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New Paper, 17 October 2009


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the new paper 17 Oct 09 st a 70 CENTS MICA (P) 193/11/2008

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S’porean in coma bride row gets new Vietnam wife PAGE 4 Winner of Reporting Breaking News Award ’09 Society of Publishers in Asia UNUSUAL ‘VIGILANTE’ IN ANG MO KIO SHECANES PICTURE: LIANHE WOMEN IN SHORTS One victim fights back and elderly woman is arrested PAGE 2 AME FLAEVIE-GRSLLENG DIFFERENT FAVOURIT

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Terrified women RUN AWAY when she appears [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Terrified women RUN AWAY when she appears Female customers caned by elderly Ang Mo Kio woman for wearing shorts. When pinned down, she scolds back and tries to bite (right) REPORT: CRYSTAL CHAN SHE’S a self-appointed vigilante and her pet peeve is women in shorts. The woman, who seems

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Website: Email: Fax: 6319 8266 Operations desk: 6319 5544 Circulation: 6388 3838 TNP hotline: 1800-7 33 44 55

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News Viet Bride Row

‘I don’t care what other people say’ [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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‘I don’t care what other people say’ Singaporean in coma bride row gets new ‘obedient’Vietnamwife REPORT: TAY SHI’AN ITHASbeenjustsixmonthssincehisthencomatoseVietnamese fiance, Miss Dinh Thi Thom, 21, left Singapore. ingtogetmarriedagain–toanotherVietnamesewoman. He filed a marriage application with his new 21-year-old bride last month, and said the wedding wouldbeheldtodayathisfamily’sJurongWestflat. Ifithappens, thiswill behis fourthrelationshipand

‘We don’t care about him marrying again’ [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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‘We don’t care about him marrying again’ Family of first Vietnam bride focused on caring forvictim,whocan’tmove REPORT: TAY SHI’AN SHE left Vietnam with the typical immigrant’s hope of leading a better life in Singapore. Today, Miss Dinh Thi Thom, 21, cannot speak, feed or clean herself, or even recognise

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‘Wedon’t care about him marrying again’/ PAGE 6

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Local News watch

New name and format for former SDU-SDS [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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New name and format for former SDU-SDS SINGULAR CHANNEL FOR SINGLES THE Government matchmaker has a new name: The Social Development Network or SDN. It was previously known as the SDU-SDS, which was formed in January when the Social Development Unit for graduates and the Social Development Service for non-graduates

Singapore exports rise by 3 per cent from August [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Singapore exports rise by 3 per cent from August SINGAPORE’S exports continued to rise, but remain lower than a year ago. Between August and September, non-oil domestic exports increased by 3 per cent in a tentative by per recovery that has been better than economists had expected. This was due

SGX and SPH launch new integrated financial portal [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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SGX and SPH launch new integrated financial portal A NEW financial portal for retail investors will provide integrated content from the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) in the second half of 2010, said a joint statement by the two companies yesterday. Users will get SGX’s live market

SSC members acquitted of defamation charges [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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SSC members acquitted of defamation charges NINE members of the Singapore Swimming Club were acquitted of criminal defamation charges after the Attorney-General intervened in a rare move for such cases. The court heard that the Public Prosecutor had decided to discontinue the prosecution. There were three sets of private prosecution:

Chinese writer awarded Cultural Medallion [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Chinese writer awarded Cultural Medallion CHINESE writer Tham Yew Chin, whose pen name is You Jin, was awarded the Cultural Medallion, last night. She held down a full-time job and managed to publish 140 books over 30 years. Her books, which have sold more than a million copies, are mostly


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HOSE-DOWN: HOSE-DOWN:Thiscontestanthad to eat 5 pieces of marshmallow with a pair of chopsticks before gulping down a jug of stout mixed with raw egg through a hose. He was taking part in an event held by food and beverage chain S-11. PICTURE: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

THANKS MUM forsending me to shelter [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

THANKS MUM forsending me to shelter OneS’poremumwenttocourttotakeherkidout ofchildren’shome,fearingtheworst.Butformer residents tell a different story REPORT:BENSON BENSON ANG HE almost cried when his mother first told him she was sending him, then 13, and his older sister to a children’shome. But after he left the home at age 18, he returned

Released, but she still visits ‘best friends’ in home [ARTICLE]

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Released, but she still visits ‘best friends’ in home SHEspentfive months in achildren’shome and feels life is better for it. Sally (not her real name) once roamed the streets with her mother. She was fortunate to be given proper care for five months before she could return home to her

When sexual behaviour gets out of control [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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When sexual behaviour gets out of control On Wednesday, a court heard how a 9-year-old boy allegedly initiated oral sex with his tutor. While psychiatrists believe such casesare rare, achild’s hyper-sexualised behaviour can spin out of control if not addressed REPORT: ELYSA CHEN ITWASashockerofacase–aboywascaughttryingtohavesexwithhisyoungersister.Butthatwasnottheworstofit. Hewasonly6.Hissister,2. This is just one

