The New Paper, 23 October 2006

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  • 23 1 the new paper 23 October 2006 /flHfc Singapore Press WU Holdings 70 CENTS MICA (P) 190/02/2006 8 slllUl the new paper Monday 23
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    • 54 1 Ml -Si MRT DEATH-FALL MAN'S WIDOW ON HOW SHE'LL USE $500,000DONATIONS I'll pay off debts, then... 5 2 Liverpool 0 23 October 2006 J jfttt X K r>. M >r *c REUTERS LA LIBA SHOWDOWN Barca crash to Real's 2Rs r 140 J FORMULA 1 FINALE Schumi's farewell race: From
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  • NEWS
      • 931 2  -  MKT death-fall man's wife says she will place most of $500,000 in public donations in fixed deposit after paying off debts and placing small sum in savings account By Dominic Ying sg EVEN as her husband's coffin was being wheeled in
        Pictures: CHONG JUN LIANG  -  931 words
      • 81 2 LAST Wednesday night, Mr Tan Jee Suan, 46, was killed at Chinese Garden MRT station after being hit by a train going towards Boon Lay. Closed-circuit cameras at the Chinese Garden MRT station reportedly captured a man falling into the path of an oncoming train. The CCTV footage
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      • 750 3  -  They're not civil servants or RC members, just young adults who find a common thread in their religions fasting By Zubaidah Nazeer zubaidah @sph. AMID prayers from the mosque next door, 15 people sat cross-legged on the floor in a circle in the auditorium
        Picture: NG XINYAO  -  750 words
      • 153 3 Muslims: They fast in the ninth month, called Ramadan, of the Islamic calendar. For 30 days, they abstain from food and drinks, from sunrise to sunset. It is a time for spiritual reflection. Bahais: In the Bahai calendar, 19 days make up one month and 19 months make
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      • 201 3 SINCE it opened on 7 Oct, the Harmony Centre has been fully booked. Located next to Bishan's An-Nadhah Mosque, the centre has hosted goodwill visits by several local, religious and racial groups, ministers, and even a delegation of Malaysian VIPs. Head of Harmony Centre Muhd Haniff
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      • 289 3 AMONG those who attended last Friday's event at the Harmony Centre were individuals involved in their own inter-faith projects. Ms See Guat Kwee, 48, who facilitated the dialogue, left her promising civil service career in 1999 to study at the Tung
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      • 754 4  -  Chinese-style food, Japanese fare, Indian snacks and Punjabi suits have become common sights at Geylang Serai's Hari Raya bazaar Do something different this Hari Raya... By Celine Lim WHAT an international spread. The smell of grilled Ramly burgers, originally from Malaysia, wafts in from
        Pictures: HEDYKHOO  -  754 words
    • 738 5  -  Then it closes down in May. Ministry investigates after 52 employees claim they haven't been paid IT company stops paying salaries in November, but... By Shree Ann Mathavan shrecann @sph. HE earned $4,700 a month as a software engineer. But the
      Picture: CHOO CHWEE HUA  -  738 words
    • 246 6 CHECKS by The New Paper show that Oswin Technology has been sold. Previously, 60 per cent of the company's shares were owned by Semitech Electronics, an electronics company here. This majority shareholding was subsequently sold to Asian Express Development Corporation in May this year.
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    • 36 7 > ";'4!V '•^^^^^KT»ffrr J fiffi :,sa; T >^rs /> pA Ji>i i >:- ;i J t fl fcy''*"^br.>^cMßi^L^li[l*jfr^^MiM^' > SHfSjnH a£|l ti^-^ik tu,j ''Wfr <i |p»y!nmnf i r-t T"! r hftr "rr'l J ;^*Wt^WMnSKWni,.. morn lihrn-oio ?A ti ifift) hieaT£Ot/VftT
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  • NEWS
      • 361 8  -  ♦Workers' actual monthly pay: $1,200 ♦Restaurant claims it pays $2,501 By Mindy Tan mindytan NOODLE Hut Restaurant was enjoying brisk business at its branches at IMM building, Turf City and United Square. Despite that, the restaurant chain which prides itself on its
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      • 206 8 THE Ministry of Manpower (MOM) wants to prevent employers from relying too heavily on foreign workers at the expense of local employment. That is why it puts a cap on the number of S-Pass holders a firm can hire, based on a stipulated dependency ceiling.
