Morning Tribune, 17 February 1940

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  • 8 1 The Morning Tribune l», Sat Feb. 17, 19"
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  • 131 1 Hoax Robs Nazi Army of 50,000 Grenades Budapest, Feb. 16. i kIJCCESSFUL hoax is reported here, uhreby 50.000 hand nades ordered f«>r th c German ny W trt taken from a muni- i y iMtoiv at Brumi m Sudet- bTfaji before the dat P on i(h the grenades was due
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  • 136 1 AntiBritish Slogans To Go Peking. Feb. 16. BH'OKDIN'G to a reliable re- port, the local Police authoX s have received instructions ■to remove all traces of anti-Bri-■Mi posters and destroy unused ■^tui'ks of the same. are alio Instructing Chinm to remove signs ha Hr uage From shop fronts op windows.
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  • 54 1 Deportation Of Jews Japanese May Sue For Peace Musical Concert Hitler's Moods J Defence Regulations t a*e J» Leader Page People Places Home Page J Our Letter To Hitler 10 11 Wedding Feast Given Aw.o Classified Ads. Cinemas 14 Shipping 1( Singapore Boxing To-day's Race.s Finance JjJ
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  • 74 1 I I London, Fob. 16. I 1 Socially revealed that the I Vit hS*"?" wlii( >h ank* ank tne two I last Friday was H M.S. 1 Antelope is one of the reserve fleet, and her commander la Lieut C m. \R. T. White. The vessel is
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  • 370 1 LONDON, FEB. 16. [WO DANISH SHIPS, THE RHONE 1,064 TONS, AND THE SLEIPNER, 1,066 TONS WERE TORPEDOED OFF THE EAST COAST IN THE EARLY HOURS OF THIS MORNING. Six are believed to have been saved from the Rhone, and six passengers and six
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  • 30 1 Paris, Feb. 16. A FRENCH warship attacked a German submarine at sea but the authorities are unable to state positively that the submarine was sunk. Reuter
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  • 207 1 SWEDEN REJECTS APPEAL FOR DIRECT HELP Stockholm, Feb 16. 1 CWFDEN has rejected an appeal J i v it- t r i Finland for direct mill- I tary help. I i The newspaper Alton bladet slates that the Finnish Govern- i ment had advised Sweden that Finland eoaM not hold
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  • 24 1 Th,» Hague, Peb, 16 It is expected Mr. Sumner Welle* will include Holland and Belgium m hi* European tour. Reuter Reuter
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  • 261 2 Zurich. |*"cl». 16 Dl lILS of the mass deportation of JeH> to the JenKli reacrtation at J iihlin m (;eiman-oicupifd Poland ar,. Riven by the Berlin correspondrnt of the Neue/uen her ZeitonK. The ».orr^)*n«dent it ate* that on: lurdav nicht two officials are staled;
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  • 195 2 Wakama Scuttling Rio De Janeiro, Feb. 16. IT IS learned that Brazil has sent a note to the Governments of the other American nations, protesting against the pursuit of the German steamer Wakama inside the 300-iwile neutrality zone. The U'akama scuttled herself on sighting
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  • 78 2 London, Feb. 16. ON the occasion of the impending retirement and return to Brazil of Dr. Reins de Oliveira, Ambassador here .since 1925 and doyen of the Diplomatic Corps Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone presented His Excellency with diamond cufflinks and his wife, Dona Gina, with
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  • 53 2 Vau-iaa City, Feb. 16. LADY HALIFAX, accompanied by the British Minister to tlv Holy See, was received m private audience by the Pope ;,this morning. The audience Ur>te:l 45 minute.:. Afterwards Lady Halifax and the British Minister were received by the Papal Secretary of State,
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  • 103 2 NEW COLD RECORDS IN EUROPE London, Feb. 16. EUROPE continues to be m the grip of frpst, and reports of new low temperature records continue to be received. The cold wave has spread to Spain, where the temperature ha fallen to 19 degrees Fahrenheit at Burgos, and there have been
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  • 84 2 CEASELESS SNOW IN BERLIN Brussels. Feb. 16. SNOW has been falling ceaselessly for tv/o days m Berlin, according to reports received from the correspondent of the Belga News Agency m the German capital In the streets of Berlin, pedestrians have to walk between two ramparts of snow. It is the
