Cup meeting at Stamford Bridge, writes A. C. Robbins in mail week. A keen wind, accompanied by drenching rain, added
    279 words
  • 360 16 Yorkshire Annexes County Championship. Yorkshire won the County Golf championship, the prelude to the English Amateur championship, ai Hunstanton, in mail week, with an aggregate of C 54, Worcestershire being second with 65G. and Surrey Ihird with 664. Heavy rain and a raging gale, anything, indeed, but golf
    360 words
  • 41 16 With a view to selecting a good side to represent the State in the Malaya Cup football competition against Singapore on June 6 a N.S.F.A. side will meet the Kuala Lumpur Chartered Bank at Seremban on Saturday in a friendly game.
    41 words
  • 489 16 Arrangements for July Meeting. The Motor-Boat Week, which had been provisionally arranged for June, will be held from July 18 to July 25. The later date has been flvei at the request of American and French competitors. The principal events will include: London to Cowes Race. This race,
    489 words
  • 191 16 May Reduce His Price to Box Len Harvey. Mr. Jeff Dickson, who wants to promote a third contest between Len Harvey and Vince Dundee, to take place in London on June 1, is not at all perturbed by what has been described as Dundee's amazing demand for a
    191 words
  • 115 16 W. W. Wakefield Denies That He Intervened. A statement that before the home Unions issued their ultimatum to the French Federation Francaise de Rugby there was a long interview at Toulouse between representatives of the "amateur" French Union and W. W. Wakefield and another British representative, is
    115 words
  • 43 16 Results of Yesterday's Games. New York, May 22. Yesterday's baseball results were American League. Cleveland 6 New York 7 St. Louis 2 Boston l Detroit 5 Philadelphia 12 Chicago 2 Washington 4 There were no games in the National League. Rueter.
    43 words
  • 41 16 Schmeling to Meet Stribling On July 3. The world heavyweight championship fight between Max Schmeling -<Germany) and Young Striblm*» (U:S..\.) will take place in Cleveland on July 3, according to an official announcement by the Madison Square Garden authorities.
    41 words
  • 610 16 Death of Arab 80 Years In Colombo. Few careers have been so romantic and remarkable as that of Hadji Ibrahim bin Ahamed of Colombo, who has just died at the age of 105 years. Beginning in Ceylon nearly 80 years ago with very little to call
    610 words
  • 75 16 One Worn by Jenny Lind Now In Museum. Cologne, May 6. Among interesting old costumes included in an exhibition in the Cologne Museum of Applied Arts is that worn by Jenny Lind, the Swedish nightingale,'' when she was presented at the courts in Mainz some 80 years
    75 words
  • 406 16 Biological Theory in Will Dispute. Judge Michael Feinberjf, of the Circuit Court in Chicago, has been asked to set a precedent by making a leiyal application of the biological theory that two blueeyed parents oannot have a brown-eyed child. The matter came to the for?
    406 words
  • 250 16 Are They North Americans Or United Statesers Bogota, Colombia, May 8. Is a citizen of the United States of America an American, a Yankee, a North American, a United Stateser, a Saxton American, or a "gringo"? It's a delicate question throughout South America depending largely on how friendly
    250 words
  • 254 16 Pandit Jawaharlal Denies Prison Story. In a letter to the Ceylon Daily News published below, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru disposes of the oft-repeated canard that Sir Harcourt Butler, the Governor of th:United Provinces, sent champagne to his father, Pandit Motilal, when the latter was In gaol. The story had
    254 words
  • 214 16 Friday, May 22. Football: S.A.F.A. 2nd Div. M.P.H. vs. Wearne Bros., V.M.C.A. Reserve Div. Gloucesters vs. lndo-Ceylonese, S.H.B. ground. Cricket: Pulau Brani vs. J.C.C. Tennis: S.R.C. tournament. Saturday, May 23. Football: S.A.F.A. Ist Div.: IndoCeylonese vs. Chinese, Jalan Besar Stadium Reserve Div. R.A.F. vs. Malays, A.R. St. Cricket:
    214 words
  • 17 16 [Th* co-operation of club secretaries is requested in keeping this diary of sporting •v«nU accurate and up-to-date.]