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      • 761 9  -  Please flag the bus early By Dominic Ying BUS commuter Tan Liyang often sees frustrated people at bus stops watching the buses they had wanted to take drive by without stopping. All
        Pictures: KELVIN CHNG  -  761 words
      • 442 10  -  By Crystal Chan SINGAPORE Polytechnic and a trade association have not been able to see eye to eye over some unpaid fees. So the polytechnic is suing the Singapore Optical Trade Association (Sota). Four years ago, the polytechnic and the association signed an
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    • 418 11 Not clear if Syariah court granted consent to M'sian rocker's secret marriage MALAYSIA Malaysian rocks tar Awie's problems are far from over. Now, that his secret second marriage is out m the open, he faces another whether the marriage is valid or not. The Federal
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    • WORLD
      • 550 12 SHE is only 6, and barely 1.2 m tall. Yet, the pint-sized terror, together with two older girls, claimed to have triad connections and ordered the beating up of four teenagers in Hong Kong, when their demands for cigarettes were ignored. The victims were
        Pictures: APPLE DAILY, ORIENTAL DAILY NEWS  -  550 words
      • 378 13 AP. THE case of an American lawyer who allegedly murdered his neighbour has taken an unexpected twist. Jonathon Edington, 29, from Fairfield, Connecticut, has been charged with stabbing and killing Mr Barry James (below) on 28 Aug. This was after his wife told him
        AP.; Pictures: AP  -  378 words
      • 448 14 Mum and boyfriend abduct baby after stabbing social worker to death AP. THE 33-year-old mum was desperate. She knew that her baby's visit on 16 Oct would probably be his last. Her 9-month-old child, who had been taken into foster care when he was
        AP.; Pictures: AP  -  448 words
      • 343 15 Reuters. THEY may be only the second father and son team to have shared the highest office in the US, but, President George W Bush gently admonished his dad for predicting the Democrats could triumph in the 7 Nov congressional elections. It was the latest sign
        Reuters.; Pictures: AP, AFP  -  343 words
      • 333 16 HE was an experienced parachute jumper. But at 11.45 am on Saturday (11.45pm, Singapore time), retired police lieutenant Brian Lee Schubert (above), 66, made his last jump. He made a Base parachute jump from the New River Gorge Bridge in the US
        Picture: AP  -  333 words
      • 527 16 0 J Simpson was cleared of killing ex-wife and her male friend in controversial US trial 11 years ago Now, he's paid millions for new book, tentatively titled If I Did It ELEVEN years after star athlete O J Simpson (above) was acquitted of murdering
        Picture: ACTION IMAGES  -  527 words
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    • 83 8 1 ;rAvi\;rc)Sy5iMTO; MrMee will hire foreign chefs and pay them only $1,200. To obtain the chefs'work passes, Mr Mee > decides to lie tor i m 'Si 20 m A worker has to be paid at least $2,500 a month to qualify for an EP and must earn at least
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    • 193 17 S YAH ID'S BIGGEST DREAM IS TO BE A SCIENTIST. YOU COULD HELP MAKE IT A REALITY. Last year near| V B'ooo8 000 students benefited from The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. The fund provides pocket money for less privileged children to reduce the load faced by their d
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  • NEWS
    • News watcher
      • 221 18 SINGAPORE may see more integrated resorts (IRs) in the future, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew told Singapore journalists yesterday in Las Vegas. The visit is part of the final leg of his two-week long trip to the US. He siud the Government
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      • 25 18 Bangladesh Muslims crowded a vessel on the Buriamga river in Dhaka to head home to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Picture: AP
        Picture: AP  -  25 words
      • 144 18 Last weelu The US Dow index rose above 12,000 and hit a new all-time high on Thursday. Then, it fell 22 per cent in a single day. The Straits Times Index's closing on Friday was also a new all-time high. Oil prices fell to their lowest level in