Clawing her way to stop cat culling [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 14

Clawing her way to stop cat culling REPORT:CHARLENE CHARLENE CHUA EVERY day for six months, Madam Goh Jin Looi went door to door, trying to gather signatures for a petition to stop theGovernment’spolicyofcullingcats. And as of last Saturday, she managed to single-handedly collect 1,140 signatures. On Monday, she handed

Wii love our music classes [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

Wii love our music classes Secondary school uses console games to teach physics and music REPORT: VEENA BHARWANI HE BARELY passed his science exams. Punggol Secondary Normal Stream student Ong Ding Chao, 15, found science difficult, boring and dry. But all that changed late last year when his teachers

News Sumatra Quake Aftermath

Buildings ‘crumbled like a deck of cards’ [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Buildings ‘crumbled like a deck of cards’ Dancers: Quake struck during rehearsal with kids REPORT: ZAIHAN MOHAMED YUSOF THE dancers were just warming up for their rehearsal in their studio in Padang, Indonesia, when the ground began to shake. Parts of the ceiling and the pillars started to crack.

My leave request has nothing to do with party politics [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

My leave request has nothing to do with party politics M’sianoppositionparty’sZaidIbrahimontalkofdiscord: APROMINENT opposition member’s announcement that he is going on a half-year break sparked talks of further discord in Malaysia’soppositionalliance. Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR’s) Zaid Ibrahim told reporters that he has submitted a letter requesting the long leave and explained

Badly beaten victim & ill hubby no longer recognise each other [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

Badly beaten victim ill hubby no longer recognise each other M’SIAROBBERY IT WAS a heart-rending scene. The elderly husband and wife could not recognise each other despite having been married for more than 40 years. Mr Yu Gou Min, 73, is suffering from dementia, while his wife, Madam Wang Xiu

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When you go to the movies, we want you to send in photos of yourself giving us your instant reviews. Stand next to the poster of the movie you’ve just watched, strike a pose and let your fingers do the rating. One to five fingers one for really poor and

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Global News watch

Will he terminate wife’s handphone? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 21

Will he terminate wife’s handphone? Mrs Schwarzenegger caught breaking hands-free law while driving CALIFORNIA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who recently revealed that he cuts off the water when his children take extremely long showers, entered a new realm of domestic drama involving a more formidable member of his household– hiswife. Mr

‘Why do people hate you?’ [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

‘Why do people hate you?’ BOY, 9, ASKS OBAMA: IT WAS a question as innocent as it was incisive. “Why do people hate you?” the 9-year-old boy asked the most powerful man in the world. US President Barack Obama, caught up in a divisive political row over his plans for

‘I use cash as toilet paper’ [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

‘I use cash as toilet paper’ UK bankers returning to their pre-crisis free-spending ways THEY went from being the bums blamed for the financial crisis to big spenders flush with cash from extravagant bonuses. Fast-forward from the crisis just over a year ago to today, and £2,000 ($4,560) foie gras

A return to ‘reckless greed’ [ARTICLE]

Page 24

A return to ‘reckless greed’ BANKERS, at least those in London, seem to have forgotten the lessons of the credit crunch. And taxpayers who bailed them out of the crisis are outraged. Executives are queuing up to collect multi-million pound bonuses and lenders have launched a hard sell on 95

‘I was like a zombie’ [ARTICLE]

Page 25

‘I was like a zombie’ Aussie principal guilty of sex with student. He says: HE WAS her 44-year-old school principal, and she was a 16-year-old student. But neither the age gap nor, more importantly, their roles in school, stopped him from having sex with her five times in 2007. Now,

ROCKEDAGAIN:Peoplewererunningintothestreetswhena [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

ROCKEDAGAIN:Peoplewererunningintothestreetswhena ROCKEDAGAIN:Peoplewererunningintothestreetswhena 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck off the western end of Indonesia’s Java island yesterday. Office towers in Jakarta swayed for about two minutes, reported AFP. Officials said there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. PICTURE: REUTERS

Philippines residents may have to evacuate [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Philippines residents may have to evacuate Tropical storm might become typhoon AP OFFICIALS have told residents in the northern Philippines mountains to get ready to evacuate if a storm approaching today develops into the third typhoon in a month to hit the country. Tropical Storm Lupit may intensify into a

Oil prices at one-year high since rise in July [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Oil prices at one-year high since rise in July Reuters OIL prices rose to a one-year high to more than US$78 ($109) a barrel yesterday. Data on the US’ September industrial production and capacity utilisation as well as a report on consumer sentiment for October will offer more insightintothestrengthoftheworld’slargesteconomy and

Five face life-time jail for plotting terrorist attack [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Five face life-time jail for plotting terrorist attack AP FIVE men were convicted yesterday of stockpiling bomb-making instructions and buying explosive chemicals as part of a plot to carry out a terrorist attack in Australia. They face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. A jury deliberated for a month before

UN food agency: Record 1 billion hungry set to rise [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