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  • 77 2 London, Feb. 16. IN the House of Lords yesterday Lord Ponsonby asked Government to arrange a secret session to discuss matters arising from the war. Lord Noel iiuxton and Viscount Cecil supported the request. Lord Halifax declined to accede to it, on the ground that
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  • 177 2 Lunch To Plate Battle Heroes London, Feb. 15 ALL work was suspended tor netriri hour m Plymouth to-day hen officers and men from the Exeter Ajax marched through port I Marines Band to the Guildhall *jw they were entertained to lun:li crowds cheered wildly and nianv sa tators were so
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  • 96 2 NAZIS INTENSIFY BID FOR RUMANIAN OIL INTERESTS London, Feb. 16. f ERMAN efforts te acquire control U o f Rumanian oil interests have been intensified during the past few weeks, states the Financial News political correspondent. Substantial minority participation: have already been acquired m a numoe. of instances, and control
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  • 177 2 (^«OL^^ tr< CHIRLEY TEMPLE, the little frite of the screen, is to win an unusual pan m i4 S»saniwh The Mounties," which is th f. Pr t pal film at the Cotbay for the few days. _.i he orts Shirley Temple will capture an m
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  • 289 3 feveloptnents Next Month Tokyo, Feb. 16. |T a secret session of both houses m the Diet yesterday a spokesman of the Government explained the terms for adLiment of Sino-Japanese relations. It is understood the liver n men t intends to publish these terms "by the
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  • 71 3 Jerusalem. Feb. 18. MR. Anthony Eden, Dominions Secretary, was welcomed on his arrival m Faiestine by the Commander-in-Chief and other officials. Afterwards he drove to all the Australian camp<(. Mr. Eden told Renter "Having seen these fine men I would like to take a series of
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  • 204 3 London, Feb. 16. |»l House of Lords to-day passed Ihp s?cond reading of the Cotton Industry Bill, which is designed to promote the export trade. Templemore, introducing the •aid that exports m the cotton were especially vital m wartime, exports of cotton goods
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  • 47 3 AUSSIES RUSH TO JOIN AIR FORCE London, Feb. 16. ONE thousand ffi e hundred men are registering weekly m New South Wales for the Australian Air Force expeditionary corpL*. according to a Sydney broadcast. Of thesp about 1,000 have been found fit and accepted for service. Reuter
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  • 237 3 London, Feb. 16. ABSTACLES m the way of effective Russo-German co-operation are discussed m the Times, which remarks that the organisation of Russian resources by Prussian efficiency is a "dream which has always been attractive to German Army leaders, but is likely to remain a
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  • 39 3 New Bulgarian Cabinet Sofia. Feb. 16. DROFESSOR PHILOFF, the former Education Minister, has formed i non-party Cabinet with M. Ivan PopofT, Bulgarian Minister m Belgrade, as Foreign Minister Bulgaria's foreign and internal policies are stated to remain unchanged.- Reuter
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  • 163 3 GERMANY'S FUTILE ARGUMENT London, Feh. 16. THK German (iovernment** arruiMiii- m support of the m now inert policy of unrest rioted ittb mt'lna warfare ire more titan usually futile, say* an authoritative statement. International Ijuv always fully 1 < ni.«ed the right of neutrals to iiadc with be'ligerents, subject to
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  • 455 4 CAPTAIN Charle* Pottinger of the "Ashlea," one of the five merchant captains who was imprisoned on the Graf Spec during its struggle io the death with the three British cruisers, is looking for another ship. Along with the four other captains for Whom
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  • 94 4 N (Tribune Staff Reporter) WHEN two lorries pulled up at i the Singapore Police Courts 4 yesterday afternoon loaded with no fewer than 64 cases of} beer and soda, created quite i a false alarm. But the Police Court stall were not holding a party toj bid