        144 words
      • 110 18 Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has praised Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's recent apology to neighbours for the haze. But he added that Indonesia risks its credibility and standing in the world if it does little to fight the problem. The haze has triggered fears
        110 words
      • 106 18 AN influx of foreign patients is generating brisk business in the dental industry. Anecdotal evidence suggests that foreigners now make up between 15 and 60 per cent of patients at private dental practices. According to figures released this year, dental services is the healthcare sector's
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      • 99 18 THE 100-year-old Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) should aim to broaden its membership, ensure leadership renewal and tap new markets beyond China, so as to keep abreast with the times. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke to 1,400 businessmen and professionals
        99 words
      • 102 18 FORMER premier Mahathir Mohamad and Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi met face to face yesterday, but the much anticipated "peace talks" failed to settie all their differences. Tun Dr Mahathir told reporters after the two-hour meeting at Seri Perdana, the official residence of
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    • Talk of the town
      • 505 19  -  By Joanna Hughes Columnist A FEW years ago, I was having lunch with my sister in a Chinese restaurant just outside New York. It was Chinese New Year, a rabbit year. She gazed around and said: "My, they've put up their
        505 words
      • 248 19 Net BUZZ Visit your relatives and friends with an empty stomach. And pack your Eno, panadol and medicated oil. Go to an elder's house first because they will cook a big meal. Or anyone's house where there is a lot of food. Shave your moustache
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    • TALK
      • 264 20 MY neighbours, a low-income family with five kids, had to take their daughter for a checkup after the girl was hit on the head by a shot put ball. The doctors at the hospital did a CT scan and three weeks later,
        264 words
      • 290 20 I WOULD like to thank Mr Chew Chin Wee for his letter, "A different ball game, a different playing field" (The New Paper, 11 Oct). With regards to soccer players making use of the basketball court at Block 140 Rivervale Drive for their
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  • SHOW
    • Hallyu buzz
      • 662 21  -  HK's Heavenly Kings rule at event usually dominated by Koreans Pusan International Film Festival: By Chang May Choon ehangmcQsph.comsg ANDY Lau had every reason to grin from ear to ear. As The Chosun Ilbo reported, the Hong Kong Heavenly King was the "biggest
        Picture: AP  -  662 words
      • 451 22 WHERE have Korea's top stars gone? Big names like Jang Dong Gun, Kwon Sang Woo, J eon Ji Hyun and Kim Hee Seon, who glammed up last year's Pusan International Film Festival, were nowhere to be seen
        451 words
    • 743 23  -  By Jeanmarie Tan Dripping wet, a blonde bombshell emerges from the shower and finds herself surrounded by a roomful of cops. Clad in black panties and a bath towel, she swiftly disarms the men by flicking the towel at them before coolly slipping
      743 words
    • 358 24  -  New svelte figure has opened new avenues, says Irene Ang By Lim Jun Xue SHE'S best known as the loud-mouthed Rosie from Phua Chu Kang, but, with her new svelte figure, Irene Ang (below) says she's now ready to take on other
      Picture: ALVIN TOH  -  358 words
    • 130 25 Eddie Murphy Mel B expecting twin babies? SHOW BITES Actor/comedian Eddie Murphy (left), 45, is about to be a dad again. His girlfriend of four months, Scary Spice Melanie Brown, is reportedly four months pregnant with his child. According to The Daily Mirror, the 32-year-old singer got pregnant within days
      Pictures: AP, AFP  -  130 words
    • 104 25 HOTEL heiress Nicky Hilton has dumped her boyfriend of two years, Entourage actor Kevin Connolly. Hilton, 23, dated Connolly, 32, briefly H| before she married QH money manager Todd NH Meister two years ago. K3 However, the couple ■Qu annulled the union three months later, and she