    17 words
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    • 159 16 I ran read now, VV^^^R daddy »M T iruuranteed under public analyst'a certificate, to be absolutely pure, to cortain "either opiate nor "*^tM I oXr^ narcotic, but only the best /^^^BB^B*3^^ nl "l most beneficial inirre- dients known to science toAbL fk \l tlay for lne treatment of •»■>» f
      159 words
    • 175 16 \^r^ /Ib^Lk fODEONI LATEST ISSUES. LOTTE LEHMANN. SOPRANO. With Orchestra, Cuniliirtfd by l>r. Weismnann. 222.014 Tannhauser, Elisabeth*! IU-iru-KA Greeting, Act 2. Dich. UIH II 'He." Elizabeth's Prayer, Art S, Allinachtii;>- Jungfran (R. WagMi (Sun? in German). Dr. WEISSMANN. Conducting the Berlin State Opera Houite Orchcbtra. 212.106 Alessandro Stradella, 12-in.-AA Overture
      175 words

  • 1512 17 "STUDY YOUR MEN PAY THEM WELL." STRIKING DECLARATION BY FORD COMPANY CHAIRMAN. Sir Percival Perry, chatnsaa of the Ford Motor Company, thought for a momeat carefully w&en I asked him whether the motor trade was one that could be iustly called overcrowded, write* a corre3- pondent of the Evening Standard.
    1,512 words
  • 246 17 Sinhalese Etymological Dictionary. Mr. D. B. JayatilaUa las re. igned his post of editor of the Sinhalese Etymological Dictionary, but he will continue to act in an honorary capacity, 30 that the j work, which was commenced in March, l'J27, will not suffer in any way. Mr. Jayatilaka
    246 words
  • 88 17 Shorter Residence Now Required. Reno, Nevada, May 2. .Nevada's new six-weeks residence divorce law became effective today and by noon 170 suits had been filed. It is estimated that 300 will be filed b. fore the end of the day. The residence requirement recently was reduced to
    88 words
  • 218 17 G.K.C.'s Impressions After His Tour. London, May 5. Looking sunburnt and happy after a tour in the United States Mr. G. K. Chesterton chose the meeting of the Council for the Preservation of Rural l.'ngland for remarks on his America; experiences remarks which left no doubt that,
    218 words
  • 235 17 Sir J. Kirwan Has No Fears For Australia. Sir John Kirwan. President of th" Legislative Council of Western Australia, has forecast a rapid recovery by Australia from her financial troubles. Speaking to Fellows of the Royal En.pire Society in London, he said that no MM with a
    235 words
  • 135 17 European's Body Found In River. Madras, May 8. A body, believed to be that of European, was discovered today floating in the Coovum river. The boots, coat and hat were found on the bank of the river. Tl.c body has not yet been identified. Madras, May 9. The
    135 words
  • 78 17 No Foundation for Suspicion Of Foul Play. London, May 9. No further developments are anticipated in connection with the death of Mr. Jagdish Chandra Bhatta, (22), a secondyear student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sheffield University. The university authorities express the opinion that there is no foundation
    78 words
  • 79 17 Discovered Antiseptic Used In The King's Illness. The death has occurred in Edinburgh of Profosao* James I.orrain Smith, Professor of Pathology at Kclinburgh UniverBit? and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Professor Smith was responsible for '.be powerful antiseptic known as ''Kasol," which was used with
    79 words
  • 309 17 Reconstruction Not To Proceed. The Ceylon Coveirn-.ent has decided, in 'icw oi' ihe present Braaeial position, not to proceed wrth the scheme for ihe n:buildinj.- of Queen's HotMC. ihe decision w:is .inr.ounced in the following communique table.! at the Secretariat "It Is hereby notified for general
    309 words
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    • 205 17 Strengthen those k Nerves Neurasthenia (nerve-weakness^ has been called the "disease of the 20th century." It is estimated that 95° i of the population suffer from ir. Trembling of the hands, irritability, restlessne-s are a few symptoms so are sleeplessness, stomach trouble, lack of energy. All are due to one
      205 words

  • 459 18 CEYLON LETTER. Increased Interest. CONCERN OVER RUBBER RUMOUR. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Colombo, May 16. A striking instance of the increased interest the European community is taking in local politics was given at a special general meeting of the Pelani Valley Planters' Association held on Saturday. The
    459 words
  • 47 18 The new Malayan School of Agriculture. Scrdang, near Kuala Lumpur, which was formally opened yesterday by li.X. the High Commissioner, the Hon. Mr. John Scott, C.M.G. A full account of the ceremony and the speeches is given elsewhere in this issue.