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  • 704 4 I^AST NIGHT'S subscription concert at the Victoria Memorial Hall, the first of a series of three, was received enthusiastically and with appreciation by a large audience which filled the hall to capacity. During the past year there have been indications of a
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  • 288 5 NUTRALS SCORN NAZI "NEWS" rl losini: lo|ia«antla War I BBC is successfully IfigiitiMK > tI0 "e N zi "V I 011 British news broad- n ovv Mug waged all over world. l t (l s (Mvtrnment recentEm through its diplomatic Kstntativcs a protest to all ra i Governments against nsr
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  • 183 5 Solmon (OF ETON) Is IK ail W&T»m Our Own Correspondent). ■Irnfr^ Eton Jan 26 ■■-o.vKa Eton la dead. Solomon, 1 X learly 60 years has been E? up' (reviving) the top hats of |B* ailcl l'-nfi-s, peers and commoners 1 tneir .sometimes obstreperous ■pay.sat Eton College Mjt Duke of Gloucester,
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  • 89 5 Coebbels Goebbels! Toil And Troubles! S Goebbels can talk about 1 nothing and mak.? il sound important longer than any man alive. In appearance he reminds one of a rat and if, annoyed the small and voluble lieute- nant of Hitler very much to be referred
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  • 673 5 FRENCH ENVOYS TELL OF INTERVIEWS VIVID pen-pictures of Hitler's unstable character, his alternating moods of irasonablenei^s and rnrre. are drawn by French despatches assem bled m the official Yellow Book. of which an English translation has now been published. On one occasion Hitler listen*
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  • 139 5 wore children unaccompanied (less than half the total", and 223,381 were accompanied children— nearly nineterths of the total. Of the 166.206 mothers evacuated. 145,681 (Mf«n out of e%fet) have returned home. The possibility of the Government ordering further evacuation of children was mentioned by Lady Reading,
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  • 42 5 Kunming. Fallowing tiie lead of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek who recently gar* $100,000 for the relief of "refugee" stufients m Yunnan Province, Mr. Lun~ Yun, Chairman of the Yunnan Provincial Government, has given $50,000 for a similar purpose,— Chinese Central News
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  • 38 5 "If Adolf Hitler. Austrian* paperhanKer's assistant and corporaj of the last world war is to-day President and Chancellor of the Great German Reich. then he must thank Dr. Wllhelm Frick. a dry German police offlci?J, for hL> P'«st>
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  • 113 6 Singapore, Friday. PLEADING guiJty to a charge iindrr the Defence Regulations, eleven Chinese and two Malays were cautioned and dishurged by omdr. Cllve A. Kobinson, m the Marine Court to-day. The charge was that .m Feb the :k rused disobeyed a navigation order by moving inside the
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  • 72 6 Singapore, Friday. NAM KONG NANG, a 27-year-oki Cantonese claimed trial this morning m the second police court before Mr. Conrad Oldham on a charge of attempt- ing to qxtort fifty cents from a Cantonese named Koek Wan, by putting him m fear of assault. On the application
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  • 60 6 GESTAPO KILLS EIGHT POLISH PROFESSORS London, Feb. 16. ACCORDING to the Polish radio m Prance another eminent Polish scholar, Professor Ignacy Chrzanowski, who occupied the chair of literature at the University of Cracow, has died m the notorious concentration camp oi Oranienfaurg. He is the eighth professor of Cracow University
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  • 34 6 MR. Augustus John, famous painter, lfl who resigned from the Royal Academy m April, 1938, as a protest against m Academy's rejection of a portrait by Wyndham Lewis, was yesterday re-elected a Royal Academician.
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  • 255 6 Singapore. Friday. THE preliminary inquiry into a charge of possession of counterfeit Tiger and Anchor beer labels against three Chinese, one of whom is only seventeen years of age, began this afternoon before Mr. H. Watson m the Third Police Court. The accused.