      104 words
    • 75 25 HOLLYWOOD actress Scarlett Johansson (right) has signed a deal to produce her first record, Scarlett Sings Tom Waits. According to Fox News, the 22-year-old sex bomb will be making a whole album of songs by top singer-songwriter Tom Waits, which will probably be
      75 words

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      • 188 26 AS an investment, gold has pros and cons. For gold jewellery, there is only cons. It is not a good investment. I did a small survey of six gold shops and asked the salesmen: How much will the value of jewellery I
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  • 440 28  -  GUIDE TView INTO THIN AIR STARRING: Melissa Ng, Michael Mia KlaWaf, Bernice Lie SHOWING ON: W Drama (Starttab Ch 55), weakday* at Spai RATING: Bv Wendy Teo THIS new drama kicks off in a very promising manner. High-flying police inspector Zhongzheng (Michael Miu) is
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    • 501 29 When a grieving doctor is being contacted by his late wife through his patients' near-death experiences, he becomes convinced she's trying to tell him something important Starring Kevin Costner, Susanna Thompson. Suria Raya Uvel Suria, 10pm This live culmination of Suria Raya Karnival, the biggest Hari Raya event in the
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    • 102 31 Tangy Penang fare If there's one person who truly subscribes to the spirit of GEMS (a national movement encouraging service providers to "go the extra mile for service"), it's got to be Ms Alicia Lim, co-owner of Tasty Penang eatery. The 30-year-old does not merely go the extra mile to
      102 words
    • 170 31 Laksa. Instead of powdered packs, fresh sauce pastes go into the delicious grub. Alicia believes this gives her food a better, sharper flavour. Having tried her sizzling Penang Assam Fishead ($16 $20), I couldn't agree more. Full of heady, tangy flavours, this oil-free (well, almost) dish is one of the
      170 words
    • 104 31 The Penang Assam Laksa and Penang Curry Mee (both $4/$6) also had an appetising tartness, and I slurped up both piquant items. Should you worry about piling on the kilos, order a refreshing Kedondong Fruit Juice ($2.50). According to my host, this sour-sweet beverage improves digestion and also has properties
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    • 7 31 Written by Lunch Guide Reviewer Linda Lee
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      34 words

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      6 words
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      164 words
    • 1 34 Health
      1 words
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      197 words
    • 96 34 Health 1 Welcome lo our new premises at 14, Scotts Road, #05 )6/17 For East Plaia, S pore *****3 Teh *****730/ *****9031 im (Male Therapists m M yy XIN.TIAN JIN, [HEALTHlCENTREl S30nrl Call: 6535 3981 34A Circular Road KJSZ REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE NEWLY OPENED Cosy environment to relax your tension by
      96 words

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    • 75 35 Health pDsnp™™ mins massage' UNpolSafa.Hota«lCoM .1 W& P«L Jacuzzi ad TV Root UMnIRMMnI E» TicMt Sm*oii T 60 Jaian Peniara (Off Margaret Drive, JC JH F SI within OuMratown Club) .C Open Daily: 10.30 am -11.00 pm l»iSa,<a jwmm Sauna Come and enjoy our K Royalty treatment j /rom us.
      75 words
    • 4 35 CATS FASTADS. Health V
      4 words
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      52 words
    • 1 35 Health
      1 words
    • 147 35 Health Relaxation Health Centre new management Swedish/ Shiatsu/ Traditional Massage/ Body Scrub Each individual room with attached bathroom TV re*troom/ Coffee Lounge Free Hot A Cold Dnnk Tim Sums Attractive, Charming. Experience A. Multi-national Skillful New team of Masseuses Muicum needed *****1 3266 U 6741 7522 Car Park tara ia
      147 words
    • 1 35 Health
      1 words
    • 95 35 Health ABS MASSAGE October PROMOTION Ml AO SHAH THERAPY FREE Htalthy bubble bath We provide Traditional Thai massage Swedish massage *03-81/ 86. Golden Mile Complex Boach Rd Tel: 6392-0223 Bill S29 001-2345 AMK Ave 10. Tel: *****391 EQUATORIAL MASSAGE CENTRE 45 mins $28! 'Javanese, Swedish S Body Scrub' Young, Charminq