UN food agency: Record 1 billion hungry set to rise AP A RECORD 1 billion people worldwide are hungry with 30 countries now requiring emergency aid, including 20 in Africa. A new report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation said the number will increase if governments do not spend

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DILBERT SCOTT ADAMS REGIONAL WEATHER KL:Rain High33˚,Low25˚ Jakarta:Hazy High33˚,Low24˚ Bangkok:Thunderstorms High32,Low25˚ Manila:Thunderstorms High31˚,Low24˚



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CLICK FROM READER NURZAIMA MOHD NOOR DON’TSTOPTOREADTHIS:Thissign spotted, in Yishun, must be traffic-stopping to motorists, to say the least. E-mail your pictures with your name and contact number to

Forced to move due to noise pollution [ARTICLE]

Page 27

Forced to move due to noise pollution FROM READER RAYMOND ANTHONY FERNANDO Why no control on noise levels? RECENTLY,mywifeandIhadtoleaveourflattofindalternativeaccommo-dation. This is because of the noise pollution comingsimultaneouslyfromtheliftupgradingprogramme,thebuildingofachildcare centreonourvoiddeck,there-surfacingof theroadinfrontof ourblock andthenoise generatedfromthechantingofprayersand beatingofdrumsduringtheMooncakeFestival that went on continuously for a week frommorningto11pmeverynight. Whyisallthisallowed? How can one have any peace of mind

3 caught for littering at basketball area [ARTICLE]

Page 27

3 caught for littering at basketball area FROM S SATISH APPOO, DIRECTOR ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT AGENCY WErefertotheletter“Litteringaproblem atbasketballcourt”(TheNewPaper,9 Oct). We thank your reader for the feedback. NEA has stepped up its enforcement rounds at the basketball court and its vicinity. In the month of September this year, three


Page 27

INTERNET HOT BITES On the dangers of cybergaming and whether it should be banned “Onlinegaminghas becomeanaddiction for many gamers, who spend most of their time (even without meals or rest breaks) on this activity. There will always be a real danger when some gamers ‘merge’thetwo worlds(real lifeand gaming).” spfairley “Cybergamingshould

Over-eager S’pore Pools staff congratulated customer by mistake [ARTICLE]

Page 27

Over-eager S’pore Pools staff congratulated customer by mistake FROM SHARON CHOO ASSISTANT MANAGER PUBLIC AFFAIRS CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY SINGAPORE POOLS IREFERtotheletters,“ConfusedOver Scratch-And-WinCard”(TheNew Paper, 2 Oct). From time to time, Singapore Pools refreshes its games by introducing variations. Ahead of the start of sales, the new variations are imparted to all


Page 27

SPEAK Will new tribunal for real estate disputes help curb errant real estate agents? “Yes,aspecial tribunal can protect the consumers and make things more fair across the boardforeveryone involved.” –IreneTai, 40, accountsassistant

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BIG BUCKS, BIG PAY OFF? From Carrie Underwood to Lady Gaga, companies are banking on big names for their big launches REPORT:JEANMARIE JEANMARIE TAN SHE’S the most successful American Idol winner from all eight seasons of the hit US reality singing show. She’s won four Grammys and sold more

Camping out while cramming for studies [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28/29

Camping out while cramming for studies REPORT: GERMAINE LIM THE O levels may be a week away. And classmates Joel Lim, Fabian Loo and Dave Wongweren’texactlydonewiththeirrevision.Buttheir favourite singer Carrie Underwood was going to perform at the ION Orchard. Best of all, it was free. So the 16-year-olds took their

Show Space

Ground zero for my music [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Ground zero for my music MY FAVE spot Samuel Wee –SamuelWee,newsroomintern LISTENING to Nathan Hartono croon his way confidently through jazz classics, it’s easy to forgetthathe’sonly18. And, how many teenagers can pull off eclectic classicslikeVanMorrison’sMoondance? But Nathan, who first shot to fame in 2005 as the winnerofTeenagemagazine’sTeenageIconcompetition, admits that he

Make your walls pop [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Make your walls pop buzz TREND Samuel Wee –SamuelWee,newsroomintern WANT to express your love for pop culture? One quick way is to decorate your room with posters of your favourite movies. A movie poster adds instant pop-culture chic to any room. An arthouse film poster, for example, will lend a

Show Net Noise

Kudrow brings out the Smelly Cat [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 31

Kudrow brings out the Smelly Cat We round up the Internet sites or videos that people are talking about REPORT: SETO NU-WEN What’sthe noise: PhoebeBuffay, you’ve gotafan. Actress Lisa Kudrow reprised her most famous role in hit comedy series Friends at a charity concert late last month. Kudrow and


Page 31

Itefe IfflMl'i A\|35EP What’sthenoise: The cover art for Susan Boyle’s ea-gerly-anticipated debut album has been revealed. And the 48-year-old Scotswoman, who wowed the world with her powerful vocals on UK talent show Britain’sGotTalent,islookingfab. “It was my greatest ambition to release an album,” she told Hello! magazine. Already, the album, titled