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    • 96 18 SMOOTH /AX PURE /J^^*^ WHOLESOME VV/ Fresh Stocks o< /> A have Arrived. Order Your Supplies Now. SAVE YOUR COUPONS and get the gifts that please Sole Agents, S.S F.MS. HENRY WAUGH COMPANY, LIMITED. Singapore, Penang. Kuala Lumpur Ipoh. A.P.B. 27 A PLYMOUTH A CHRYSLER MOTORS PRODUCT PRICES ARRANGE /tourer
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  • 298 19 THE IRISH SWEEP." Efforts to Suppress Sale In England. London, May 5. The efforts of the authorities in England to check the sale of the Irish Derby sweepstakes tickets continue to evoke both criticism and approval. Lieut.-Col. Howard-Bury, who was among the critics, raised the matter on an adjournment in
    298 words
  • 124 19 i Trainer Loses Action After j Warning-Off Notice. London, May 11. j The libel action by the race-horse trainer, Mr. Ernest Cookson, against the .stewards of the Pony Turf Club (inchidinp Lord Hart-wood) and the Sports 1 rinting Press, for publishing a notice warning him off the
    124 words
  • 236 19 To Complete Third Volume On Gandhi's Life. London, May 5. Mr. C. F. Andrews, who arrived in Ix.ndon this week looking extremely veil after his visit to South Africa, intends to remain in England for a time in order to complete his third book on Mr.
    236 words
  • 151 19 What is to be Worn Next Autumn. London, May 5. To be in fashion next autumn women should dress in either brown, blue or chianti. To help them in their choice the British Council has just issued its first colour card as a guide to dyers and manufacturers which
    151 words
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    • 286 19 A Healthy Outlook He remembers when this was just a jungle, how he was afraid he would never see those young healthy trees ready to be tapped he was afraid malaria, 'flu or fever would invalid him home first. But thanks to Hall's Wine which has kept his system toned
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    • 656 19 THE STRAITS TIMES and THE STRAITS BUDGET. Head Office, CECIL AND STANLEY STREETS, SINGAPORE Branch Office, 27, JAVA STREET, KUALA LUMPUR. Cables TIMES, SINGAPORE. Telephones SINGAPORE 5151. KUALA LUMPUR S6BS. Sale Adrertlslng Representatives in Great Britain, REUTERS, Ltd., (Adrt. Dept.) 24, Old Jewry, London, E.C. 2. (through whom all basinets
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    • 219 19 SECOND ONLY TO THE WIND BOUNDERS HEAVY OIL ENGINES n bari most 111 l Hf I economical SHOT I propulsion m iL power for ftj H^ VL vessels of sfl Fy— Eh mII tvnPC DELIVERIES FROM STOCK UNITED ENGINEERS LIMITED (Incorporated in the Straits Settlements) SINGAPORE. rtO^ >^^ a^tp ""v
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    • 71 19 SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Payable In advance.) STRAITS TIMES (Daily) STRAITS BUDGET (Weekly) Including Postage. Including Postage. Within Outside Singapore Within Outside Singapore Malaya. Malaya. Without Malaya. Malaya. Without Postage. Postage. Monthly I 8.00 I 4.00 I 2.50 Monthly f 1.10 I 1.17 I 1.00 Quarterly M 0 12.00 7.60 Quarterly 8.80
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    • 277 20 OCEAN MOTOR POLICIES THE UP-TO-DATE SMALL CAR BUILT LIKE A BIG CAR Kvcry Minor Rives approximately 45 i Thp sirlvflnrpH Hpeiirn n( iha Minnr cmos ffoonor m.pc. and has a comfortable speed of me aavancea aesign oi me minor goes deeper than the modern lines of its coachwork. Look underneath.
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    • 138 20 .^> For Over a Year k GLAXO kl ■'*"W J*T M liAS CO NTAINED ADDED Wr W 4V iy SUNSHINE VITAMIN D. B 7 JsJO other Baby Food can m &j make tliis claim. Do you m kno what the additioD tf 1 J&r &J Vitamin D means to your
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    • 191 20 THE OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE CORPORATION, LTD. llacorporated In Great Br(uln) ■ca4 OOct for Malay* SINGAPORE. cn&^^^j£i ROLLEIFLEX B^»9B!ig|| THE CAMERA WHICH HUNKS FOR YOU I 1; Roll- film Mirror Reflex I^H "y," y, Specially dosigncd so that the image jkL^Hp I on the focussing screen can he Been— nM2m\^ffSn^
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