      95 words

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      8 words
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      153 words
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      151 words
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      7 words
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      38 words
    • 114 38 "Administrative/ Clerical Cleaning Training Institution urgently requires (1) TRAINERS Certified by NSRS 3 to 5 yrs working experience Basic Assignment fees (2) ADMIN EXEC Min '0' level Basic accounting knowledge advantage Bilingual in Chinese Eng For appointments, pis call Steven 9616-8737 ESTAB INTERIOR CO. Invites ippilcsiit for (a) Clerical Coordinator
      114 words
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      72 words
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      104 words
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      82 words
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      108 words
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      496 words

    • 369 40  -  By Marc Tan marc&sph.comjg IT had been a good 30 months since Everybody's Dream saluted. At Ipoh yesterday, the 10-year-old Key Business gelding showed his younger rivals he was far from over the hill when taking out die Class 3 Div 11,200 m sprint in Race
      Picture: CHONG JUN LIANG  -  369 words
    • 618 40 GOING: SOFT 1 Race 1 Class 4 Div 2 1100m (str) I 9 VMM 53 (72-24) IfeHar (4) 5 3 1 8 MFTAAI53(58-17) ISaifudin (16 12 12 HATHHCX51.5(48-17) JdMMb(l1) 4 6 3 Wining stable: Pisang Mas. Trainer Barry Brogan. Margin: 2 M, M. Tbn: 1 min
      618 words
    • 105 40 1st 2nd 3rd YB Lee 43 34 32 F Maynard 40 46 38 L Khoo 30 22 19 J McGillivray 29 42 48 E Breukelen 23 32 13 B Brogan 20 20 24 KL Chong 19 15 12 S Uew 19 7 7 P Roslan 18 4 15
      105 words
    • 94 40 1st 2nd 3rd M Wepner 54 40 26 0 Chavez 36 25 21 YF Leong 32 29 35 L Sofhan 31 26 23 R Lim 20 12 15 WIM 18 20 22 P Braem 17 18 10 S Sani 17 11 22 C Sefleon 16 6 9 BEH1
      94 words
  • Page 40 Miscellaneous

    • Mad about golf
      • 264 41 AP JOE Durant, who 15 years ago earned U5524,000 ($38,000) a year, this morning bagged US$B2B,OOO the biggest cheque of his career. The victory at the Funai Classic at Disney ended his five-year winless drought on Tour. Durant shot a bogey-free seven-under 65 in the
        AP  -  264 words
      • 451 41 Jyoti misses four-foot birdie-attempt and faces Chowrasia in playoff today AFP INDIA'S Jyoti Randhawa and S.S.P. Chowrasia will face off today to determine the winner of the Indian Open, after the sudden-death play-off was suspended due to bad light. Randhawa, Chowrasia and Vijay Kumar all finished the
        AFP  -  451 words
      • Article, Illustration
        257 41 AFP SOUTH Korea's Han Hee Won won the US$l.3 million ($2.08 million) Honda LPGA in Thailand yesterday with a final total of 202, stealing the title from early front-runner American Nicole Castrale. Han struggled with the hot weather early on in the inaugural tournament, but found
        AFP; Picture: STRAITS TIMES  -  257 words
      • 123 41 AFP SWEDEN'S Niclas Fasth won his second Spanish title of the season yesterday when he clinched a three-shot win at the Mallorca Classic. Fasth, the Spanish Open winner in April, carded a final-round 68 for a five-under-par total of 275 to capture his fifth career tide. Sergio Garcia
        AFP  -  123 words
    • Formula One
      • 864 42 Wire Services. FERRARI'S Michael Schumacher said farewell to Formula One yesterday with a stirring drive from last to fourth place against the odds in his final Brazilian Grand Prix. "The race was rather chaotic, I guess that's the right word for it," he said. "We had an
        Wire Services.; Picture: REUTERS  -  864 words
      • 435 43 Reuters. RENAULT'S Fernando Alonso took his second successive Formula One tide yesterday, finishing runner-up in a Brazilian Grand Prix won by Ferrari's local favourite, Felipe Massa. Ferrari's Michael Schumacher, in the final race of his career, showed all his grit and determination to go from
        Reuters.; Picture: AP  -  435 words
    • OLE!