Show Biker Boy


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Not just for SUPERHEROES ZAIHAN MOHD YUSOF IF YOU plan to stop traffic, you’ll definitely need one of these, the Can-Am Spyder. It’s a 3-wheeled motorcycle that somehow has the ability to mesmerise people and stop them in their tracks. Decked out in black, the low-slung Spyder would definitely

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COOL SPACE: Nathan Hartono strums drums his way to relaxation in his favourite spot at home TNP PICTURE:KUACHEE SIONG

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Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment Food I Food I Food I Food i fir 2 Z Probably One of The Best Thai Club in Singapore A yn Opening Hours Sun Thu 6pm till 3am Fri Sat Eve of PH 6pm 4am 200 Jalan Sultan Textile Centre #04-24 Singapore *****8 For Reservations,

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Health Health KJt, 0 Traditional Thai Shiatsu Massage Hot Pool Steam Sauna Theatre Room Wifi Access Complimentry Meals Drinks 12 West Coast Wa I k #01 -01 West Coast Recreation Centre (next to Clementi Stadium) yOpen k Cosy ambience Free Scrub k Individual rooms (&Ear Candling with attached bath k

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Health Health PISSA HEAHH CENTRE We Provide The Best Swedish/ Shiatsu/Thai Massage $35/ 45mins Cosy Ambience Theatre Room Steam/Sauna Coffee Lounge Attractive Local Multi-racial Masseuses 5 KEOK ROAD #04-16 CUPPAGE PLAZA (beside Centrepoint) Tel: 6734 9873/74 r Foot Reflexology Centre Come Unwind yourself at our cosy relax ambience with Charming,

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Health Health Youth Health Centre patina Steambath Massage Each individual room with attached bathroom TV restroom 6339 5311 <L~ Wil 6339 53*|6 Business Hrs: 11am 11pm) i, Middle Road, #03-00, Lee Kai House (opp.Bank Of China) AA BEAUTY CENTRE I Blk 122, Bedok North Street 2/ 1 #01-110, Singapore *****2

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Health Health <mmiee dr Health Spa jjftl No.9 Japanese Garden Road Tel: 6265 6612/6265 ***** Biz. Hours: 11am-11pm Massage Steam Bath s Free parking Refreshment Special Promotion fronitV Mon-Sat:11am to 5pm, Sun:11am 2%11pm adv BEAUTY SERVICES BLK156 Yishun St 11 #01-118 "S 6756-2270

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Health Health Health 1 V New Opening Zen Thai Spa at Marina Country Club (Ponggol) The Charm 3 of old Ponggol.... The Lure of a Marina Your search for the perfect J*, get-away ends here Fu w facilities All rooms with attached shower Ample car park Thai Shiatsu Massage Zen

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S Professional Centre Male masseur Professional full body massage $10/ $20/ $30/ $50 People’s Pk Centre #03-52A Tel: *****324 j FACTORY PRICE!! kitchen cabinet, room cabinet, old cabinet changeof new door. 9834-5461 6741-3677 Licensed Contractor BEST PRICE FOR Pawn Tickets, Gold Bar, Gold Jewelry, Diamond, White Gold, Silver Bar, Gold

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Personal Needs Personal Needs AZYT0P0VF00P? We are from Islandwide Da-Bao Service l/l/ie provide Takeaway Service from local famous Stall/ Restaurant "<J To Your Doorstep or You May request Pick-up Service From Any Local Stall/ Restaurant Our Delivery Charges is from $31Special Pick-Up Service is from $121- onwards (Min order $20)

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2ND hand Rolex Pawn ticket/ Diamond/ Gold Good Price! BUY/ SELL JIN TAO JEWELELRY Blk 132 Jurong East #01-287 Call 6563-6637

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LEGAL LOAN Arrangeable from credit/ finance company For HDB Pte Properties Quick fast approval Bankruptcy, HDB/ bank repossession, credit card debts all types of case Demand Supply Property Mortgage Loan Consultancy ***** 070

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Personal Needs All Branded li I Watches, Diamond, I I Gold Pawn Tickets. I 1 Paya Lebar MRT Station #01-011 6747-6789 1 Yan Ho (Open daily) I Beach Rd Golden Mile Tower I #01-69 (Taxi Stand] 6297-2345 Properties 0 Immed high cash deposit 0 Negative/positive sales welcome 0 $100K above

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Properties Properties 8488 7999 1 High Deposit 1 Legal short term loan arrangable (Low Interest) Before sale or after HDB 1 st appointment 1 Free valuation 1 Fast and Efficent Service 1 On-site presentation and calculation on J\ financial planning l>a g< P.M.L. Consultancy Pte Ltd RENT/ SELL (HDB/ PTE)

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HOSTEL LAVENDER 176 Tyrwhitt Rd #04-176 Monthly: 2 bedded...................$500 p/pax 4 bedded...................$400 p/pax 6 bedded...................$300 p/pax F/furn, Lift, Aircon, Pantry, Laundry, Security, Housekeeping For Booking Call 9173 4028 Office For Rent $800 Small Office Tampines New renovation Aircon Fully equipped Furn, Pantry, Internet Suits small biz Owner *****051 We are