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  • 97 6 2 ON RIOT CHARGE N EK AH XV Hassan, both h-. Singapore Rubber v charged m the Pit to-day under a count ol The men were- produ ,l stance of Mr A R And It is alloged thai the others or more with th«. ot intimidating pera |n the Singapore
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  • 39 6 Mr. Ehsanur Rahman Kidwai. J tary el the U.P. Muslim I.tviie^ •been returned from th I <,rM jim constituency to the I p. LeS live Council. Mr. Kiciwai votes and the rival cdnriicv^J Siraj Husain (Independent pollejj votes. I
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  • 240 6 Singapore, Friday. AX order to pay $10 a month for the benefit of his creditors was made against an elderly Chinese book-keeper, Yeo Tieng Swee, by the Hon. Chief Justice, Sir Percy McEhvaine, m Hie High Court this morning. Mr. G. H. Poh appeared on
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  • The Morning Tribune Saturday, February 17, 1940.
    • 108 7 THERE was once a principle known as non-intervention, designed to prevent the spread or protraction of civil or localised wars. The Spanish war killed it. The powers who intervened then cannot grumble now that the Allies and other nations have intervened m their little wars
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    • 242 7 THE Rev. H. B. Amstutz, Wesleyan pastor, m an addres 1 to Singapore Rotarians on Wednesday, trod on delicate ground m roundly condemning the practice of sending cosby wreaths to funerals when the money might be so much more acceptable to the bereaved family. If sentimental considerations
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  • Article, Illustration
    864 7  -  H. L. Hopkin m Retribution Overtakes Criminals* A German ■Example: Paramount British News Criticised: Freedom Of Speech Upheld. j B London, Jan. 27. KRK is a splendid example of Hfrt-triluition overtaking criminals. ■}«> the extract from an article ■■he Daily Mail by Mr. William D. ■]es. an American
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  • 200 10 OOWN California way lived a grocerOttoman of the name ol Morriss Hr had a daughtei. Ann. Nineteeri years old was Ann— and that's her m this picture Now. Ann didn't see much iuture m tea and su^ur. She had a little sauce, [•lid set out to
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  • 68 10 i the War m France is so far at a stalemate for the British Ex- peditionary Force exercises I are constantly taking place to keep the units up to the high- S est pitch of efficiency. S Our picture above shows a gun crew of the
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  • Article, Illustration
    131 10 PLEASE MORWARD l»«-iir Mr. Ililltß obeyed your order to m little thrlfl His name is Harry A. Badt yaM 22, 1884. He commands the !'<■ (jjvernmtnt of the United S'.a^iß of speech, freedom of the pre^s M VYoukl liny of your me'i on in»(M found him where he found thvm'
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  • Article, Illustration
    276 10 DICTURES of victims of the Graf Spec have reached Singapore. B Top picture shows the British steamer "Ashlea" being tor M pedoed. The lower is the "Doric Star" being sent to the bottom g m r similar manner. These are some of the prey consumed by the
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  • 228 10 Amsterdam, Jan. 29. jyHAT is the riddle of the seven Friesian islands, including the mine-laying seaplane base of Sylt, which were to-day placed m the forbidden German "war-zone"? Sylt has recently been the scene «»f mystery explosions. Observers froim the Danish frontier report further great i
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  • 73 10 ANOTHER attempt to raise the £24,000.000 Spanish treasure which has lain on the bottom ot I the sea near Vigo, Spain, for 23R years is to be made by a commer. cial group who have been granted a concession for salving. The treasure was being carried by