      • 1246 44 REAL MADRID 2 Raul (3rd mm), Ruud van Nisteirooy (51) BARCELONA!) PA Sport. BARCELONA were left reeling—brought down by Real Madrid's R and R combo of Raul and Ruud van Nisteirooy. Then again, class teams always seem to turn on their class acts at the
        PA Sport.; Picture: AP  -  1,246 words
      • 246 44 PA Sport. REAL Madrid coach Fabio Capello said the 2-0 victory over Barcelona was the product of a new team spirit that developed following talks after the defeat by Getafe. "This team is now playing like a team, it has
        PA Sport.  -  246 words
      • 656 45 Wire Services. PALERMO stunned AC Milan 2-0 at the San Siro yesterday to join Inter at the top of the table. Palermo's fifth win from seven games came after Australian international midfielder Mark Bresciano gave them the lead just after the break. The Socceroo raced onto a
        Wire Services.; Picture: AP  -  656 words
      • 413 45 FRANCE Auxerre 0 PSG 0 Marseille 1 Lyon 4 Monaco 1 Toulouse 3 AS Nancy 1 Nantes 0 CS Sedan 2 Lens 2 Sochaux 2 Bordeaux 1 Lille IFCLorientO Rennes 1 Nice 0 StEtieone2LeMansO Valenciennes 3 ES Troyes AC 1 HOLLAND AZAikmaar 1 PSV3 Utrecht 2 Den HaagO
        413 words
    • epl 2006/7
      • 514 46 MIDDLESBROUGH 1 Yakubu Aiyegbem (85th min) NEWCASTLE 0 PA Sport. GARETH Southgate savoured more home comforts as Aiyegbeni Yakubu struck with five minutes remaining to sink north-east rivals Newcastle and clinch his side's second Riverside Stadium victory in a week. The Nigerian striker rose highest to
        PA Sport.; Pictures: REUTERS, AP  -  514 words
      • 460 46 BLACKBURN 0 BOLTON 1 Ivan Campo (62nd min) PA Sport. JUSSI Jaaskelainen saved two penalties in two minutes as Bolton secured a remarkable victory. The Finland shot-stopper (right, being hugged by a team-mate after saving one of the penalties)
        PA Sport.  -  460 words
      • 604 47 READWG8 ARSENAL 4 Thtany Hvvy (1st min.70 penalty). Atoxandr HM> (39). Rofcn m\Pvn*$Q) Wire Services. ARSENAL'S distinctive swagger is back. Thierry Henry scored his first Premiership away goals of the season as Arsenal swept Reading aside 4-0 at the Madejski Stadium last night. Henry bagged a goal in
        Wire Services.; Picture: AFP  -  604 words
      • 317 47 TOTTBMMII 1 i ik ■ii iij /irM. rKymfn nfWTWQ MOO {40ill urnl) mar man Wire Services. MIDO scored the only goal in Spurs' 1-0 win over West Ham to pile on the misery for Alan Pardew and his side. Spurs just about shaded the first half, with
        Wire Services.  -  317 words
      • 195 48 mgmCn NUN H 2 UVHVOOL 0 PA Sport. RIO Ferdinand admitted games against Liverpool have been kind to him in recent years as he hit the target for the Red Devils. Ferdinand scored the winner when the sides met in the corresponding fixture last season
        PA Sport.  -  195 words
      • 1339 49  -  m match MAN U 2 UVffiPOOL 0 TV VIEW By Lim Han Ming CARLOS Tevez, Fernando Torres, Marcos Senna, Owen Hargreaves. Those were some of the big names who were linked with Manchester United in the off-season. When Sir Alex Ferguson failed to lure
        Picture: AFP  -  1,339 words
      • Article, Illustration
        61 50 OUR reporter interviews former Man United and England captain .jj Bryan Robson, who is in Singapore as aTV pundit for ESPN. What wouid you fike to ask him? Email all your qoeiles by noon tomorrow. We will do our best to get as many answers as possible in
        61 words
      • 798 51 Wit MAN UZ LIVERPOOL M Wire Services. PAUL Scholes was his typical modest self after celebrating his 500th club appearance in the 2-0 win over Liverpool. The Manchester United midfielder was handed a commemorative plate prior to the kick-off by Sir Bobby Charlton but he