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CHEAPEST MOTOR INSURANCE (12 mths interest free) Car loan *****122 PRE-OWNED CARS WANTED Best Offer! Cash Deal! Immediate Transaction! Free Valuation! Consignment Takeover available 8128-1178 Results-Oriented Methods! Bilingual! All Subjects! Distinctions! 16 yrs Experience! Results G’teed! 9272-2021

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CATS FastadsJOBS Toll-free: 1 800-289-9988 PART-TIME DESIGNER Assist Product Designer to conceptualize design merchandise. Dip in Product Design At least 1-yr experience in design work Proficient in Photoshop AI a must Knowledge in bag design an added advantage Versatile/ Creative with strong fashion sense Able to meet tight deadline work

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Hotel/ Hotel/ Restaurant/ Lounge I Restaurant/ Lounge WE ARE EXPANDING! Full-Time and Part-Time Positions Available Benefits include monthly incentive schemes, meals transport, training development opportunity. To have excellent customer service skills, positive responsible attitude, a team player. Singaporeans or PRs only. Walk-in Interview Tuesday 2pm 7pm, Thursday 7pm 9pm 1

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KTV LOUNGE In Parklane requires WAITERS WAITRESSES Only Singaporean/ PR needs apply Pls call: 9171-9179 (after 8pm) Expanding salad bar requires Full-Time Part-Time 1) Counter Staff 2) Kitchen Helper Only Singaporean PRs need apply Friendly Pleasant Contact 9123 0767 for interview Hotel Banquet requires PART-TIME WAITER/ WAITRESS ITE students welcome

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Part-Time/ Temporary Part-Time/ Temporary INTERNET WORK AT HOME OPPORTUNITY A special marketing project byTWI Group Pte Ltd With more than 80% of residential homes in Singapore installed with broadband, your home desktop or laptop can now be turned into a business machine harnessing the power of the internet to create

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Retail Sales Retail Sales RETAIL ASSOCIATES Want to embark on a fun rewarding career in retail? Well-known Retail Chains $1,200 to $1,600 Outlets Island-wide S'poreans, PRs Malaysians only other positions!!! Contact us today!!! Call us at 6337 2508 or drop your resume at careers4(« Asia-Link (License No. C*****1J) LOOK NO

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URGENTLY REQUIRED MANAGERS, SUPERVISORS, CASHIERS SHOP ASSTS for Supermart Near Aljunied MRT Prefer with experience Call *****585 Walkin interview 11am -8pm at: 31 Aljunied Rd PROPERTY TELEMARKETER needed Flexible work hours Hourly rate Bonus. *****845 Ubi Car Parts. IN/ OUTDOOR SALES Class 3 lic. Bilingual. High commission. Start immed. *****896

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Other Positions Other Positions Other Positions Other Positions Other Positions Other Positions Other Positions Other Positions > r# n m. i P Be part of a dynamic multi-media company Main board-listed Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH) is Southeast Asia's leading media organisation, engaging minds and enriching lives across multiple languages

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Experience our Traditional Shiatsu Swedish Massage Sauna Steam Bath T.V. Lounge All Individual room with shower attached bath room S 6235 4455/6 Holiday Inn Park View B1-01, 11 Cavenagh Road

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SAVE on your HOUSING LOAN Free Housing Loan advice even MrKiasu talks about! 1.48% Fixed Rate 1.48% Variable Board Rate 1.15% Variable Reference Rate Up to 2% Penalty Subsidy/Cash Rebate Refinance up to 2 X of Valuation Cash out on your Private Property ACT NOW! CALL 6100-SAVE (7283) All rates

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E Premier, E League Champ, Spanish, Italian, German, J League and K League matches are also on sale. For more details, please check Singapore Pools website. LIVE TELECAST AT SPORTSBUZZ@PARADIZ KRANJI

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men expert EPL Match of the Week comments but the Villa manager is unlikely to That will mean another frustrating spell onthe benchfor Heskey. LIMHANMING you’re executing a diving header, or when youdiveacrossthe pitchin celebration. LIMSAY HENG PICTURE:REUTERS GABRIELAGBONLAHOR:Intheformofhislife. PICTURE:AFP

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WilltheBlueshaveto fatigue sufCupQualifiers. back four, feature in the midweek, with and Jose minutes for striker Gabriel minutes Carew and feature in the his return Chelsea first of the net WilldivingDrogbaresurface? breathfor that. goals and go to the victory over tank, Drogba autumn breeze Johnson, Jamie game. thought it analysis. live


Sports Racing

Typhoon Tracy to sweep rivals away [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 42/43