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  • Article, Illustration
    3 11
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  • 83 11 rIE policy of Hitler alone is one J reason why we will win the m struggle," writes Mrs. Ellen Carroll of Conception Bay, Newfoundland. Mrs. Carroll should know. She has the wisdom of age— ll2 last October and the eldest woman m J the British Empire. To
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    • Article, Illustration
      164 11  -  Mr. Jacob MX. JACOB EPSTEIN say.,, that he sold his statue Adam not for nearly £7,000, as 'has been rumoured, but for £750. "I am utterly disgusted at the way m which it is being exhibited," he said. "I sold my masterpiece for £750. "Now Mr. Stafford claims he
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    • 193 11  -  Mr. Charles MR CHARLES STAFFORD, the man who bought Jacob Epstein's sensational three-tons pink alabaster masterpiece "Adam," says he is going to make £1,000,000 by displaying it m America. He believes America "will go r crazy about Adam," which he has insured for £20,000 against the possibility of it
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  • 159 11 •frrom Our Own Correspondent). Zurich, Jan. 31. INCOMES drawn by Hitler and Goering have always been a mystery. But according to figures reaching Switzerland from a reliable Berlin source here is what they drew last year: Hitler £2U>™> Goering £112,000 And here are the chief items which
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  • 155 12 WEDDING FEAST GIVEN TO HUNGRY SAILORS A SCOTTISH crofter family m the Western Isles planned a great wedding feast this week. Rich and unusual food was bought, cooked and made ready the night before the wedding. But the wedding par'.y never ate the feast. They gave it to eleven guests
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  • 313 12 London, Jan. 26. rAPTURED with 11,000 other Russian troops m North Finland is a 21-year-old girl, one of thousands of Soviet women who are marching to the front with the Red armies dressed m the uniform of ordinary Red soldiers writes Ralph Hewins
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  • 59 12 JAPANESE AIRMEN CAPTURED JJAMAGED by Chinese anu*^. batteries, one of the thirty jjj£ planes which attacked Luini southwestern Kwangsi made T L J landing m a small village Its crew of five airmen wer P cantn^ aJive by the Chinese force* P ured Another enemy raider was hit t>v rv,
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  • 37 12 "In my opinion history will that Britain was led m the Sri world wax by men <tf ability and'; racter, and that the best of them was the man at their head "—B'vpri v Baxter, M.P. J
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  • Neutrals Getting More Angry
    • 44 15 Rome, Feb. 16. a i OKDING to the official Italian News Agency the Italian cargo Cramer Giorgio Ohlesen, sank off the east coast of Great Britain yesterday after striking a mine. She was of 5,694 tons and had a lJt 'v\ <»1" .'>2 Reuter
      Reuter  -  44 words
    • 91 15 This is regarded as parucumn? cntraj> to international law and the j;ht of neutrals to carry on trade lith |;H!i Scrants. lermany claima that Britain is makillcgal use of neutral ships which being taken into Allied ports forj but Germany herself makes, use of this procedure m the, i Italian
      Reuter  -  91 words
    • 112 15 Washington, Feb. 13. j Ir Cordell Hull (Secretary of State)' i a Press conference to-day that the ited States Embassy m Berlin was Ing for clarification of the German ■S3 statement to the effect that any ural vessel, including American, en te to an Allied port or
      Reuter  -  112 words
    • 126 15 (New York, Feb. 15. CONSIDERABLE spcculatiim has 1 been aroused m the i'nited States V i cryptic remark made by Pre&i- dent Roosevelt to newspaper representatives prior to his leaving for a holiday cruise m the cruiser Kusci loosa. President Roosevelt said that it might be fair to assume that