        Wire Services.  -  798 words
      • 123 52 mmmmmmmmmnm m v warn TIME: 39th min SCORE: 1-0 SCHOLES 1994 Scholes makes his debut in September 1994 against Port Vale in the League Cup, taking advantage of the absence of Cantona, who is suspended for kicking a fan. He scores twice. Rooney finds Giggs on
        123 words
      • 592 53 NtW rArcn |UN U 2 UVfflPOOl 0 1. We didn 7 create enough chances to score 2. We missed Craig Bellamy's pace and running Wire Services. RAFAEL Benitez was a shell of a man at Old Trafford last night where his team were sent packing 2-0
        Wire Services.; Picture: AP; Picture: AFP  -  592 words
      • 490 54 Wire Services SIR Alex Ferguson is convinced Manchester United's 2-0 win against Liverpool last night was enough proof that his players believe they can win the Premiership title. Ferguson's side regained pole position in the table from champions Chelsea on goal difference after strikes
        Wire Services; Picture: AFP  -  490 words
      • Article, Illustration
        1312 55 MM MAN U 2 LIVERPOOL 0 WHAT THE ANALYSTS SA Y MENG: Was the 2-0 scoreline a surprise? More importantly, was the comfortable nature of Manchester United's victory predicted? McMAHON: No. I've predicted before the match that Liverpool will lose 2-0. And it was all down to their
        Picture: ACTION IMAGES  -  1,312 words
      • 941 55 HAN MING: It is not wrong to say that Manchester United thoroughly deserved to win this game. What did they do right? TOHARI: Liverpool went to Old Trafford with a defensive mindset and they paid the price for it. Sir Alex Ferguson was tactically
        941 words
      • Article, Illustration
        1018 56  -  it new rnrcn i Ma mstoH MAN II2 LIVERPOOL 0 TV VIEW By Wang Meng Meng SAYONARA. Auf Wiedersehen. Au Revoir. Adios. Or in whatever language you want to say it. It's kaput for Liverpool, as far as their grand designs on a first Premiership title is
        Picture: REUTERS  -  1,018 words
    • 356 57 Wire Services. HE had orchestrated their demise. Put them to the sword. But even as he did that, Sir Alex Ferguson refused to dismiss Liverpool as tide contenders. "I will not cast them aside," Ferguson warned. "You do that at your own risk." Short of
      Wire Services.; Graphic: HUP  -  356 words
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    • 95 43 j wp^nigasM'r^ BSU* mi l JMpq ivlf H^H^HH MBininrrtnßfirFi n liiijiiiiMfr awn# l -T^«ir«.:>i^ilHH^ The cutting edge. At Philips Shavers and the WilliamsF I Team, technology is our shared passion. From the contours of the track to those on your face, it's what gives us the cutting edge. Join us
      95 words

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    • 117 45 SPORT AFRIQUE CAN SURPRISE! I Home ground to help! Sleague Sport Afrique Scngkang Mon, 23/10/06 B.oopm SLeague Woodbnds Home United Moq 23/KYO6 aOOpm E League Cup Chesterfield West Ham Wed, 25/10/06 2.45«n E League Cup Leeds Southend Wed, 25/10/06 2.45 am E League Cup Wtfrd Hull City Wed, 25/10/06 2.45
      117 words
    • 30 45 ArfStSsgf&j. Experience our Traditional Shiatsu Swedish Massage Sauna Steam Bath T.V. Lounge All Individual room with shower attached bath room 6235 4455/6 Holiday Inn Park View B1-01, 11 Cavenagh Road
      30 words

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    • 59 50 1 t i SATURMY 21 OCTOBER SUNDAY 22 OCTOBffi |^H ■KMZUIoKmaH^^I Hbihohh Sonoma LCD TV ■■■■■■BBUMaWM •a*>M«\Ml»lfflW»MW>' ■——I jwaftqfrgfttf -Vj •r". •'i >'"' U £o°-f imagine scoring with the fpLCD TV No. 1* LCD IV brand j i •Source GfK Singapore Rett* Audit Report. CTV and LCO TV Segment, Jan
      59 words