Typhoon Tracy to sweep rivals away TIPS AND COMMENTS COURTESY OF AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATED PRESS RACE 1 Caulfield (1,400m) 5 RIGHTFULLY YOURS (MG Price) 5g (19:8-2-0): Scored first-up 3/4-len win (55kg) Keytomoney, Ab Almalik 1200m C’field South Yarradead track 19Sep when disappointed for a run, 23/4-len 2nd (57.5) Raheeb 1410m F’ton


Page 42/43



Page 42/43

WILLIAM LOW’S GUIDE TO KRANJI TRACKWORK YESTERDAY’S workouts by horses engaged at Kranji tomorrow: RACE 1: Money Bee 39.6. Super Rich (V Sivan) canter/pace work. Slow work: Kirin Arising, All Elusive (A Feiruz), Atomic Cannon, East Star, Samurai Phoenix (YY Oon), Shogun, Mas Giggle, Anthem, Lucky Find (M Gallagher), Amazing


Page 44

YESTERDAY’S SINGAPORE (POLYTRACK) RESULTS Going: Good Race1 C5D*****m 4 DARINGYOUTH56.5c55.5(40-11) HKLim (11) 1 1 1 (464) 6 WONDERGENERAL55(11-5) OChavez (5) 2 2 2 (469) Ns 5 GATECRASHER56(35-16) KBSoo (6) 3 3 3 (484) 1.75 1 FIRSTBLOOD57(22-7) JPowell (9) 5 5 4 (533) Hd 7 SACRED54.5c50.5(48-17) IAndy (8) 4 4 5

Bumble Bee buzzes home in record time [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 44

Bumble Bee buzzes home in record time DANNY KHOO BUMBLE BEE showed he was the real deal when he comes to racing on the Polytrack. After a forgettable outing on the turf three weeks ago, the five-year-old gelding by Bertolini stormed to a record-breaking run in the Open Benchmark

Beauty Flash gets the vote [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 45

Beauty Flash gets the vote RACE 1 (1,000m) Perfect Fit (6) may have looked burly on debut last month but was game to place third over the 1,000m. Extra Special (1) was finishing best when fourth on his season debut despite things going against him. Mighty Winner (3), placed once


Page 45



Page 45

TIPS AND COMMENTS BY PHILLIP WOO, COURTESY OF THE HONG KONG JOCKEY CLUB Johnson (6) came alive when fitted with blinkers to score on-the-pace wins at three of his final eight starts last term. RACE 9 (1,200m) Royal Flush (5) became fractious and hurt himself before an intended 20 Sep

Kwanchai closes in on title [ARTICLE]

Page 46 / 47

Kwanchai closes in on title GOLF AFP THAILAND’S Kwanchai Tannin is one round away from victory in the Mercedes-Benz Masters Indonesia. The 23-year-old opened up a four-shot lead after the third round yesterday. A win at the Emeralda Golf and Country Club, where he shot a three-under-par 69 in extreme

Leong wins Warren Amateur Open [ARTICLE]

Page 46 / 47

Leong wins Warren Amateur Open LIM HAN MING JONATHAN Leong won the Warren Amateur Open 2009 after beating Johnson Poh with a birdie at the first hole of a sudden-death play-off yesterday. A heavy morning thunderstorm, which flooded the fairways and greens at Warren Golf and Country Club, forced the

Vettel relying on last engine [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 46 / 47

Vettel relying on last engine But wet weather forecast could workinGerman’sfavour FORMULA ONE LUKE NETTO The writer is a freelancer. SEBASTIANVettelishavinghisbestseasonsofar.TheRedBullRacingdrivercurrentlyliesinthirdpositionin the drivers’ championship, sixteen points behind leader Jenson Button of Brawn GP and just two points behind Button’s team-mateRubenBarrichello. Vettelis alsothemostin-form driveratthemoment,winning inJapantwoweeksagoandfinishing fourthinSingaporeaweek beforethat. His pace in


Page 46 / 47

Pressure on Button LUKE NETTO JENSON Button needs just seven points from the last two races to clinch his first drivers’ championship. Sounds like an easy task, but let me tell you whyitisn’t. At the start of the season, Button (above) won six out of the first seven races, giving

Barrichello’s 17 -year itch [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 46 / 47

Barrichello’s 17 -year itch AP RUBENSBarrichelloarrivesattheBrazil-ian Grand Prix with more on the line thanjusttheFormulaOnetitle. He has a chance to end a 17-year winless streak at his home track, which would fulfil hisdream. “I feel so great to be here,” the Brawn GP driversaid. “I put my hands into the sky


Page 46 / 47

WHAT COULD HAPPEN Jensen Button finishes first or second, championshipishis. Doesn’tmatterwhere Rubens Barrichello or Sebastian Vettel finishes. Button finishes fourth, Vettel or Barrichello will need to win the race and hope Button does not finish in Abu Dhabi. Vettel wins the race, Button finishes sixth to eighth, Vettel will need