      Reuter  -  126 words
    • 32 15 Chicago, Feb. 15. It is reported m local export quar- j tet's that Russia has purchased between three and jfive cargoes of Pacific Coast wheat, presumably for I shipment to Vladivostok Reuter
      Reuter  -  32 words
    • 35 15 London, Feb. 16. THE wreckage of the Ita T iaii steamer Giorgio Ohlsen, reported .sunk by a mine, was found off the east coast yes- terday. Spwnt* I^™ memh#»re nf tha mnMM were saved Reuter
      Reuter  -  35 words
    • 64 15 Washington, Feb. 15. An amendment to the Neutrality Act forbidding United States planes to make anything but forced landings at Bermuda, owing to British examination of Unite! States mails there, was intro*duced m the Senate to-day by Senator Clark (Missouri). The amendment was referred to the Foreign Relations Committee of
      Reuter  -  64 words
  • 67 15 Paris, ffcfc 16 TA[ I'Y-SSVEN foreigner* of Caecho Slovak origin have been sent to concentration camp near Rarnboill t on a charge of carrying on activ.' dangerous to thr> country They were i ?mployed m national defence factories I and are tatori v, hiivr
    Reuter  -  67 words
  • 43 15 Ij] Vr Paris, Feb. 16. 1 ommunists have been senJ^nced to terms of from one to >' imprisonment by a mili- j c l i t for carrying on CommuP M They include the i (l1 and three miini- Reuter
    Reuter  -  43 words
  • 34 15 MH'r Lisbon. Feb. 16. liner "Colonial" was I OIT Si(>r^ Leone by a Bri- Kl > which took off six German Latex a Frencii patrol I stopped the Coloni»i mi! I four more Germans Reuter
    Reuter  -  34 words
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  • 268 16 Shaokwan, Feb. 1. RH OKTS from Chinese garrison m Hainan Island *t:it<-d that extensive bombing: of towns and villages m the northern parts of the Island have been renewed with ineteasing frequency, and casualties and damages were exacted mostly from the civilian population. T)i< air raids
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    • 283 16 LUXURIOUS ONE-CLASS MOTORSHIPS Cabins with Private Bath— Excellent Cuisine— Moderate Fares. 2 PASSENGER SAILINGS TO MARSEILLES AND LONDON. During March April 1940. Passengers paying th c U.K. rate have the option of proceeding overlani 2nd Class rail and sleeper, MarseilleslLondoo, at the ship's expence. THE EAST ASIATIC CO., LTD. (Incorporated
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  • 735 17 STAR FRISCO KNOCKS OUT MARQUES Results At A Glance Baby Low (8.3 H) beat C> clone Kid (8.5) on points over 4 (3) rounds. Tiger Aman < 7 1 3 i beat M Dass (7-B <i) on a T.K.O. m the last round over 6 (3) rounds. Neil Hemchit (10-6)
    735 words
  • 468 17 Rankers Score Decisive Win I Hongkong and Shanghai Bank 5; Jacks S. C 0. ■EPT for some phases of bright play by the Bankers' forwards, yester■y < Business Houses' League game between the Hongkong and Shang■Bank. champions of the League, and Jacks' S. C, at the Stadium, productive of mediocre
    468 words
  • 145 17 (By "PETE") IN reply to a cable sent to the I British Boxing Board of Control and the American Boxing Board of Control, the Singapore Boxing Board of Control have received a cable contents of were announced at a committee meeting of the Singapore
    145 words
  • 133 17 S.A.F.A. Vointnittees for 1940 •W SAFA. «nm-, i Mr R William- 1 ■■■.•i,,,, Mr Tay Uan, WlUlam-l p >>■>< «r- T >- Liall rjgs,, p-iflarv 1v f: C. Sands Bsq Fit Dteut. O G Gregson r F W Wttt E>q.. Dr. S. H. Al- L:m Yon. Uani E SQvTPiTN^RY BOARD:
    133 words
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  • 833 18 End Of Singapore Race Meeting (By "TRESPASSER") THE Mala van "classic" for ponies, the Spring Cup, is the chief item of interest m the third and final day's races of the Singapore Spring Meeting to-day. I pick Quisana to win from Happy Sal
    833 words