Page 46 / 47

CURRENT STANDINGS DRIVERS (Top 10) 1. Jenson Button 85 points 2. Rubens Barrichello 71 3. Sebastian Vettel 69 4. Mark Webber 51.5 5. Kimi Raikkonen 45 6. Lewis Hamilton 43 7. Nico Rosberg 34.5 8. JarnoTrulli 30.5 9. Fernando Alonso 26 10.Timo Glock24 CONSTRUCTORS 1. Brawn 156 points 2. Red

Sports The Postman


Page 48 / 49

THE FATIGUE FACTOR TheNewPaper’sPostmanaskedthereadersto preview the weekend EPL matches. Many feel that the tiredness and jet-lag from the World Cup Qualifiers will play a part in the results SUNDERLAND v LIVERPOOL REDS TO TRIUMPH IN GOAL FEST AS MUCH as I expect the Reds to bounce back from the poor

Sports Football

Milan losing games and fans [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50

Milan losing games and fans Thisweek’s Futbolita column looksatMilan’s woes and Argentina’s new saviour ASHIKIN HASHIM IT’S A cool and calm autumn in Milan now. But unfortunately, a crisis is brewingwithinthe city’smost-support-ed team, AC Milan. While a few Milan faithfuls have decidedly moved on from Kaka’s departure to Real

Maradona’s outburst leads to Fifa hearing [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50

Maradona’s outburst leads to Fifa hearing AP DIEGO Maradona is set to appear before Fifa’s disciplinary committee for his profanity-filled tirade on live television after Argentina qualified fornext year’sWorldCup on Wednesday. Following the 1-0 victory over Uruguay, the Argentina coach used expletives on live television much of it directed at

Sports EPL Betting


Page 51

HOT PICKS TOP OF THE TIPS GARYLIM LOWRISK Blackburntobeat Burnley on the 1x2 NOTEAM inthe Premiershiphas lostmore awaygames than Burnleysofar thisseason. Neitherhas anyconcededmore goals awayfromhome. Burnleyhave lostallfour onthe road and letin 14 goalswithout scoringany goalsin reply. The statisticspointto ahopelessly inept awayside. Forthe punters,itmeans that this weekend isagoodtime to backBlackburn onthe

EPL Betting Sports [ARTICLE]

Page 52

EPL Betting Sports Match: 0301 ASTON VILLAvCHELSEA NoteasyforChelsea FACT:Chelseamusttravelup north to meetVilla. It’s a drivethatcould take about threehoursby road. No worries for the Blueswho, asleagueleaders,will surely enjoytheride. TEAMNEWS:WithBosingwa and Mikel due fora return,Chelseawill be atfull strengthfor theirfifth awaymatch.Villa will miss Downing. MATCHGUIDE:Villa have collectedsevenpoints froma possible12 at home.Chelsealost thelast matchthey


Page 53

STEVE McMAHON says... Tonight: Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4 Birmingham 0 Everton 3 Wolves 0 Man United 3 Bolton 0 Portsmouth 1 Tottenham 2 Stoke 2 West Ham 0 Sunderland 1 Liverpool 2 Tomorrow: Blackburn 2 Burnley 0 Wigan 0 Man City 2 Monday: Fulham 2 Hull 0

Back Villa to pick up a point [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Back Villa to pick up a point JAMES EASTHAM Special Correspondent ASTON VILLA v CHELSEA (Take a draw on the 1X2) Chelsea are most people’s tip to win the EPL this season, but are they really as good as their league position implies? Carlo Ancelotti’s Blues sit atop the world’s

Manchester United to beat Bolton on the 1X2 [ARTICLE]

Page 53

Manchester United to beat Bolton on the 1X2 BEST BET: I’M SO confident United will win comfortably that I’m backing them on the handicap, but if you’re looking for a straightforward “win” bet this weekend then United to simply beat Bolton is the pick. Yes, I know Fergie’s boys let

Win or bust for Pool [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 54

Win or bust for Pool FROM THE GROUND ERIC DING JUST two months into the season, and with 30 games still to play, it may be too early to put Liverpool’s title challenge on the line when they face Sunderland tonight. But if you look at the form of


Page 55

ROBINHO AND HIS MERRY MEN OOPS! EDWIN YEO ROBIN Hood, despite stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, was a thief, if we were to be perfectly honest about it. A few generations later, his namesake is continuing his legacy. Just slightly over a year after arriving

Why this foreign fascination? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 55

Why this foreign fascination? SARA ANN K HER BLOG ONE-THREE. No, that is not the score that I’m going to predict for Liverpool’s match against Sunderland. That is the ratio of males to females in Singapore. One guy to three girls. How is this relevant you say? Well I

Sports EPL

Redknapp gives me confidence [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56

Redknapp gives me confidence SEBASTIENBASSONG made an instant impact at White Hart Lane since his late move duringthelasttransferwindow.Aheadoftonight’sclashagainstPortsmouth,hetalks about everything football in an interviewwith Whenyoulook at Portsmouth’sleague position now, does that make it easier or harder to play against? FROM our perspective it makes little difference although it


Page 56

CROUCH READY FOR RETURN PA Sport TOTTENHAM striker Peter Crouch is looking forward to his return to Portsmouth and is expecting a hot isexpectingahot receptionatFrattonPark. Crouch(above)wasamong astringofplayerstoquit Pompeyoverthesummerdue totheuncertainfinancial situationattheclubatthat time. Healsoadmittedpriortohis exitthathewantedanswers regardingtheclub’sfutureand didnotwishtobeplayingfora clubfightingagainstrelegation intheseasonleadinguptothe WorldCup. TheEnglandforward,who scoredtwiceagainstBelaruson Wednesdaynight,standsby thecommentshemade,which werelabelled“very disappointing”bychief executivePeterStorrie. The28-year-oldgoesback toFrattonParktonightforthe firsttimesincehisexitandis relishingthechancetoplay againsthisformerclub.

Wenger: Defeats were ‘accidents’ [ARTICLE]

Page 57

Wenger: Defeats were ‘accidents’ ARSENAL v BIRMINGHAM (Ch 27,10pm tonight) PA Sport ARSENE Wenger insists Arsenal’s two defeats in the Premier League this season have been “accidents”. The Gunners return to EPL action tonight following the international break with the visit of Birmingham, before heading to Holland for a Champions

Will Arsene make Mourinho eat his words? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

Will Arsene make Mourinho eat his words? Wire Services IF ARSENE Wenger needs extra motivation to win the Premiership title, he just needs to think of one man– Jose Mourinho. The former Chelsea manager, now coach of In-ter-Milan, has reopened his war of words with Wenger and Rafa Benitez by


Page 60

WILL UNITED SLIP UP? MAN UNITED v BOLTON Ch 22,10pm, tonight DAVID LEE WHAT do Ben Foster, Rio Ferdinand and vacuum cleaners have in common? If Manchester United detractors would have you believe, they all suck. Following last fortnight’s debilitating 2-2 home drawagainstSunderlandandSirAlexFerguson’ssubsequent scathing attack on referee Alan Wiley,

Bent can trouble Carragher [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 61

Bent can trouble Carragher SUNDERLAND v LIVERPOOL (Ch21,10pm, tonight) GARY LIM THERE was a time when Darren Bent was thought to be an expensive flop. At Tottenham Hotspur, he was never really given a chance to thrive. His lack of success in London was not down to a lack

Can Villa take the lead? [ARTICLE]

Page 58/59

Can Villa take the lead? ASTON VILLA v CHELSEA (Ch 27,7.40pm, tonight) LIM HAN MING JOHN Terry and his defenders will have to be on their toes right from the first whistle. Aston Villa may have scored only 10 goals in their seven matches so far the worst record


Page 58/59

Will Heskey start? LIM HAN MING THE GOOD news for Aston Villa is that Emile Heskey has commited himself to the club. The bad news for Heskey is that he may find himself on the bench again for tonight’smatchagainstChelsea. That is despite the 31-year-old striker making a U-turn on his

Will the Blues have to come from behind? [ARTICLE]

Page 58/59

Will the Blues have to come from behind? LIM SAY HENG IT IS pretty likely, judging by their away form this season. While the Blues are at the top of the table with seven wins in eight games so far, a closer look at their games away from Stamford

Will diving Drogba resurface? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 58/59

Will diving Drogba resurface? LIM SAY HENG I HOPE not, but I am not holding my breath for that. For all his brilliance this season six goals and five assists), the Ivorian’s tendency to go to the ground has resurfaced in Chelsea’s 2-0 victory over Liverpool two weeks ago. For

Federer inspires Ballack [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 62

Federer inspires Ballack Chelsea’sGermanmidfielderputshisreturntoform downtowatchingtheSwiss’winatWimbledon Wire Services THINK Michael Ballack and the description “goalscoring midfielder”comesto mind. But did you know how many league goals the German international scored for Chelsea last season? Just one. A measly return for a player of his calibre. Ballack is not used to struggling in



Page 63



Page 63



Page 63

TENNIS SHANGHAI MASTERS Today: SEMI-FINALS Ch 22,4.30pm Tomorrow: FINAL Ch 22,4.30pm HIGHLIGHTS Ch 22,10pm


Page 63

WHAT’S ON/BLURBS/FIXTURES/RESULT LOCAL EVENTS AEROBICS What: I Survived All Shapes Aerobathon When: Today Where: Playground Big Splash SWEAT it out in the name of charity with this two-hour non-stop aerobic workout marathon comprising bolly jolly, kickboxing, body sculpting and yoga. For more details, goto BASKETBALL What: Asean Basketball League

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SUNDERLAND v LIVERPOOL: Darren Bent against JamieCarragher Who will prevail? PAGE 61 PICTURES:AFP,ACTION EDWIN YEO: Man City will never be a Big Four team with players like Robinho. PAGE 55

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Page 63

TNP POSTMAN READERS’REACTIONS THE EPL resumes tonight after the international break. Readers, we want your post-match reactions. The deadline is noon, Monday. Selected posts will be published in The New Paper on Tuesday. Go to to post your views or email, leaving your full name, age, occupation and

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