  • 79 18 (By "Tmputa Race 1: DANCING rOAI Shoot l'p Race 2: GRAFMOND Cambalong Race 3: SULTANA Golden Glimpse Race 4: QI'ISANA Happy Sal Race 5: FARNLEY Resistance Race 6: RUBBER QUEEN* Flying Column Race 7: THANKS The Puritan Race 8: ARTFUL SAILOR Oorugan. (By "Spectator") Race I—SHOOT UP Dancing Foam
    79 words
  • 287 18 Overseas Chinese Bank 3; Nestanglo DLAYING on a sodden ground, the Overseas Chinese Banking Corpoß t ion's Sports Club defeated the Nestanglo Sports Club by I goals to one yesterday on the Clerical Union ground at Rangoon R« m a Business Houses League fixture. I Ball
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    • 21 19 I London, Friday, l price; £240 3 /i Buyers £241 Sellers h .official Price; £240»/ 2 Buyers £240^4 Sellers
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    • 18 19 London, Friday. I B. S. m rone Steady, Quiet m lone 13 b 13' 8 s
      18 words
    • 83 19 B London, Friday. Kiai Chemical Industries 30, 6 ■i.a! Tobacco 118/» ■(-Dutch 26/ J ■diaii Pacific J 8 ■'m Tin 4/4 J 2 ■er Pi. In. Trust 34/3 X Hitaiiis 25/BieiaKmtas ft Ib I Asiatics li l^ 2 Witwatersrand Areas "6 3 Tr Tr. (bearen 73/9 ■Loan
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    • 65 19 I London, Friday. Oil (Malay) In bulk fpt. S'ment. Not Quoted Fa (Straits F.M.S.) nber S'ment. Not Quoted Flour (Sarawak) ar. S'ment. 18 March paid. ioca. Seed Pearl, tality (Singapore i »y S'ment. 31/- Sellers )er (FAQ i White k FebMar. S'ment. 4 3/16 Sellers )er (FAQ i Black
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    • 41 19 I London, Friday. London on Paris 176.50 London on Amsterdam 7 .53 London on Shanghai 4 7/16 London on Hongkong Is. 2 ***** d. London on Japan Is. 2 11'32d London on New York 4.02y 2 to 4.03V 2
      41 words
    • 20 19 IL Q London. Friday. R r r F^ ard 20 11/16 rt U °LD, Fine ocr oz. £8.8.0
      20 words
  • 221 19 Magic Circle Entertainment THE Malayan Magic Circle House 1 has lately been the centre of great activity. Most important gathering for some time was the recent final round of the "Mary Earle" cup This cup is an imposing .silver affair which was presented to the circle by Capt. and Mrs
    221 words
  • 32 19 New York, Feb. 15. RUBBER b g Market Tone Barely Steady Spot ljft l Forward April' June 18 3 8 18 2 TIN Market Tone Q" l^ Spot 45 l
    32 words
  • 166 19 Singapore, Friday. I ASK your honour to rrcommrnd m.- a job m the house of detention." pleaded an elderly English*peaking Indian m the Third Police Court this afternoon, whfn hp surrendered himself to the court t<» be charged with vagrancy. "I only want shelter and food. added
    166 words
  • 146 19 Singapore, Friday. DiULL conditions prevailed m both the tin and rubber share markets today and only a small volume of business v/a;; transacted. Local tin was 4 lower at $122%, and the price of rub- 1 ber p.t four o'clock was buyers Spot' 38% cents, February March
    146 words
  • 45 19 Thp following players have been chosen to represent the Race Course Rangers m a friendly game of soccer against the Pasir Panjang Rovers this afternoon at Farrer Park:— Jaffar, Ahmad Kupay, Abdul Rahim, Baboo. Puteh, Malingam; Abdul Rahman, Thangavclu, Ibrahim, Mani and Haroun.
    45 words
  • 107 19 NEDERLANDSCHE HANDERMAATSCHAPPIJ, N.V. Established by Royal Charter A.D^ 182* Incorporated m the Netherlands. (Netherlands Trading Society) BANKERS AMSTERDAM PaiQ Up Capital f 4 P o^'Reserve Fund l«/.nw,oo.* London Correspondents NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK LIMITED. Head Office: AMSTERDAM Branches: Holland .Rotterdam, The Hague, an 4 64 branches ar.d sub-branches a smaller places
    107 words
  • 181 19 Singapore. Friday. DEPKKSIATATIVI.s of all the -i Hi li t»*tl Club* wer<« present at the annual meeting of the Singapore Amateur Swimmm* Association held this evening at the VMC.A. Dr. to. C. Bain presided iind shortly reviewed the year's progress. Dr Bain also thanked th« V.M.C. A.
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  • 20 19 TO-DAY TURF: .S.T.C Meeting. 3rd Day. HOCKEY: North vs. South. Kuala Lumpur. SOCCER 8.H.L..A.P.C. vs. Guthries, A PC.
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    • 16 19 JOSS 01 IMtOFIIN IX§URAX€E I South British Insurance Co., Ltd. I M sda# 2 Finlayson Green.
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    • 40 19 liH I J^^l NOMLNAL CAPITAL: I $40,000,000 ISSUED PAID UP, CAPITAL: $10,000,000 BRANCHES throughout Malaya, Siam, Burma, South China, French Indo-China and Netherlands East Indies. AGENTS CORRESPONDENTS m all principal cities of the World. BANKING TRANSACTIONS of every description undertaken.
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  • Page 19 Miscellaneous
    • 179 19 POSTAL INTELLIGENCE TO-DAY MaiK for: BRUNEI (Steamer) 1.30 p.m. JAVA (Air» 5.00 p.m. L ABU AN (Steamer i 1.30 p.m. NORTH BORNEO (Steamer) 1.30 p.m. PHILIPPINE ISLANDS (Steamen 5.00 p.m. SARAWAK (Steamer) 1.30 p.m. SUMATRA Palembang (Steamer* Noon Palembang (Am 5.00 p.m Please post as early m the day as
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    • 26 19 TIDE TABLE TO-DAY Hi/rh Water: 337 AM 8.3 ft. 4.45 P.M 6.6 ft. TO-MORROW Hiffh Water: 4.29 A.M. 7.9 it: 6.37 P M. 6 3 ft.
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  • 22 20 Milan. Feb. 16: The famous prima donna Tetrazzini is suffering from cerebral haemorrhage and i.s now tmeon.SC'OUS. Reuter
    Reuter  -  22 words
  • 68 20 Sweden Wants More Fighters New York. Feb. 16. ACCORDING to the Associated Press. Sweden has begun negotiations with the United States War Department and the State Department m an effort to obtain the release for export of an up-to-date type of high speed righting plane> m considerable numbers. This plane,
    Reuter  -  68 words
  • 111 20 India Settlement Hopes Bombay. Feb. 16. JHE final majority of over 1,600 votes m favour of Maulana Abul Kalan Azad, the eminent Muslim and Mr. Gandhi's friend, m the Indian Congress Presidential elections has considerably brightened the prospects of an early Congress return to office, it is felt here. It
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  • 75 20 Park, Feb lb. CNOW has been falling m the West- em Front almost without a break. Artillery on both sides has been engaged m somewhat heavier fire than usual m the sector weit of the Varna. Air activity has been rJmosi nil but the French
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  • The Morning Tribune
    • 118 20 MORGAN BANKING HOUSE CONVERTED New York. Feb 16. 1 JHE decision to convert the fain J banking house of J. P. Mor J and Company from a partnershiptH an incorporated company under thH same name from next April is M forth m an official statement. I Business will be carried
      118 words
    • 90 20 Lithuania Determined To Remain Free Kaunas. Fefc l" I LITHUANIA'S determination t«| remain independent and was emphasised by President Sn»H tona m a broadcast speech to w« nation on the occasion of the anniversary of the country 's m-i dependence. I President Smetona that cnia, a t the present time.
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  • 55 20 London. Fek- l ii It may now be rerealfd uw» > protection of the *onvo> brought the second Canad an tinirent to Great Britain was tnr« out the voyage entrusted t< Admiral. k -#r*td iD A French cruder md the protection of thf v? n «f New Zealand
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